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My & Punkies Spiritual Awakening; Two frightened Souls finding light out of darkness.
I am going through a spiritual awakening. In this video I do my best to explain my & Punkies Incredible story. Things that have led me here to YouTube. Our incredible journey that started a year and a half ago. This Is Our Story. Our Truth. My hope is that someone going through some of the same life circumstances/challenges & transformations that I have/am going trough, will find me here. All Is Well. And so it is! Love, Light, Joy & Blessings. Peace Out, I'll see ya when I see ya.
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57, I lost 100 lbs. dancing, Wait..."A Better Man?"
Dancing is a good way to keep fit & have some fun. Take good care of yourself. There is only 1 YOU. ; )'
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A Beautiful Full Moon, 6/27/2018. ; )'
Wishing Everyone A Blessed Night.
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I've been searching for a church for some time. I will be there next Sunday for certain.
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LMAO! 'Toot Toot!' Come on, GET UP!
Word of the day...Integrity.
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Ascension Flu? Who Knew?
I had no idea there was such a thing as 'Ascension/Transition Flu' when I recorded this video. I am going through an awakening that started just over a year ago. Come to find out I am not alone. There is a shift happening here & people are awakening.
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My Baptism & Alcoholism: My Journey continues in Peace; Love One Another.
On March 18th 2018. I got baptised. You can watch my Baptism at gracepoint.me. On March 15th I celebrated 2 years sobriety. All Is Well. Peace.
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How I keep my weight in check & feel good too..."Eew!"'
At 2:28 ..."EEW!" Shit happens...Right? It's true, you are what you eat. . Here's to good health and feeling awesome. Be Kind. It's easy.
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I danced off 100 lbs.; Move & Lose.
Take good care of yourself.
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"People Think You're Crazy?" So What? You Are Not Alone!
When I started awakening, I needed support from people going through the same transition/circumstances I was. I found them here on YouTube. I want to thank all of the wonderful people that have taken the time to post videos here. It is wonderful to find 'like minded' individuals.
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You Do Not Know Me...So long.
Moving On.
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Shh...Listen to a Child; Let them Know you "HEAR" Them.
Our children are growing up in a loud world. We all need to try to be better listeners. Peace.
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"I Wrote this for You." & More. Shh...Listen.
Everyone has a story. Can't we all just get along here? Peace
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You are alive, You matter, so take care of you.
Be you. Be happy.
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Yep, I'm a Nut! Finding the  Light Out Of Darkness; My Battle with Mental Illness.
Anxiety, depression & ptsd can be crippling. You must learn how to comfort yourself. Turn on the Light. Breath. Let go of all negativity. Create yourself. You are not who you once were. We evolve & learn daily. We are all teachers here. Let's grow together.
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Never EVER GIVE UP. Your Day Is What You Make Of It.
This is the last picture taken of me & my 'Punkie'. 11-11-11 - 6-7-18. Mamma loves you baby girl.
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It feels good to be Alive. Me & Punk!e we're alright.
I fell asleep in the bathtub. I was asleep about a hour. When I woke up suddenly. I let Punk!e out a door I don't often use in the winter. Because I was hot from the bath, I stepped outside with her. There are no accidents. I heard my furnace click on and standing by the in & out take; I smelled gas. Well...watch my video...'Hilarious, baby it's cold INSIDE.' All's well.
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Golden Globes 2018. Anita watches & critiques the globes.
Um, I missed most of it. Getting a 'Word in edgewise'.
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Yep I Did,  A Hilarious Awakening Story, Keep Your Sense of Humor.
If you do not find the humor in this story, I guess it's one of those, 'Had to be there' kind of things. I have no shame. Funny Is Funny period. Even if it's at One's Own expense. We got to find the humor! Lighten Up! All's Well; )'
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"You Got to Learn How to Play the Game!"
I heard that often.
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I had a gas leak. I'm Alive! ; )'
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Chiquita Anita here; 'Ching, Ching', That was the sound of my balls!
Create Yourself. Invision who you want to be & go for it. You deserve nothing but the very best! Peace ; )'
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Archangel Guidance; Synchronicities, Learning About & Finding Comfort In Angels.
