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Colorado School of Mines Campus Video Tour
Campus tour of Colorado School of Mines. CSM is located in the small town of Golden, Colorado just 15 miles west of Denver. A relatively small campus with a mix of historic and modern buildings. Don't forget to watch in HD. Please like and subscribe :)
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This is Mines
Best Places on the Colorado School of Mines Campus
Fun video of the Best Places on the Colorado School of Mines campus! Go Orediggers!
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Colorado School of Mines: Just the sweets
Have you ever wondered what the best things about Colorado School of Mines are? Well look no further!
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2018 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony
Thank you for joining us. This is the stream of our Spring 2018 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony with a keynote lecture by Harold Korell, a graduate of Colorado School of Mines and former CEO and chairman of Southwestern Energy Co. #HelluvaEngineer #MinesGrad2018 We apologize for some of the audio issues you may experience at the start of the stream.
Life at Colorado School of Mines
Colorado School of Mines is known globally for the quality of its distinctive graduates, the success of its alumni and its unique expertise in topics related to earth, energy and the environment. Mines produces industry-ready scientists and engineers known for their work ethic, problem-solving ability and teamwork focus. Mines graduates are in great demand by companies and government entities around the world and are involved in solving major technical and societal challenges of our times. Learn more: https://www.mines.edu/ This video was produced by CBS4-Denver: http://denver.cbslocal.com/
Lightning Tour of Colorado School of Mines
"Pajohnso" takes you on a lightning-fast tour of Colorado School of Mines.
Women at Colorado School of Mines
Colorado School of Mines celebrates incoming class with annual "M Climb"
The Colorado School of Mines boasts the M Climb tradition for incoming freshmen since 1908. Freshmen must climb to the school insignia found on Mt. Zion and bring a ten pound rock from their home town to add to the M. Video by Maggie Andresen, The Denver Post Watch the 360 Experience: http://bit.ly/2whUJN2 ___________ Subscribe on YouTube: http://dpo.st/youtubesub Watch more Denver Post videos: http://denverpost.com/video Facebook: http://facebook.com/denverpost Instagram: http://instagram.com/denverpost Twitter: http://twitter.com/denverpost
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Engineering and Technology Management at Colorado School of Mines
The Engineering and Technology Management Program (ETM) offers you a practical alternative to the traditional MBA by emphasizing the fundamental principles of (1) engineering management - the science of planning, organizing, allocating resources, and directing and controlling activities that have an engineering component and (2) technology management - the study of alternative strategies for managing global technology development, acquisition and commercialization. Expanding your ability to think critically about a wide range of cross-disciplinary issues and involving strong managerial aspects within the curriculum provides you a skill set that enables you to assume leadership roles in industry and government.
Computer Science at Colorado School of Mines
Learn about the incredible opportunities, the passionate faculty, and the community within the Computer Science program at Colorado School of Mines. Help solve the world's problems by combining your passions with a strong computational education at Mines.
Petroleum Engineering at Colorado School of Mines
A closer look at the department of Petroleum Engineering at Mines, emphasizing interdisciplinary connections within the College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering.
Welcome to Mines
Colorado School of Mines is a premier public research university with a global reach, engaging innovative thinkers to create solutions for today's earth, energy and environmental challenges. With a specialized STEM mission, and known around the world for producing top scientists and engineers, Mines delivers a unique brand of practical education. Mines offers nearly 70 degree options – plus minors – in a full range of science, engineering and related disciplines. Mines' signature student experience is also marked through campus traditions like the M Climb and Engineering Days. For the M Climb, new Orediggers climb Mt. Zion to place a 10-pound rock on the iconic M. As seniors, students return to the M to take a piece of Mines with them on their next adventure. E-Days is a weekend of music, a cardboard boat race, fireworks and the ore cart pull! Mines has 16 varsity sports that compete in the Division II Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. Mines also has a wide range of club sports and more than 200 groups and campus organizations that students are involved in, including student government, greek life and the Society of Women Engineers, the largest collegiate SWE section in the nation! Find out what it means to be a #HelluvaEngineer!
Cassidy Steen - Why Mines?
Mines senior Cassidy Steen tells us a bit about why she chose Colorado School of Mines, highlighting the great E-days tradition. Video produced by Mines Admissions. Learn more at http://mines.edu/admissions.
2018 Graduate Commencement Ceremony
Welcome to our stream of the Colorado School of Mines Spring 2018 Graduate. Commencement ceremony. #HelluvaEngineer #MinesGrad2018
M Climb | Colorado School of Mines 2017
What better way to start off you first year than getting white washed at the top of Mt. Zion? For those of you who don't know about the M-Climb, it's all part of the Mines experience! This year we welcome the class of 2021. Best of luck!
