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The Empire of "The City" - Three City States: London, Vatican, District of Columbia
The Empire of "The City" - Three City States - London, the Vatican, and the District of Columbia. The Empire of "the City" consists of three cities, which belong to no nation or state and pay no taxes: Vatican City, the City of London (inside London), and Washington DC. Vatican City controls the world through religion, the City of London controls the world through currency, and Washington DC controls the world through force. The City of London (or the Square Mile) is a plot of land approximately a square mile in London. It is independent from England and is ruled by the City of London Corporation. Located in the center of each city is an Egyptian obelisk erect. They are: the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square, the Washington Monument, and Cleopatra’s Needle in the City of London. One question that immediately springs to mind is why is there an Egyptian obelisk, which is a tribute to the Egyptian sun god Amen-Ra, in the middle of Vatican City? Contained within these three cities is more than 80% of the world’s wealth. The Empire of “the City” is essentially the British Empire, or more accurately, the forces behind the British Empire of the past. The Empire asserts its control over its colonies (such as the US, Canada, Australia, the European Union) through complicated means. One of their means of control is to have agents of their cause in high places of influence. This cabal of powerful manipulators is known collectively as the Illuminati, the Shadow Government, the Omega Agency, the Government within the Government, and so on. It does not matter what they are called. They are there and have been actively and legislatively writing away our freedoms and also have been working towards the "New World Order". Examples of this is the Patriot Acts, H. R. Bill 1955, the European Union Constitution, and the Security and Prosperity Partnership. As always, use this info to gather more info. Subscribe to this channel - http://www.youtube.com/c/ProperGander Proper Gander on Minds.com - http://www.minds.com/Joelsee Join Minds.com today: https://www.minds.com/register;referrer=Joelsee Proper Gander on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/aProperGander PayPal Donations welcome. Click here: http://goo.gl/FxXWYQ Waking Up to the Truth - History of Conspiracies - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sek64kjedD8 Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve - Congress is not in control - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ncpyZ3KFno New World Order - Undeniable and Verifiable - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6z-KD0hFbI Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City - http://www.sinhalanet.net/three-corporations-run-the-world-city-of-london-washington-dc-and-vatican-city The 3 City States that Control the Whole World - http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2013/05/the-3-city-states-that-control-the-whole-world-2-2517308.html Ring of Power documentary - http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/ring-of-power/ The Empire of the City – The Unholy Trinity that Rules the World - https://nicklasarthur.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/the-empire-of-the-city/ The three city states rule the world together - http://www.carlg.org/eng3kronstater.html The Powers - Behind the Global Empire - http://www.nwotoday.com/today/the-powers-behind-the-global-empire Do these three city states rule the world? - https://www.quora.com/Do-these-three-city-states-rule-the-world-London-economically-Washington-D-C-militarily-and-Vatican-City-religiously 3 City States that Control the World - http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/11/03/3-city-states-control-world/ The Committee of 300 governs the world via a three city state empire - https://sites.google.com/site/nocancerfoundation/council-of-300 The 3 City States that Control the Whole World - http://blogdogcicle.blogspot.ca/2013/05/the-3-city-states-that-control-world.html Washington DC, City of London and the Vatican are sovereign states - http://stateofglobe.com/2011/05/21/washington-dc-city-of-london-og-vatikanet-er-egne-stater/
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25 Crazy Things You Didn't Know About Washington DC
Did you know that Washington DC is not a city? Or even a state? And did you know that the state capitol building has its own metro system? It's true. These are 25 crazy things you didn’t know about Washington DC. Follow us on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/list25 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/list25 Website: http://list25.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/list25/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/list25/ Check out the physical list at - http://list25.com/25-crazy-things-you-didnt-know-about-washington-dc/ These facts might just change your view on Washington DC: In 1983 the District of Columbia petitioned to become a state that would be called New Columbia Why? One reason is that citizens of the district do not have a voting representative in the national legislature License plates are emblazoned with the age old phrase "taxation without representation" that the colonies used during the Revolutionary War More wine is consumed per person in DC than anywhere else in the US The Arlington Ladies is a group of women who attend the funeral of every soldier in the national cemetery so that no soldier is ever buried alone In Washington DC there is 1 lawyer for every 19 residents For every US senator there are 74 lobbyists You probably could have guessed that the "Washington" in "Washington DC" comes from George Washington but did you know that the "Columbia" in "District of Columbia" is a tribute to Christopher Columbus Washington DC is not a city or a state. It is a special federal district created to be the seat of government Remember how we said that DC residents don't have voting rights in congress? That's because the district was created as a seat of government and not intended for people to live in (although today more than half a million people call it home) Ever since 1971 the district has had one representative in the House of Representatives but he/she doesn't have voting rights. The Library of Congress is the largest library in the country It has over 500 miles of bookshelves A former Mouseketeer wrote Washington DC's song in 1951 The White House was the place of residence for every US president except George Washington The US capitol building has its own subway lines Underneath the capital building is a crypt where George Washington was going to be buried And underneath that is a nuclear fallout shelter 8 presidents never went to college: Washington, Jackson, Van Buren, Taylor, Fillmore, Lincoln, Johnson, and Cleveland. The Washington Monument is the world's tallest free standing masonry structure And the world's tallest obelisk There is a grotesque of Darth Vader on the Washington National Cathedral Other cities that have served as the US capital have been New York City, Philadelphia, and Annapolis The National Air and Space Museum is one of the most popular museums in the world. It attracts more than 9 million people annually Speaking of museums, if you ever visit you'll be happy to find out that most (over 100) of the museums and attractions are free The capitol of the United States, Washington DC is a pretty cool place. If you ever get the chance to visit you should absolutely do it. But before you do, check out these cool lists: 25 Places That Look Like They Are From Another Planet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLUXxZftNqY&index=50&list=PL3Ikn3SKdJHgnTKi4Fy65KWOwbban6fym and 25 Facts About Australia That Show Why It’s So Unique - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axYTfaDz9EY&index=78&list=PL3Ikn3SKdJHgnTKi4Fy65KWOwbban6fym
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Washington D.C. - City Video Guide
http://www.expedia.com.au/Washington.d178318.Destination-Travel-Guides Washington D.C. is situated on the east coast of the USA, along the banks of the Potomac River. Most visitors begin at the National Mall. Zero Milestone is the proposed reference point for distances on all US maps. To the north is the White House. To the south stands the Washington Monument. The US Capitol Building, atop Capitol Hill, is the nation's seat of federal government. The Mall is also home to many of the nation's Smithsonian buildings, including the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Reflecting Pool is surrounded by tributes to its heroes and founding fathers, including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. Washington D.C.'s Capital Bikeshare system makes it easy to reach downtown neighborhoods such as DuPont Circle and Foggy Bottom. Georgetown is the oldest district in Washington D.C. Wisconsin Avenue and M Street have boutique stores and galleries. To the north is the National Cathedral, the Smithsonian National Zoo and the International Spy Museum. Just across the Potomac is Arlington National Cemetery. Find out more travel tips & information on
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Driving Downtown - Washington DC USA 4K
