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How to Hang a Large Picture or Mirror by Charlotte Home Inspector
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Have you ever had a hard time hanging a larg picture or mirror? Here is an easy way to do it, You just need some paiters tape, a screw driver, a level and anchors. This is a really easy way to hang a picture. If you are buying a home in the Charlotte NC area call Home Inspection Carolina 704-542-6575 http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Home Inspection Checklist- What's Found on Typical Home Inspection
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com A lot of people want to know what to look for or what is found on a typical home inspection. so this video home inspector Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina shows all the pictures that he took on a recent home inspection to give you the idea of what home inspectors look for or a home inspection checklist so to speak. Home Inspection Carolina hopes this helps you if you are getting ready to inspect and buy a new home. http://www.asktthecharlotteinspector.com
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What's in Your Toolbox?  What Every Tools Every Homeowner Should Have
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Are you thinking of doing some DIY projects? Do you know what tools you will need? In this video you will learn what basic tools every homeowner should own to do repairs or DIY projects. If you want to know please watch some of our other videos in this series or call Home Inspection Carolina 704-542-6575 http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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How Does a Gas Pack Work
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina explains how a gas pack works on this house in Lancaster SC that he was recently inspecting. On this particular house they were exchanging the gas pack because it had a cracked heat exchanger. On a gas pack the air is taken from the house to the gas pack, heated or cooled and then returned to the house. Everything is done externally which makes gas packs easy to work on or easy to replace. If you have any otheter questions reguarding HVAC or home inspection please call Ask The Charlotte Home Inspector : 704-542-6575 Preston Sandlin http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com http://www.charlottencinspector.com
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Termites Ate My House UP
http://www.charlottenchomeinspector.com Charlotte home inspectors Preston Sandlin and Patrick Waddell have found many termites in many different houses while performing home inspections and termite inspections in Charlotte, Gastonia, Monroe, Weddington, Waxhaw, Kannapolis, Concord and Lake Norman. If you live in the South, termites are a fact of life. If you catch the termites in time the do little damage. If termites have infested over a long period of time though they can do considerable damage as you will see in this video. Unfortunately most people do not have a termite inspection or a home inspection until they sell their house. We recommend having annual termite inspections and annual home maintenence inspections. If you have any termite or home inspection questions don't hesitate to call Home Inspection Carolina at http://www.charlottenchomeinspector.com
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Why Move to Charlotte NC Area
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com There are many reasons why the Charlotte NC area is a great place to live. Charlotte NC has mild Winters with an average January temperature of 51 degrees. Charlotte is home of the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets and the Charlotte Knights. More great things about Charlotte NC: Cost of living below the national average City, County and State AAA bond ratings 700 airline flights daily 13,134 new jobs for 2014 $15.1 billion in annual retail sales1st best big city bargain 1st best city for high pay and low expenses 1st best urban school district 1st most competitive large-size airport 2nd best city for recent college graduates 2nd best place for families to live 2nd largest banking center (controls more than $2.2 trillion in assets) 3rd best state for business 4th most cost-friendly business location 4th U.S. city attracting the most families 5th best place for job seekers 6th most active airport in the nation 16th largest U.S. city http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Charlotte Home Inspector Inspects Radiant Heat Ceiling with Infrared
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Charlotte NC home inspector Preston Sandlin was recently inspecting an older home of Sardis Rd in Charlotte NC when he ran across something you don't see very often. It was radiant ceiling heat. You see radiant heat in flooring systems all the time. Fortunately they were all working at the time of the inspection. The home inspector used a thermal infrared camera to show that they were all working. If you need a thorough home inspection by a home inspection company that has the lates technology to see things other inspectors can't call Home Inspection Carolina today (704) 542-6575 http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Home Inspection Business 101 Every Home Inspector Should Watch This
http://www.homeinspectionflyers.com Sorry had to correct the first one. I recomend every Home Inspector Watching This How to improve your your home inspection business http://www.homeinspectionflyers.com
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Sealed Crawlspace Inspection Charlotte Home
