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CSI NY - Theme Song [Full Version]
CSI NY - Theme Song [Full Version]
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CSI NY - Lindsay no i'm not pregnant ... i'm just hungry?
“no copyright infringement is intended" CSI NY - Lindsay ... no i'm not pregnant ... i'm just hungry? Staring: Carmine Goivinazzo & Anna Belknap Music: "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People
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CSI: NY - I need a hero
The team in action. Some scenes of season 6 - CSI: NY This video is just for fun I hope you enjoy it! Images belongs to CBS Music "I need a hero" from Bonnie Tyler
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CSI: NY - Season 6 Recap
Before the new season begins catch up where CSI: New York left off. Shane Casey was on the loose with a vengeance against Danny. Will Danny and Lindsay be ok? Find out Friday September 24th on CBS!
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Will Dailey - CSI:NY - "Rise"
Will Dailey performs "Rise" from Back Flipping Forward on a 2007 episode of CSI:NY.
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CSI: New York - 9/11
After watching the season premiere I had this idea. I hope you like it, and please feel free to leave any comments or like the video :) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS INTENDED!
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CSI New York-Time of dying
My second video about CSI NY :) I like CSI NY more more :) and this video is about all character in CSI and i hope that like this xD
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CSI: NY Children
Children in CSI. No cases, no problems, no death, no victims, only STella, Don, Mac, Dantana and children in this show. Sometimes it looks like parents and children. Of course Lucy and Dantana, but Don and Sam or Mac in 2x17 too. And song..I think, lyrics is not fitting. Not for this theme. But I like this melody. And again, my typping error - Already Gone, of course.
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CSI NY- Danny Messer, I'm Good!
Another little thing I did while offline :lol:
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CSI NY - The Girls ROCK!
A video about girls from CSI New York. (Stella,Angel,Lindsay and Aiden) I own nothing!
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Don / Jess song BREATHLESS by BETTER THAN ERZA Here you are now Fresh from your war Back from the edge of time And all that you were, Stripped to the bone I thought you?d want to know That when you feel the world is crashing All around your feet Come running headlong into my arms Breathless I'll never judge you I can only love you Come now running headlong Into my arms Breathless Lay down your guns Too weak to run Nothing can harm you here Your precious heart Broken and scarred Somehow you made it through I only ask that you won't go again When you feel the world is crashing All around your feet Come running headlong into my arms Breathless I'll never judge you I can only love you Come now running headlong Into my arms Breathless So glad to see you smiling So good to hear your laugh I think that you've found you even Missed yourself I'm only asking this because I think that Truth be told Oh, you'll never go again Again When you feel the world is crashing All around your feet Come running headlong into my arms Breathless I'll never judge you I can only love you Come now running headlong Into my arms Breathless Breathless
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CSI NY - Mac Taylor - Dark Angel
Mac Taylor video. Please rate and comment. I own nothing!