Driving Downtown - Washington District of Columbia USA - Episode 24. Starting Point: 16th Street - https://goo.gl/maps/mD7naSVWX5r . Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as "Washington", "the District", or simply "D.C.", is the capital of the United States. The signing of the Residence Act on July 16, 1790, approved the creation of a capital district located along the Potomac River on the country's East Coast. The U.S. Constitution provided for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Congress and the District is therefore not a part of any U.S. state. The states of Maryland and Virginia each donated land to form the federal district, which included the pre-existing settlements of Georgetown and Alexandria. Named in honor of George Washington, one of the United States' founding fathers and the leader of the American Continental Army who won the Revolutionary War, the City of Washington was founded in 1791 to serve as the new national capital. In 1846, Congress returned the land originally ceded by Virginia; in 1871, it created a single municipal government for the remaining portion of the District. Washington had an estimated population of 672,228 as of July 2015. Commuters from the surrounding Maryland and Virginia suburbs raise the city's population to more than one million during the workweek. The Washington metropolitan area, of which the District is a part, has a population of over 6 million, the sixth-largest metropolitan statistical area in the country. The centers of all three branches of the federal government of the United States are in the District, including the Congress, President, and Supreme Court. Washington is home to many national monuments and museums, which are primarily situated on or around the National Mall. The city hosts 176 foreign embassies as well as the headquarters of many international organizations, trade unions, non-profit organizations, lobbying groups, and professional associations. A locally elected mayor and a 13‑member council have governed the District since 1973. However, the Congress maintains supreme authority over the city and may overturn local laws. D.C. residents elect a non-voting, at-large congressional delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, but the District has no representation in the U.S. Senate. The District receives three electoral votes in presidential elections as permitted by the Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified in 1961. Tourism Tourism is Washington's second largest industry. Approximately 18.9 million visitors contributed an estimated $4.8 billion to the local economy in 2012.[128] The District also hosts nearly 200 foreign embassies and international organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization of American States, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Pan American Health Organization. In 2008, the foreign diplomatic corps in Washington employed about 10,000 people and contributed an estimated $400 million annually to the local economy.[81] The District has growing industries not directly related to government, especially in the areas of education, finance, public policy, and scientific research. Georgetown University, George Washington University, Washington Hospital Center, Children's National Medical Center and Howard University are the top five non-government-related employers in the city as of 2009.[129] According to statistics compiled in 2011, four of the largest 500 companies in the country were headquartered in the District.[130] Sports Washington is one of 12 cities in the United States with teams from all four major professional men's sports and is home to one major professional women's team. The Washington Wizards (National Basketball Association), the Washington Capitals (National Hockey League), and the Washington Mystics (Women's National Basketball Association), play at the Verizon Center in Chinatown. Nationals Park, which opened in Southeast D.C. in 2008, is home to the Washington Nationals (Major League Baseball). D.C. United (Major League Soccer) plays at RFK Stadium. The Washington Redskins (National Football League) play at nearby FedExField in Landover, Maryland. Top 10 Attractions - TripAdvisor Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool National Gallery of Art Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Library of Congress United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Vietnam Veterans Memorial Korean War Veterans Memorial Newseum National World War II Memorial Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington,_D.C. https://washington.org/ https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g28970-Activities-Washington_DC_District_of_Columbia.html https://www.facebook.com/washingtondc/
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Washington DC Tour
Washington, DC -- Capital of the United States of America, heart and center of the Land of Liberty. The city is a reflection of the country's history, achievements and aspirations. On the National Mall are some of America's finest monuments and memorials -- each a reminder of the ideals that our country stands for, and the men and women who fought for them. The Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the newest -- Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial - honor leaders and ideals of American freedom, democracy and equality. The World War 2, Korean War and Vietnam War Memorials pay tribute to the men and women who have paid the ultimate price for America's freedom. Filmed in high definition, this video is an excerpt from Finley-Holiday Films "America's National Parks" Blu-ray and DVD. Release Date May, 2013. DM-524
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3 'City States' Rule the World
Full Article with movie links - http://blogdogcicle.blogspot.ca/2013/05/the-3-city-states-that-control-world.html 3 City States that control the whole world, and their rolls: City of London - FINANCE: Receives taxes from their subjects (slaves) in Canada and the United States. They design and control our financial and banking systems. Vatican City - RELIGION: The Pope wants to merge all the religions into one, which is absolute nonsense. The Pope broke off from the truth (confusingly referred to as The 'Eastern Church' or 'Eastern Orthodox Church' or 'Orthodox Church' or 'Orthodox') about 1000 years ago. Washington DC - MILITARY: Death camps and stacks of black plastic coffins that can hold six to ten bodies each, are piled high in a long train-like fashion, as far as the eye can see, in the United States, today. These three are sovereign, corporate entities that are not part of the countries they are located in. They have their own laws, and identities, as indicated by their respective flags Full Article - http://blogdogcicle.blogspot.ca/2013/05/the-3-city-states-that-control-world.html The "CITY" in London The "City", also known as the "square mile" an area of 677 hectares in London is just like the Vatican City in Rome their own state. The City-State, pays no tax, has its own courts, its own laws, their own flag, their own private police at about 2,000 men, and a night population that underestimates 9000 inhabitants. Here are the Bank of England, a privately owned institution which is not subject to regulation by the British Parliament, and in fact is a sovereign world power. Moreover, Lloyds of London (insurance), London Stock Exchange (stock exchange) Fleet Streets newspapers and publishing, offices in all British banks, offices in 385 foreign banks, and 70 U.S. banks. Internationally they use the "Crown Princess" as a symbol of power but the real power belongs to the bankers and not the royal house. It is very difficult to gain an insight into the persons who effectively control the Bank of England. A name that leaked is Rothschild. The "City of London" is an economic entity which is legally separate from England and in control of all lawyers and banks across the world - including the Federal Reserve in the USA! The "City" is also the English seat of the world's Freemasonry with the United Grand Lodge of England as the center... Washington, District of Columbia The flag of the Washington District of Columbia has three red stars. One for each city state in the empire. This empire rule the world economically through London's "City", militarily by the District of Columbia, and spiritually by the Vatican. The Constitution for the District of Columbia operates under a tyrannical Roman law known as the lex fori and has no similarities to the U.S. Constitution... The Vatican in Rome Vatican's assets include massive investments by Rothschild in the UK, France and the U.S., billions of shares in oil and weapons companies like Shell and General Electric, Bethlehem Steel. The Vatican is the world's largest owner of private property and its gold reserves are stored by the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank... LINK: 3 City-States Rule the World http://www.lanksamling.se/blogg/eng3kronstater.html Jubilee 2012 ~ The Hidden Empire http://jubilee2012.50webs.com/the_hidden_empire.htm Full Movie (Empire of the City, The Ring Of Power (source of video clip)) And related articles - http://blogdogcicle.blogspot.ca/2013/05/the-3-city-states-that-control-world.html
10 Best Places to Live in Washington
► Please Remember to Subscribe! ► https://goo.gl/P5ZUPk ► Follow me on Twitter: https://goo.gl/el5pYm ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/XflDvj ----------------------------------------­----- 10 Best Places to Live in Washington. The state of Washington is just about everything the photos and movies make it out to be, only better. From deep lush greenery, to stunning mountains, to rain hipster neighborhoods, Washington has the best of all things nature based as well as metropolitan inspired. Seattle is the obvious tourist hub with its iconic Space Needle and birthplace of Starbucks Coffee, however there are dozens of Pacific Northwest gems surrounding landmarks such as Mount Rainier, Puget Sound, the Grand Coulee Dam, the Hoh Rainforest, and more. Enjoy everything its geography offers, and experience a world of culture in these 10 best places to live in Washington. 1: Sammamish 2: Richland 3: Bainbridge Island 4: Kirkland 5: Redmond 6: Bellevue 7: Kennewick 8: Olympia 9: Issaquah 10: Mercer Island ----------------------------------------­----- Music: https://soundcloud.com/a-himitsu https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgFwu-j5-xNJml2FtTrrB3A ----------------------------------------­----- We do NOT own all the materials as well as footages used in this video. Please contact michaelrichburg55@gmail.com for copyright matters! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Thanks for watching!
