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TDWT- Come fly with us (Reversed)
Sorry i Can't Do a Reversed Video With Captions, Because I am too lazy to put Captions in the Reversed Video. Here is the original video (Non-Reversed video): https://youtu.be/Xaslr8mvppY BTW, This is 1/31 (That includes Sierra's German song, Which is a short song.) And Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon network.
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TDWT - Before we Die (Reversed)
Here is the original video: https://youtu.be/Cwcn4ERwBsQ BTW, This is 4/31 songs i reversed. And Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon Network.
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Lemon zest listens to her fav song #1-10
Songs: 1.I'm blue by Eiffel 65 2.Earned it by The Weeknd (From fifty Shades of Grey) 3.Let it go. Performed by idina menzel (From Frozen) 4.My little pony theme song 5.Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley 6.I'm an Albatrouz by AronChupa 7. Dumb ways to die 8.Ex's And Oh's by Elle king 9. The Hills by The Weeknd 10. Friday by Rebecca black
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TDWT - Eine Kleine (Reversed)
Here is the original video: https://youtu.be/VnyluOOH3T0 BTW, I reversed 9/31 of the songs I reversed. Total drama Belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon Network.
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TDWT - I'm Sorry (Reversed)
The orignal video is here in the link: https://youtu.be/5qhtGUC-L_o I Reversed 8/31 of the TDWT songs I reversed. And Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon Network.
Goanimate Style Rants in a Nutshell (Warning: Profanity and Watch Until the End. Also read desc.)
This is about AdultshowsFTWGirlshowsFTL VGCP IGUA AUTTP (A Random Parody Channel Name I made up, Even though they still Suck.) Ranting about Mew Mew Power. He Hates it Cause it is Quote on Quote. "Girly" TBH, that is a Stupid reason why you hate a girl show. Note that I Dislike Mew Mew Power, but not that Much. I Still Don't Like Ni Hao Kailan. I Like South Park. I Am OK with Glitter Force. TBH, Jewelpet is my childhood, but the one that is my Childhood is the second season called jewelpet twinkle. I Like Now! Music 95 (U.K Version) But there are some songs in there that I despise. Same Thing with Now! Music 58 (U.S Version). I Kind of Hate Meghan Trainor and I'm OK with Charlie Puth. Well, It depends on which "Baby" shows I Like or hate. Same thing with "Girl" Shows, except they are actually my type of genre I watch. TBH, I actually think Shopkins are Cute and According to the previews i saw last year, I don't think i can really despise Shop it up Live. I Still Hate Pokémon Go. And Even though I have a Musical.ly Account last year, I still find it cringeworthy. But I don't make those type of videos. I don't even care about Puppy Dog Pals. I Haven't even check the whole thing out. Credit to the Owners of the Things I Mentioned. Again, If you Hate, Like or whatever Any of those things I mentioned, That's Fine With me. I can respect that, except if you Really take this video seriously and dislike it because of that (You can still dislike, but again, not because you took it so seriously. You know it's just a Joke!) And One thing, I Hope you watch the whole thing. If Not..... Well. You're a Sad Strange Little Person. (Just Kidding, But Still).
Daydream shimmer's transformation.
Uh.. This transformation is hideous to me, but it is also lovely, too. I am not sending a link because this is the video I chose from YouTube randomly. And idk who's video is it. It's random. You can find it, type: Friendship games twilight's transformation. You can watch it randomly. This is Daydream (Sunset) Shimmer's Transformation. I will do midnight sparkle's transformation next. And I am going to use the my favorite part of songs for FIW shorts and FIWMV shorts. The friendship though the ages my edited version will come soon. Until it's finished loading. I am not going to do the life is a runway my edited version. But I will do a PMV with it. So. Hope you like it. ;D
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TDWT - Save this Show (Reversed)
Here is the original song: https://youtu.be/NX7LqfLdaN8 BTW, I have 14/31 of the TDWT songs I reversed. Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon Network.