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Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum - The View out the Window
This animation, titled "The View from our Window", shows the geologic history of Golden, Colorado as seen through a large picture window in the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum. The video was developed for the visitors to museum to illustrate how the geology of the Golden area changed through geologic time when looking north from the window. Version 1 was displayed in the museum in early 2006; this version was significantly upgraded with version 2 (shown here) in November 2013. The video is designed to introduce and complement the Geology Walking Trail on campus. Video illustrates: (1) the formation of Precambrian metamorphic rocks (1.8 Ga); (2) latest Cretaceous delta plain and forest (68 Ma); (3) eruption of Table Mountain basalt (64 Ma); (4) erosion of the Golden area (14 Ma to present), (5) White Ash Coal Mine, and (6) the walking geology trail through the Upper Cretaceous outcrops in the clay pits. Video by James Adson, Joseph Rogers, Eric Lobato, Jay Austin, Paul Weimer, and Paul Bartos. A special thanks to Ian Miller, James Hagadorn, Kirk Johnson (all DMNS), and Bob Weimer for their technical input. Interactive Geology Project, University of Colorado-Boulder. igp.colorado.edu
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Ryan Sayers Memorial Slideshow at Colorado School of Mines AMS
A tribute to the life and legacy of Ryan Sayers, a gifted mathematician and a beloved son. 1982-2003
Maple Hall Tour
Maple Hall is the first residence hall built on the Colorado School of Mines campus since 1978. Join us on a tour of this beautiful new facility!
Best Degrees at the Colorado School of Mines
Best Degrees at the Colorado School of Mines
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Civil Engineering: Finding Your Major at Colorado School of Mines
Exceptional students combined with expert faculty who tie education to real world solutions makes Mines Department of Civil Engineering
CBS created The Search, an educational series produced by the Public Affairs Department, in the 1950s to share scientific research with viewers in an easy-to-understand manner. The 26-episode series aired over 1954 and 1955. This episode, “Colorado School of Mines: Uranium Prospecting and Mining, Golden Colorado,” is hosted by Charles Romine and shows all the phases of the uranium rush happening on the Colorado Plateau. The film begins with footage of atomic bombs detonating (00:50; 01:08) as Romine narrates the incredible power of atomic energy that can be used for destruction or for helping human life. The key to atomic power is uranium, and Romine (01:47) takes viewers on a tour of mining uranium on the Colorado Plateau. Romine visits with Professor Paul Keating, a pioneer in uranium fields, who explains the geology of uranium and some of its early uses by the Ute and Navajo Indians. Next, Romine meets with prospectors to learn about the early stages of mining. He speaks with a prospector who owns a mine on Davis Mesa (04:28); the prospector explains how to stake a claim (05:19). Romine then goes to the Montrose County courthouse (05:48) where he learns how to file a claim for mining. Afterward, Romine visits with a successful miner in Grand Junction (07:49) and learns how to start a mine, including financing one. One way to finance is through selling stock; the film shows the Salt Lake Stock Exchange (11:26) where people are speculating on stocks. Romine travels to the Colorado School of Mines (12:19) to learn about the university’s Prospector Service, observing the samples sent in to the lab (12:46). The lab identifies what the minerals or metals are in the samples, but also allays the samples, determining the amount of mineral or metal, using instruments such as the Geiger counter (13:33). A lab technician explains how a Geiger counter works (14:54). Next, Romine observes an exploration operation, watching mining equipment in action (16:48) and going on an aerial survey (18:44) to locate likely uranium deposits. Once a site is located, the operation builds roads (19:42) into the sides of the mesas and create a functional camp on top (20:06) with their own testing laboratory (20:32). Once the exploration operation determines that the mine has commercial-grade uranium, large-scale mining operations commence, such as the U.S. Uranium Corporation in Paradox Valley (21:10). The episode concludes with Romine and Keating discussing mining uranium and the future of uranium. We encourage viewers to add comments and, especially, to provide additional information about our videos by adding a comment! See something interesting? Tell people what it is and what they can see by writing something for example: "01:00:12:00 -- President Roosevelt is seen meeting with Winston Churchill at the Quebec Conference." This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit http://www.PeriscopeFilm.com
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Colorado School of Mines vs Metro State - Rocky Mountain Lacrosse D2 Semifinal
Watch the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference (RMLC) tournament with LaxAllStars! The RMLC is part of the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association, which includes over 200 college lacrosse teams in the US and Canada. 4/28 GAME SCHEDULE: 10AM MT - Fort Lewis vs. Montana State 1PM MT - Colorado School of Mines vs. Metro State 4PM MT - Brigham Young vs. Utah 7PM MT - Colorado vs. Colorado State 4/29 GAME SCHEDULE: 2PM MT - Division II Championship 5PM MT - Division I Championship 🚀 JOIN our mission to #GrowTheGame: http://LaxAllStars.com/Join 💯 SUPPORT the cause: http://LaxAllStars.com/Shop 🎯 FOLLOW LaxAllStars all lacrosse the interwebz Instagram 👉 http://bit.ly/instaLAS Facebook 👉 http://bit.ly/facebookLAS Twitter 👉 http://bit.ly/twitterLAS 🔑 SUBSCRIBE to this very channel: http://bit.ly/subscribeLAS
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Colorado School of Mines
Transforming talent into unmatched expertise to address the world's earth, energy and environmental challenges: Colorado School of Mines leads the way in engineering education and research. From a new degree in chemical and biological engineering; studies in conventional and renewable energy; excellence in earth and geosciences; a new college uniquely poised to address issues related to sustainability, water, energy, infrastructure and society; to one of the largest and highest quality engineering physics programs in the country -- Mines offers programs of distinction that are destinations of choice.