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Why government agencies should move from DC to the Midwest
Midwestern cities need jobs. DC is too crowded. A simple solution. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and other former industrial powerhouses in the Midwest are struggling. The industries that have supported those cities have gone away, leaving them overbuilt and underpopulated. Meanwhile, coastal cities like New York and Washington, DC are overcrowded and absurdly expensive. So, why not relocate some well-paying federal jobs from the capitol area to the Midwest? Vox's Matt Yglesias explains how such a plan might work. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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List of 50 States of USA in alphabetical order with map- General knowledge videos
How many of you can tell the complete list of 50 states in USA in alphabetical order? Tough one...right?? So here goes.. The list of 50 states in the United States of America, USA, shown on the map, in alphabetical order: Alabama,AL Alaska,AK Arizona,AZ Arkansas,AR California,CA Colorado,CO Connecticut,CT Delaware,DE Florida,FL Georgia,GA Hawaii,HI Idaho,ID Illinois,IL Indiana,IN Iowa,IA Kansas,KS Kentucky,KY Louisiana,LA Maine,ME Maryland,MD Massachusetts,MA Michigan,MI Minnesota,MN Mississippi,MS Missouri,MO Montana,MT Nebraska,NE Nevada,NV New Hampshire,NH New Jersey,NJ New Mexico,NM New York,NY North Carolina,NC North Dakota,ND Ohio,OH Oklahoma,OK Oregon,OR Pennsylvania,PA Rhode Island,RI South Carolina,SC South Dakota,SD Tennessee,TN Texas,TX Utah,UT Vermont,VT Virginia,VA Washington,WA West Virginia,WV Wisconsin,WI Wyoming,WY For more general knowledge videos, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel :)
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Washington, D.C./Washington, D.C. Geography./Washington, D.C. Capital of the USA
Learn about the 8 Wards of Washington, D.C. with this fun educational music video for children and parents of all ages. Brought to you by Kids Learning Tube. Don’t forget to sing along! https://www.patreon.com/kidslearningtube Support Kids Learning Tube by becoming a Patreon today at the link below! You can vote for the video of the week, get your name int he credits and supports something you believe in! I'd love to thank my Patreon supporters: Cody Stetson, Caleb Sedgwick, Jack Gilroy, Kawan Yates, Joanne Mazzarelli, Joseph Webb, Dylan Shaughnessy, Sydney and Jackson, Xavier Monarres, Laura Shulman, Julius Caruso, Ava and Alex Savalli, Kannon Hoover, Eli Zatlin,Logan Varnell, Connor & Audrey Hsu, Trev Faulk Jr., Jonathan, Soren Whipple , Rocky, Noam Bujold, Hagen, Caston, and Ada, Steel Moscardini, Holden Sibary, Lincoln Cervantez, Jonah Baran, Akash Deshmukh, Brayden Ching, Philip Segal, Declan Ocean, Isla and Mia, Parker Templeton, Matthew Leache, Jaxon Gish, Matt B, Jesse Guzelyurt, Sajel Patel, Mauro Johnson, The Richards/Steele Family, Jake Milan. You all do so much to keep Kids Learning Tube alive! KLT Website: https://kidslearningtubeshop.com/ T-Shirts: https://kidslearningtubeshop.com/collections/featured-collection Music Downloads: https://kidslearningtubeshop.com/collections/music Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kidslearningtube Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/kidslearningtube Tweet Us: https://twitter.com/learningtube Instagram: https://instagram.com/kidslearningtube Add us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+KidsLearningTube iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1192890817?ls=1&app=itunes Music: Copyright 2015, 2016, 2017 Kids Learning Tube Video: Copyright 2015, 2016, 2017 Kids Learning Tube Lyrics: We’re the 8 Wards that makeup Washington, D.C. The capital of the USA Is what we be Washington, D.C. Isn’t part of any state And is one of the most visited cities in the world isn’t that great I am Ward 1 I’m the smallest in terms of land area But I’m the most densely populated ward in the District that I’ll share with ya I am home to Tivoli Theater, National Zoo and Rock Creek Park, Howard University, And Meridian Hill are all famous landmarks How do you do My name is Ward 2 most of Downtown DC sits within the confines of me I am home to the White House and World War II Memorial And the National Mall which includes the Washington Monument But that’s not all You are really great to see My name is Ward 3 I’m mostly a residential area located in the upper northwest quadrant of the city Some of my attractions are Chevy Chase Park and Foxhall Mazza Gallerie, the Avalon and Uptown Theatre, you can visit them all I sure hope you’re not bored Because my name is Ward 4 I’m the most northern part of Washington D.C. Maybe you’ve been here before I’m mostly a Beautiful and diverse collection of neighborhoods We’ll learn more about D.C. After the chorus. Hope you sing loud and good We’re the 8 Wards that makeup Washington, D.C. The capital of the USA Is what we be Washington, D.C. Isn’t part of any state And is one of the most visited cities in the world isn’t that great Hi, my name is Ward 5. I’m happy to meet you and I hope you thrive I’m in the Northeast part of D.C. If you catch my jive Ward 5’s extremely Diverse in character, history, and people you now know I also have Lincoln’s Cottage, which sits in the Old Soldiers Home My name is Ward 6 Thanks for adding me to the mix Located in the center of the lower half of D.C. I am fixed I’m the greatest Ward I have some cool places in this city Including Capitol Hill, H Street, the and the Mount Vernon Triangle’s pretty You may think you’ve reached heaven meeting me, I am Ward 7 I’m located on the east side of the city visit I’m begging I am home to green spaces such as Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Watts Branch Park, and the Kingman Island I am sure your times been great Let me introduce Ward 8 I make up the southernmost point of the D.C. Wards I’m great I’m Washington, D.C. And not part of any States I border Maryland, Virginia And I’m the capital of the USA
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Driving Downtown - Arlington 4K - USA
Driving Downtown Streets - Clarendon Boulevard - Arlington Virginia USA - Episode 49. Starting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/r6vuN2qrDxp . Arlington County is a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is the highest-income county in the United States by median family income, though it has the highest concentration of singles in the region. Arlington is the second-largest principal city of the Washington metropolitan area. The county is often referred to in the region simply as "Arlington" or "Arlington, Virginia". Due to the county's proximity to downtown Washington, D.C., Arlington is headquarters to many departments and agencies of the federal government of the United States, including the Department of Defense (DoD) at the Pentagon, Drug Enforcement Administration, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It is also home to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The many federal agencies, government contractors, and service industries contribute to Arlington's stable economy. Arlington is also the location of national memorials and museums, including Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon Memorial, the Marine Corps War Memorial, and the United States Air Force Memorial. Economy Largest Employers: # Employer # of Employees 1 Department of Defense 24,000 2 Arlington County 7,555 3 Department of Homeland Security 7,300 4 Deloitte 7,000 5 Department of Justice 5,300 6 Department of State 5,200 7 Accenture 4,500 8 FDIC 2,900 9 Virginia Hospital Center 2,698 10 Leidos 2,300 11 National Science Foundation 2,200 12 Lockheed Martin 2,187 13 Environmental Protection Agency 2,100 14 General Services Administration 1,970 15 Marriott International 1,950 16 Booz Allen Hamilton 1,400 17 Corporate Executive Board 1,279 18 Bureau of National Affairs 1,015 19 CACI 813 20 Marymount University 726 Landmarks Arlington National Cemetery Arlington National Cemetery is an American military cemetery established during the American Civil War on the grounds of Confederate General Robert E. Lee's home, Arlington House (also known as the Custis-Lee Mansion). It is directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., north of the Pentagon. With nearly 300,000 graves, Arlington National Cemetery is the second-largest national cemetery in the United States. The Tomb of the Unknowns, also known as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, stands atop a hill overlooking Washington, DC. President John F. Kennedy is buried in Arlington National Cemetery with his wife and some of their children. His grave is marked with an "Eternal Flame." His brothers, Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Edward M. Kennedy, are also buried nearby. William Howard Taft, who was also a Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, is the only other President buried at Arlington. Other frequently visited sites near the cemetery are the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, commonly known as the "Iwo Jima Memorial", the U.S. Air Force Memorial, the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, the Netherlands Carillon and the U.S. Army's Fort Myer. The Pentagon The Pentagon in Arlington is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. It was dedicated on January 15, 1943 and it is the world's largest office building. Although it is located in Arlington, the United States Postal Service requires that "Washington, D.C." be used as the place name in mail addressed to the six ZIP codes assigned to The Pentagon.[94] The building is pentagon-shaped in plan and houses about 23,000 military and civilian employees and about 3,000 non-defense support personnel. It has five floors and each floor has five ring corridors. The Pentagon's principal law enforcement arm is the United States Pentagon Police, the agency that protects the Pentagon and various other DoD jurisdictions throughout the National Capital Region. Built during the early years of World War II, it is still thought of as one of the most efficient office buildings in the world. It has 17.5 miles (28 km) of corridors, yet it takes only seven minutes or so to walk between any two points in the building. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arlington_County,_Virginia https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g30242-Activities-Arlington_Virginia.html http://www.zillow.com/arlington-va/ https://twitter.com/ArlingtonVA https://www.facebook.com/places/Things-to-do-in-Arlington-Virginia/114829998534302/
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Cities in Focus | Washington, DC
In 2008, Clear Channel Outdoor and the District Department of Transportation launched SmartBike DC, the first self-service public bike rental program of its kind in the United States. The pilot project included 120 bikes at 10 stations around the nation's capital. For more information, read EMBARQ's post on http://thecityfix.com/video-smartbike-dc-succeeds-and-expands/
Washington DC city guide - Lonely Planet travel video
America's multi-faceted capital is great for pedestrians, easy to get around and packed full of attractions. Visit http://www.lonelyplanet.com/usa/washington-dc for more information about Washington DC.
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The 10 Worst Cities In Washington Explained
These are the places in Washington that you don't want to live in.
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A quick look into the three sovereign CITY-STATES representing the Spiritual, Financial & Military dominance attempt of control over every living human being on this planet Earth. Presentation by Grace Powers with Amenstop Productions Clip from: RING of POWER http://www.helpfreetheearth.com The long since established, yet evolving system of this `unholy trinity` is also known as `the Empire of the City`. These interlocking Superstates may well represent the mechanism of control that the would be rulers of humanity consider the lynchpin of the outworking of their fore bearers bloodline diabolical desire for world dominance and control today referred to and known as the Babylonian/Atonist New World Order
C-SPAN Cities Tour - Olympia: Washington State Capitol
Tour the Washington State Capitol Building with guide David Shipley. Learn about the history of Olympia as the state's only capital city and Washington's transition from a territorial government to becoming a state. Visit: http://www.c-span.org/LocalContent/Olympia
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Best and worst states to retire in the United States
We spend most of our lives working and planning for retirement. When it's finally time to retire, finding the right place to live is key. WalletHub ranked the 50 states and Washington, DC. in order of best and worst places to retire. Analysts compared the states based on affordability, quality of life and health care. Within those three main categories, there were 31 additional metrics to rank the states. -------------------------------------------------- Follow BI Video on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1oS68Zs Follow BI on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1W9Lk0n Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ -------------------------------------------------- Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with an emphasis on unique storytelling and data that appeals to the next generation of leaders – the digital generation.
