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2006 Polaris Fusion 600HO Speed Run
attempted top speed run on a 06' fusion 600, topped out at 79mph under current conditions (about 6 inches of loose powder over ice) will go faster but track was spinning in the loose snow, 1 inch shockwave track 144 studs, the tach is set to analog while the digital number is the speedo reading
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S&B Large Rifle Primers Failing Miserably
S&B primers are not reccomended by me, used about 150 out of this 1000 pack, 75 failed to fire with good primers hits, very unreliable and unsafe frankly, many hangfires and reduced burn incidents, do not use these primers, stick with CCI
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Budget SPR Ar15 build,  Anderson Rifles and Red X
Budget Ar build for $600
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2012 Ski-Doo MXZ TNT 600 carb start up/idle
2012 Ski doo 600 TNT carb idiling, 597cc same as the 500 SS
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600 HO Fusion after Carb Adjusting
Adjusted carbs today, 400 mains 45 pilot jets, .9 pilot air jet, needle 3rd notch and screws at 2 turns, clutch epi ps-14 and 10-64 weights, will have more vids when the snow flies
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2012 Ski-Doo MXZ TNT 600 Carb Speed Run
An attempt at a top speed run on a 2012 mxz 600 tnt carb, on a lake with about 6 inches of loose powder. It topped out at about 80 under these conditions, I know it will go faster than 80mph but i could feel the track slipping in the loose stuff. sled has 1.25' Rip Saw track with 94 studs
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Remington 700 .30-06 300yd cold bore steel hit
Doing some longer range shooting, 125 grain Remington psp corelockts hit roughly 8" low from 100 yard zero
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Kenwood Dpx300u
Keenwood dpx300u in 06 Grand Prix
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Kenwood DPX300u Follow Up
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96 Polaris xlt idling
96 Polaris Xlt special idling after clutch kit install. Motor has a bout 600 miles on it, Spi pistons and bearings runs great. Sled is for sale I'm looking for 1200 obo will have a video soon for that. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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No Worries Just Riding MI Snowmobiling 2012
Riding sleds in Michigan during 2012 made the best out of a lousy winter got 4 rides in and had a good time
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Duck Hunting Shots
Various Duck Hunting shots on the go pro the past two years, the windy day was when Hurricane Sandy came through got 12 ducks and a merganser that day, all shots were taken with Black Cloud #2's, #3's and #4's and Winchester Blind Side #2's
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Ruger LCR .357
Shooting Ruger lcr with 38 special loads
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Winter Storm Draco Snowmobiling Atlanta MI Trail 9 12/28/12
First Ride of the year, rode to Millersburg from Canada Creek Ranch, Trails were ok
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Ruger SR9c Review
Quick review
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Fun with American Eagle 5.56 tracers
62 grain tracers 300 yards
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Beretta 92fs Doesnt like Tula Ammo
92fs with 9mm tula ammo, doesnt like it jams alot
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Sub Moa 3sht group Red X Arms 20" HBAR
3 shot sub moa group, Red X Arms 20" 5.56 HBAR, 55 grain Tula Ammo 100 yards (.889")
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7/20/2011 Rodeo Cody Wyoming
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Blue Wing Teal Harvest
First duck of the year on camera, 2 3/4" Black Cloud #3's, Winchester 1300
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Brantley Gilbert "Dirt Road Anthem"
Dow Event Center live January 2012
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SR9c Woods course
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Ruger SR9c Range Time
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1917 Enfield plinking
1918 production Winchester made M1917, nice rifle someone cut the barrel down but my brother rescued it from the used rack at Cabelas
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Tim McGraw "Real Good Man" DTE June 2011
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Glock 23 woods walk
40 S&W, Glock 23
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Glock 23 .40 S&W plinking
shooting Glock 23
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96 Polaris XLT SP For Sale
96 XLT SP, 6500 miles on chassis, 650 miles on complete top to bottom rebuild, sled has all new bearings throughout the skid and drive shaft, new voltage regulator and EPI TP-9 clutch kit, 196 studs, new carbides, carlisle belt and polaris belt for spare, comes with a cover and under cover in good shape
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Trout Fishing on Little Joe Lake, Canada Creek Ranch
Fishing on Canada Creek Ranch Atlanta Mi
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