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Do you have high moisture in your crawl space? Have you ever thought of a sealed crawlspace? There are three major advantages to a sealed conditioned crawlspace: By completely sealing, insulating, and forcing conditioned air into the crawlspace, the threat of mold and mildew is eliminated. Mold and mildew need 70% humidity to exist and grow. A sealed conditioned crawlspace contains 0% humidity, therefore, keeping homeowners healthy and comfortable. Secondly, since conditioned air is forced into the crawlspace, the temperature in the crawlspace is always +/- 2 degrees from the household temperature. This allows the floor to sustain its comfortable temperature. Lastly, the sealed conditioned crawlspace is a clean area. If a homeowner ever needs to enter the crawlspace, they will greatly appreciate the plastic poly barrier in lieu of crawling around in the dirt and mud! In this video Charlotte home inspector, Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina explains a sealed crawl space and how it works. http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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How To Clean a Garbage Disposal
http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com Have you ever wondered how to clean your garbage disosal and extend its life? Well this video is for you. Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina explains how to clean and extend the life of your garbage disposal. 1. Put a couple of table spoons of baking soda in the disposal. 2. Pour a pint of viniger in and wait till the foaming stops. 3. Then pour ice and cold water an run the disposal. This will clean and sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal. http://askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Crawl Space Inspection Charlotte Home
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Ever wonder what problems may be lurking unerneather your house? During this home inspection in Charlotte, NC Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina he shows some problems he find in the crawl space of and old farm house in Monroe NC. These problems include: high moisture content open wasteline wasteline with an improper slope improper support piers floor joists supports without hangers or ledger board. The last concern is the snake skin and where might be the owner of that! http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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Fireworks Show in Charlotte NC BB&T Ball Park
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com You can't get more American and More Summer than baseball and fireworks. That is exactly what you get on Friday night home games at BB&T Ball Park in downtown Charlotte NC. The Ball Park is new the prices are awesome and the fun times are many so come out and support your Charlotte Knights!!!!!! http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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How To Edge Your Lawn To Make It Look Like Carpet
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin shows you how to use your weed eater to edge your lawn to give you that plush manicured carpet look. The have edgers but really the easiest and most efficient way to edge your lawn is to use a straight shaft weed eater an turn it up yerticle and walk along the grass portion of the area that you want to edge. Make sure your line is out making the maximum radius and you only want to go about half throtle just letting the end of the line do the edging. With a little practice your lawn will have that fine manicured look. For information on giving your yard tha manicured look or any home inspection questions please go to http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com Preston Sandlin Home Inspection Carolina
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Termite Inspection Charlotte Home
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Do you have damaged wood on your house? Do you know what caused it? Is it from moisture, carpenter ants, or wort of all, termites? Moisture damaged wood appears soggy and "rotten," but there are no galleries. There may be mold or mildew present. Carpenter ants make smooth, clean galleries, which look almost as if they had been sandpapered. Termite galleries, by contrast, are usually rough, often with bits of mud and debris in them. Powderpost beetle damage is easy to miss, however, as very often all that's visible on the outside of a timber are little tiny holes, about the size of a pinhead. In this video home inspector, Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina in Charlotte NC shows the difference between termite damage and moisture damage. http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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How To Aerate and Seed Lawn Charlotte
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com In this video Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina in Charlotte NC will tell you how to aerate and seed your lawn. *Every season, lawn will be challenged by, varying temperatures, drought conditions or crazy insects. You should realize that even the best turf will stress and thin and this is why you need to aerate and seed annually. *Over seeding fills open areas and aeration protects and grows the roots. Complete these in early September, aeration first then seeding. First thing, mow shorter this one time. This shortens the grass that may inhibit seed, fertilizer or compost from contacting soil. You may slowly drop blades 2 weeks prior to help eliminate excess clippings gradually. What is aeration? Aeration is poking holes in the soil of your lawn. A heavy machine, with spikes, pokes the ground removing 2"-3" deep cylinders of soil, placing them on the surface. Why is aeration good for the lawn? For a variety of reasons, it's relieves compaction, more water and fertilizer can enter the soil, more oxygen, compost can enter, and better root health. Should soil be dry or wet? Aerators alleviate compaction by removing soil, leaving an open hole which will collapse over time. The deeper the tines penetrate, the greater the effect on compaction. Aerating when the soil is wet, allows for greater penetration and