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12 of the Worst Places to Live in the U.S.
Get more Tips here! www.destinationtips.com Are you thinking of relocating somewhere in the States? Make sure you take a look at the 12 worst places to live in the U.S. before you make any decisions about your next home base. 12. St. Louis, Missouri Over 14% of St. Louis’ population is living below the poverty line. Out of 100,000 residents, every year 35.3 are murdered, which ranks it as one of America’s most dangerous cities too. 11. Reno, Nevada Reno was the gambling capital of the US until Las Vegas was developed and “The Biggest Little City in the World” has been in economic decline ever since. Reno experiences nearly 39 annual crimes per 1,000 residents. 10. Modesto, California Despite being home to the largest winery in the world, the unemployment rate was nearly 13% in 2014. Modesto ranks number one in the country for car theft and out of 200,000 residents, up to 10,000 are reported to be gang members. 9. Oakland, California The economy in Oakland is strong with a good median household income. ($51,683.) However, home to around 50 gangs and a high violent crime rate, Oakland also suffers from high traffic congestion and poor air quality. 190% worse than the national average. 8. New Orleans, Louisiana The “murder capital of the country," also has one of the worst toxic-substance records. New Orleans has still not recovered from Hurricane Katrina, and was ranked number two in “America’s Dirtiest Cities.” 7. Birmingham, Alabama 27.3% of residents live below the poverty line. Out of every 100,000 residents, 1400 are victims of violent crimes due to the prominent drug trade and high poverty rate. 6. Stockton, California In 2012, the city filed for bankruptcy. Forbes voted Stockton as one of the most dangerous cities in America due to its high crime rates with over 20,000 violent and property crimes committed last year. 5. Memphis, Tennessee Memphis is the largest city on the Mississippi River with over 20% of its inhabitants living below the poverty line. In Memphis you stand a 1 in 12 chance of being a victim of crime. 4. New Haven, Connecticut Home of Yale University, the surrounding areas of New Haven are impoverished and crime ridden. Nearly 68 crimes occur annually for every 1,000 residents. 3. Cleveland, Ohio Aside from being one of the most corrupt cities in the country, Cleveland also has harsh weather conditions, with an average of 60 inches of snowfall each year. 2. Detroit, Michigan The city is suffering from urban decay with over 32% of residents living below the national poverty line. According to FBI Reports, Detroit has the highest rate of violent crime of any city over 200,000. 1. Camden, New Jersey Camden has been on Forbes’ list of “America’s Most Miserable Cities” for years. Riddled with urban decay and political corruption, over 42% of its residents live below the poverty line. It also has 560% more crime than the national average. Where do you think the Worst Place to Live in the U.S. is?
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The Worlds Strangest Capital City - Washington DC
The story behind Washington DC, and how it ended up in the strange state it is in This is my second channel for lets plays, out takes and raw gameplay. If you want to see a specific type of video (travel, a particular lets play or the geography stuff) check here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ibx2cat/playlists Free month of Amazon prime (faster shipping) and Amazon video (one of the best and cheapest TV/movie streaming services): US - http://amzn.to/1heDFe8 UK - http://amzn.to/1rhGoYm Check out my main channel at http://youtube.com/ibxtoycat
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Great American Cities - Washington, D.C.
A video tour of the US capital designed for ESL learners. See famous landmarks, learn the English names, and get a taste of traveling in America. Great for ESL classrooms!
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Heart Of The City | Markelle Fultz and DC's New Hoop Mecca [Full Episode] Hosted by Devin Williams
Washington DC has been producing lots of NBA talent recently. But the area still feels like it doesn't get the respect that's been earned. Devin Williams (Shift Team HQ) heads to the nation's capital to find out how they're churning out so many top players from KD to the next #1 Draft Pick Markelle Fultz. Episode 1 - Heart of the City | Dallas: bit.ly/1H1aa6D Episode 2 - Heart of the City | LA: bit.ly/1MQDW1w Episode 3 - Heart of the City | Seattle: bit.ly/1gOlE6V Episode 4 - Heart of the City | Washington DC: youtu.be/tP3kSGal-Y0 Episode 5 - Heart of the City | Chiraq: youtu.be/5uWSS4q5mQU Episode 6 - Heart of the City | Toronto: youtu.be/r9zirz6yPKM SUBSCRIBE to Grit: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-- SUBSCRIBE to Shift Team HQ: http://bit.ly/1EQywO6 “Heart of the City” is a documentary web series that tells the story of 6 North American cities through the lens of basketball. Each episode focuses on a different city and throws the viewer into the middle of the hoops scene. Every journey needs a guide and ours is Devin Williams of Shift Team HQ. Devin is a trainer, a former player, and a student of the game. Throughout the series, Devin watches up-and-coming local players try to become the city’s best and spends time in the gym with top trainers and coaches. But that’s not it... We also dive deeper into the day-to-day lives of the characters who define the game in their city. We see what their lives look like. Where they come from. Where they’re going. What drives them. It’s a ground-level, slice of life approach that, at the end of an episode, is both a pulse-taking of each city’s basketball culture, but also a portrait of that city itself. FOLLOW GRIT MEDIA: - Website: http://bit.ly/Grit-Media - Facebook: on.fb.me/1FnkBPY - Twitter: http://bit.ly/1RGfK5h - Instagram: http://bit.ly/1SRZRKl FOLLOW SHIFT TEAM HQ: - YouTube: http://bit.ly/1EQywO6 - Instagram: http://bit.ly/1eM9L0B - Twitter: http://bit.ly/1cv89GH CREDITS: - Executive Producer: AJ Chan - Creative Director: Clayton Worfolk - Producer: Jonel Seon - Host: Devin Williams - Editor: Tom Yang - Videographer: Mark Klassen SPECIAL THANKS: - DeMatha Catholic Basketball Team - Koran Godwin, Jumpstart Hoops -Alan Sten PARTNERS: - The Association Basketball Company https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcNcoU-2zqf0cq0QW3j14Sg - Jumpstart Hoops https://www.youtube.com/user/JumpStart33dotcom - ShiftTeamHQ https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialShiftTeamHQ - Stronger Team https://www.youtube.com/user/StrongerTeamDotCom - Five-Star Basketball https://www.youtube.com/user/fivestarbasketball - On Point Basketball https://www.youtube.com/user/ONPOINTBASKETBALL - Korey Harris Basketball https://www.youtube.com/user/SOGTrainingCo/featured - House of Hoops https://www.youtube.com/user/RandomWhiteKid1 - Nightwing2303 (WearTesters) https://www.youtube.com/user/nightwing2303 - Courtside Films https://www.youtube.com/user/iaelites - BaldurNBA - Shaqtin a Fool https://www.youtube.com/user/BaldurNBAFan - Stax Montana https://www.youtube.com/user/StaxMontana/videos - Pro Training Basketball https://www.youtube.com/user/ProTrainingBball - Mike Lee Basketball https://www.youtube.com/user/mikeleebasketball
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Visit America - Top 10 Cities in the USA
http://www.woltersworld.com Thinking of visiting the US sometime soon? Here is our list of the ten best cities to visit on your next trip to or through the US. America has a lot to offer travelers, from beaches in Miami to Historic sites in Boston to LA glitz and glamour. So for travel advice in the US look no farther and enjoy our Top 10 USA. Follow us on Twitter @woltersworld Like us on Facebook as well Filmed in Chicago, Illinois, USA Copyright Mark Wolters 2013 USA travel, USA tourism, Best of the US
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Washington DC  -  USA  -  2017
Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington or D.C., is the capital of the United States of America. Founded after the American Revolution as the seat of government of the newly independent country, Washington was named after George Washington, first President of the United States and Founding Father. Washington is the principal city of the Washington Metropolitan Area, which has a population of 6,131,977. Washington is described as the political Capital of the World, owing to its status as the seat of the United States Federal Government and numerous international institutions, such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Washington is one of the most visited cities in the world, with more than 20 million annual tourists. The signing of the Residence Act on July 16, 1790, approved the creation of a capital district located along the Potomac River on the country's East Coast. The U.S. Constitution provided for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Congress and the District is therefore not a part of any state. The states of Maryland and Virginia each donated land to form the federal district, which included the pre-existing settlements of Georgetown and Alexandria. Named in honor of President George Washington, the City of Washington was founded in 1791 to serve as the new national capital. In 1846, Congress returned the land originally ceded by Virginia; in 1871, it created a single municipal government for the remaining portion of the District.
