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Tiger and Other Wild Cats - How to paint Tiger eyes!
This value-packed video illustrates Jürek's own system for painting the Tiger, developed over the years by his direct experience with airbrush painting. This system will teach you how to paint Jürek's signature Tiger with the energy and emotion necessary to bring the creature to life. By applying the same principles you learned in painting a tiger, he will also show you how to paint any other wild cat. We then show you how to use this method to paint a Leopard, a Snow Leopard and a Lion. Finally there is a section on painting all of their distinctively different eyes. 120 minutes long DVD of classic video available from http://jurekart.com.
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Tiger and Other Wild Cats
Trailer for a very popular instructional video from 1995.
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Spirit of the Jaguar
trailer for "Spirit of the Jaguar" video by Jürek http://jurekart.com
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