more comprehensive results. Aerate right after a slow full day soaking rain or after the lawn is deeply watered. If you choose to aerate when the soil is dry and hard, you will not get far. Organic matter in the soil determines how much water and fertilizer will be retained for plants to use and how much is allowed to filter through and move away to keep the plants from drowning. You should top dress after aeration but before you start seeding. Start over seeding After aeration and topdressing are complete, simply broadcast seed and fertilizer over lawn, flip a normal leaf rake over so pointy ends are sticking up and lightly rake entire lawn. This helps incorporate seed into the soil. If your lawn is extensive, use an old screen or anything you can drag across to lightly move soil. Then water, water and water, everyday for quick germination What if we are having a dry fall, should I seed? Even if we have a dry fall, you should still spread seed over your lawn. The seed will eventually find its way to the soil and when it finally rains, the seed will be there to begin germination. By not applying seed, you're not replacing any turf lost from previous years. Your thinning, weaker turf will then have to go thru another summer season of battling weeds that aggressively fight for any open space. Don't waste your time aerating with dry ground, your results will be poor. http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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Monroe Home Inspector Finds Gutter Trouble
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina was recently doing a home inspection in Monroe NC near Charlotte when hw noticed some trouble with the gutter system There are several causes of overflowing gutters. In could be that they are clogged, rusted or leaking at the seams. They might also be loose or sloped the incorrect direction. To find out for sure what the problem might be you need to climb up on a ladder to inspect your gutters. Overflowing gutters can cause problems worse than just stained siding. The repeated flow of water from overflowing gutters can cause wood siding to rot. A more serious problem can be caused when gutters overflow and water backs up under roofing shingles and flows down inside the wall cavity. Moist conditions like these can also increase the likelihood of termite infestation. Every homeowner should clean and inspect his or her gutters twice a year: once in late fall and once in the spring. If you cannot do it yourself and cannot afford two cleanings per year, clean your gutters once after the last of the leaves have fallen in late fall. Don't wait until spring because seeds will have sprouted in the leaves and other organic matter that accumulates in your gutters, which makes them much more difficult to clean. If you have a single-story house, first use a gutter-cleaning attachment for a leaf blower/vacuum or a wet/dry vacuum. These attachments have a long tube with a U-shaped bend on the end designed to reach into gutters. The ideal time to clean gutters is after a long, dry spell so the debris in the gutters will be dry and more easily sucked into the tube. Next, climb up on a ladder near the downspout end. Always have a helper steady the ladder. Move the ladder often and don't try to reach too far because it is easy to lose your balance. Wearing gloves to protect your hands from sharp metal or protruding screws clean out the downspout opening and stuff a rag in the opening so debris will not fall into it. A garden trowel works well for scooping out debris. After you have the gutters cleaned out, remove the rag from the downspout opening. Move the ladder to the other end of the gutter. Flush the gutter with water from a garden hose and observe the flow of the water. It should flow toward the downspout and there should be very little standing water when you turn off the water. Also, check for leaks from beneath the gutters. If you notice leaky spots, hopefully they are at the seams. You can repair leaking seams with caulk and probably get many more years of service before the gutters need to be replaced. If the leaks are from a non-seam section, the gutters likely need to be replaced. When water is left standing in the gutter, this means the slope of the gutter is incorrect or it is sagging. Changing the slope is a major job you might not want to tackle yourself. If there is a just a sagging spot, several of the mounting nails have pulled out. Don't just drive the nails back into the holes. They may feel tight, but they will pull out during the next rain. Go to your home center and get some long gutter screws made for this purpose. They screw into the old mounting holes and support the gutter. http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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How Do You Know If You Have a P Trap if It is not Visible
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com During a recent home inspection in Waxhaw NC Charlotte inspector found a drain on a tub that had been added where the p trap was not visible. The problem on the home inspection is that there is no p trap visible. You could find it without tearing up the floors. The builder says it was there but this was not good enough for the buyer. What is the best option? Charlotte Inspector Preston Sandlin brought a see snake which is a flexible light camera extension that puts what is seeing on an LCD Screen. He put that dow the drain and ran it about 3 feet and sure enough he saw water which indicates that a p trap is present. Why is a p trap important? The P Trap was developed as part of the drainage system for the plumbing in your home or business. The P trap will also stop sewer odors from coming back up the drain and into your bathroom. This trap has been used all of the world for many years and will continue to be. The p-trap is found in the bathroom, the kitchen, the basement, the bar and many other places in your home.Many P-traps can also