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Best Cities in USA to Live in 2017 America Top 10
Best Cities in USA to Live in 2017. Which is the best city to live in USA 2017. Popular cities in USA america in 2017. Top 10 cities in USA america in 2017. Good cities to live in USA in 2017. Which is the best city to live in america 2017. best places to live in USA in 2017. top cities to live in USA. best places in USA America. top ten cities in the world. best places to visit in the world. best place to retire in the world. most livable cities in the world . best cities in the world. best places to live in the world. Seattle is best city in USA. Boston is the best city in USA. Austin is the best city to live in USA 2017. Salt Lake city is the best city to live in USA. San Jose is the best city to live in USA. Denver is the best city to live in USA. Washington DC is the best to live in USA. The metro areas that offer the most for residents. To rank the Best Places to Live, US. News assesses statistics for the country's 100 largest metro areas, including each location's job market.Each category is weighted based on a survey of 2,000 people across the country. and what they said matters most to them when picking their next place to live. 10. Salt Lake City Mm Population: 2,235,531 Median Home Price: $247,052 Median Annual Salary: $44,752 Salt Lake City rounds out the top 10 in 2017 - after ranking No. 27 last year - particularly for the area’s high value score. Salt Lake City residents spend less than 26 percent of their income on housing expenses. 9. Des Moines Mm Population: 601,187 Median Home Price: $168,629 Median Annual Salary: $47,170 Iowa's capital city is the most affordable place to live of the 100 largest metro areas in the country. Des Moines residents spend just 23.8 percent of their income on housing. 8. Boston Mm Population: 4,694,565 Median Home Price: $321,436 Median Annual Salary: $62,070 With an unemployment rate of just 3.5 percent and a median salary over $60,000, Boston has the strongest job market of the 100 largest metro areas in the US. Boston also receives high scores for its desirability. Americans surveyed placed the New England city high on their list of places they'd like to live, given its reputation for being a big city with the friendliness of a small town. 7. Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina Mom: Population: 1,750,865 Median Home Price: $219,466 Median Annual Salary: $51,150 The metro area best known for boasting three renowned colleges - Duke University, University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University - scores highest for its low cost of living and steady growth. Raleigh and Durham grew by 6.4 percent due to net migration from 2011 to 2015. 6. Seattle Mm Population: 3,614,361 Median Home Price: $359,693 Median Annual Salary: $59,060 Whether it's the presence of major corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks or the rainy- but-mild weather, Seattle ranks high on the list of desirable places to live in the US. 5. Fayetteville, Arkansas Mm Population: 493,095 Median Home Price: $182,508 Median Annual Salary: $43,570 Fayetteville is the fastest-growing metro area in Arkansas, 4. Washington, District of Columbia Mm Population: 5,949,403 Median Home Price: $371,772 Median Annual Salary: $65,910 The District of Columbia offers ample employment opportunities, both in the public and private sectors. And with a high median annual salary, the area's pricey cost of living is more affordable for the typical resident. 3. San Jose, California Mm Population: 1,925,706 Median Home Price: $829,792 Median Annual Salary: $78,620 As the heart of Silicon Valley. it's no secret San Jose has a strong job market. a high desirability score and impressive population growth due to net migration. It also ranked the No. 1 metro area for college readiness among high school students. 2. Denver Mm Population: 2,703,972 Median Home Price: $301,300 Median Annual Salary: $54,450 The No. 1 Best Place to Live in 2016 slides to No. 2 this year. Denver's highest score comes from us. residents' desire to live in the Mile High City, followed closely by its population growth - 6.31 percent due to net migration from 2011 to 2015 - and strong job market, with just 3.2 percent of area residents unemployed. 1 . Austin Mm Population: 1,889,094 Median Home Price: $262,182 Median Annual Salary: $49,560 Austin takes the top spot in the 2017 Best Places to Live in the US. list. As an increasingly popular alternative for tech companies to the more expensive San Jose and Seattle, Austin has a strong - and growing - job market that's also able to meet the needs of the area's growing population. From 2011 to 2015, the Austin area grew by nearly 10.5 percent due to net migration alone, making it the third fastest growing metro area after Sarasota and Fort Myers. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching. This World Conspiracy If you have any points comment below. Production: Hades Pictures Music: Bensound http://www.bensound.com
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Can you pronounce these Washington words?
We asked 13 Washingtonians to pronounce the names of places in their state. Here's what happened. (Corinne Chin, Lauren Frohne and Aaron Spencer / The Seattle Times)
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The Washington DC, Vatican, and London connection. Three cities state
Love all and exclude none ❤✴🌞➗
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A Tale of Three Cities: Washington DC, New York City and Pattaya
Cheap Charlie regales his experiences living in Washington DC and New York City and relates them to Pattaya. In all three places he lived a cheap and minimalist lifestyle and in New York he even resorted to sleeping in subway trains and coffee shops at times as he often lacked hotel rooms to stay at... Cheap Charlie has always had a passion for exploring cities and seeking new adventure. Some people love the country side and nature, Cheap Charlie loves cities.... As an amateur sociologist, cities are also the physical representation of cultures and subcultures, where lifestyles come together and give a a place not just it's character but it's actual physical shape. The lifestyles of people in a place like Manhattan is very different from that of Washington DC, which is very different again from a place like Wyoming. Even within cities the lifestyle and culture of one neighborhood can be very different from the next... Cheap Charlie believes people should be allowed to pursue their own version of happiness and live the lifestyle they prefer without being judged and criticized by others. For example Pattaya is a city that is often criticized by both Thais and farangs, often times people who have little knowledge or direct experience with the city, when really Pattaya is an expression of freedom and the lifestyle choices of the people who choose to live there, travel there and work there. Likewise in America we often hear "blue state" city people criticizing and judging "red state" rural and small town Americans and vice versa. While criticism other people's lifestyle choices can seem harmless on the surface, it can have a real and devastating impact. Pattaya for example has for a long time been under attack by moralists who do not approve of the lifestyle choices of the people who reside in that city and this can lead to real consequences in laws and urban clearance which could and would change the face of the city and prevent the people from living the lifestyle they choose. But this is not just a Pattaya problem, it is a problem that has existed in all countries throughout human history, the cultural clash between cities and countryside and one trying to get the upper hand against the other and this struggle continues in countries throughout the world, not just the US and Thailand but in places like the Turkey, Iran, India, China, France, Brazil etc. Thailand has historically been a good model of live and let live and this observer hopes that continues and that other countries can learn by this.
Washington DC Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to DC
Things you NEED to know BEFORE you go to Washington DC. DC is often referred to as "The District." You could easily spend a week in DC, especially if you want to see George Washington’s house in Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson’s house in Monticello. The City is laid out in a grid pattern with lettered streets running east-west, numbered streets running north-south. Diagonal streets — usually named after states — often intersect at circles (30 circles) Dupont Circle is my favorite circle. Comprised of four quadrants (NE, NW, SE, and SW), which spread out from the U.S. Capitol. Getting in There are three Airports -- none of them actually in DC Reagan (DCA) -- right next to DC -- connected by Metro or $20 Cab Ride Washington Dulles (IAD) Baltimore-Washington (BWI) Amtrak to Union Station Or Drive Transportation in DC Walk One of the 10 of the most walkable cities in the USA Travel + Leisure rated D.C. as the third rudest city in America, Metro Smart Trip Card Capital Bike Share 175 stations across the city Sign up for a day, or three Taxis/Uber plentiful Driving: Beware -- traffic is miserable and oneway streets abound Parking is expensive -- Use parking panda Museums Smithsonians are free Most on the national mall Air and Space has 2 locations -- one by Dulles Newseum and Spy Museum are expensive My favorite is the Bureau of Engraving and Printing No reservations required September 5, 2017 through March 2, 2018 Washington Monument elevator is really cool -- but it’s often broken Best gift shops are in the museums Government Stuff Capitol Building or the White House, make sure to book your tickets in advance. Capitol tour, reservations online or through your Congressional representative or senator. Capitol Visitor Center provides a limited number of day-passes starting at 9 a.m. White House, reserve a few months before your trip. Thru congressional representative. Time to visit Cherry Blossom Season Not the summer when all the school kids are there And the Summer is oppressively hot and humid, especially in August And maybe not when the govt is in full swing I like Winter -- no crowds at all Hotels Can be really expensive, as can parking My favorites are the Park Hyatt and the Mayflower Stay outside of DC in Arlington or Alexandria for cheaper hotels Just a short metro ride in to the city Food The national mall and monument area has almost no food Union Station and Le’fant plaza good for lunch, or around the white house Avoid the Chinese food in Chinatown -- it’s all really awful But George Bush’s favorite Chinese restaurant is just 20 minutes driving outside of DC Peking Gourmet Inn in Fall Church -- Awesome Peking Duck My Favorites: Potbelly My Favorites: Moby Dick House of Kabob My Favorites: Ben’s Chili Bowl DC is more than just monuments and the National Mall Get out and see the real DC Georgetown Penn Quarter Adams Morgan Smithsonian Zoo U Street Walk the red line Timecodes: DC General: 00:27 DC City Layout: 01:37 Getting in to DC: 02:35 Transportation in DC: 03:59 DC Museums: 06:02 Government Stuff: 08:51 Best time to visit DC: 10:05 DC Hotels: 11:43 DC Food: 13:51 The Rest of DC: 18:20 CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/yellowwsub You might enjoy watching some of my other USA Travel Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOVadUHX1B-Kv1gRgHpJoe33hGodcPi8R Yellow Productions on social media: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/YellowProductionsTravel INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/yellowwproductions/ TWITTER: ChrisRaney GOOGLE+: https://google.com/+yellowwproductions Check out my blog at: http://yelloww.net Yellow Productions Merchandise: https://www.teepublic.com/user/yellowproductions Music: Easy Lemon Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Washington, D.C.
