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CARLSBAD PLAZA HOTEL Karlovy Vary - Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel Karlovy Vary - Official Hotel Video
CARLSBAD PLAZA HOTEL Karlovy Vary - Spa Town - Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel Karlovy Vary - Official Hotel Video. Check out our Medical, Spa and Wellness services and facilities at Carlsbad plaza the finest spa hotel in Karlovy Vary. Carlsbad Plaza Hotel's spa services in Karlovy Vary will pamper you and your health. Karlovy Vary is a perfect spa destination and at Carlsbad Plaza, we will let go of all your stress and relax your mind, body and soul. May this video be an inspiration for your next visit to our spa hotel in Karlovy Vary. For the range of medical treatments at Carlsbad spa hotel check out the website https://www.carlsbad-plaza.com/en/medical-and-spa-packages
Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotel Karlovy Vary "PhotoFilm"
Carlsbad plaza is a luxury spa hotel in Karlovy vary, Czech Republic. The spa hotel Carlsbad Plaza offers a wide selection of spa treatments and relaxation programs in its Medical Spa Gallery and Wellnessland.
CARLSBAD PLAZA HOTEL - Our Medical Spa & Wellness hotel in Karlovy Vary
Let us introduce a few of our Medical, Spa and Wellness services at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel in Karlovy Vary, where we will pamper you and your health. Let go of all your stress and relax your mind, body and soul. May this be an inspiration for your next visit. Visit our website https://www.carlsbad-plaza.com/en/spa-wellness for more details.
Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotel - Karlovy Vary Hotels, Czech Republic
Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotel 5 Stars Hotel in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic Within US Travel Directory Stay where the locals do Get the celebrity treatment with world-class service at Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotelOne of our top picks in Karlovy Vary. The Carlsbad Plaza is a luxury 5 star Medical Spa & Wellness hotel. The hotel, which was inaugurated in December 2005, is located in the quiet ambience of the spa zone of Karlovy Vary and is in close proximity to the world renowned medicinal thermo-mineral springs and picturesque historic colonnades. Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotel is housed in a charming historic building and features a 3500 m² wellness area with an indoor pool, saunas and a massage centre. All of the spacious and elegantly designed rooms feature a garden view or a view of the Emperor bath. The Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotel is known for its wide range of medical services, including more than 250 types of treatments at the Spa & Wellness Centre. A team of 14 specialized doctors work in the Carlsbad Clinic. Being the only hotel of its kind in the Czech Republic, itoffersaunique conceptof classical spatreatment program,provided in theprivate Spa Suites, including multifunctional bathtubs, a massage area and a relaxation area. The 2 restaurants in the Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotel offer à-la-carte dishes including specialties from the French and an international full buffet menu. Furthermore,  it offers a number of day bars, a night with live music and various luxury boutiques under one roof. Hotels Located in : Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotel - Karlovy Vary Hotels, Czech Republic Location in : Mariánskolázeňská 25, Karlovy Vary, 36001, Czech Republic Booking Now : http://www.booking.com/hotel/cz/carlsbad-plaza.html?aid=1149743 Hotels list and More information visit U.S. Travel Directory http://ustraveldirectory.com https://www.fb.com/ustraveldirectory https://plus.google.com/117819244806737225659 https://twitter.com/ustraveld Important Declaration. Our Channel and Web are providing a free of Charge services, We aren't the owner of any of those hotels, neither have any reservation accessibility, We are only supporting visitors and guests. If you own any of those hotels and have any comment or note to be consider you are more than welcome to bring it to our attention by email ustraveldirectory@gmail.com for our immediate action.
Carlsbad Plaza – Wellnessland  / Whirlpool
The Wellnessland of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza is designed like a quiet square in the historical town of Karlovy Vary, where you can find everything for the perfect relaxation of your body and much-needed calm and pleasant atmosphere for the balance of your soul. Let's review the three parts that make up this unique Wellnessland. They are the main pool hall, the sauna area and a cozy area for relaxation that radiates comfort.
Carlsbad Plaza – Therapy Master
This is a special Scandinavian treatment with the active participation of the client. Using different kinds of straps and loops to relive limbs, to liberate and reach the maximum range of motion of the joints and muscle groups. It is recommended for the treatment of traumatic conditions and to strengthen muscle groups.