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CSI: NY ... and their real life partners
Who is Gary Sinise Dating? Who is Gary Sinise's girlfriend? Who is Gary Sinise's wife? Is Gary Sinise single? Who is Gary Sinise married to? Who is Carmine Giovinazzo Dating? Who is Carmine Giovinazzo's girlfriend? Who is Carmine Giovinazzo's wife? Is Carmine Giovinazzo single? Who is Carmine Giovinazzo married to? Who is Hill Harper Dating? Who is Hill Harper's girlfriend? Who is Hill Harper's wife? Is Hill Harper single? Who is Hill Harper married to? Who is Eddie Cahill Dating? Who is Eddie Cahill's girlfriend? Who is Eddie Cahill's wife? Is Eddie Cahill single? Who is Eddie Cahill married to? Who is A.J. Buckley Dating? Who is A.J. Buckley's girlfriend? Who is A.J. Buckley's wife? Is A.J. Buckley single? Who is A.J. Buckley married to? Who is Mykelti Williamson Dating? Who is Mykelti Williamson's girlfriend? Who is Mykelti Williamson's wife? Is Mykelti Williamson single? Who is Mykelti Williamson married to? Who is Kyle Gallner Dating? Who is Kyle Gallner's girlfriend? Who is Kyle Gallner's wife? Is Kyle Gallner single? Who is Kyle Gallner married to? Who is Nelly Dating? Who is Nelly's girlfriend? Who is Nelly's wife? Is Nelly single? Who is Nelly married to? Who is Edward Furlong Dating? Who is Edward Furlong's girlfriend? Who is Edward Furlong's wife? Is Edward Furlong single? Who is Edward Furlong married to? Who is John Larroquette Dating? Who is John Larroquette's girlfriend? Who is John Larroquette's wife? Is John Larroquette single? Who is John Larroquette married to? Who is Anna Belknap Dating? Who is Anna Belknap's Boyfriend? Who is Anna Belknap's Husband? Is Anna Belknap Single? Who is Anna Belknap married to? Who is Robert Joy Dating? Who is Robert Joy's Boyfriend? Who is Robert Joy's Husband? Is Robert Joy Single? Who is Robert Joy married to? Who is Melina Kanakaredes Dating? Who is Melina Kanakaredes's Boyfriend? Who is Melina Kanakaredes's Husband? Is Melina Kanakaredes Single? Who is Melina Kanakaredes married to? Who is Sela Ward Dating? Who is Sela Ward's Boyfriend? Who is Sela Ward's Husband? Is Sela Ward Single? Who is Sela Ward married to? Who is Vanessa Ferlito Dating? Who is Vanessa Ferlito's Boyfriend? Who is Vanessa Ferlito's Husband? Is Vanessa Ferlito Single? Who is Vanessa Ferlito married to? Who is Emmanuelle Vaugier Dating? Who is Emmanuelle Vaugier's Boyfriend? Who is Emmanuelle Vaugier's Husband? Is Emmanuelle Vaugier Single? Who is Emmanuelle Vaugier married to? Who is Megan Dodds Dating? Who is Megan Dodds's Boyfriend? Who is Megan Dodds's Husband? Is Megan Dodds Single? Who is Megan Dodds married to? Who is Claire Forlani Dating? Who is Claire Forlani's Boyfriend? Who is Claire Forlani's Husband? Is Claire Forlani Single? Who is Claire Forlani married to? Who is Sonya Walger Dating? Who is Sonya Walger's Boyfriend? Who is Sonya Walger's Husband? Is Sonya Walger Single? Who is Sonya Walger married to? Who is Kelly Hu Dating? Who is Kelly Hu's Boyfriend? Who is Kelly Hu's Husband? Is Kelly Hu Single? Who is Kelly Hu married to?
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CSI NY Super Men Clip - The Final Scene
The final scene from the CSI: NY episode "Super Men".
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CSI: New York
I love, so I decided to make a video about this. I don´t own pictures and music. Song: The Who - Baba O´Riley Lyrics: Out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living I don't need to fight To prove I'm right I don't need to be forgiven Don't cry Don't raise your eye It's only teenage wasteland Sally ,take my hand Travel south crossland Put out the fire Don't look past my shoulder The exodus is here The happy ones are near Let's get together Before we get much older Teenage wasteland It's only teenage wasteland Teenage wasteland Oh, oh Teenage wasteland They're all wasted!
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CSI : NY  -  Pay Up Trailer
Fanmade trailer for season 5 finale. I own NOTHING!!!!
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CSI:NY Stella Bonasera: Goodbye
Hey guys, I'm baaaack! After a very long time. Well, this video is FINALLY finished but I am terrified that I am uploading it. Both my last 2 videos got taken down and I got strikes to my account. Let's hope that this video doesn't get taken down. Anyway, enjoy the video, oh and it's a request by CrazyNinjaChick1. So this one is for you babes! ;)) Disclaimer: CSI:NY is the property of CBS only!! No copyright or infringement intented. In other words, please don't delete my account! Song is "Goodbye" by The Spice Girls.