Here is a video of the glorious city of Washington D.C.! This video is available in high definition for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget to check out my channel for more city videos! Washington, D.C. formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington, "the District", or simply D.C., is the capital of the United States, founded on July 16, 1790. The U.S. Constitution allows for the creation of a special district to serve as the permanent national capital. The District is therefore not a part of any U.S. state and is instead directly overseen by the federal government. Within the District, a new capital city named after George Washington was founded in 1791 to the east of a preexisting settlement at Georgetown. In 1871, the City of Washington, Georgetown, and other outlying areas were combined under a single, unified government, which formed Washington, D.C. as it exists today. The city shares its name with the U.S. state of Washington located on the country's Pacific coast. Washington, D.C. is located on the north bank of the Potomac River and is bordered by the states of Virginia to the southwest and Maryland to the other sides. The city has a resident population of 601,723; because of commuters from the surrounding suburbs, its population rises to over one million during the workweek. The Washington Metropolitan Area, of which the District is a part, has a population of nearly 5.6 million, the seventh-largest metropolitan area in the country. The centers of all three branches of the U.S. federal government are located in the District, as are many of the nation's monuments and museums. Washington, D.C. hosts 176 foreign embassies as well as the headquarters of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization of American States(OAS), the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The headquarters of other institutions such as trade unions,lobbying groups, and professional associations are also located in the city. The District is governed by a mayor and a 13-member city council. However, the United States Congress has supreme authority over the city and may overturn local laws. Residents therefore have less self-governance than residents of the states. The District has a non-voting, at-large Congressional delegate, but no senators. D.C. residents could not vote in presidential elections until the ratification of the Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1961. Washington, D.C. is a planned city. The design for the City of Washington was largely the work of Pierre (Peter) Charles L'Enfant, a French-born architect, engineer, and city planner who first arrived in the colonies as a military engineer with Major General Lafayette during the American Revolutionary War. In 1791, President Washington commissioned L'Enfant to plan the layout of the new capital city. At L'Enfant's request, Thomas Jefferson provided plans of cities such as Amsterdam, Paris,Frankfurt, Karlsruhe and Milan, which he had brought back from Europe in 1788. The plan for Washington was modeled in the Baroque style and incorporated avenues radiating out from rectangles, providing room for open space and landscaping. L'Enfant's design also envisioned a garden-lined "grand avenue" approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) in length and 400 feet (120 m) wide in the area that is now the National Mall. In March 1792, President Washington dismissed L'Enfant due to his insistence on micromanaging the city's planning, which had resulted in conflicts with the three commissioners appointed by Washington to supervise the capital's construction. Andrew Ellicott, who had worked with L'Enfant surveying the city, was then commissioned to complete the plans. Though Ellicott made revisions to the original plans, including changes to some street patterns, L'Enfant is still credited with the overall design of the city. The City of Washington was bounded by what is now Florida Avenue to the north, Rock Creek to the west, and the Anacostia River to the east. By the start of the 20th century, L'Enfant's vision of a capital with open parks and grand national monuments had become marred by slums and randomly placed buildings, including a railroad station on the National Mall. In 1900, Congress formed a joint committee, headed by Senator James McMillan, charged with beautifying Washington's ceremonial core. What became known as the McMillan Plan was finalized in 1901. It included the re-landscaping of the Capitol grounds and the Mall, constructing new Federal buildings and monuments, clearing slums, and establishing a new citywide park system. Architects recruited by the committee kept much of the city's original layout, and their work is thought to be largely in keeping with L'Enfant's intended design.
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Top 25 Happiest Cities In America
Check out the top 25 happies cities in america! From healthiest cities to the ones with the highest happiness rating, these are some of the best american cities to live in! Subscribe for more videos: goo.gl/C13uz3 Check out our video on "Top 10 Craziest River Monsters" here: https://youtu.be/YB6zUyJ0q7c Check out our video on "Top 20 American Cities" here: https://youtu.be/bXZRb0tMVsc Check out our video on "Top 7 Best Snipers In American History!" here: https://youtu.be/S91YQUFPcdw 25.) Austin, Texas National Geographic, Gallup, and New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner did a study which measured a population's happiness using 15 metrics, such as civic engagement, walkability, healthy food options, and access to nature. Austin and the Round Rock area in Texas start off the list because of the Barton Springs pool located within Austin’s Zilker Park. This is a three-acre pool with water sourced from underground springs. In fact, people from all walks of life take advantage of this year-round pool, from swimmers and sunbathers, to locals in order to keep cool in the Texas heat. 24.) Portland, Maine This area ranks in at number 24 of the happiest cities in the United States, based on factors such as, walkability, access to nature, and civic engagement. In fact, people are so happy in this city that it is home to a third of the state’s residents! If you visit Portland, some of the must see attractions are the Victoria Mansion, which is the finest example of residential design from the pre-Civil War era in America, local theaters, and art museums. 23.) San Diego, California Visitors to the San Diego and Carlsbad area come from all over the world to Balboa Park, a 1,200-acre oasis in San Diego, California. The urban park includes the famous San Diego Zoo, home to more than 3,500 animals. In addition, if you are into touring haunted places, San Diego have over 10 areas you could tour within its city! 22.) Minneapolis, Minnesota The Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington area in Minnesota is number 22. This area, while it can certainly get cold, holds a beautiful winter season with various winter weather related opportunities, such as over 100 miles of skiing. And, of course, you could always warm up by viewing its museums, historical societies, and other indoor places. Furthermore, once the snow thaws, summer festivals take over the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul. 21.) Washington, D.C. There is a large are which covers a couple states that takes over number 21 on the happiest cities of America and this area is the Washington, Arlington, and Alexandria, District of Columbia and Virginia. While most Americans think of Washington, D.C. as the capital of the United States of America, to the locals, it is simply a wonderful place to live. And that should be no surprise to anyone with the many adventures a person could have from viewing the White House, the Arlington National Cemetery, seeing the tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, along with dozens of museums. On top of this, they city has enjoyed a booming food scene in recent years and a variety of green spaces. 20.) Oxnard, California The Oxnard and Thousand Oaks, California area sits on the list at number 20 with its combination of great weather, beaches, and nearby national forests. You will always have an adventure if you visit this area as the area holds so much to do, such as a Kayak center, historical museums, various parks, and festivals. 19.) Manchester, New Hampshire The Manchester and Nashua area made the top happiest cities in America list because of the beautiful scenery it holds as it sits on the banks of the Merrimack River. It is also known to be the largest city in New Hampshire. It is also just about an hour drive from the Atlantic Coast, Boston, and the White Mountains, which is an 800,000 acre national forest. 18.) Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado Springs sits a mile above sea level, and is located near the base of Pikes Peak. The stunning red rock formations in the city’s Garden of the Gods draw some two million visitors every year. Furthermore, there are more than a dozen other attractions to see, such as the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum and Glen Eyrie (eerie) Castle. On top of this, you can also experience going up in a hot air balloon.