TDWT - Stuck to A Pole (Reversed)
I reversed 5/31 of the TDWT songs I reversed. BTW, Here is the original video: https://youtu.be/zmHB2UwgVAg Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon network.
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TDWT- Sea Shanty Mix (Reversed)
One More thing. As I said, No Lyrics or Subtitiles because I might be Lazy to do it. Here is the original song: https://youtu.be/9bwhuGE1LiI BTW, I have 12/31 of the TDWT songs I reversed. Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon Network.
TDWT - Oh My Izzy (Reversed)
Here is the original song: https://youtu.be/9DnDjFQuR8s BTW, I have 13/31 of the TDWT songs I reversed. Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon Network.
TDWT - Gypsy Rap (Reversed)
Here is the original song: https://youtu.be/EXiVKtOksok BTW, I have 10/31 of the TDWT songs I reversed. Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon Network.
Midnight Sparkle's transformation.
Yep. Check out Daydream ( Sunset) shimmer's transformation here: https://youtu.be/AB1LfLbB_98 This is Midnight (Sci-twi) Sparkle's transformation. This is hidious to me, too, but also lovely, too. Some hope you like it. The original video i pick is random. Type: Friendship games twilight's transformation. And you will see. Yep. Hope you enjoyed itm :D
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TDWT - Paris In the Springtime (Oui, My Friends) (Reversed)
I'm Back For More TDWT Songs in Reverse since a 1 1/2 Hiatus of this Series. And Now, Here are more of Reversed Total Drama World Tour Songs. Enjoy! Anyways, Here is the original song: https://youtu.be/S4c9HAyJQ4c BTW, I have 11/31 of the TDWT songs I reversed. Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon Network.
TDWT - Baby (Reversed)
The orignal video is in the link: https://youtu.be/vBQvucufhPM Well, I now reversed 7/31 Of the TDWT Songs I reversed. Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon Network.
TDWT - Rowin' Time / Lovin' Time (Reversed)
I put the title "Rowin' time / Lovin' time" because it starts with "Rowin' time". And ends with "Lovin' time) Here is the orignal video: https://youtu.be/ABCZaqBtq2E BTW, This is 3/31. Because there are two songs in one video. And Total drama belongs to Teletoon, Fresh TV and Cartoon Network.
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Rainbow Dash's Review On 4Kids National Anthem.
Yeah. 4Kids National Anthem Ruined the Oringnal Version and It also Ruined Anime and Japan. What? And it is so annoying that I almost Got a headache! But I will still make more videos out of 4kids National Anthem For Some Reason I don't know. First, I made Rainbow Dash's Review On 4Kids National Anthem. Next I am Going to Go is "My Opinion on 4Kids National Anthem" then Next time, I will make "How MLP Characters React to 4Kids National Anthem." Eiether Picture and Text Version, like I do in My old Videos, or a clips version. Note: 4Kids National Anthem is Now my #1 Least Favorite Song of All-Time. Even worse than Peg + Cat's Problem Solved Song and Dora's We Did it song. Or Rebbeca Black's Friday song or Nicki Minaj's Stupid Hoe song, Justin Bieber's Baby song and Tay Allyn's Mass Text and Other Stupid song.
No More GI, But the Audio is Normal and the Video is Reversed.
I Made this Video Last Month. I have nothing else but to post it here. And there is nothing else to say in here. But hope you enjoy it???
Flipagram-Lemon zest Runaway(U and I)
This is my first video i used on flipagram. Pictures of lemon zest. I don't own the song and the picture. It belongs to them and mlp belongs to Hasbro. The app I used is:Flipagram. Song: Runaway (U and I) By galantis.
10 Characters Watch The Emoji Movie Trailer (With a Returning Guest and a Message to everyone.)
The video says it all. But sorry for the mess-ups. And this will be My Final Video of 2016! this is Wendy Loves Stocking, Signing Off. And Happy New Year (New year's Eve). Have a Great Year of 2017! Peace out! Bye. Edit: The Emoji Movie changed their date from August 4 to July 28. this is getting more horrible than i excpected.