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Helluva Engineer
The Colorado School of Mines experience. Minus the homework ... "People talk about Mines as a difficult engineering school where the students are extremely smart and the coursework is a struggle because that's what students experience everyday. This video is about the fun part of Mines: the traditions and activities. It shows the experience that students get to have outside of the coursework atmosphere." Video produced by electrical engineering student Billy Ciccone. Billy's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsD2LsJrAzWd1kALsH6TOeA.
Colorado School of Mines Spring 2013 Commencement
The 139th Annual Commencement Ceremony
Marquez Hall Grand Opening at Colorado School of Mines
www.mines.edu Colorado School of Mines celebrated the grand opening of Marquez Hall, a state-of-the-art new home for its world renowned Petroleum Engineering Department.
Colorado School of Mines: The War on Bias
Dr. Colbert! Will you aid the Colorado School of Mines in fighting liberal bias on the home front?
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Colorado School of Mines Wrestling
Mines Wrestling
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Chemical and Biological Engineering Summer Field Session
Take a closer look at the field session experience in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. Students learn how to apply classroom knowledge to real-world problems in a 5-week summer course focused around lab work and experimentation.
Colorado School of Mines CSM Marching Band 00002
Half Time Show - Splitting The Atom
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A Haunting at Colorado School of Mines
You can't sue us if you have nightmares after watching this film. Please be advised. Proceed with caution.
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E-Days 2018: Lost at SEa Days
Since 1934, Mines students have put the stress of studying aside each spring to celebrate Engineering Days (E-Days), uniting the local Mines community in honor of our unique history, traditions, and unflappable Oredigger spirit.
Tech N9ne at Colorado School of Mines
In Celebration for E-days 2011 Tech N9ne came to Colorado School of Mines to party it up!!!!!!!
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Colorado School of Mines Alpha Phi 2014-2015
It was a great year to be an Alpha Phi! #LuckyToBe
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Mines 2017 Midyear Graduate Commencement
Fall 2017 Graduate Commencement in Lockridge Arena, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado. December 15, 2017. Go Orediggers!
Mines Golf Team Recruiting Video
Here's a quick overview of the men's golf team at the Colorado School of Mines, one of the top NCAA Division II golf programs in the nation. For more information, contact Recruiting Coordinator Chuck Canepa at cjcanepa@aol.com
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Colorado School of Mines E-Days 2017 Fireworks CSM
Colorado School of Mines E-Days 2017 Fireworks CSM
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#RMACkickoff Colorado School of Mines Highlights
Highlights from the 2015 Colorado School of Mines Orediggers. The RMAC Kickoff will be Monday August 1st at the Colorado Springs Marriott.
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Colorado School of Mines Marching Band - Marching Video 1
Created with Wondershare Filmora Please watch these videos prior to the marching season!
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Colorado School of Mines
WISEM (Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a program at Colorado School of Mines that works to enhance opportunities for women in engineering and applied science careers and to increase the recruitment and retention of female students. Not only does WISEM support the increasing number of women at Mines, it also runs outreach programs to elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in an effort to create a rich pipeline of future female engineers. Mines boasts the largest campus chapter of the Society of Women Engineers in the country. WISEM has been instrumental in not only raising the percentage of women on campus, but supporting them – women are graduating at a higher rate than their male counterparts, they have on average a higher GPA than their male counterparts, and they also hold more leadership positions on campus.
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Ogemdi Isiguzo - Colorado School of Mines - Petroleum Engineering
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Marv Kay Stadium Virtual Tour
Join Colorado School of Mines athletic director David Hansburg as he takes you through a video tour of the new Marv Kay Stadium at Campbell Field.
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