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A walking travel tour around Washington D.C. as well as Arlington VA. This is THE city to visit if you're interested in history, culture, politics and much more. The museums are amazing! Official website and blog: http://globetrotteralpha.com/ Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GlobeTrotterAlphaTravels/ Check us out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/globetrotteralphatravels/ Help me create the next travel videos by showing your support: https://www.patreon.com/globetrotteralpha The film chronologically progresses from early morning to the small hours of the night, showcasing daily life around Washington D.C.. For those planning on visiting, those who’d like to visit but cannot or those who might be nostalgic and want to re-live their past visits / life there, hopefully this film shall satisfy, time and time again. Filmed in September 2011. For more information on Washington D.C.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington,_D.C. Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Washington,+DC,+USA/@38.8644004,-77.0195393,11.25z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89b7c6de5af6e45b:0xc2524522d4885d2a Filming Equipment: Camera: - Sony Nex VG10 HD Other Accessories: - Glidecam HD-2000 hand-held camera stabilization. - Manfrotto 190XB tripod with 701HDV Pro Fluid Mini Video head. Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro
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02 Washington DC Part 1 - Secrets in Plain Sight
Secrets In Plain Sight is an awe inspiring exploration of great art, architecture, and urban design which skillfully unveils an unlikely intersection of geometry, politics, numerical philosophy, religious mysticism, new physics, music, astronomy, and world history. Exploring key monuments and their positions in Egypt, Stonehenge, Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco brings to light a secret obsession shared by pharaohs, philosophers and kings; templars and freemasons; great artists and architects; popes and presidents, spanning the whole of recorded history up to the present time. As the series of videos reveals how profound ancient knowledge inherited from Egypt has been encoded in units of measurement, in famous works of art, in the design of major buildings, in the layout of city streets and public spaces, and in the precise placement of obelisks and other important monuments upon the Earth, the viewer is led to perceive an elegant harmonic system linking the human body with the architectural, urban, planetary, solar, and galactic scales.
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Why a Giant Machine Is Digging a Tunnel Under D.C. | National Geographic
A colossal machine called the "Lady Bird" is boring a huge tunnel under Washington, D.C., to channel storm water for treatment, keeping runoff out of the city's notoriously polluted rivers. The $30 million machine is named for Lady Bird Johnson, who, as First Lady of the United States, had advocated for cleaner rivers around the nation's capital. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Click to learn more about the "Lady Bird" and the tunnel it's digging: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/07/140703-combined-sewer-overflow-washington-storm-water-tunnel/ PRODUCER AND VIDEOGRAPHER: Jason Kurtis EDITOR: Nick Lunn Why a Giant Machine Is Digging a Tunnel Under D.C. | National Geographic https://youtu.be/ikPCOhhn4fw National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Ten infrastructure mega-projects America needs President Donald Trump and congress to fund and build in the near future. Try dollar shave club: http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/TDC FB for daily news: http://www.facebook.com/thedailyconversation http://www.twitter.com/thedailyconvo Subscribe to TDC: https://www.youtube.com/TheDailyConversation/ Based on this article: http://nyti.ms/2fKSxBY Music: “Last (Moonbase Commander Remix)” by Polographia https://soundcloud.com/sweat-it-out-music/polographia-last-moonbase-commander-remix Video edited by Robin West Researched and co-written by Juliet Saunders Written, narrated, and produced by Bryce Plank Script: These are ten megaprojects the U.S. desperately needs to complete in the near future. They each represent many other projects awaiting approval and funding in cities and towns across America. Texas Bullet Train Cost: $10 billion A bullet train in Texas would help ease traffic in Houston and Dallas that will only get worse as the Lonestar state continues to grow. A road trip from one city to the other will take up to 6.5 hours in the next twenty years. Modeled after Japan’s Shinkansen train, the Texas Central High-Speed Rail will cut that journey to just over three hours thanks to max speeds of 250 miles per hour. South Carolina Dams Cost: $700 million Heavy rains in 2015 breached more than 50 dams in South Carolina, causing flooding throughout the state. It’s an emergency that will keep happening if the more than 600 dams rated as high-hazard aren’t modernized. Dams are aging nationwide and need more than $20 billion in repairs and upgrades. Maryland Purple Line Cost: $5.6 billion The Washington DC area has some of the worst traffic in the country. Extending the existing metro system to the suburbs by adding another metro line with 21 new stations will make everyone’s commute shorter, and will take an estimated 17,000 cars off the road. Denver I-70 East Cost: $1.7 billion Denver has an ambitious plan to take back land from the interstate by plunging part of the I-70 East underground to create a large park with sports fields and performance spaces. The project will also modernize and widen the 60-plus-year-old road to ensure its structural integrity and ease congestion within the sprawling Denver area. Miami Sea Wall Cost: $20 billion Miami is already dealing with the effects of climate change with the installation of 80 pumping stations. But when sea levels rise just 5 more feet, 96% of the city will be underwater, making it America’s most vulnerable urban area to a changing climate. To survive, it will need to significantly expand its levee system and build a multi-billion dollar seawall. Northeast Corridor Maglev Cost: $100 billion The highly populated northeast corridor of the U.S. desperately needs to expand its high-speed rail network to keep pace with the best cities in the world. Right now, the fastest train is the Acela, whose top speed is just 125 miles per hour. A maglev train connecting New York to DC could hit 300 mph and cut the commute from four hours to one. Project Clean Lake Cost: $3 billion Old sewer lines aren’t properly functioning, resulting in raw sewage streaming into Lake Erie from Cleveland during storms. Project clean lake is a 25-year renewal plan that uses a variety of green methods, including the construction of seven tunnels, to solve the problem. The Gordie Howe International Bridge Cost: $2.1 billion To allow for more people and goods to pass through the Detroit-Windsor, Canada section of the border, the Gordie Howe International Bridge will provide uninterrupted traffic flow. When complete, the project will increase daily vehicle crossings by 30%. California High-Speed Rail Cost: $65 billion Phase 1 of California’s high-speed rail project should open by 2030. It aims to connect Los Angeles to San Francisco in just three hours, compared to the nearly six hours it now takes to drive the route. It will be the first high-speed rail project on the U.S. west coast and will eventually extend to San Diego and Sacramento, the state’s capitol. Hudson River Rail Tunnel Cost: $100 billion 200,000 daily passenger trips are made through the only rail tunnel connecting Manhattan and New Jersey. 100 years old and severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, it badly needs an upgrade. The proposed Hudson River Rail Tunnel megaproject would modernize the existing tunnel and add a second one in order to ease congestion and wait time for commuters.
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Americans Who Don't Know the Capital of the United States!!!
Do California beach goers know what the Capital of America is? If so, do they know what the DC stands for in Washington DC? Mark Dice asks random beach goers to find out in this episode of Man on the Street Monday. *SUBSCRIBE* for new enlightening videos DAILY http://bit.ly/1QHJwaK Sound off in the comments section, and share this video with your friends on social media to spread the word! And be sure to checkout the Playlists and recent Uploads to watch previous videos if you're new to this channel. Music Credit: There's Probably No Time by Chris Zabriskie - Used with permission through the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ FACEBOOK: http://www.Facebook.com/MarkDice TWITTER: http://www.Twitter.com/MarkDice INSTAGRAM: http://Instagram.com/MarkDice WEBSITE http://www.MarkDice.com BIO: Mark Dice is a media analyst and bestselling author who specializes in exposing the power mainstream media and celebrities have on shaping our culture. He has been featured on the History Channel's Decoded, Ancient Aliens, and America's Book of Secrets; Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, America Declassified on the Travel Channel, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The Alex Jones Show, and more. His viral videos have received more than 150 million views and have received international media attention. READ MARK'S BOOKS In paperback on AMAZON.com or download them right now from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook. http://www.amazon.com/Mark-Dice/e/B00IZOXY2O/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1447873350&sr=8-2-ent ORDER NOW: The Illuminati in Hollywood http://www.amazon.com/Illuminati-Hollywood-Celebrities-Conspiracies-Entertainment/dp/0988726866/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1457325881&sr=8-1&keywords=mark+dice+illuminati+in+hollywood
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Washington, D.C. Works  Washington, D.C City Guide
With its historical monuments and year-round calendar of events, our nation's capitol attracts 20 million people annually. Learn about visiting Washington, D.C.
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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler excoriates DOJ threats to sanctuary states, cities, counties
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler called the United States Department of Justice’s threats against sanctuary states and cities while at a national conference of mayors in Washington D.C. Wednesday the “most disappointing” White House action in his lifetime. Video courtesy of C-SPAN.
