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My daily walk trip.
I had been coming from the town to my house. On August 2015, it was 5:30 pm local time and it was about to rain.
My only son talking though icoherrent.
My son, he lives with his mother who is my cousin and he is taken care well, but has some psychological problems. His mother went to an Intensive care unit while four months pregnant for cardiac ailment at a hospital in Debba/Fujeira of U.A.E in 1990 where she had been a senior nurse. And he was born prematurely to be cared on incombator for a couple of weeks. He started to talk on fourteen years of age. He has delicate stomach where he can't eat from a restaurants without feeling stomach ache. That is why he can't live with me since as a divorcee I live alone and I eat daily from restaurants. And the cause of divorce was her asking for the divorcesettlement.
Pheasant pedestrian birds on my path.
It was about 5:36 pm and I wanted to buy a bottle of water from a 1km distant shop when I encountered a flock of pheasant birds.
A desperate camel reaching a branch tree during the draught season.
I had been just passing a path nearby when I saw and captured this picture.