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CSI:NY - Danny/Lindsay - Lindsay Tells Danny She's Pregnant
Lindsay tells Danny she's pregnant. From CSI:NY 5x09 ''The Box'' I DO NOT own anything. The copyright belongs to CBS. No profits are made.
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CSI: New York // You Found Me
Request video I made for Niamh. __________________ TV-Shows: CSI: NY Actors: Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes, Carmine Giovinazzo, Hill Harper, Eddie Cahill, Anna Belknap, Robert Joy, A.J. Buckley, Vanessa Ferlito, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Claire Forlani, Kyle Gallner Characters: Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera, Danny Messer, Sheldon Hawkes, Don Flack, Lindsay Monroe, Sid Hammerback, Adam Ross, Aiden Burn, Jennifer Angell, Peyton Driscoll, Reed Garrett Artist: The Fray Song: You Found Me Disclaimer: I don't own the show, the characters, or the music. I just use it for entertainment and not for earning any money.
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CSI: NY - Snow Day
This video is edition of my best scenes in episode 3x24. I think episode Snow Day is the best of CSI because of danger, action, nobody is spared (but Peyton, I hate her). And this song I love in last time (If you know it's name, write it please:))
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{CSI:NY} Time Of Our Lives
720p HD + headphones for best quality. Well, this is the fandom that started it all for our group... And after 9 seasons, the show ended earlier this year so we wanted to make a tribute for it. Hope you all enjoy it! Only 4 of us participated in this one (there aren't many of us originals left! lol) VIDDERS: csimaja http://www.youtube.com/user/csimaja evilthetwins http://www.youtube.com/user/evilthetwins cardiffgiant02 http://www.youtube.com/user/cardiffgiant02 simplyxxamazing http://www.youtube.com/user/simplyxxamazing VOICEOVERS: Lindsay: Danny, I'm pregnant Stella: I thought I could handle it on my own, I'm scared Mac Adam: You tell me you remember Lindsay: I just froze, I could hear them screaming in the other room Mac: You're fine CSI Stella. I can honestly say I wouldn't do this job without ya. Stella: Yes you would, you just wouldn't be as good. Mac: Welcome to the New York Crime Lab. Mac: I'm glad you stayed. Stella: Mac, that's what we do. We take care of each other. Lindsay: So Flack, how many phone numbers did you get? Flack: I don't think I like where you're going with this Monroe Lindsay: Really? Mac: Claire died on 9/11, she was in the World Trade Center Lindsay: I didn't mean for this to happen Angell: Did you just bust out your game on me? Flack: She's gone. Sid: I've been diagnosed with cancer Mac: Will you marry me? Stella: Thanks for staying with me Don. Flack: No sweat. It's my job, not to mention you're a friend. Stella: You're a very good friend. Jo: It's still a beautiful city DISCLAIMER: We don't own any rights to the content used in this video.
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CSI NY | We're holding on and Letting go...
I really loved the end of this season and the song. I know that it ends abruptly but I couldn't find anything better. Can't wait for the next season. DISCLAIMER: I don't own any rights! This was fanmade only for entertainment purposes.No copyright infringement intended.
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CSI NY 3x24- Snow Day- Danny & Lindsay
Enjoy your snow day, D. Snow Day= best Danny/Lindsay episode to date. All Danny & Lindsay clips from the episode. -waking up on the pool table in Danny's apartment -nose poke -I'm glad this happened -Danny switches shifts with Lindsay -Lindsay wakes up, "freaks out" -Lindsay finds Danny's note -She picks up the flower, has a flashback to last night. -Lindsay "rescues" Danny at the warehouse. My first fanvid. Only has added text has original episode audio- hey I'm new to this stuff. If you want to use this vid on your site, let me know first.
