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Free proxy download
This proxy will allow all blocked web pages to be unblocked and also stop other people from tracing things back to your computer. Just follow the simple instructions and before long you will have a perfect proxy. This may work on computers that have resctricted the use of downloading things however make sure you dont exit the software or you will have to download it again.
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villa roof glitch SNP
This video shows you a tutorial on how to get onto the roof of villa. You will need 3 people to do this glitch. I did not find this glitch however i am 1 of the only few people that know hopw to do this. You do not need to get rid of patch or nothing just do this glitch in versus or terrorist hunt and it will work just the same as in the vid. For any help glitchichg with this or any other glitch just send me a msg to my gamertag oMC WIDERo or contacts another member in the vid - xEGx R3C0NZz or sevster1
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vegas junkyard roof glitch  SNP
this is a vid shows how to get ontop of the building in vegas junkyard. This involves the teleporting glitch on the map and you must be the host to get up there. For more help contact me my gamer tag is oMC WIDERo or contact some 1 else in this vid xEGx R3C0NZz or sevster1 on xbox 360 we will help you if you need any extra help. :::::A BIG QUESTION:::::: Were do i stand when im ontop of the green box? :::::ANSWER:::: When you apear on top take about 2 steps back and 1 step to the left
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We are now recruiting new young glitchers!! If you are intrested in glitching and have rsv2 on xbox 360 then you should join us!!!!!! We know almost every glitch on rsv2 and are still working on finding all new glitches. We are looking for people that play rsv2 around 4 or more hours a day and that know a few glitches on rsv2. Also if you join we will tell you the rank p glitch so you can become hight rank like me im 99 elite If you would like to join send me a msg and freind request to oMC WIDERo
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Turet gun glitch
This video tells you how to pick up a turret gun and walk around with it if you need any help send me a meassage on xbox 360 to oMC WIDERo
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sniping spot  (glitch)
Here is another video by me 1s again im sorry for bad quality im trina get a capture card or sumin to get better quality but im pritty sure u can sorta see what im doin. If you cant see and would like me to show u send me a msg on xbox 360 to gamer tag oMC WIDERo if im online i will show you proply i also know loads more so i will show you them as well. I HAVE ALSO NOTICED SOME GLITCHES ON YOUTUBE THAT I FOUND OUT!!! I WOULD BE ALOT HAPPIER IF PEOPLE PUT FOUND BY ME IN THERE VIDS!!!
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Here is what it looks like when 2 people lag onto a repel together. This may happen in a really laggy game but we used a lag switch to show you guys. To do this you will need a really laggy game and both player (1 in window 1 on roof) Will need to tap a at the same time if the game has the right amount of lag you should both get on the repel. SNP WEBSITE COMING SOON KEEP TRACK OF MY VIDEOSE TO SEE WHEN IT COMES OUT.
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Out of oil refinery SNP GLITCH
This vid shows how to get out of oil refinery. Im like me and my clan are about the only people that know how to do this so enjoy this works now and i only found it out a few days ago so it deff still works. If any body needs help glitching send me a msg on xbox 360 to oMC WIDERo or 1 of the other people in the vid xEGx R3C0NZz or RUDE boy085 and i sugest you play team leader and get the leader to hide behind there lol see how long it takes for the other team to find your leader.
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Trainyard glitch   SNP
This shows you a little glitch you can do by yourself on trainyardjust watch what i do and you will be in the glitch. Dont forget to see my other vids and subscribe For help glitching on xbox 360 msg me my gamertag is oMC WIDERo
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turret gun glitch RSV2   SNP
Here is how to get the turret gun and gt a few kills with it lol. It was ony about 5 more kills after this and i got kicked from the game. For help glitching send me a msg on xbox 360 to oMC WIDERo
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Three kingdoms casino dragon pit glitch   SNP
This glitch shows you how to get into the pit with the dragon. Have fun i believe alot of people want to do this glitch just for the fun of it lol. If any body needs help with this or any other glitch msg me on xbox 360 my tag is oMC WIDERo Dont forget to subscribe
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Here is a ew way to get on the wall or out of villamap enjoy this ew glitch found by SNP. msg me on xbox 360 to oMC WIDERo or add 1 of the members in the video xEGx R3C0NZz or RUDEboy085
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RSV2 import export glitch
This video is how to get out of import export map. Made by the SNP glitch clan. Im sorry for the bad quality i will work on my next bunch of videose if you need help with glitching or want to join my glitch clan then plz just send me a meassage + freind request to oMC WIDERo on xbox 360 im happy to help
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Here is a goodtrick to get up assault level on rsv2. This will also help get up your cqb if you shoot them instead of use c4. Dont forget to check out my other videose and if yu need any help just send me a msg to my xbox 360 account my gamertag is oMC WIDERo.
