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Check Out My Weekend Vlog #181 - SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS TWICE A WEEK! http://bit.ly/1B4LaNz Today some friends and I head out to Rockaway to lie on the beach, get tan, go surfing, boogy board, drink nutcrackers, and just relax. Follow, subscribe, tweet, and share! http://instagram.com/checkoutjacob https://twitter.com/CheckOutJacob https://www.facebook.com/checkoutjacob Snapchat: Realmember If you are not subscribed, you can do so here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=checkoutjacob Music (Killertracks.com): In The Sunshine ATMOS217 Track - 12 Honey Don't Change PKT8 Track - 8 Thanks for watching! For business inquiries or just to say hi, email me at the address below. Please use "Youtube Sent Me" as the subject line. JcbCrlsn@gmail.com All videos are shot on a Sony RX100 m4, Canon T2i, Samsung Note 5, or GoPro Hero 4 Black and edited using Adobe Creative Cloud.
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A day in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn | New York City
Vanwho's song : https://vanwho.bandcamp.com/track/nobody SOCIAL MEDIA STUFF My Website: http://elizabethtravels.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elizabethtravelsnow/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/eliztravelsnow I'm Elizabeth, I love traveling and making video. I hope you enjoy my channel!
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Walking around Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk in Brooklyn, New York 【4K】
Away from the concrete jungle and headed to the beach. Took about an hour train ride to reach the southern part of Brooklyn. ►►►Support me on Patreon◄◄◄ If you enjoy watching my videos and want to support my future projects, please visit my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/windwalktravelvideos Let's Connect: ►Subscribe: https://goo.gl/sS5fQZ ►Patreon: https://patreon.com/WindWalkTravelVideos ►Facebook: https://facebook.com/WindWalkTravelVideos ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/WindWalkTravels ►Instagram: https://instagram.com/WindWalkTravelVideos ►Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/WindWalkTravelVideos ►Tumblr: https://windwalktravelvideos.tumblr.com #ConeyIsland #ConeyIslandBoardwald #ConeyIslandBeach #LunaPark #Brooklyn #NewYork
Jones Beach, New York City, NY - Fall Record Warmth - 10/19/2016
Beach goes head down to Jones Beach State Park, along the south shore of Nassau County, on Long Island to enjoy the record warm temperatures today. Shot Description 1- Jones Beach Boardwalk entrance with "Jones Beach" Sign displayed. 2- A mother runs along side her young son, as he chases Seagulls. 3- Beach goers relax on beach chairs on the sand, and catch some rays. 4- A girl lies on the sand, and works on her tan. 5- Telephoto shot of large crowds gathered on the sand near the shoreline at Jones Beach. 6- A mother and her son walk along the sand. 7- A Grandmother holds her baby grand daughter on her lap, under a beach umbrella. 8- Sun bathers lie on beach chairs on the sand, and catch some rays. 9 -Sun bathers lie on beach chairs on the sand, and catch some rays. 10- A family stands at the shoreline, and dips their young sons feet in the ocean. 11- Telephoto shot looking up the beach. A man fishes along the shoreline. 12- Large crowds out and about enjoying the record warm temperatures, stroll along the Jones Beach boardwalk. 13- A older couple sits on a bench on the boardwalk at Jones Beach, as Pigeons surround them looking for food. 14- A family walks on to the sand with their young son. 15- Large crowds out and about enjoying the record warm temperatures, stroll along the boardwalk at Jones Beach. 16- People relax on their beach chairs on the sand, and catch some rays. 17- People relax on their beach chairs on the sand, and catch some rays. 18- Static shot of the Jones Beach Spire.