Carlsbad Plaza – Fitness
The idea of a modern human being is becoming Kalokagathia, the term is derived from Greek and expresses the ideal of harmonic consistency and balance of physical and mental beauty. It is appearing more and more in context with functional training and a balanced lifestyle. It even cannot be told what options fitness brings for both physical and mental health. The richly equipped Carlsbad Plaza's fitness center is available to all guests free of charge every day.
5 Star Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel
Looking for relax? Why not try Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotel 5* Superior http://www.placidway.com/profile/1973/Carlsbad-Plaza-Medical-Spa-Wellness-hotel-5*-Superior The Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotel 5* Superior creates a safe and pleasant atmosphere, professional service, luxurious accommodation, a wide range of services and excellent restaurants. The awards for the highest standards of the hotel are the five-star review called "Superior" and the inclusion in the group of the most prestigious hotels in the world "The Leading Hotels of the World". Contact us directly: http://www.placidway.com/contact/contact-us.php Email: info@placidway.com Phone: +1.303.500.3821 Website: http://www.placidway.com Medical Spa Gallery Medical Spa in Carlsbad Czech RepublicThe unique treatment complex takes advantage of the traditional procedures as well as of the natural mineral water treatments. The tradition of Karlovy Vary spa cures in Balneology Centers uses the best technological equipment. The professional team assists the guests dealing with daily stress symptoms, diverse diseases, digestive and locomotor system illnesses, diabetes mellitus, glands and upper airway diseases. A wide selection is offered including spa treatments and modern procedures to improve the state of health. Follow us: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/placidways Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/placidway/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Placidway/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/placidway Helpful tags: medical spa, czech republic, best medical spa, travel abroad, best wellness hotel, 5 star hotel, where go to spa, best hotel, travel for treatment, cosmetic treatment, beauty, vacation, holiday, Karlovy Vary, placidway, medical tourism
Carlsbad Plaza - Mud Wraps
A heat therapy, associated with the transmission of large amounts of organic and mineral substances to the body. Mud wraps are anti-inflammatory, regenerative; they increase blood circulation in the tissues, reduce pain and cramps, muscle tension, have a beneficial effect on bones and joints and also have a cosmetic effect.
Carlsbad Plaza – Finnish Sauna
The temperature in this sauna is different depending on where you sit. Evaporation of sweat cools the body. While you sweat, you can additionally rub your skin, which makes the effect of the sauna even more intense. An integral part of using this sauna is to cool down in the pool or in the shower. The heating and cooling phase is recommended to be repeated two or three times. A calm period in the relaxation room should always follow after cooling down.
Carlsbad Plaza – Galvanic Bath
This procedure utilizes electrotherapeutic effects of galvanic currents in aquatic environment. It is suitable when there is insufficient blood flow to the extremities and neuropathic problems.
Carlsbad Plaza – Oxygen Therapy
Inhalation of oxygen-enriched air. Oxygen is transported through the bloodstream to all tissues and organs. This stimulates biochemical processes in the whole body at a cellular level. This therapy improves the activity of brain cells, the cardiovascular system and others.
The Carlsbad Plaza flag conquered Mount Elbrus
The team of our adventurers surmounted Mount Elbrus, which is with 5642 meters above sea level, the highest mountain of the Caucasus and Russia. Mount Elbrus is an inactive volcano with two peaks (the west summit has 5642 m and the east summit 5621 m). The distance between both peaks is 1500 meters. Glaciers with a total area of 138 km² cover the slopes of the volcano.
Carlsbad Plaza - Garra Rufa (Doctor Fish)
Garra Rufa fish exclude secretions with healing effects from their mouths. Flocks of these small fish painlessly nibble on your feet and remove dead skin cells. The fish instinctively seek out these places, thus helping to eliminate redundant cells, which prevents skin infections. The fish also stimulate acupuncture points and thus help to regulate the nervous system, to relax the entire body and relieve fatigue.
Carlsbad Plaza – Herbal Sauna
The air in the sauna is moistened by steam, enriched with herbs such as sage, rosemary or lavender. Depending on the used herbs it has anti-inflammatory effects and evokes stimulation and relaxation. This sauna positively affects the psyche, metabolism and respiration. It is also recommended as prevention against colds.