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CSI NY  -  Mac Taylor
I've been working on this video three days in row ;D and am really satisfied with the outcome! ;) hehe I love this music and love Mac so it was a pleasure to make this video!!! Hope you'll all enjoy it!!! Comments are welcome! Always nice to see what you guys think of it! ;) Disclaimer: I own nothing! CSI NY is property of CBS! I don't own the music!!!
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csi new york - home
my next csi new york video, i hope you like it. This video its special for me :) Because tomorrow (26.march) i celebrating my 21st birthday :D, So i really hope you like this video :D Music - Chris Daughtry - Home I own absolutely nothing Please comment and rate, thanks very much
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CSI NY Danny and Lindsay Get Married!! 5X17 "Green Piece"
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?t4minttnlmn Eeeeekkkk!!! Danny and Lindsay got married! The scene was done beautifully, and I absolutely loved how they showed all the little D/L moments as they said their vows :D
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CSI:NY Season 10 Trailer
I'm writing the 10th season of CSI New York in italian! I'll translate it in English and I'll publish it on a blog: http://csinewyorkseason10.blogspot.it/ I don't own anithing! All rights belong to CBS This is just a fanmade to promote the blog! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. I OWN NOTHING. THIS IS PURELY FAN MADE. NON-PROFIT.
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CSI NY The Movie trailer
CSI New York The Movie coming this fall (ha would be great if there was a CSI NY Movie for real lol) Please rate and comment. I own notging!!!This was made just for fun no money are being made from this!
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Josh Groban - Happy In My Heartache (CDQ)
Add Us On Facebook For More New Music : http://www.facebook.com/WeAreMusicWAM Josh Groban - Happy In My Heartache (CDQ) Josh Groban - Happy In My Heartache (CDQ) Josh Groban - Happy In My Heartache (CDQ) Josh Groban - Happy In My Heartache (CDQ)
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CSI:NY - Últimos dos minutos #WorldCSIDay
Los últimos dos minutos entre Mac y Christine de #CSINYAXN son de lo más emocionante. Hoy, en el #WorldCSIDay, los recordamos:
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Mac & Stella // Tears of an angel [CSI:NY]
Watch in HD + small screen for a better quality _______________________ Im sorry for the bad Quality of the clips. normal clips: now Black and white: the past _______________________ Short story line; Mac is worried about his partner Stella, Shes still in a coma after being attacked in her own apartment a few weeks ago. The ending is chosen by Jade [jadeemacdonaldd], actually I asked how she wanted the video to end so if you want to know what will happen to Stella please watch the video till the end. Show: CSI: new York, Providence Characters: Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera, Dr. Sydney Hansen Song: Ryan Dan - tears of an angel Edit program: Sony Vegas 8 Editor: Hester (stelliciouss) A/N: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!
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CSI: NY - Adam's bird reenactment
Adam on CSI: NY S05E16 - No Good Deed I own nothing of this. All copyrights to CBS.
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CSI:NY : Tribute to Danny and Lindsay
BOOM ! Hello ^^ I made a short...short...short somethin' xP It's a tribute to Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe from CSI:NY. Their 'lovestory' are sooo huge, so I decided, that I will divide it...somehow ;) I don't know whether I will do next..."parts". Maybe... ;P All scenes, that I used in this...this...something, are from CSI:NY 3 and, you know, that scenes don't belongs to me. But I pieced it together, with song, Alanis Morisette "Not as we". Anddd...I'm so sorry for my english xP I'm from Poland! ;) I hope you enjoy it...bye ;]
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CSI New York Season 9 Gag Reel
CSI New York's gag reel from season nine
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CSI: NY 'Flash Pop' (8x14) - Mac Taylor - First kiss since season 3
Clip from season 8 episode 14 - 'Flash Pop'. Mac kisses for the first time since season 3! I about died! Although I take issue with how they cut away... All rights owned by CBS
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CSI NY d /l /l scene 6x04
lucy is sooo cute. and danny is walking i don't own anything
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Stella & Mac // I don't believe you [CSI:NY]
Watch in HD + small screen for a better quality _______________________ Show: CSI: new york Characters: Stella Bonasera, Mac Taylor Song: Pink - I dont believe you Edit program: Sony Vegas 8 Editor: Hester (stelliciouss) A/N I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!