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Visit Rockaway Beach Like a Local | New York City
We visited Rockaway Beach on July 4th weekend, which should be insanely busy, but follow our tips to have the beach all to yourself (and still eat amazing food) on any weekend. We decided to eat at Caracas Arepas. They're overpriced but SOOO good. We had the De Pabellón. Delicious. The line only took about 10 minutes. If you want the beach to yourself, stay on the A train (don't switch to the shuttle at Broad Channel. Make sure you get an A train for Far Rockaway (not Lefferts Blvd). The A train will go east along Rockaway Beach. Get off at Beach 60th Street. The surfing area starts around Beach 62nd Street. There are WAY fewer people on the beach down on this part. There are restrooms here, but no food, so pack a lunch. The food starts with Rippers at about Beach 84th Street. The blue food court in the video is at Beach 97th. Thanks for watching Today's New Thing! We hope it inspires you to do something new today. :) Music is royalty free from YouTube's Audio Library: "Sand Castles" by the Green Orbs "Two Step" by Huma-Huma --- About PerfectLittlePlanet: I'm Brian and my wife is Isa. We live in New York. We upload new videos almost every day. We love making memories and experiencing everything this perfect little planet has to offer, and we love sharing our experiences with all our family and friends! Follow us: YouTube (Subscribe to this channel for free to be the first to see new videos): https://www.youtube.com/user/perfectlittleplanet?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram Brian: https://www.instagram.com/perfectlittleplanet/ Isa: https://www.instagram.com/isamaree/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/perfectliltweet Vine: https://vine.co/PerfectLittlePlanet The Blog: http://everythingbrisa.blogspot.com/ See everything in one place: http://www.perfectlittleplanet.com/ Snapchat: bciccotelli Check out the #EveryPath project (Explore your world!): http://everythingbrisa.blogspot.com/2016/01/everypath-in-central-park.html Thanks so much for watching, liking, and commenting! We really appreciate you spending your time with us! We hope you have a great day and experience something new today!
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Rockaway Beach, New York - The world's best urban beaches
Rockaway Beach is the largest urban beach in the United States, stretching for miles along the Rockaway Peninsula facing the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is run and operated by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. There are plenty of awesome things to do in New York this summer, and whether you want to simply relax and enjoy a boozy frozen drink or do some shopping and score some cute vintage clothes, Rockaway Beach has a variety of shops and restaurants to check out. There's a reason we rank this hood as one of the best day trips from NYC, and no summer would be complete without exploring Rockaway Beach. A plethora of businesses and restaurant have opened up in the Rockaway peninsula, after a months-long hiatus since the beaches officially closed last Labor Day. A bazaar featuring live music and DJs, a new shop with a "glitter bar" and a food truck serving a deep fried, bacon-wrapped hot dog are just some of the attractions visitors can expect to find in the area. Subsribe on Happy Traveler - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB7ViK_fZPd3-3XzIgQKWYg?sub_confirmation=1
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Waves Fun at Coney Island New York Beach and Boardwalk
Bella and Jason having a great summer time at Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk New York.
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Check Out Jacob Vlog #304 - SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS THREE TIMES A WEEK! http://bit.ly/1B4LaNz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Today, Ashton and I travel out to far Brooklyn to explore Dead Horse Bay, also known as Bottle Beach. This small beach was once home to multiple horse rendering plants and then served as a garbage dump. Because of this, it's common to find old horse bones and bottles from the 40s and 50s. We arrive right before sunset and enjoy a gorgeous sunset over Rockaway and Coney Island before smashing a few bottles and then spending some time at Royal Palms Shuffleboard club in GOWANUS, Brooklyn. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow, subscribe, tweet, and share! https://checkoutjacob.com http://instagram.com/checkoutjacob https://twitter.com/CheckOutJacob https://www.facebook.com/checkoutjacob https://www.citizine.tv/profile/jacob Snapchat: Realmember ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Equipment I Use: DJI Mavic Pro Drone: http://amzn.to/2mkayJL Sony RX100 m4: http://amzn.to/2dXqi3F Gorillapod: http://amzn.to/2dR7FSc SD Card: http://amzn.to/2dXrofT GoPro Hero 4 Black: http://amzn.to/2dR6G4J Samsung Galaxy Note 5: http://amzn.to/2exvInY Aputure LED Light: http://amzn.to/2ee5cgo Travel Bag: http://amzn.to/2mWOZiq Bluetooth Headphones: http://amzn.to/2ee760J External Hard drive: http://amzn.to/2dXrFj3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you are not subscribed, you can do so here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=checkoutjacob ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music (Killertracks.com): Glasses On GT28 Track - 19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for watching! For business inquiries or just to say hi, please use the following email address: CheckOutJacob@gmail.com All videos are shot on a Sony RX100 m4, Canon T2i, Samsung Note 5, or GoPro Hero 4 Black and edited using Adobe Creative Cloud.