Carlsbad Plaza - Beauty Lounge –LPG
LPG treatment is suitable to effectively solve these problems: - Cellulite - relieves the signs of all stages and reduces subcutaneous fat - Dullness of the skin - increases the flexibility and elasticity of the skin, improves its relief and also improves general muscle tension - Stored fat reserves - effectively acts on problematic areas - fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, which are difficult to eliminate with normal diets or sport.
Carlsbad Clinic - Medical Treatments in Karlovy Vary
The Carlsbad Clinic is an independent luxury medical and wellness center, directly adjacent to the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, whose services are tailor-made to a demanding clientele. Carlsbad Plaza hotel offers various luxury spa treatments and medical treatments in karlovy vary. You can use services such as whole-body cryotherapy, traditional and Thai massages, beauty salon, moor bath, aesthetic and classical surgery, intestinal lavage and many more. Visit our website to find more details https://www.carlsbad-plaza.com/en/spa-treatment-indications-in-karlovy-vary
Carlsbad Plaza – Belle Femme
One of the latest appliances from Japanese experts in the field of cosmetology instruments, the instrument of a new generation, which helps: • fill wrinkles • whiten pigment spots • improves the strength of facial skin • brightens the skin
Carlsbad Plaza - Russian Sauna
Temperature 95-110 °C and a humidity of 30-50%. An intensive effect is achieved by using high temperatures and humidity. To increase the humidity in the sauna, pour water with birch or conifer essences on the hot stones.
Carlsbad Plaza – Hydrodermie Lift
Stimulating lifting - Low-frequency stimulation and microcurrents are used to stimulate during loss of muscle mass, support the intercellular exchange, improve the distribution and elimination of active ingredients during skin care. Suitable for mature, dry skin.
Carlsbad Plaza - Electrotherapy
This therapy is used to treat chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system - the spine, joints and muscles, as well as migraines and neuralgia. The latest methods in physiotherapy are magnet therapy and magnetic field therapy, which have significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, improve blood circulation and thereby accelerate the processes of healing after injuries.
Carlsbad Plaza - Salt Sauna
Salt sauna (temperature 38 to 43°C) The air is ionized with a sea salt solution; it has a positive effect on the respiratory tract and stimulates the immune system.
Carlsbad Plaza - Traditional Thai Massage
Perfect relaxation and anti-stress therapy. Masseuses from Thailand will help you get rid of fatigue and stress. Traditional methods of nontraditional medicine will alleviate pain of the spine, muscles and joints.
Allow us to introduce you in this way the exclusive SAVOY WESTEND HOTEL***** - MEDICAL SPA RESORT KARLOVY VARY that is located in the most beautiful spa town of the Czech Republic. Resort consists of 5 ‘art-nouveau’ villas and each of them is directly linked to the modern Medical Spa Centre with own diagnostic centre and a combined total of over 3.000 sq. The Medical Spa Centre focuses on providing comprehensive professional health care, diagnostics and the application of more conservative therapies including local natural healing sources such as mineral springs or peat. Thanks to professionals in the fields of balneology, physical therapy and spa medicine the Savoy Westend Hotel provides its guests with highly effective and efficient methods of treatment and illness prevention. The Hotel offers and unparalleled range of over 200 therapeutic, oriental, relaxation and wellness procedures or beauty and cosmetic treatments.
Allow us to introduce you the exclusive five-star MEDICAL SPA RESORT – Savoy Westend Hotel, that is located in the heart of the most beautiful spa town of the Czech Republic, in KARLOVY VARY. The Medical Spa Resort Savoy Westend Hotel offers therapeutic and relaxing treatments based on modern hydromineral principles using local healing resources: thermal mineral water, natural carbon dioxide and peloids. Major components of our spa procedures are hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, physical exercises, nutritional counseling and the drinking cure which uses local mineral springs. The medical centre is dedicated to providing comprehensive professional medical care and diagnostics. Our team of doctors specialists and physicians use combination of traditional balneotherapy and most modern natural treatment methods. Our hotel also runs its own laboratory and uses a broad range of laboratory examinations, which enables the doctors to determine an accurate diagnose within a few hours and to prescribe an individual therapeutic regimen. Thanks to its area of 2500 m2 and high-end technical equipment, the Savoy Westend medical spa centre is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in Europe. In addition to offering classical treatments, guests can enjoy a range of relaxing and wellness treatments. Currently, the Savoy Westend Hotel offers more than 200 medical procedures, which include the latest trends in wellness, cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. The Savoy Westend Hotel Spa Medical Centre offers very efficient and effective methods of treatment and prevention of metabolic diseases, or any diseases of digestive system.
