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Car & Truck Crash Compilation - IIHS Videos - Part 1
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Better to Turn than Drift: Part 1
Watch the MAX/PRO Mercedes-Benz Biome go through Patagonia by only turning in this exciting (boring) first part of the two-part series. The car is great, but it's turning is untouchable even by the faster and higher rated Trion Nemesis, Devel Sixteen Prototype, and even the Aston Martin Vulcan.
Cars with the Worst Speed Multipliers - Asphalt 8
Ever wonder why some cars don't feel like they are going as fast as it says? Well, it could have a negative speed multiplier. Which ones have the worst "fake speed"? Find out in this video! The answer may or may not surprise you!
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Maserati GranTurismo Sport - Asphalt 8 - Test Drive Part 2
The Italian Stallion is back! Watch as I go from last place to a higher spot with an unrecommended rank. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe!
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The Top 10 - Midsize and Full-size Trucks (Global Edition) (HQ Audio)
Tough enough? Well the front runners definitely say that. Watch as 13 normal, daily-drivable trucks kick the dust up and inch their way into victory. Please like, comment, share, and even subscribe!
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The Top 10 - Midsize Two-Row SUVs
Need an SUV that's larger than a small SUV, but smaller than a Large SUV? Don't need three rows of seating? Well, look for the sharpness of these bold midsize SUVs with two-row seating! You'll probably be surprised at some of the results! Please like, comment, share, and subscribe!
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Lamborghini Urus (Asphalt 8) Test Drive - Part 3
Sitting in the passenger side never became so scary in an SUV made by Lamborghini. In fact, it's called the Urus. The Urus is a C-Class vehicle that'll bribe you of 22,500 credits. BUT... It'll be the best 22,500 credits you'll spend (Sorry, DS Survolt).
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Sector 8 Final Curve Compilation
Here's the whole video of multiple cars making the Sector 8 Final Curve. I am new to the trick, so don't roast me on it if I tap the wall too much. PLEASE. I've only been able to do it with the 12C, Bugatti, and the RUF CTR 3. I'm practicing, and I'm getting there! Thanks for watching! The fifth episode (that is supposed to be ONE HOUR LONG) is coming! Songs Used: 1. Uplink & Jason Gewalt - Euphoria [NCS Release] 2. Michael White - Angel’s Anthem [NCS Release]
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The Fastest Way Through Rio/Rapido Park
Yeah, some others have their own way of getting through the course, but this is my way on how to do it.
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Salvia Divinorum Drug Project
This is a project for my Current Health Issues class. The goal of the project was to research a self-selected drug (in this case, salvia divinorum) and give off various facts on the drug. SONGS USED (I DO NOT OWN THESE SONGS) Voodoo - Nick Jonas Reaper - Sia
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Vlog 003.1 - I got to ride in a Kia Stinger!!!
No way... it was a dream to ride in the $53,000 Kia Stinger thats been said to compete with the likes of the BMW 3-series, and let me tell you... its great!
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Kia Stinger GT2 Ride Along
Wow... this car is NUTS! Thanks to Lancaster Kia for giving me the opportunity to drive the one and only Stinger GT with a 3.3L twin-turbo V6 with 365 horsepower! It is MAD WICKED!!!
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A basic overview of some HOT buzzcut pics I like. Even get my top 5 hottest buzzcuts! Leave your comments below or tweet me at the end page!
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The Top 10 - Large Family Sedans
Got big people in your family? I mean big. Want style and functionality in it too? Well, a large family sedan has what your looking for. Watch this video to find out what sedan fits your lifestyle! Please like, comment, share, and subscribe!
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Asphalt 8 Rimac Concept_S R&D Review and Small Playthrough
The Rimac Concept_S is no other than a sportier, track-tuned variant of the Concept_One that is known for its DREADFUL performance, but this one is better, but there's still more to desire. This is the FIRST review of the Concept_S posted on YouTube since the update released an hour ago for Android platforms.
Calli is YAPPY!!!!! Part 2
Calliope is a bergamasco sheep dog (means they are the pretty dreadlock dogs) and she barks up a storm!
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The Top 10 - Ugliest Cars of 2016
Pure hideousness. Here for 2016 and 2017, here are The Top 10 most ugliest vehicles made in the 2016 and 2017 model years. Yes, most vehicles are Chevy and Mazda, in which they can't produce a vehicle that looks good at all.
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Anti-Drinking Commercial (Actual VIdeo)
The world of under-age drinking needs to come to an end. This video is about what DUI can do to you. Look at the poor performance of these vehicles. It doesn't matter if you have a car that can stop itself from a collision or not! You can still die! Please like, comment, share, and subscribe! I will have another video coming out ASAP. Songs used in video: "Sax" Fleur East "Roll Up" Fitz and Tthe Tantrums "All About Us" Jordan Fisher "Lush Life" Zara Larsson Video courtesy of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety/Highway Loss of Data Institute (IIHS/HLDI). (C) 2016.