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CSI NY - Stella Bonasera - Fighter
Stella's a real fighter! :) Please rate and comment. I own nothing!
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CSI NY  Teaser Trailer
CSI New York teaser Trailer I own nothing!
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CSI:NY - From the Heart....Season 9 Finale
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kittycat261 Hi guys, this is my new video! I hope you will like it. It's also my Birthday video! Happy Birthday to me!! ;) Sorry i don't have much time lately....so i'm glad you are still here... i don't know what should i say...haha Season finale was absolutely amazing! I still hope for season 10! So please comment, subscribe! NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED! I OWN NOTHING! © Copyrighted to their rightful owners. I own absolutely nothing!!!!
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CSI: NY - Taxi - Soulfire
My first video about the best CSI-team :DD Hope you like it, I liked it myself (a) BTW: It came a copyright claim to the song I had first, so I switched song and had to change the video name 8] Now I have clean flour in the bag x] -------------------- CSI: NY is property of CBS, im just makin videos to promote the show and havin fun 8] --------------------
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CSI: NY (Mac Taylor - So Cold)
I just figured I'd make this video of the finale episode... thought I'd make a thing with Mac and his girls all in one (now, I know Jo and Mac have nothing going on but...) I hope you guys enjoy it. I own nothing. song: So Cold - Nikisha Reyes-Pile
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CSI NY_Calling All Angels
Fanvid for the best series ever :-)... I love this song! Fandom: CSI NY CBS Music: Calling All Angels by Train (Sony Music Entertainment ) DISCLAIMER: We don't own any rights! This was fanmade purely for entertainment purposes only.No copyright infringement intended.
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CSI:NY Stella Lindsay Sid // Conversation
Watch in HD + small screen for a better quality I know this video doesn't make sense.. XD but that's what happens when i get bored XDD _______________________ Check this out! (: http://www.melinakanakaredes.proboards.com/index.cgi Show: CSI: new york Characters: Stella, Lindsay and Sid Edit program: Sony Vegas 8 Editor: Hester (stelliciouss) A/N: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!
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Danny (and other CSI) says "BOOM".  A LOT!!! (CSI NY)
could he be any cuter??? enjoy, i certainly do... ;)
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Watching CSI New York, i came across this funny scene with Mac and Adam, and it made me laugh. i watched it like ten TIMES!! hope you enjoy as much of i did;) peace + love, Sup3rM1tchh
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CSI:New York; I'll be your solider
PLEASE SUB TO MY BACKUP: http://www.youtube.com/EmmiieProductions TWITTER: http://twitter.com/EmmieClassic TUMBLR: http://onceuponaswanqueen.tumblr.com/ LIVEJOURNAL: http://dc-svfan.livejournal.com Couple/Character/Cast/Triangle: Cast Show: CSI New York Song: Solider Artist: Gavin McGraw Description/Story: I love this show, so much. I started watching it this summer and I just fell head over heel in love with everyone. The cast dynamic is fantastic, they have such great chemistry with each other and they just feel like FAMILY.
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pieces | lindsay + danny (csi:ny)
Pieces by Red // CSI: NY Lindsay centric, featuring Danny. "you call my name, I come to you in pieces, so you can make me whole" Focusing on Lindsay's struggle with the homocide she survived and how she was haunted by it for ten years until the trial. I was only going to use the opening of the song however I really wanted to include the Danny sections and the end chorus seemed to fit well, hence why it's cut from the beginning of the song to the end :)
CSI: NY - Mac Taylor - How Do I  live
A video of Mac Taylor Played by Gary Sinise about the death of Claire and finding love again with Peyton. The song is How Do I Live by Leann Rimes.
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