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10 BEST THINGS TO DO & EAT in CONEY ISLAND | Brooklyn , New York
Coney Island an American Pop Icon. I wanted to visit Coney Island highlights with my friend and local New Yorker, Anna, we hit some of the best things to do in coney islnad and coney island historical sites. http://grrrltraveler.com/beaches-boardwalks/video-things-to-do-coney-island-brooklyn-new-york/ 10 Things to Do Coney Island | Top Attractions Brooklyn #NYC A trip to New York wouldn't be complete without a stopover at Coney Island. Coney Island is known for being one of the oldest and largest amusement parks in America. It's also a treasure trove of historical landmarks. Today we're going to take you inside some of the top must-see sights that make Coney Island an American icon. With me today is my good friend Anna, a local New Yorker. She'll also be sharing some of her favorite things to do here. Travel Safe, Smart and Fun. ======== Transcription: Now a trip to New York wouldn't be complete without a stopover at Coney Island. Coney Island is known for being one of the oldest and largest amusement parks in America. It's also a treasure trove of historical landmarks. Today we're going to take you inside some of the top must-see sights that make Coney Island an American icon. With me today is my good friend Anna, a local New Yorker. She'll also be sharing some of her favorite things to do here. So right now, we're outside Williams Candy store. It is known for it's candied apples and freshly-made sweet treats. mmmm. That tastes good. You can taste the cashews and the nuttiness of the cashews and caramel, right? And there's marshmellows? It's a marshmellow in the center. Walking along Coney Island Boardwalk is a must. The boardwalk is also the longest and widest boardwalk in the world. You can smell the sugar of the funnel cakes, pizza, hot dogs. You see people eating ice cream, Italian ices... Here's my knish. I think I'm gonna get some mustard on it. Knishes were made popular in New York by Eastern Eurpoean immigrants in the early 1900s. ] A knish is actually a .. the mustard. So nice and spicy and the breading around the potato knish is deep fried in a nice, crispy way. Behind me is the Wonder wheel and this is another Coney Island landmark. Coney Island USA. It's a non-profit arts organization that helps continue the tradition of sideshow attractions. Contortionists, sword swallowers,bearded ladies.. this is where it all took place. It houses a daily freak show, the coney island museum and the annual mermaid parade. Cyclone. The oldest wooden rollercoaster in America that is still working. That first drop is an 85 foot 60 degree drop. For roller coaster afficionados, this would be on your bucketlist. What do you think we should do next Anna? I think the next thing we do, head down to the water. Gotta put your feet in the water. We're at coney island. Let's go. The sand is so fine. That's really nice. I'm glad we did this. A definite must. So at Los Angeles, at Venice Beach they have a Muscle Beach... This is Brooklyn's version of Muscle Beach. Only in New York. Nathan's Famous. The original hotdog stand was built in 1916 and this joint has been a landmark ever since. They hold an annual hot dog eating contest every fourth of July. And that's how you can enjoy Coney Island. Eat your way through it. Travel Safe, Smart and Fun. ================ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/user/ckaaloa ====== *LET'S CONNECT!* GRRRLTRAVELER WEBSITE: http://grrrltraveler.com FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/GRRRL.TRAVELER TWITTER: http://twitter.com/grrrltraveler PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/grrrltraveler INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/grrrltraveler GOOGLE + PAGE: https://plus.google.com/b/115684422978231046500/+Grrrltraveler Travel Survival | Solo Travel | Live with GRRR!
New York Kicks Back on Alabama’s Beaches
Sugar-white sands and a brine-touched breeze are the last things you’d expect to find in the middle of New York City. Alabama brings its tranquil beaches to New Yorkers in desperate need of some R&R.
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Long Island Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)
https://www.expedia.com/Long-Island.d602887.Destination-Travel-Guides Long Island stretches eastward for 115 miles, from the New York boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens to the bluffs of Montauk Point.   Take the short train ride from Manhattan to the sands of Long Beach, which for many is where Long Island begins. From here, Long Island’s protective barrier islands continue all the way to Westhampton Island. Halfway along the chain, visit Fire Island Lighthouse, which for generations of immigrants was their first glimpse of America.   Many of those immigrants went on to create vast financial empires, and it was on Long Island’s northern shores where they built the mansions that would inspire F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby.   At the Cradle of Aviation Museum in nearby Hempstead, discover how Long Island launched generations of aviators into the wild blue yonder. Nearby, continue your flight into the past at the American Airpower Museum.   In the mid 1800s, well-to-do New Yorkers were drawn to the unspoiled beaches of Long Island’s East End. Today, the pioneer settlement of Southampton Village is a place where history and style have blended as smoothly as the spirits in a Long Island Iced Tea. The past been also been beautifully preserved in nearby Sag Harbor, a historic whaling port immortalized in Moby Dick.   Just a 30-minute drive east from Sag Harbor is Montauk, a place locals refer to as “The End”. America’s first president, George Washington, commissioned Montauk Lighthouse on Long Island’s easternmost point. Climb to the top to take in the sweeping views of this place that has played center stage in some of America’s greatest stories.