My Collection of the "PowerPuff Girls 2016" Form Characters.
The Beggining is my "PowerPuff Girls 2016" Form. The Rest are the Ones That will Appear in The Upcoming Show I am Making in Late 2016 or early 2017 Called "The PowerPuff Adventures Of Wendy and Friends". It is a Picture Show About Wendy (Which is my "PowerPuff girls 2016" Form. And also, Wendy is not my real name. And I am not telling you my real name! But Wendy is my Favorite Name.) And The 9 Others Having Adventures. Well, There will be no Voice Actors. There will be a text. I will tell you more about the Upcoming Show I am Making In Late 2016 or Early 2017. BTW, Here are names and Pictures in Order. 1. Wendy 2. Katherine (Kitty) and Her Pet Cat Mittens. 3. Alicia 4. William (Wilt) 5. Danny 6. Ramona (Gamer Ram) 7. Leonardo 8. Mr. Beardo 9. Gregory (Dr. Grey) and His Pet Dog Bones. 10.Beatrice
Minor Characters for "The Adventures of Star and Friends"
Here are the minor Characters: Ellie from Ice age Aisling (My New #1 Favorite Character With Rarity, Saoirse and Star Butterfly, which are my #1 Favorite characters of all-time, especially Rarity.) Clifford the Big Red Dog Ariel From The Little Mermaid Elmo Finn From Adventure time Joy from Inside Out Anna From When Marnie Was there (My Favorite Character from When Marnie was there along with Marnie.) Megamind Gumball Watterson Jake from Adventure Time Saoirse From Song of the Sea Darwin Watterson Twilight Sparkle (Sorry. No Rarity. :(. But she will be in One episode, Maybe..... ) Judy Hopps The Video says it all. If you hate these characters, IRYO.
Dora Parodies #3: Stop Asking Me Questions, Dora!
Note #1: Buddypoke the Movie Doesn't Exist. Note #2: I know The Secret of Kells is a Movie, Not a TV show. And To be honest, I Did Not watch The Secret of Kells Yet in Real life. And The Secret of Kells is my #4 Favorite Movie of all-time. Note #3: I am Taking a Break From Making Dora Parodies. Note #4: I am Not Taking Requests on Dora Parodies Ideas.
Lemon zest listens to her fav song #12
Song: https://youtu.be/3YxaaGgTQYM (Well, I also love "My immortal" By evanscence: https://youtu.be/5anLPw0Efmo Because It is beautiful. Well, sad though I almost cried. And also I pick thus because I was thinking of PTS(princess trixie sparkle) episode 3's Song " Long live princess Trixie song: https://youtu.be/VLGB2Qj-8Bw or https://youtu.be/vBX5fu_QZ2s (Alternate version). I enjoy princess Trixie sparkle. It was amazing, just like bride of discord and and Dauther or discord. )
Main Characters for "The Adventures of Star and Friends"
These are the Main characters: Star Butterfly Mabel Pines Spongebob Squarepants Mordecai Rigby Blossom (1998) Bubbles (1998) Buttercup (1998) Dipper Pines And Marco Diaz. Also, I need Reccomandation of Villians for My Upcoming Miniseries Don't Reccomend Me Minor Characters. And No. You will not be in my Miniseries (Because I can not download Profile photos of all of you, except for myself. I downloaded mines already.). Only Characters! I've already have my reccomandation: My Reccomandations are Dora, Peg, and Caillou. And PRMO if you Hate these characters. Note: Oh. I forgot. No voice acting. Just Text.
Who's Gettin' Candy, But Without The Word "Candy".