be found in many commercial places of business. P-Traps can be found in fast food places, supermarkets, schools,hospitals, zoos, office buildings, outdoor showers at the beach and pretty much every where you can find a fixture drain. The P-trap can be found under most fixtures. Common places you will be able to see the p-trap are under both your kitchen and bathroom sink. If you have an laundry tub/sink you will be able to see the p-trap under that as well. Your shower and bathtub also use a p trap but you will or will not be able to see the actual trap. This will depend if you have a basement, crawl space or even live on a slab. If your bathroom is built on a slap you will not be able to see your p trap because it will be inside of the slab, which is under the bathtub or the shower pan. If you have a bathroom that is built on the first floor and you have a crawl space or a basement you will be able to see your p-trap if you go into one of those areas. The only problem you may run into is if your basement is finished, you may have to remove some Sheetrock from the basement ceiling before you can access the p-trap and the bathtub trip lever or shower pan drain. http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Funny The Three Little Pigs Get a Home Inspection
http://homeinspectioncarolina.com Home Inspection Carolina has put on a reproduction of the Three Little Pigs. We all know the story of how the wof blew the first and second house down. What they didn't tell you is that the first two pigs didn't have a quality home inspection. If they would have had their inspection done by Home Inspection Carolina in Charlotte NC, the first two houses wouldn't have been blown down by the wolf. Fortunately, the third pig had his house inspected by Home Inspection Carolina. Join Meredith, Sarah Margaret, Walker, and Connor as the weave the true story of the Three Little Pigs. http://www.charlottenchomeinspector.com
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Termite Damage Found At Charlotte Home Inspection
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com/ Let's talk about termites in houses with a crawl space. By far the most likely place for termites is the floor joist adjacent to the dirt filled porch or stoop. If you can crawl under your house (preferably with a flash light) Crawl up to the back of the front stoop and pull insulation back if there is any. Look for mud tubes or termite galleries in the wood. (Termites eat the spring wood so it looks like pages of a book when they finish with it). Look for the mud tubes coming from the ground at the porch, foundation, and pier walls. The reason dirt filled porches are hot spots for termites are that it is dirt all the way up to concrete surface. Since termites come from the ground they are in close proximity to the wood (cellulose material). Compound that with the fact that during original construction a lot of builders throw waste wood and food bags here because they know it will be capped off. This gives you a recipe for termites a few years down the road. Make sure you have no wood debris on the ground. Check around the outside perimeter of the house for mud tubes along the foundation wall. If you have a garage, check for mud tubes around the foundation walls. Once inside the house check for swarmer wings around the windows (swarmers usually swarm toward a light source). http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com/
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Home Inspection Clogged Condensation Line
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Have you ever had water leaking out of a pipe coming from your eave. Do you know what that is? It is draining from your catch pan under your HVAC system. The pan is full of water because the normal condensation line has clogged. In this video home inspector, Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina shows a clogged condensation line. http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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Charlotte Home Inspector Shows How To Tell The Size of and AC Unit on Kannapolis Home
http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com Recently Kannapolis Home Inspector did an inspection on an older home which has a new AC system. I am ask all the time how to tell the size of an AC unit? Most units have some numbers that look like 018, 024, 030, 036, 042, 048, etc etc. A ton is twelve thousand BTU's. So to figure out the tonage you need to take the before mentioned numbers and divide by 12. That would give you 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4.0 tons respectively. The next question I usually get is how much sq footage will a ton cool? That is actually not a simple question because there are so many varibles involved like ceiling height and thickness of insulation etc. Usually a ton will cool somewhere between 500-700 sq ft, A two ton unit would generally cool somewhere between 1000 - 1400 sq ft. If the house was 2000 sq ft a two ton unit would obviously not be adequate. For more information about home inspections or air conditioners go to our website http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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What Do Home Inspectors Look For When Inspecting a Crawl Space
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com What do home inspector look for when they inspect a crawl space? I am asked this question all the time. There are several things home inspector look for when they inspect a crawl space. In fact there are too many thing to mention here but this video illustrates some of the top things they find.. In this video Preston will tell you how to look for high moisture by looking and the condition of the insulation. Also preston tells of the dangers of having wood debris in the crawl space. If you are moving to Charlotte NC and will be buying a home Call Home Inspection Carolina (704) 542-6575. http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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What Does Hail Damage Look Like
