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Königsberg Gameplay Wows Blitz
It’s my second battle in the Königsberg good ship btw it’s accurate enough without the Precise Aiming skill that’s why I didn’t use it. I want more people to see gameplay of it cause there isn’t that much of it I won’t upload a lot of videos constantly but just here and there to get people to see how wows blitz is.
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Wows Blitz Pensacola Gameplay
This is the tier 6 USA cruiser Pensacola from tier 6-10 the line mostly is about the main batteries and the USA’s ap Shells one part of this video only one shell hits but it citadels don’t ask me how idk. The Full Release of this game will be on January 18 once that day comes I’ll buy some premium ships to be able to help me get credits more and after that day ur may expect a video on the Ranger tier 7 USA Carrier. Happy New Years to everyone 2017 is at the end and tomorrow is the beginning of the New Year of 2018 Hope everyone stays safe and have a great New Year.
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Wows Blitz Clemson Gameplay
This is gameplay of the tier 4 USA Destroyer I thought of unloading a video of me winning but doing 40k and then I realized I rather have a battle I can say I did good in instead of the average 40k damage we lost this battle but I can’t show me winning all the time got to show the losses also hope you enjoy my video.
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Wows blitz Campbeltown Gameplay
This is my first video of the full release of wows blitz I was able to buy the Texas, Arizona, Campbeltown, and got the Aurora and soon the Mikasa I’ll try and make more videos soon and I’ll try and make a better video on this ship cause I’m doing it in the morning and I am a nub when it’s smoke so I don’t know how to use it but I’ll try and learn how bye hope you enjoy this video.
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Wows Blitz Umikaze Gameplay
Umikaze, tier 2 Japanese Destroyer since it’s tier 2 there isn’t much good about it. Has 2 main batteries and 2x2 torpedo System and I just want to make a video I am going to start going up this line but I only got it because it’s the only line I haven’t went yet. Due to the credits being hard to earn I have got up every line currently in wows b. I know that this isn’t a great battle but it was good so enjoy.
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