Sorry I am Posting this video on my Main Channel instead of My Alt. Channel. If I get a copyright strike or something, i will reupload it on my alt. Channel. Also, I don't Care if You can Make the Amazing world of gumball a Meme, I am Making this Just for fun. And If you Don't Know The Song, It's Called "Who's Gettin' Candy" according to to Wikia Page. It's from the Episode "The Limit" and From the Show, Well. You guys already know it. Again, I am Posting this just for fun. And I Hope you Enjoy this 13 Second Video of The song, but without The word "Candy". And I will Make More if you Enjoy this Video (Or Maybe NOT make more because you know, I am busy doing lots of things.) The Amazing World Of Gumball Belongs To Cartoon Network.
10 Characters Watch Ratchet and Clank Trailer (With Special Guest and the Ending)
The Title says it all. Credit to the Owners and Everyone.
Villains For "The Adventures of Star and Friends"
These are the Villains for My Miniseries: Dora the explorer Peg Caillou Jojo Tickle King Sombra Shimmer Shine Swaysway Buhduce Barney the Purple Dinosaur. The video says it all. Coming up, Minor characters. And No. Don't Reccomend me Minor Characters! And No. I am Not Making A lot of episodes! I am making them like episode 15,14,13,12,11,10 or below. Just like Over the Garden Wall. And PRMO If you Like these Characters.
A Poster For "The Adventures Of Star and Friends".
The video says it all. Also, Episode 1 is Coming Soon.
Lemon zest listens to her fav song #2
My another one of " Lemon zest Listens to her fav song" because I am still bored. Song: https://youtu.be/waU75jdUnYw ( Do not watch this if you are not ready. Because it contains...uh...Inappropriate adult themes. Check it for yourself. Or Click this one instead from now on: https://youtu.be/xe_iCkFsQKE .It is the same song. But Lyric video. The music video, as I said. Contains Inappropriate Adult themes. Like... You will see if you click the music video ones. And I know I am too young to watch It but I did By an accident. But I still like the song though. Wowm I typed a lot of things in thus description.)
Dora Parodies #1: What is your Favorite Part of The Trip.
I can't Find a Clip of Dora's What is your favorite Part. :( So I used Dora herself and Myself in Profile Photo Version. But Since everyone Make it, I could make mines, In a Different way. No Clips, No Voices.
Matthew Davis and Caroline Thetford In BuddyPoke.
What do you think? Again, No Mean, Innapropriate and Rude Comments. And If you Guys Hate BuddyPoke, IRYO.
Dora Parodies #2: Dora the Blind.
There is nothing to say here. But I hope you Enjoy it.
Who's Gettin' Candy, But only the Word "Candy".
Well. Nothing to explain here. And don't scroll the rest of the description or else you have to get... *B A C K T O T H E C A R*
Mario Says no when indego askes"Are we gonna win?"
This may fit for a ytp or not. But this is not a ytp. Maybe it is.indego asked Sci-Twi(Mario) "Are we gonna win?" But Sci-Twi(Mario) says no. This is my other second random Scene. I am so bored. And that is why I post this video.
My New BuddyPoke Look.
The Video says it all.
Lemon zest listens to her fav song #15 (The Revival of one of my Video series back in 2015)
I am reviving one of the video series that I stopped. Called "Lemon Zest Listens to her fav song". Because I have no video ideas. So I feel like reviving one of my series that I made back in December 2015. Song: https://youtu.be/Gd9OhYroLN0 Also, you can check out #1 to #14 if you want to. Just search this "Wendy loves stocking Lemon Zest" and you can watch them I'f you want to. Oh, and I'm using Power Director this time. Not Vivavideo.
PMV Same old love part 2 ( and a Short preview)
I am making my first PMV. I will do part one soon and part 3. This is part 2. And a preview of my new PMV. Hope you like it. Song used: Same old love ( pitched version) by Selena Gomez Editor I used: Vivavideo.
Lemon zest Listens to her fav song #3
A third one of " Lemon zest listens to her fav song" This time. I put this. Song: https://youtu.be/moSFlvxnbgk ( Do not watch This if you hate "Frozen". I Used to love frozen since the late 2014. Then I am into MLP and grown up music( Like these fimiluar guys who like "grown up music" from peppa pig, the show I hate) instead of frozen. Well. I am going to Disney on ice: frozen soon on February. ) and I put a filter in the end of The video.)