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MetroBoxTV.com's Guide to NYC Area Beaches
A brief overview of the beaches within reach of New York City. MetroBoxTV is a web TV channel for recent grads.
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new York beaches
Praia de New York
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Not ALL New York Beaches SUCK!
We visited Long Beach in Long Island and we loved it very much! So i guess i take it back, not ALL Beaches in New York suck lol =) Dont forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed the VLOG and SUBSCRIBE so you never miss my videos!!! Thanks for watching!!! xoxo www.facebook.com/itsklife instagram @_KLife snapchat itsklife
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Alabama Beaches in New York City
People near Herald Square will be able to take a relaxing pause in their day, in a display replicating Alabama's gulf coast.
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Fitness Shoot on the Beach - Long Island, New York
Visit us at www.SkyViewPros.com - These are some clips from a fitness shoot at Crab Meadow Beach in Long Island, NY. We used a small drone to create all the footage.
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N.Y. to expand smoking ban to parks, beaches
The Health Department is reportedly expanding New York's smoking ban to include city parks and beaches. Jay Dow reports on the change.
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Leaving the Night Clubs of NYC for the Beaches of Tulum | EX-PATS™ Ep. 9 Full | Reserve Channel
Night club designer David Graziano left New York City for the beaches of Tulum, Mexico. Join Savannah as she discovers the luxurious Ahau Hotel that he is building in his personal paradise. SUBSCRIBE to Reserve Channel: http://bit.ly/ZJlWBS Like EX-PATS on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/YY9cBp And follow on Twitter: http://bit.ly/XCWQS4 For more EX-PATS check out our series playlist: http://bit.ly/15jb0ua EX-PATS: EX-PATS according to modern definition, are people temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of their upbringing. Hosted by Savannah Jane Buffett (Jimmy's daughter), we travel through foreign lands discovering the extraordinary stories of those who cut the home-cord leaving behind a seemingly successful and ordinary existence in search of a place to live the dream they have for their life. RESERVE CHANNEL and RSRV are registered trademarks, and ACROSS THE BOARD, ARTST TLK, BE WELL WEEK, BE WELL WEEKEND, CAPTURE, EX-PATS, HOOKED-UP, and ON THE TABLE are trademarks of Uncommon Content Partners LLC.
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Russia in New York - Brighton Beach
View the Google Map of Russia in New York: http://g.co/maps/m5sx4 On the southern outskirts of Brooklyn, just down the boardwalk from Coney Island, the peaceful ocean waves once drew waves of immigrants from a tumultuous past. Refugees from the former Soviet Union. After the Cold War ended in the '90s, an influx of Russians settled on the shores of the city. Brighton Beach, nicknamed Little Odessa after the Ukrainian city on the Black Sea, boasts the largest Russian-speaking population in the United States. Here, you may feel you need a translator, or a tour guide, like Dave Garbarskiy. Onward down Brighton Beach Avenue, at M & I International Food, locals stock up on fresh-made breads and other provisions. While there, also sample Russian-style eats like cured cold cuts, variations of pickled fish, and Pir-oj-ki: fried pastries with either a savory or a sweet-filled center. Fresh apricot or mango juices often accompany meals at cafes, and you can sample a variety of dishes for under ten dollars. Of course everyone in Russia needs a fur coat, and maybe a fox fur hat, as warm as they are stylish. Luckily, David's uncle owns a store down the street! When you commit to long train rides to the outskirts of New York City, you'll be amazed by the things you discover. It's not necessarily that Brighton Beach looks like Russia - it looks like any other neighborhood in Brooklyn. What makes it Russian is the people you meet, the sound of the language and the music in the streets, the foods you get to sample - that's what gives it the vibe that you're somewhere else outside of the United States. Megan Snedden Travel Writer & Presenter http://MeganSnedden.com Twitter: @MeganSnedden Directed by David Joshua Ford http://DavidJoshuaFord.com Twitter: @DavidJoshuaFord
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Beautiful Beaches in New York
Beautiful Beaches in New York
Long Island, New York: Beaches, Charming Shops and Delicious Wineries
Visit Long Island, New York and discover pristine beaches and fabulous shops. Take a day trip to Fire Island and its fabulous lighthouse. Connect on our social channels: ✈ Like Visit The USA: http://Facebook.com/VisitTheUSA ✈ Follow Visit The USA: http://Twitter.com/VisitTheUSA ✈ Follow Visit The USA: http://Instagram.com/VisitTheUSA Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/VisitTheUSA Welcome to the official channel of United States tourism. Our goal is to inspire people from around the world to explore all the exciting travel possibilities in the United States. Watch our videos and discover it, all within your reach.
