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I Got My GCSE Courses Back...
Havent uploaded in 3 weeks... working on big abandoned house video... its hard though... its hard when your a lazy person like me :P
Ultimate Cringe Nerf War
via YouTube Capture is what I used for this crap Jake will probably be in more videos (the one who killed me)!!!
WE EXPLORE an Abandoned House! And Heard Some Weird Noises 💀👻
8 HOURS TO MAKE. 3 DAYS, 2 NIGHTS, AND OVERALL 8 HOURS OF EDITING! Please show your support by liking the f*** outta this thang. thank you guys for the long wait on this video, all the support, and i repay now to let you enjoy. 😈😈😈
Curriculum Extension Week #5 A good way to end
GREAT way to end. This isn't the end of my YouTube, just the series Thanks for all your support! Thank for Watching! I've been outro, see ya!
Why schools are IDIOTS when it comes to behaviour...
Behaviour Systems are stupid in schools, but my school is taking the piss this year! Here’s why!
Curriculum Extension Week #1 Paint makes bruises
This is a series I'm gonna daily upload on because, some much happening in one week? Gotta do something good with my channel? I'm doing it all this week. League of Shadows: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Pt2rKQ9nOQ0NFCOn5IRUA
6 Parkour Tricks EVERYONE Can Learn!
Rev rev ur boats cos this going real-aliyte!
Sunday Parents
Typical parents on a Sunday, being lazy but trying to encourage you to not be lazy. Well I wasn't lazy, I spent so much time on this, making it all work. The voiceovers, the steps, throwing wagon wheels at myself. But you people inspire me to this everyday, thank you!! I've been outro, see ya! Thanks for Watching!
DISS TRACK 💯 (Rich Gang - Lifestyle)
Ma beat 😂👌💯https://youtu.be/nGt_JGHYEO4
Catchiest Music Video (ft. League of Shadows)
He asked for a ytp, here’s what I’ve got
Go Karts! (Crealy Adventure Park)
That fat fuck is such a piss stain
Angry Dance Trailer
Yes the angry dance will be up in the future I've been outro, see ya! Thanks for Watching!
This isn't meant to happen!
Damn Xbox, you could've done this at daytime, but no 3am is obviously better. Thanks for Watching! I've been outro, see ya!
Curriculum Extension Week #3 Best Trip Yet?!
Today has been the best trip, so far... there's more high ropes tomorrow, and Crealy on Friday which might be the best. I've been outro, see ya! Thanks for Watching!
When It 8:45...
I should stop
Best of Forza Horizon 3 and GTA V
Best of Forza Horizon 3 and GTA V
Little T goes on xFactor
via YouTube Capture All rights go to Pyrocynical, I just edited a clip out of his video "Little T The Cringe God" because it's just plain hilarious I don't know if I missed anything with the copyright claim thing, but how could I? I'm 12, it's my time to shine
Happy Halloweeeen!!!
Snow Day Vlog!!!!
go see what happened with bill and zach on league of shadows video! channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Pt2rKQ9nOQ0NFCOn5IRUA video: https://youtu.be/sU-_2hMZ4uo brilliant day we havent had snow here in okehampton (as in red alert amount) since 2010. a lot swearing sorry about me having frieeeeeeeeeends!!
IM A HOTDOG (spook warning)
Am is makes very scary one see you too
Valentines Day! League of Shadows killed this THEME SOOONG!!!!
How could you league of shadows? You made me have a really mad dream so, grrrrrrrrrr ill struck you with lightning then youll have to buy your groceries from indian text support!!!!!!!!!! Bill's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Pt2rKQ9nOQ0NFCOn5IRUA
2018 UPDATE! (thumbnails, green screen, pro editing, New Year!)
sorry for my 6 weeks off, im hoping to get back to the regular 1 vid a week thing or more! next video is talking about editing talking about 2017 or maybe even that green screen special! (not likely)
EVACUATED FROM NEARBY SCHOOL FIRE!!! Oil spill, Evacutaion, Fire, Smoke, 420!
its weird becuase this fire started the same day when the school put on a fake fire drill! THE IRONY!!! thanks for watching btw!!!
Outlast {1} GET OUT!
Comment and like if you want more outlast! Thanks peepools
Mintie Reactions!!!
Just a test thing or something like that
Thug Life in GTA V
Wait for it...
How to get movies, tv shows, screen recorder, and hacked games for free!
AppValley: https://appvalley.vip/ Enjoy ur stuffs! 😂
Curriculum Extension Week #2 Quad Of Worlds
I haven't even done the other 3 trips, but I know they will all be better, which is kinda good to look forward to it Thanks for Watching! Seriously I don't know how you can watch this, nothing good to see this time. But trust me better stuff tomorrow, I've been your outro and see ya!
Pingu Is The 🅱️est Sh🅾️w
Outlast {2} SCREAM! RUN! HIDE!
Hope u guys liked the video, if yes like the video by hitting that like button ;)))) Like x3 😂👌 Thanks peepsulls
Last day of yr 8!
Thx for a great year ppl! (I know it's July but for school I mean) I've been outro, see ya! Thanks for Watching!
Paignton Zoo Vlog!
Theme Park Crealy POV of 2 rides, 1. Maximas 2. Twister
via YouTube Capture is the app I used for editing!
Why'd I do this? (I woke up at 5:40!)
Song at end Childish Gambino - Redbone
Testing playing around livestreams
New Comer Gets Roasted! pt 1 xD
the links are below :p hope you have enjoyed pt 2 WILL be out shortly. jakes channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKWDXvdMzzsxWe1kEm0_w0A last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68O8-Sf6RHM