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Do you have hail damage? Do You know what hail damage looks like? There have been a lot of storms lately and a lot of hail damaged roofs have been replaced. I get asked all the time what does hail damage look like? Sinece I am a home inspector here in Charlotte NC and ispect roofs and homes all the time it is a pretty fair question. Altough there are several different looks to hail damage I thought I film one just to show everybody. Take a look at this hail damaged roof and look at your own roof and see if your own roof has similar damage. If so call a home inspector, a roofer or an insurance adjuster. http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Problems with Polybutylene
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com In this video Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection North Carolina shows some of the problems he has found with polybutylene piping whie inspecting a home in Charlotte NC. The suitability of polybutylene for use in plumbing is controversial. Polybutylen pipes basically had two problems. The first problem was the fittings. The would blow out. The second problem was that city treaded chlorinated water causes the polybutylene piping to crack and split. Polybutylene plumbing was used in 6 to 10 million homes built in the United States from 1970 to the mid-1990s. Problems with leaks led to a class action lawsuit, Cox vs. Shell Oil, that was settled for one billion dollars. Polybutylene plumbing is still widely used in Europe and Asia. The material oxidised when used in hot water systems, developing longitudinal cracks which eventually punctured the walls leading to floods and damage to properties. Many acetal resin fittings also cracked, a problem caused by chlorine attack. Even the low concentration (ppm) of chlorine used in most potable water supplies for purification was enough to initiate cracking. http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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Charlotte Home Inspector Inspects A Geodesic Home
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com/ A geodesic dome is a structure built in an almost spherical shape—a structure made from struts set on large circles. Because of its curved walls and ceiling, these domes use approximately a third less surface area to enclose the same volume as a traditional box home. In fact, the geodesic dome has the highest ratio of enclosed volume to weight of any manmade structure. This allows less heat to escape through he walls in the winter and less air-conditioned air to escape in the summer. Additionally, the aerodynamics of the rounded walls force air to travel efficiently around rather than bouncing off of walls, keeping energy consumption to a minimum. http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com/
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Termite Inspection Charlotte Home
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com One of the reasons that termites are so successful is that their highly developed caste system. There are four distinct castes of termites, of which three are seldom seen because they live underground. Worker termites, like workers everywhere, are the backbone of a termite colony.These tiny, non-reproductive, wingless, grub-like creatures are responsible for foraging for food, excavating galleries in wood, caring for the young, and feeding other colony members. But before you get too sentimental, you should know that workers are also the caste that does all the damage to our homes. Soldier termites are, well, soldiers. Their sole job (as far as we know, anyway) is to defend the colony from danger, such as predators. Soldier termites' mandibles (mouthparts) are adapted into weapons for fighting off attacks, as a result of which the soldiers can neither chew wood nor feed themselves. Therefore, the workers must feed the soldiers. Soldier termites are present only in mature colonies. Reproductive Termites, except for the queen, have no duties within the colony other than to reproduce. Every colony has at least one reproductive known as the queen; more mature colonies may have additional reproductives known as supplementary reproductives, or "supps." In addition to her reproductive duties, the queen also regulates the life of the colony through a complex and only partly-understood system of chemical messengers called pheromones. Winged Reproductive Termites, properly called "alates" but often referred to as "swarmers," are produced by mature colonies. Their job is to leave the nest in pairs (commonly known as the king and the queen), clumsily flutter off into the big, wide world, find a suitable patch of dirt, and establish a new colony. Alas, the great majority will die in the attempt, and their lifeless carcasses and shed wings are often the first evidence thathomeowners see that their homes are slowly being devoured by termites. Have you ever seen live termites? In this video by Charlotte NC Home Inspector Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina shows some termite damage to a slab house and some actual live termites in a Charlotte NC house. http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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Do You Know What Camel Back Crickets Are
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com While perming home inspections in Charlotte NC Preston Sandlin often runs into camel back crickets which look like a cross between a cricket, grasshopper, and a spider. The actually quite harmless but scare the you know what out of you when hundreds of them start jumping when you crawl near them. Chances are you have some camel back crickets in your crawl. If you don't won't to go in your crawl space hire a good home inspection company like Home Inspection Carolina to check out your crawl space for you. http://charlottenchomeinspector.com