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List of glitches
Here is a list of most of the glitches i and SNP knows. If you would like to see them add me as a freind on xbox 360 my tag is oMC WIDERo if you have ps3 im affraid i cant help you. Most of the glitches i know involve 2 people so these glitches are only helpfull t you if you have m8s that play vegas 2. The SNP glitch clan is allways recruiting new members so if YOU would like to be the 1st to know NEW GLITCHES as we find them then join up to the clan now
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RSV2 How to rank up quick SNP
Follow the steps that i do in this video and you will go up around 2-4 ranks every time you do this. If you would like me to do this for you just send me a msg on xbox 360 to oMC WIDERo i will need the email and pass you used to activate your account so i can recover it. After i recover it i will do the steps again and again to get you to whatever rank you like e.g 99 elite. However i sugest you dont get to 99 elite because every body knows you glitched it lol. I will put a vid on youtube soon to show you how to reset your rank. Thats why im low rank in vid.
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out of map 3rd mission    SNP
This glitch was found by me and xEGx R3C0NZz it is on the 3rd mission outside the bank (close to the 2nd bomb) To do this glitch 1 person needs to crouch at the bottom of stairs and 2nd person needs to stand at top. at the same time you must both start wallking into each other until the person standing up apears iver on the rain or over the rail. Then the other player can kill there self and spawn with there team mate. As you can see you will need to do this in co-op mode to do this glitch. For more help msg me on xbox 360 my gamertag is oMC WIDERo or contact xEGx R3C0Nz Please subscribe and dont forget to see all my other vids
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Rsv2 teleport glitch
Follow instructions on video and you will be teleporting all day :) If you would like more help with glitching add me on xbox 360 my tag is oMC WIDERo or email me at... snpleader@hotmail.co.uk This is another video by SNP We are recruiting new glitchers so if you like glitching be sure to send me a meassage to my gamer tag.
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Here is how you can get out of the map on kill house rsv2. This vid was done on xbox 360 but im sure it works on ps3 as well add me on xbox to see how to do this glitch in detail or ay other glitches i know. Remember to see all my other glitch videose all good and all work add me on 360 my tag is oMC WIDERo to see more glitches ::OTHER PEOPLE IN VID:: xEGx R3C0NZz RUDEboy085 thanks for watching
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Under stairs in import export
Here is how to get under the stairs in import/export on rainbowsix msg me on xbox 360 for help with rainbow glitches my tag is oMC WIDERo or add other members xEGx R3C0NZz or RUDEboy085 and thanks for watching
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Here is a load of kills i got with a psg1 im sorry its not very good its the 1st 1 i ever made. SNP is still a glitch clan but i made this vid because i also like sniping. Add me on xbox 360 if you wonna do some sniping matches or glitches my tag is oMC WIDERo please subscribe
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Left 4 dead 2 demo glitch and trick  SNP
Here is how you can turn on the jukebox and get onto the roof of a building. Dont forget to subscribe and add me on xbox 360 my gamertag is oMC WIDERo however i am changing my gamertag soon so if oMC WIDERo dont work add XxSNP PROSHOTZXx please subscribe and dont forget to check out my other vids
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this shows you how to get out of oil refinery. You can do this glitch by your self in any game mode and if any body need help with this glitch or any other glitch send me a msg my xbox gamer tag is oMC WIDERo Im sorry for the add in the middle of the screen but i cant get a good video editer for free that has no add lol can any 1 give me any good 1s i can download?
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teleport glitch vegas junkyard
Here is another 1 of the glitches i know 1s again bad quality but you can see what im doin dont forget to add me on xbox 360 to find out loads more glitches my tag is oMC WIDERo
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