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A Surfer's Saturday at Rockaway Beach – New York, Etc. – The New Yorker
Who would have thought that New York has its own surfing community? It's in the Rockaways, and the Rockaway Beach Surf Club plays an integral role. On a recent Saturday, Brandon d'Leo, the club's co-owner, showed us around. Still haven’t subscribed to The New Yorker on YouTube ►► http://bit.ly/newyorkeryoutubesub CONNECT WITH THE NEW YORKER Web: http://www.newyorker.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/NewYorker Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/newyorker Google+: http://plus.google.com/+newyorker Instagram: http://instagram.com/newyorkermag Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/thenewyorker Tumblr: http://newyorker.tumblr.com The Scene: http://thescene.com/thenewyorker Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene: http://bit.ly/subthescene A Surfer's Saturday at Rockaway Beach – New York, Etc. – The New Yorker Producer: Sky Dylan-Robbins
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"Manhattan Beach” Wins the 2018 One Book, One New York Competition!
New Yorkers have voted – and the one book that they chose to read together is “Manhattan Beach” by Jennifer Egan! Visit NYC.gov/OneBook for information on book clubs, library events and more. Join the conversation on social media using #OneBookNY.
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Are Sex Segregated Beaches Coming to New York
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Help us reach our fundraising goal so we can make this a reality for New York City! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/city-beach-nyc--2
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Hurricane Bill's effect on Long Island Ocean Beaches New York
Beaches were closed to swimmers due to Hurricane Bill's effect on ocean on Long Island, New York. There was no beach - water was coming up over dunes! http://nancyann.photostockplus.com/album_676823
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New York beaches reopen for the summer season
New York's beaches reopen for the 2013 summer season seven months after Hurricane Sandy.
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Atlantic City Casinos, Hotels and Beaches, Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey
Atlantic City Casinos, Hotels and Beaches, Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey Atlantic City is a resort city in Atlantic County, New Jersey, United States, known for its casinos, boardwalks, and beaches. In 2010, it had a population of 39,558. The city was incorporated on May 1, 1854, from portions of Egg Harbor Township and Galloway Township. It borders Absecon, Brigantine, Pleasantville, Ventnor City, West Atlantic City, and the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic City inspired the American version of the board game Monopoly, especially the street names. Since 1921, Atlantic City has been the home of the Miss America pageant. Atlantic City is considered the "Gambling Capital of the East Coast", and currently has seven large casinos. In 2011, New Jersey's then 12 casinos employed approximately 33,000 employees, had 28.5 million visitors, made $3.3 billion in gaming revenue, and paid $278 million in taxes. They are regulated by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. In the wake of the United States' economic downturn and the legalization of gambling in adjacent and nearby states (including Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania), four casino closures took place in 2014: the Atlantic Club on January 13; the Showboat on August 31; the Revel, which was Atlantic City's second-newest casino, on September 2; and Trump Plaza, which originally opened in 1984, and was the poorest performing casino in the city, on September 16. Executives at Trump Entertainment Resorts, whose sole remaining property at the time was the Trump Taj Mahal, said in 2013 that they were considering the option of selling the Taj and winding down and exiting the gaming and hotel business. Trump Taj Mahal closed October 10, 2016 after failing to come to terms with union workers. Caesars Entertainment executives have been reconsidering the future of their three remaining Atlantic City properties (Bally's, Caesars and Harrah's), in the wake of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing by the company's casino operating unit in January 2015. The Atlantic City Boardwalk opened on June 26, 1870, a temporary structure erected for the summer season that was the first boardwalk in the United States. The Boardwalk starts at Absecon Inlet in the north and runs along the beach south-west to the city limit 4 miles (6.4 km) away then continues 1 1⁄2 miles (2.4 km) into Ventnor City. Casinos and hotels front the boardwalk, as well as retail stores, restaurants, and amusements. Notable attractions include the Boardwalk Hall, House of Blues, and the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum. Music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) NYC files: Video tales from New York City Subscribe for more New York City videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=freemusic4 Website: http://www.newyorkcity-files.com Google +: https://plus.google.com/+Newyorkcityfilesvideos/posts Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nycfiles Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYC_Files Instagram: http://instagram.com/new_york_city_files
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Summer in New York Beach
2011 in New York Beach
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NYC Subway and Brighton Beach, NY. "Real Russia in the US" ep.3
NYC Subway ride from 42st Street to Brighton Beach. Quick walk through the streets of Brighton Beach. http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/sgbaklykov http://realrussiablog.com
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"The One": Rockaway Beach, New York
Stunning views of scenic Rockaway Beach, New York. All images courtesy of Michael Schor Photography: http://michaelschorphotography.com/ "The One" - Music: Elton John; Lyrics: Bernie Taupin
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Discover Long Island on the best New York golf courses.