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Mecklenburg County Home Inspector Finds Blind Termites
http://www.charlottenchomeinspector.com Well actually all termites are blind due to underdeveloped eyes. They follow a phermone trail. In this video by Mecklenburg County NC home inspector Preston Sandlin shows how the blind termites follow a phermone trail from the ground to the wood and from the wood back to the ground via the expansion crack in the garage. The inspector breaks open the mud tube to reveal a termite highway of blind termites. For any home inspection or termite inspection questions contact Home Inspection Carolina at http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Preston Sandlin http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Charlotte Home Inspector Shows You How People Steal Power
http://charlottenchomeinspector.com Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin was recently inspecting a house near the Dilworth section of Charlotte when he noticed one meter box that has been tampered with and another that was missing only to be found in the crawl. People take the plastic off these meter plugs to steal power or electricity. Sadly Home Inspection Carolina runs into this all the time on inspections. Watch this video as the inspector shows you how they do it. http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Top Mistake People Make When Buying a Foreclosure.wmv
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Buyer beware of this pitfall when buying a foreclosure home. When a person buys a normal home, a home inspection is performed and repairs are made buy the seller. Keep in mind that home inspectors can not tear open walls and and inspection are only visual. The point is that there can be hidden damage behind the walls or behind band sills that concealed. Herein lies the problem. The buyer buys the house and the contractor gets into the repairs and finds out the repairs are more extensive than first appeared which translates to more money. The buyer does not have recourse on the bank or the home inspector because there was no way they could have known about these concealed damages. Another problem is that the contractor could have purposely underbid the job knowing it would cost more. The contractor knows you will pay this because once your house is in pieces you pay to put it back together. Watch this video to see what to do to avoid this problem. For more information on foreclosures and home inspections go to http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Crazy Stuff Found on Home Inspections
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com/ Preston Sandlin of Charlotte NC has been peforming home inspections and termite inspection in Charlotte NC and surrounding cities for over 12 years. In that time he has seen a lot of crazy stuff including: - A snake in the insulation behind the front porch. - Car parts used for drain lines in the plumbing system. - A garbage can used for chimney cap - Duct tape used to fix just about everything - ghosts in the house - a priest blessing the house - an inflate-a-mate under the house. Please watch Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin as he tells us of all the crazy stuff he has seen on home inspections. http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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How to To Test a GFCI Outlet by Charlotte Home Inspector
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Charlotte NC home inspector Preston Sandlin shows how to inspect or test a GFCI outlet. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interupter which trip with the slightest differentation in the voltage. This is for protection. GFCI are required in kitchens, bathrooms, garage, and the exterior. Watch this video to see Preston test a GFCI outlet that trips in the garage. This GFCI in the garage also had a freezer plugged up to it which can be a whole other problem.If you need home inspection information or you are in need of a great home inspector in the Charlotte, Huntersville, Concord, Fort Mill or Rock Hill areas contact Home Inspection Carolina. They have performed over 23,432 home inspection and will not let you buy the money pit. We have over 100 years of combined home inspection and construction experience. Please give us a call (704) 542-6575 Preston Sandlin http://www.charlottenchomeinspector.com http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Charlotte Home Inspector Talks About Asbestos
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Asbestos (from Greek ἄσβεστος meaning "unquenchable" or "inextinguishable") is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals exploited commercially for their desirable physical properties. They all have in common their asbestiform habit, long, (1:20) thin fibrous crystals. The inhalation of asbestos fibres can cause serious illnesses, including malignant lung cancer, mesothelioma (a formerly rare cancer strongly associated with exposure to asbestos), and asbestosis (a type of pneumoconiosis). Since January 1, 2005, the European Union has banned all use of asbestos[1] and extraction, manufacture and processing of asbestos products.[2] For environmental samples, one must normally resort to electron microscopy for positive identification.[3] Today, gravimetric and PCM/PLM techniques are employed. However, the latter techniques cannot readily identify the smallest, most hazardous, fibers, because they are limited to PM10 particulate size evaluation, which completely ignores ultrafine particles (UFPs). Asbestos became increasingly popular among manufacturers and builders in the late 19th century because of its sound absorption, average tensile strength, and its resistance to heat, electrical and chemical damage. When asbestos is used for its resistance to fire or heat, the fibres are often mixed with cement or woven into fabric or mats. Asbestos was used in some products for its heat resistance, and in the past was used on electric oven and hotplate wiring for its electrical insulation at elevated temperature, and in buildings for its flame-retardant and insulating properties, tensile strength, flexibility, and resistance to chemicals. http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Pool Inspection Charlotte Home