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New York City vs London - City Comparison
Download Hero Wars now for FREE - https://goo.gl/vkfv73 and get your code for an upgrade HERO here - https://goo.gl/cM5UAC ⭐ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/TheInfographicsShow ⭐ According to Travel and Leisure magazine, the best city in the world right now you could visit is San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, followed by Charleston in the USA, followed by Chiang Mai in Thailand. These three places, however, don’t even get on the top 20 places to actually live, in this year’s Quality of Living Index, a yearly list compiled by HR firm, Mercer. Apparently, if you want to live the good life, you should move to Vienna, Austria, Zurich, Switzerland, or Auckland, New Zealand. The top twenty list doesn’t include any cities from the UK or the USA, two countries that have arguably been the two heavyweights in the last century regarding power and wealth. These two countries, however, contain cities that attract millions of overseas visitors every year. Today we are going to compare them, in this episode of the Infographics Show, New York City vs London. WEBSITE (You can suggest a topic): http://theinfographicsshow.com SUPPORT US: Patreon.......► https://www.patreon.com/theinfographicsshow CHAT: DISCORD.....►https://discord.gg/theinfographicsshow SOCIAL: Facebook...► https://facebook.com/TheInfographicsShow Instagram..►https://www.instagram.com/theinfographicsshow Twitter........► https://twitter.com/TheInfoShow Subreddit...► http://reddit.com/r/TheInfographicsShow -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for this episode: https://pastebin.com/XXX7TkBV
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Driving Downtown - Seattle USA 4K
Driving Downtown - Seattle Washington USA - Season 1 Episode 17. Starting Point: Pine St https://goo.gl/maps/Zy2dfghFHwP2 . Seattle is a West Coast seaport city and the seat of King County. With an estimated 662,400 residents as of 2015,[2] Seattle is the largest city in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of North America, and, as of July 2013, is the fastest-growing major city in the United States.[6] The Seattle metropolitan area of around 3.6 million inhabitants is the 15th largest metropolitan area in the United States.[7] The city is situated on a narrow isthmus between Puget Sound (an inlet of the Pacific Ocean) and Lake Washington, about 100 miles (160 km) south of the Canada–United States border. A major gateway for trade with Asia, Seattle is the 8th largest port in the United States and 9th largest in North America in terms of container handling.[8] The Seattle area was previously inhabited by Native Americans for at least 4,000 years before the first permanent European settlers.[9] Arthur A. Denny and his group of travelers, subsequently known as the Denny Party, arrived from Illinois via Portland, Oregon on the schooner Exact at Alki Point on November 13, 1851.[10] The settlement was moved to the eastern shore of Elliott Bay and named "Seattle" in 1852, after Chief Si'ahl of the local Duwamish and Suquamish tribes. Logging was Seattle's first major industry, but by the late 19th century the city had become a commercial and shipbuilding center as a gateway to Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush. By 1910, Seattle was one of the 25 largest cities in the country.[11] However, the Great Depression severely damaged the city's economy. Growth returned during and after World War II, due partially to the local Boeing company, which established Seattle as a center for aircraft manufacturing. The Seattle area developed as a technology center beginning in the 1980s, with companies like Microsoft becoming established in the region. In 1994 the Internet retail giant Amazon was founded in Seattle. The stream of new software, biotechnology, and Internet companies led to an economic revival, which increased the city's population by almost 50,000 between 1990 and 2000. Seattle has a noteworthy musical history. From 1918 to 1951, there were nearly two dozen jazz nightclubs along Jackson Street, from the current Chinatown/International District, to the Central District. The jazz scene developed the early careers of Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Ernestine Anderson and others. Seattle is also the birthplace of rock musician Jimi Hendrix and the alternative rock style grunge.[12] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seattle
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Washington DC city tour
http://tourvideos.com Washington DC city tour
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US Top 10 Best Cities to Live in United States in 2018
US Top 10 Best Cities to Live in United States in 2018 . These are the 10 best places to live in the US in 2018 . For the second year in a row, Austin, Texas has been named the best place to live in the United States. U.S. News & World Report just released its third annual ranking of America's 125 largest metropolitan areas based on affordability, job prospects and quality of life. "Relocating to a new part of the country is a common occurrence for millennials, who have largely emerged in the professional world ready to move for the right job, regardless of where it takes them," U.S. News & World Report real estate editor Devon Thorsby tells CNBC Make It. Research shows that where you live can have a great impact on your health, well-being and overall happiness, all of which millennials are now taking into consideration as they take better care of their health. "As more millennials are starting families and thinking about their careers with a more long-term scope, their choice of where to settle down brings more factors into the mix than before," Thorsby says. Compared to last year, the 2018 list also introduced 25 additional, smaller metro areas that offer competitive job markets and value compared to the country's biggest cities, says Thorsby. The study analyzed survey responses from 3,000 people as well as data collected from the U.S. Census, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the FBI Uniform Crime Report and other U.S. News rankings. "The job market certainly still plays a major role in the decision," Thorsby adds, "but so does the affordability of the area, the quality of education, commute time and growth of the area, signifying the metro area's long-term success, among other factors." Colorado Springs' booming job market and high quality of life contributed to the city's climb from No. 11 to No. 2 this year, according to a press release from U.S. News. Meanwhile, Huntsville offers employment opportunities in STEM fields and scored the highest value score out of all places on this year's list. Portland also soared from No. 32 to No. 6 largely due to more people moving to the area and a growing job market. Just Like You Left It . Ghost Pepper: Day 2 . Are we ready to get married? pewdiepie . Here are the 10 best places to live in the United States in 2018. 1. Austin, Texas 2. Colorado Springs, Colorado 3. Denver, Colorado 4. Des Moines, Iowa 5. Fayetteville, Arkansas 6. Portland, Oregon 7. Huntsville, Alabama 8. Washington, D.C. 9. Minneapolis, Minnesota 10. Seattle, Washington Thanks for watching. Subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching. This is World Conspiracy Daily WC Daily If you have any points comment below. Production: Hades Pictures Track: Disco’s Over - TSU [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/fqJT9iP-zr4 Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/TSUYO) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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America 2010 Trip Montage. New York City & Washington DC (HD Photos)
(Quality improves after 0:20) These are the video clips and a few photos from a recent trip to America. Mostly footage from New York City and Washington DC in this, and a few places in between. DISCLAIMER: The song was a (legal) free download. As the owner of the song wasn't trying to make money off it, I'll assume its okay for me to use it. Musician's Youtube channel; youtube.com/waxandherbalt .
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The Best of: Washington D.C, District of Columbia, USA
The United States of America's capital, Washington D.C is one of the most architecturally impressive cities in the world. Come and take a tour of this city's most famous landmarks. It includes: 0:03 The Washington Monument. One of the most contemporary structures in Washington D.C and provides visitors with a 360° view of the city. A good tip is to arrive early as tickets sell out very quickly. 0:29 World War 2 Memorial. Is a National Memorial dedicated to Americans who served in the armed forces and as civilians during World War II. Consisting of 56 pillars and a pair of arches surrounding a plaza and fountain, it is located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on the former site of the Rainbow Pool at the eastern end of the Reflecting Pool, between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II_Memorial) 1:44 The Abraham Lincoln Memorial (top section). 3:15 Below the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. 4:15 Outside view of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. 5:07 US Airways Express (Republic Airlines) - Embraer ERJ-170-100SU - N801MA flying over the Abraham Lincoln Memorial on final approach into Washington - Ronald Reagan National. 5:20 The Korean War Memorial. 5:59 American Airlines - Boeing 737-823 - N975AN flying over the Abraham Lincoln Memorial on final approach into Washington - Ronald Reagan National. 6:08 The White House (back). The most famous house in the world and home to 45 Presidents is a very impressive structure. 6:46 The White House (front). 7:04 The Eisenhower Executive Office Building. This building houses the Vice President, Joe Biden's offices as well as many of the White House employees. 7:35 The United States Supreme Court. 7:56 The United States Capitol Building (East face). 8:04 The United States Capitol Building (West face). Filmed using the Sony HDR-HC9 HDV1080i High Definition Handycam.
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City Walk: Walkscore: Dupont Circle, Washington D.C.
Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. is renowned for its walkability, earning a 98 out of 100 points on the website walkscore.com. Neha Bhatt of Smart Growth America shares why this neighborhood is an exceptional place to take a stroll, featuring such sites as the Phillips Collection and the Brewmaster's Castle. City Walk is a unique six-part series that reveals the way walking is transforming cities across America, and in the process, re-connecting us to our bodies, our civic values and public space. As the show explores the walkability of these communities, viewers will learn about American history by exploring culturally rich neighborhoods, stunning architecture, monuments and beautiful parks that have helped define the character of each city. For more info go to: KCET.org/citywalk
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Washington DC: From murder capital to boomtown - BBC News
Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews A quarter of a century ago, Washington DC had a fearsome reputation for crack abuse and rampant gun violence - it was the "murder capital" of the US. But now, once-blighted neighbourhoods close to the centre of the capital are thriving. The BBC's Bill McKenna explores the city. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcworldnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworldnews Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Hare Krishna Temples, Washington DC, vrsafilm
The Hare Krishna devotees moved out of Washington City in the early seventies. ISKCON of DC is now situated in Potomac, Maryland. The temple sits on 12 acres of forested land. The principal deity Sri Madana-Mohana was the first deity of Krishna to be given to Srila Prabhupada in ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada spent a week at the temple in 1976 and at that time he met with his scientist disciples from Bhaktivedanta Institute.
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