World-class fairways, miles of sparkling beaches, historic golf clubs and quaint seaside villages make Long Island a top destination. #travelgoals
NY Beaches // New York
BLOG // naoxphotography.blogspot.com VSCO // naoxphotography.vsco.co FILMED ON // Canon SX500
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Camera: Joe Driver: Tali we went out offroading...nuthin crazy...stock suspension,hokked up engine,crazy bastard driving...everyday car,lol
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Sizzling Heat Brings High Risk Of Rip Currents To Local Beaches
CBS2's Vanessa Murdock is in Coney Island where it's much cooler along the shore line -but warns the water can be dangerous with a high risk of rip tides.
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Bond No. 9 Scents PT. 1  New York Beaches Coney Island, Fire Island, Sag Harbor & More
Bond No. 9 colognes mentioned The New York Beaches http://www.bondno9.com/shop/eau-de-parfum Shelter Island Sag Harbor Montauk Coney Island Fire Island Hamptons
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Debate Over Smoking Ban On New York Beaches
David Schwartz, a lobbyist for the New York Tobacconists' Association, debates Michael Seilback from the American Lung Association on whether the city should be allowed to ban smoking in public beaches and parks on Thursday's edition of "Inside City Hall."
High Water on Lake Ontario Beaches in Jefferson County NY
READ: http://www.watertowndailytimes.com/news03/high-lake-ontario-st-lawrence-river-water-levels-affect-state-parks-campsites-video-20170519 High water levels have taken over the beaches at Westcott Beach State Park and Southwick Beach State Park in Jefferson County NY. The water is causing erosion to the sand dunes at Southwick and is flooding campgrounds at Westcott's.
Views: 2572 Watertown Daily Times
New York Beaches
Coney Island Beach Rockaway Beach Yes New York has Beaches, and they're not half bad, Rockaway Beach is the 2nd best Beach I've ever been to besides Miami Beach. Coney Island is more of an amusement park family type of beach, while Rockaway is mainly local surfers.
Views: 44 Mohammad Hammoud
I got note from Bryan HD Gaming last week. It said, “Hey Bill I watched this vid of a Megalodon washed up on a beach. Is it real… or is this fake? Well, Bryan -- I looked at the video and to be honest when I first saw it, I thought it was a whale… but as I stopped the video and looked closer, it didn’t have the markings of any whale I know. For the most part whales don’t have mid body dorsal fins like a shark with the exception of a killer whale. But then a killer whale is black and white in color. This creature is grey… more like.. you guessed it… a shark. There were many avenues I could have investigated, but the one I chose had to do with this logo right here at the bottom… This was a news piece originally presented by CNN or Cable News Network. Now when I see something like this and the original soundtrack has been removed, it makes me very suspicious. Hopping over to CNN, I looked around and found my match. On July 15th 2009, CNN did a story on a basking shark that washed ashore. Even though the video was no longer available, the still picture was obviously a screen grab from the original video. Basking sharks are the second biggest fish in the ocean behind whale sharks. This one weighed an estimated 5,000 lba or 2,267 Kilos. I was measured at 26 feet 6 inches long or 8 meters. It washed ashore on Long Island Beach in New York State. It was still alive when authorities from the New York office of parks and recreation arrived, but died soon after. There were no signs of injury from a boat strike or anything like that. Why it died remains unknown. So Bryan, in regards to your question about whether the video on youtube claiming it is a Megalodon is real or not… I guess you already know the answer. FAKE Hey guys if you have something you’re not sure whether it is real or not, drop me a line at billschannel@gmail.com and I will try to check it out.