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Have you ever wondered how a pool works? In this video home inspector, Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina in Charlotte NC shows how to inspect a pool
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How to Aerate and Seed Your Lawn.wmv
http://charlottnchomeinspector.com Has the long hot summer taken a toll on your yard. Has the fescue died and been replaced with clover, chickweed, crabgrass and bald spots? Do you want to get that fine manicured fescue lawn look back? If so then this video is for you. In this video Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin expains the steps to aerate and seed your lawn. 1. Mow the lawn as low as you can. 2. Rake the thatch 3. Spray round up on heavily weeded areas and let dry. 4. Aerate the lawn. Aerate areas where you srayed the round up extra heavy. 5. Seed the lawn with spreader. 6. Fertilize the lawn with starter fertilizer. 7. Lime your yard with spreader. 8. Water. Follow these steps to aerating and seeding your yard and I promise you will have a lush beautiful green fescue lawn like I have here in Charlotte NC. The Fall is the best time to aerate an seed your lawn as fescue loves temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees. If you aerate and seed in the Fall your lawn has the rest of the Fall and the Spring to mature for next Summer. Fescue goes dormant in the Winter. Fescue just has a hard time when it is 90 and above becausse it is a cool season grass. I hope this video helps you to have a beautiful manicured lawn. If you need any information on aerating and seeding your lawn or home inspection information or you are in need of a great home inspector in the Charlotte, Huntersville, Concord, Fort Mill or Rock Hill areas contact Home Inspection Carolina. They have performed over 23,432 home inspection and will not let you buy the money pit. We have over 100 years of combined home inspection and construction experience. Please give us a call (704) 542-6575 Preston Sandlin http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com Ask the Charlotte Inspector
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Home Inspector Finds Items That Need Maintenance on Charlotte Home
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com/ http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com/ Without a doubt, buying a home can be the largest investment youll ever make. With the average home costing approximately $190,000, many homeowners take great pains to ensure that all cosmetic and structural repairs are attended to. However, the truth is that many expensive repairs could be avoided by simply sticking to a routine maintenance schedule. Routinely checking your home for emerging problems will prevent larger, more expensive problems that leave homeowners scrambling for a quick repair—rather than a cost-effective one. Clearly, regular home maintenance is something you cant afford to ignore. When to Inspect Spring is a good time to begin assessing your home for any damage or repairs that need attending to. A good rule of thumb is to check your home at the same time you change your fire alarm batteries—at the beginning (spring) and end (fall) of daylight savings time. Doing so will ensure that minor repairs dont turn into major expenses. Some components of your home may require less-frequent monitoring (foundation), and some may require more (changing the furnace filter). However, taking a walkthrough of your home twice yearly is a good rule of thumb to begin with. Who Should Inspect If you feel unqualified to asses every crack and unidentified water leak in your home, feel free to hire a handy man. Not only will he be able to spot any problems, but he can also advise on repairs and costs right on the spot. Do you want a thorough evaluation? Hire a home inspector. Do keep in mind, however, that home inspectors cost much more (around $300) and may not necessarily find every problem. In most instances, though, simply paying attention to your home is all it takes to spot any emerging problems. For example, if your toilet runs all the time, chances are it needs to be repaired. Have you noticed that your doors dont shut properly anymore? That could be a sign of foundation settling or warping. Simply making a list of things around your home that seem off can make your inspection process much easier http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com/ http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com/
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How to Hang Pictures on a Wall adjacent to Stairs
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Have you ever want to hang pictures adjacent to stairs but know quite how to get them all lined up. If that is the case then this video is for you. Follow the easy steps in this video and you will have no problem. http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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How to Keep an Egg from Breaking Project Egg Drop
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Sarah Margaret Sandlin had a school project at Elon Park Elementary school in Charlotte in which she was to build something to protect an egg from a drop. At least 1/4 of the egg had to show and no tape could be used. Ater several attempts and several broken eggs she came up with something that worked. Watch this video to see what Sarah Margaret did to keep the egg from breaking http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Why Do I have a Gurgling Drain ?