I thought some of you might want to learn a little about Our Angels along with me. Take some time daily so that you may hear them clearly. You deserve that time & you'll be glad you took it. I love You. Love, Light, Joy, Blessings & Peace Out! ; )'
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Shh? NO! Stop Abuse. "Glad That's Over!"
When someone shows you who they are believe them. Run.
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My Alcoholism, Liver Diagnosis, Weight Loss & Punkie.
On March 15 th, I will have 2 yrs. sobriety. Attitude is everything. I wish you good health & a good life. Be well. Be happy.
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A little pep talk, All's Well; You Are Worthy, Believe it.
Believe in You. You are all you've got. So, take good care of you. Peace.
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My Spirit Awakening Rapidly & Synchronicities.
It is hard to explain My Spirit Awakening. It all started with sobriety, a liver ailment, diet change, exercise (dropping 100 lbs.), meditation and a good therapist. I started taking very good care of, my now determined to live, self. In this process, call it whatever you want; I am awakening my True Spirit. And it's a beautiful thing. Incredible synchronicities started/are happening. (It took me a while to get to some of them here). I know I am spiritually guided and that I am on the right path. I am a Soul whose intentions are always good. Because of my transformation, It is my intention to help motivate those that feel a lack in their lives. I just want people to feel good. Good about themselves and this life. We have a purpose. Live & Love with compassion & understanding for all that here is. You get what you give. You can't beg the door on the way to the sky. Love, Light & Blessings to All. Peace Out ; )'
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Where'd Everybody Go? Finding My Soul Self.
Love Yourself. You Are Not Alone.
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Shh...Silence Speaks, Spirit Listens; Finding Peace Through Meditation, Prayer & Faith.
I RECORDED/UPLOADED THIS VIDEO ON JUNE 6th. The day before I had to put Punkie down. At 6:19 Punkie makes HER FINAL APPEARANCE here. She will continue to walk with me, in Spirit. Light Always Prevails Over Darkness. Always. Believe. Peace ; )'
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Letting go & warming up. Quietly.
I warm up to a beautiful inspiring song, always. I wish you well ; )'
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Shh...Chill, All's Well;  Blessing My Beautiful 'Punk'.
My comfort ; )'...Blue Flew. I put my Punkie to rest today... June 7 2018. I love you 'Blue'.
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Never Ever Give Up; You are Worthy.
Your Life Is Worth Living. Please Believe That.
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Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not arrived. Take 10 to grieve what could/should be & enjoy today.
This Life is worth living. Be strong & hang in there. Things will get better. DATE...Feb 8th. Oops.
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Hip, hip; having a little fun.
Found some balls.
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Be honest, Be kind, Play nice & Let go.
Can't we all just get along and accept one another & our differences?
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Ascension Flu? Who Knew there was such a thing? There is.
Yep...Soaking in the bath and listening/singing to some good music is comforting.
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When, why & how I decided to start a YouTube Channel.
I started a YouTube Channel because I believe that I will help someone. I have a message...Take the reigns of your life. Get healthy; mind, body & spirit. And Peace Out ; )'
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'Boo hoo' They don't love You? Say Goodbye & Move On.
I recorded this Video Jan 2, 2018.
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A good attitude goes a long way; I wish you well.
Think Positively.
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Numerology & recognising  your numbers; Interesting stuff.
Most people if you ask them, will tell you numbers they see all the time. I find numerology interesting.
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A Peaceful Easy Feeling & Healing; I Am Blessed.
I am finding Peace and it feels Wonderful.
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My Punk!e, She's as sweet as tupelo honey.
My Hunk Of Love. Just put to rest. 06-07-2018. I'll miss you 'Blue'.
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A Good Attitude & A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way.
Don't judge a book by it's cover.
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Man, I Feel Like A Woman! All's Well...Thank You!
I decided to take care of myself. I danced off 100 lbs. It feels Wonderful to be a Woman in Good Health. I am Blessed. Get Up Guys, I mean Gals; Okay Guys Too! Dance with Us Women. I wish you All good health & happiness. Accept One Another. Peace Out ; )'
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My 'Punkie Blue' Is Gone: 11/11/11 -  6/7/18.
Mamma Loves You Baby Girl. I'll see you soon.
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Anxiety, Fear & Becoming Clear. Take Care of You.
Anxiety is based in fear. Overwhelming fear. I am moving forward from a lifetime of anxiety. And finding clarity.
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