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What to Do in Anguilla | 36 Hours | The New York Times
Tourism only took off a few decades ago, yet Anguilla, with its gorgeous beaches and thriving music scene, is home to some of the region's most alluring resorts and restaurants. Produced by: Fritzie Andrade Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/1I2Mrs1 Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free and get a handpicked selection of the best videos from The New York Times every week: http://bit.ly/timesvideonewsletter Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n Watch more videos at: http://nytimes.com/video --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more from The New York Times? Twitter: https://twitter.com/nytvideo Instagram: http://instagram.com/nytvideo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nytimes Google+: https://plus.google.com/+nytimes Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It's all the news that's fit to watch. On YouTube. What to Do in Anguilla | 36 Hours | The New York Times http://www.youtube.com/user/TheNewYorkTimes
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Montauk Fishing:  Americas Best Surf Fishing Spot?
PART 1/2: On this episode we are headed into Montauk, New York to find out why it is called the “Surf Fishing Capital” and to hopefully hook up on some legendary fish. Our goal is to find and locate the giant fish that migrate through the area. However there is a challenge. We have never done anything like this before! Will we be able to find a legendary fish at Montauk, NY? Well you’ll just have to watch and find out! Get ready for some seriously EPIC fishing adventures. WATCH PART 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URUUPN_4C9A&index=2&list=PLwVbPo9cSUXBNGQ3l5q4pxwN6MFe7Fqo4 The Senko Skipper Channel is your one stop connection to our wild world. We hope to Inspire Adventure! If you have your own Fishing YouTube channel and you're looking for tips and tricks, we've written a guide to help you grow! Full of advice from our own experience, you can download your FREE PDF here: http://bit.ly/sksktips So SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the adventure that brings you closer to the most bizarre and mysterious fish known to man! New Episodes Every and Friday at 5pm EST Subscribe Now! https://www.youtube.com/c/senkoskipperfishing -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "FLORIDA Pier Fishing: Catch Fish Fast!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEDlIIGv5g8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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NYC Beaches Open Memorial Day Weekend 2013
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and New York City Parks Commissioner Veronica M. White today opened all 14 miles of New York City's beaches for the 2013 season. These beaches -- Coney Island/Brighton and Manhattan Beaches in Brooklyn; Rockaway Beach in Queens; Orchard Beach in the Bronx; and Midland, Wolfe's Pond, Cedar Grove and South Beaches in Staten Island -- were badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy and underwent a $270 million-plus restoration to open them this summer, creating new access, making them more resilient and better protected. More than 20 million people are expected to visit New York City beaches this summer.
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City Beaches Officially Open To The Public Saturday
Memorial Day Weekend is just kicking off and Coney Island si already drawing crowds. CBS2's Ali Bauman is live from the boardwalk.
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Debate Over Smoking Ban On New York Beaches Part 2
David Schwartz, a lobbyist for the New York Tobacconists' Association, debates Michael Seilback from the American Lung Association on whether the city should be allowed to ban smoking in public beaches and parks on Thursday's edition of "Inside City Hall."
A look at: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Take a look at one of the most vibrant Russian communities outside of Russia. Brighton Beach is a community on Coney Island in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City, USA Located next to the famous Coney Island theme park, this place is like stepping into a time warp and still resembles what the Lower East Side used to look like. Locally known as "Little Odessa", the people here continue to carry on there daily lives as Russian citizens. Take a stroll down Brighton Beach Avenue and you will find Russian bakers, butchers, supermarkets, restaurants and is certainly an eye opener! Riegelmann Broadwalk, located at the end of Coney Island Avenue stretches the length of Brighton Beach all the way to the theme park and is a pleasant walk past the beach, and looks across to the Gateway National Recreation Area. The New York City Subway also runs a direct service on the Q Line and stops at Brighton Beach and Ocean Parkway stations. The subway line runs on an elevated track above the street, which makes it particularly loud! Music is Nign performed by The Klezmatics. Filmed using the Sony HDR-HC9 HDV1080i High Definition Handycam.
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Concerns Along Long Island’s Beaches
CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reports.
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Coney Island, NYC beaches open for season
At the waterline at Coney Island
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