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Have you heard a gurgling sound at a drain before and/or an unpleasant smell? If so there is a good chance the vent is either blocked or there is no vent. http://homeguides.sfgate.com/repair-gurgling-sink-37792.html. If you live in the Charlotte NC area, Raleigh NC area, or Asheville NC area give Home Inspection Carolina a call 704-542-6575 http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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What are Common Plumbing Problems Found on Home Inspections
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com What are some of the most common plumbing problems found on home inspections? Join Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin as he take you on home inspection journey with actual pictures from actual Charlotte NC home inspections. If you have home inspection or pluming questions please call 704-542-6575 http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Ten Questions You Should Ask Your Home Inspector
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Buying a home? What questions should you ask your home inspector? We have the answers right here, Top Ten Questions You Should ask your home inspector brought to you by Home Inspection Carolina 704-542-6575 http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Subfloor Inspection by Charlotte Home Inspector
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Do you have a soft floor around your toilet and your tub? Rot is not always visible. Removing and replacing rotted wood in your creawlspace and other areas of your home is essential for maintaining your homes structural integrity. Wherever heat, moisture, and wood are found, rot will eventually find a home. Rot thrives in moist environments. Where water is permitted to linger, pool, or leak, rot can grow and spread. Although a visual inspection can alert a homeowner to the presence of rot, the surface does not always tell the whole story. There are two main classes of wood rot. In one type, the decayed area has a brown discoloration and a crumbly appearance. It usually breaks up into variously-sized cubes, giving rise to the name "brown cubical rot." Another type of rot results in a white or yellow discoloration, with the decayed wood being "stringy" or "spongy." In the video by home inspector, Patrick Waddell of Home Inspection Carolina of Charlotte NC he pulls back the insulation under the bath subfloor to reveal some moisture damage. He talks about the causes and shows the damage. Have you checked under your bathroom lately? http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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Charlotte Home Inspector on HGTV My First Sale
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin was recently on HGTV's My First Sale. The Cornelius sellers were selling their home to move up and take their kids out of daycare. They had an offer but there was siding issue that the Charlotte home inspector found and there was an issue with the dog next store that kept barking and was a little on the mean side. The first buyers decided not to move forward. I didn't kill the deal Preston said, It was the dog. Fortunately another buyer came along and bought the house and they weren't even concerned with the siding issue. http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Walabot vs. Flir One
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin compares the walabot and the flir one. The walabot uses radio waves to find studs, wires, and pipes. The Flir 1 uses infrared technology to scan walls and ceilings. http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Charlotte Home Inspector Uses Homesnap App to Help with Home Inspections
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Charlotte home inspectors Preston Sandlin and Chip Sprague of Home Inspection Carolina are always looking for ways to use technology to help them with their inspection business. The app homesnap is such and app as you can take a picture of any house and imediatelt find out what it last sold for, year built, square footage, # of bedrooms etc.. This is usefull information prior to the beginning of a home inspection. Home Inspection Carolina highly recommends the app homesnap. http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Charlotte NC Home Inspector Discover Brick Veneer Problems
http://www.bestcharlotteinspector.com Patrick Waddell of Home Inspection Carolina was inspecting a ahome in the Charlotte Nc area yesterday when he noticed quite a few issues with the Brick Veneer. If you own a brick home or any type of home and would like one of the most thorough home inspections availible in the industry, Give Home Inspection Carolina a call today: Home Inspection Carolina 10023 Zackery Ave Charlotte NC 28277 (704)542-6575 http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com
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Charlotte Home Inspector Has a New Spin on Pre-Listing Inspections
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Charlotte NC home inspector Preston Sandlin was on the radio today talking about a brand new pre-listing program way different thatn what has been out there before. In his plan the buyer downloads a prelisting inspection report and the realtor and home inspector are notified so they follow up to make sure the buyer has no questions.
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Home Inspector Coach Ken Compton Endorses Home Inspection Flyers
http://www.homeinspectionflyers.com Atlanta based home inspector and owner of a home inspector coaching group recently endorsed homeinspectionflyers.com. Ken owns Southern Home Inspection Services, one of the largest inspection firms in Atlanta. Ken also owns Home Inspector Start Up and Growth; a home inspector coaching group with hundreds of members. Ken coaches his clients marketing skills to help home inspectors grow their businesses. Ken uses Home Inspection Flyers for his business and he tells you why you should too in this video. Preston Sandlin the owner of home inspection flyers is a home inspection copywriter. http://www.homeinspectionflyers.com
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Above Matthews NC - Aerial Matthews NC
http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com Matthews NC is an awesome place to live and work. It was that small town feel but is only minutes from Charlotte NC. If you visit check out Stumptown Park, Matthews Playhouse, Squirrel Lake Park and of course Matthews Festival. If your moving there and you need a home inspection call Home Inspection Carolina 704-542-6575 http://www.askthecharlotteinspector.com
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Grant Cardone Perfect Pitch Glass of Water by Meredith Sandlin
This is the pitch for Grant Cardone by Meredith Sandlin who is 12 years old and from Charlotte NC. She is a great sales person and a great humanitarian. If Grant chooses her as the winner she will give all the money to help buy my lifsaver bottles for 3rd world countries. She was heavily influenced by Michael Pritchard's Ted Talk. To find out more about Life Save Bottles and how you can buy or help go to http://www.lifesaverbottleusa.com/
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