Spa Resort Sanssouci **** - The Spa & Wellness Hotel in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
The Spa Resort Sanssouci is found in the largest spa city in the Czech Republic - in Karlovy Vary. The resort was created in 2009 when 3 leading spa facilities were merged together: the Swiss Court Hotel (Švýcarský dvůr), the Sanssouci Hotel and the Villa Mercedes. In addition to their business union, they were also connected by an underground corridor which ensures the utmost comfort for all guests. The hotel specializes in first-class spa procedures and wellness care which exploit unique, locally available natural resources. The superb quality of its services is documented by a number of international awards. For instance, the resort has received several prestigious World Travel Awards in the category "Czech Republic´s Leading Spa Resort". For the complete range of the services go to: http://www.spa-resort-sanssouci.cz/en/spa-and-wellness-care/
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My Cryotherapy Experience!!
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CZ Tschechien Karlsbad Kalovy Vary Nacht - Fakes.info
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LuxFit Sturrgart - Anti Aging & Hautstraffung - Medical Beauty & Spa
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http://hotelzbox.com/194858 Best Prices Cajkovskij Palace In Karlovy Vary, a 10-minute walk to the spa colonnades there, Cajkovskij Palace features a wellness centre with free indoor pool. A buffet breakfast is offered, and Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel for free. Latitude 50.2254716719739, Longitude 12.8755205869675, zip 36001, County Czech Republic, City Karlovy Vary, Address Krále Jiřího 2015/2E
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http://hotelzbox.com/194792 Lowest price guarantee! Resort POPPY Set 3 km away from Karlovy Vary's centre in Březová, Resort Poppy features a salt cave, massages and other wellness treatments. Free public WiFi access and free parking are available. Latitude 50.2065937442518, Longitude 12.8703546524048, zip 36215, County Czech Republic, City Karlovy Vary, Address Hamerská 1
Physiotherapy - Spa treatment - Teplice Czech / العلاج الطبيعى - المصحات - تبليتسه التشيك
المزيد من المعلومات على موقع شركة الفكيكي للعلاج الطبيعي و الخدمات السياحية في التشيك : http://alfukiki.com/ar/index.html More info on ALFUKIKI Company website (Medical and Tourism Services in Czech republic): http://alfukiki.com/en/index.html
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The luxurious four-star ALEXANDRIA Spa & Wellness Hotel combines tradition with modern architecture.
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Basic but nice ones. Installed in 1972. Modernized in 2012.
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New You Spas, a medical aesthetic spa with over 9 locations in Toronto and Greater Toronto area has been awarded Top Choice Award - Medical Spa for 2018 in Toronto. Thank You so much Top Choice Awards. New You Spas has been providing best in class CoolSculpting, Laser Hair Removal, Skin rejuventation, and Skin Tightening services. For more details click here - http://www.newyouspas.com/
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Chateau Monty Spa Resort, Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic - The Right Room
http://hotelzbox.com/190715 Cheap Hotels with Top Ratings Chateau Monty Spa Resort The Chateau Monty Spa Resort is situated in a quiet, beautiful park above Marianske Lazne, 10 minutes' walk from the centre and offers free access to the pool, the spa and the fitness centre. Latitude 49.9684545078531, Longitude 12.6992270350456, zip 35301, County Czech Republic, City Marianske Lazne, Address Příkrá 218
10. REGI Base Foundation and a surgery of the war veteran Josef Brychta
16. 10. 2015 REGI Base Foundation enabled cooperation of US doctors with Czech specialists in the rehabilitation center in Kladruby. Thanks to that e.g. Josef Brychta made a great progress in his treatment – his injured shinbone was covered with a muscle lobe. That presents another step toward his dream – to walk or even run again. www.regibase.cz, www.regibase.eu
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Several agencies conduct a disaster drill at the Radisson Hotel in Merrillville that is currently under demolition.
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