A BuddyPoke Video #5
Me (Wendy Loves Stocking) in Peanuts Form.
What do you think? And No Mean, Innapropriate And Rude Comments, Or I will Report it. And Also, It is Not an April Fools Video. I've already made one. Note #1: I am Not taking Requests on" ___ in ____ Form" anymore. Note #2: You Can Visit This Site and you Can create Your Own "Peanuts" Character there: http://www.peanutizeme.com
"Come fly with us, Come fly with us"
This is from my #1 most favorite song of all time, "Come fly with us". Sorry I am so bored. So I am making videos out of the "Total drama world tour" songs and having fun.
My favorite part of Unleash the magic.
My favorite part of this music video: https://youtu.be/LyhZr_MNMJw
Who's Gettin' Candy But Read the Description (Before Watching).
Who's Gettin' Candy But Every "Candy" Switches to Spongebob's "Who am I" song, but the actual video (Audio Video) is here: https://youtu.be/-aCoXTXanQs and The Video is normal, but the Audio is in some kind of Chipmunk High Pitch Voice so I can Avoid Getting a Copyright Strike. And when there is the second "Candy", It continues so I can make my Video Shorter and Not More than 15 Minutes. Now You can continue reading the description OR you can stop reading the description and start watching this video. Requested By Alexander Hecht. I Feel like I need to make "Memes" By other "The amazing world of gumball" (and other shows or movies) Songs (except when they are copyrighted.) Note: I am Losing Hatred On The New Spongebob seasons (I'm Now neutral to them.) You can request me, but make sure it isn't Innapropriate (You know what I mean.) Hope you Enjoy it.
FIWMV - My past is not today ( My edited version)
This is my first friendship is wonderful short MV. While making Friendship is wonderful shorts and friendship is wonderful shorts MV, I don't use pictures. I use short mlp videos, incuding Equestria girls shorts Videos or Fan made mlp videos. This is a video I used from my favorite short, My past is not today. Okay. Idk what to say. But this is MY editied version. It is not a YTP or something. But I used this: https://youtu.be/S5caMPzTRoY . hope you enjoyed it. :D I did not own " my past is not today" and the video. This video I used belongs to Letupita725HD and My little pony equestria girls belongs to Hasbro. I did not own the other songs , such us can't be tamed. This song belongs to Miley cyrus.
Me and Landon Watkins In BuddyPoke Form.
What do you think? and No Mean, Inappropriate and Rude Comments. Note 1: The One with Black Hair is Me and the one with Blonde Hair is Landon Watkins. Note 2: I Used BuddyPoke to make this Picture. Note 3: I Love BuddyPoke.
My favorite part of acadeca
This is my favorite part from this music video from friendship games : https://youtu.be/dzSwC9HkNxI .
BuddyPoke Video #9 and A Message to Everyone (First Video of 2017)
This is my First Video of 2017. And Let's Hope 2017 is Better. And The Video says it all.
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Me and My sister Laughing at Dora Hurting Her hand (Bored)
That's What She Deserve for Having the Worst Show ever! Thank god it got Canceled in Jan, 26, 2015. Note #1: I am Not Playing that game. We were just watching what my sister Has recommended Me to watch. Note #2: This is the first Time My sister is in my video. I've been In Various Of My sister's Videos. Note #3: This is Not the Same News Video. The sad news video will be in tommorow, not today. Note #4: For those who love Dora the explorer, IRYO. Note #5: My sister and I really Laughing. It is not a Fake Laughing. It is real! Note #6: This is the First "Me and My sister Laughing At Dora (Bad Thing)" Video. I will make the second one. And the third(Maybe or maybe not) Note #7: I am Not Taking Requests Anymore In every of my videos, Except for the What do you think of these shows, What do you thing of these Characters, what do you think of these Movies,what do you think of these Games and What do you think of these users.