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Lamborghini Urus (Asphalt 8) Test Drive - Part 1
Jump in with me as you experience the Lamborghini Urus in its fullest form. Asphalt 8 is an action- packed game worthy of five-star ratings. The game is now free, so download it today and tear it up! NOTE: You will need at least 2.0GB of space to download this game. (Actual: 1.6-1.7GB)
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Best Sounding Supercars
Yes, we all love a great sounding supercar. But which ones instantly grab your ears when it starts? Find out in this high-revving video! And by the way, the car in the video thumbnail is a 1200-horsepower-plus, 100% electric-powered Rimac Concept_One. This video is opinionated, so don't hate that the Aventador is not in the countdown, when the Huracan is.
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Trucks and the IIHS Small Overlap Crash Test
Full-size trucks are supposed to be brutal and tough. But IIHS's small overlap crash test is pushed off to the side, all except for one automaker. Ford. Which Ford? The F-150 SuperCrew AND SuperCab. Videos courtesy of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
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Cars with the Best Nitro Efficiency - Asphalt 8
Ever wonder how you run out of a tank of nitro, but one still has nitro shooting out the back end of the car in front of you? Well, they might have better nitro efficiency (and/or possibly an extra tank). Find out what five cars have the best nitro efficiency in this video!
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More Fails 2
The Top 10 - Midsize Three-Row SUVs
Don't want the dimensions of a large SUV, but have quite a few kids or family members that love to travel? Well, three rows of seats work good when it comes to hauling people around. These three-row midsize SUVs give off style and power in order to move these 3,700 to 5,300-pound machines. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe for more The Top 10 videos! More vehicles are being put on the contenders list for their vehicle class!
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Lamborghini Urus - Asphalt 8 - Test Drive Part 4
So the account I had on this device had this car. Instead, I selected to keep the Game Center account so I can continue my quest to ultimate "Star-dom". The Urus will set you back 22,500 credits but it's WELL WORTH IT. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe for more burnt rubber!
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Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe - Asphalt 8 - R&D Test Drive Part 1
This car is fun! That's all I can say! Please like, comment, share, and subscribe for more burnt rubber!
Vlog 003.2 - Fun with a Friend!
Me and my great friend Skylar go looking around at local dealerships just to see what they have. My favorite Ford is there too... and we got a small exhaust clip of it!
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Top 20 Stunts of the Month #1 - June 2018
Welcome to the first episode of Top 20 Stunts of the Month. Since this is a new series and this is the first video, all the videos are mine. Send your clips here! https://bit.ly/2InlAJg (Before sending your clips, please read the Rules and Requirements for Submitting to the Top 20 Stunts of the Month Series. Link: https://bit.ly/2IpMUXB) Songs used:
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Munich Madness
This special little compilation is true insanity. Fails, tricks, and stunts are at its best here, and so is the cool factor. Enjoy this video! I have a special one coming up!
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2006 Ford GT - Asphalt 8 - Test Drive Part 12
The 12th edition of the Ford GT Asphalt 8 Test Drive is here! I think I may be tiring this car out. Haven't run out of fuel yet! Please like, comment, share, and subscribe!
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My Trion just did that... yeah.
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Ten Tips for New Asphalt 8 Players
Need a few tips on how to get first place but seem to be not getting there? Well, I have a couple tips that you may be forgetting to use that could impact your finishing rank. Watch this video for 10 easy tips on how to play Asphalt 8. A more advanced and elite tip videos are coming soon, so stay tuned! Like, comment, share, and subscribe!!!!!
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2006 Ford GT - Asphalt 8 - Test Drive Part 13
I think my fuel tank is empty XD. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe!
Get it??? Haha ha, ha ha; ha... ha..... ha.......... ha-a-a-a? Oh, not funny? It's okay. My infamous lime-green GTA Spano has recently had a few bugs... but these bugs are amazing tricks that I believe were nothing short of incredible to witness. See some of the best fails and tricks I've done with this car in the longest compilation ever! By the way, the Spano is MAX/PRO. Songs used: Last All Night (Koala) [feat. KStewart] - Oliver Heldens ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track: NIVIRO - The Guardian Of Angels [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/yHU6g3-35IU Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/TGOAYO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song: Chime & Adam Tell - Whole (Rob Gasser Remix) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/AHBnM1Jin9A Download/Stream: http://ncs.io/WholeRemixCr ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe! Also, submit your fails and tricks for the fifth episode of Insane Asphalt 8 Fails and Tricks Compilation that will be the LONGEST Asphalt 8 Fail and Trick Compilation ever produced. Be sure to add your fails and videos! Click the link below! https://goo.gl/forms/ghD6P0asIvTIy5c43 You may edit them and add your own sounds and effects.
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Asphalt8ficionado Reviews - Tramontana XTR
Find out whether or not the Tramontana XTR is a great car or Roadster (let’s call it a four wheeled thing) in the first official commentary review on the channel!
Audi S4 - Asphalt 8 - Test Drive Part 2
I bought the rally stripes. Now the luxurious VW needs to show it's power. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe!