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Smoking my First Cuban Cigar in Mexico- American Contraband!
I smoke my first Cuban cigar --in Mexico! (Before it was legal in the USA tee hee)
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MVI 4198
Happy Holidays to all my Family and Friends on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter! With Love, Alanna and Mermaid Star Books! =) This is my official on-line launch party ;)
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Feliz Navidad, Lima, Peru! Christmas Fireworks!
What midnight looks like on Christmas in Chirillos, Lima, Peru. We're 6 blocks to the Pacific ocean, and about 6 blocks to the mountains. This was our view tonight of the grand celebrations. Merry Christmas, everyone! Feliz Navidad por todos! :)
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Danilo Plays Flute for us in Parque Calderon, Antigua Guatemala
This man, Danilo, was trying to sell us a flute. I was more interested in seeing the sights, my main reason for being there! This is in Antigua Guatemala
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Celebración de Fuego de Cuenca, Ecuador 2017!! Feliz Año!
En Español y Ingles... mi video.. This wonderful ritual in Cuenca, Ecuador is about burning all of your old bad memories, people, experiences you'd rather forget and negative stories you held about yourself, etc. Everything is written on paper, shoved inside cute little paper machier statues, along with firecrackers and mini explosives to add to the danger and fun of saying goodbye to that which we do not need anymore. I waited 6 years to be able to travel to Cuenca Ecuador and participate in this art therapy ritual and took it seriously...but I was drunk.. ha ha.. and screaming my head off a bit... but I wrote 6 pages of stuff that is burning away in this fire... in my Pikachu paper statue! This was a very emotional and also therapeutic night. So, Fuck off to 2016.. and a warm welcome to 2017!! :) I am sure most people watching this would agree.. 2016.. wow.. some great times and some horrible moments for the world as well. I dedicate this to all our favorite celebrities who passed this year and to all the friends and family we all lost this past year. They are gone, not forgotten and hopefully in a better place. We remain here, burning away the old to make room for the new... Blessings to all who watched my crazy video and read this note, May you find peace, love and prosperity in the new year. XOXO, Mermaid Girl
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Lake Tahoe, California & Virginia City, Nevada in 2012
A sweet reminder of our January 2012 Vacation to Lake Tahoe, California and Virginia City, Nevada. :) I hope you all enjoy this slide show! Music is Queen Latifah's cover of Quiet Night and Quiet Stars on her album Travlin' Light and also Melancholy by Louis Armstrong on the Ultimate Collection.
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Firecrackers in Antigua Guatemala!
First attempt and discussion of how to light firecrackers on a windy day in Antigua Guatemala :)
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Firecracker Fun Antigua Guatemala!  Boom Boom Boom!
Finally we get it done right, hilarious video. We didn't realize it was on telephoto lens until we got home! hahahahaha
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alex and virgil
Happy Holidays to my kids! =)
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Random Police Search in Antigua Guatemala
The Policia decided to search this car I am guessing because this man was sitting on his car hanging out instead of entering the park and sitting on a bench instead. Note the fact that 2 police ride one motorcycle together... Saving gas? This is in Antigua Guatemala, across the street from my apartment.
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Leafy Sea Dragon at Monterey Bay Aquarium!
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Asilomar Beach 360° view.
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Weedy Sea Dragon
Monterey Bay Aquarium ... a cute little fella! :-)
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Penguins at Monterey Bay Aquarium!
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Radiant Health
This is my healthy thinking mind movie. I made this while I had a cold, I hope that you can also get some positive energy from it as well! :)
Money to Travel
This is my mind movie for money and traveling. Maybe you have similar goals or dreams
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Asilomar Beach... one minute of Bliss...
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Aftermath of Firecrackers!
OK so we littered... it was thousands of pieces of paper, everywhere! LOL
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A Hot Summer Night in Chico, California
What you see and hear at night at One Mile Park at the river while sitting on a park bench, contemplating life.
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2011 Chinese New Year Parade of the Rabbit.wmv
Chinatown, San Francisco, California Feb. 2011. Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year's Parade. This is the largest parade for the Chinese New Year outside of China. It is a yearly event which takes place usually in February in San Francisco. It is a 3-4 hour long but highly fast moving parade (hence the very blurry pictures at times! And missing legs as they are going too fast for my camera to capture!) and I have condensed it here for you in 10 minutes with lively music from Louis Armstrong, the Ultimate Collection. First song is Shanghai Shuffle, followed by Sweethearts on Parade, Perdido Blues and finally, Cabaret. Hope you enjoy it! :) Love, Mermaid Girl (C) 2012
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