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Lexington Steele - Come on crackheads
Lexington Steele, is an American award-winning pornographic actor, director and owner of Mercenary Motion Pictures and Black Viking Pictures Inc. He is the first actor to have won the AVN Male Performer of the Year Award three times. Steele won AVN Male Performer of the Year Awards in 2000, 2002 and 2003, the first actor to win three times. In 2000, Steele was awarded the AVN Award for Best Anal Scene with Anastasia Blue and In 2005 he won the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) Award for Best Couple Sex Scene for a scene he did together with his co-star Katsuni in "Lex Steele XXX 3". He is largely featured in interracial pornography Kategori:
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Nikki Benz Talks to Lex Steele About Co-Stars Being Too Endowed
http://www.vladtv.com - Acclaimed film stars, Lexington Steele, who has been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, along with Nikki Benz, a recent 2015 XBiz Winner, chopped it up with VladTV about a number of topics. After Lex revealed that his total number of partners both on and off the set is somewhere in the 5,000 range, Nikki offered an estimate which includes between 100-200 people. Citing that "guys work more" the 12-year veteran also explains that at the beginning of her career she was "under contract," and that stipulation maintained that she "didn't work that much," leading to about five movies a year. "I didn't get to f*** a lot in the beginning of my career," she says. She then shares that before her current career, she was a college student stripping to pay for her education. "I'm really bored from being just a stripper...and I'm like, 'I want to do something more,' and I really wanted to be famous," says the brunette bombshell. Although she laughs at her initial motivations and again states, "I just wanted the fame," Lexington Steele voices his agreement and offers his thoughts, "Well that worked out...That's why a lot of people get into the biz." Be sure to watch the full clip and see what these renowned adult thespians have to say regarding how social media has impacted their industry; how Nikki's ambition with her profession eventually led to her break up; and Lexington offers his thoughts about directing a woman in a scene with whom he had a romantic relationship.
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Lexington Steele: I've Smashed Around 5,000 Women Over My Career
http://www.vladtv.com - Lexington Steele recently chopped it up with VladTV, and the legendary vet was challenged to break down the number of films in which he has appeared, and the number of women with whom he has hooked up with. Pondering the question of how many films he's appeared in, Lex eventually reveals the approximate sum total of scenes he believes he has under his belt: an impressive 5,000. As Lexington discloses that he also believes he's slept with about 5,000 women, both in his profession and in his personal life, he says that number would be greater if he were able to do scenes with more white adult actors as opposed to only those who do interracial porn. Check out the full clip to hear what all he has to say.
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Lexington Steele's own member
There is a vibrating model: http://racy.com/lexington-steele-vibrating-lex-caliber.html The demo model (just a dong) http://racy.com/lexington-steele-powerlock-cock.html Lexington Steele is an african-american porn star that has made a multitude of movies and has his own line of toys. This particular model is modeled after his own member and it is large.
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SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=aceparty01 I ask the PORN LEGEND LEXINGTON STEELE how has he managed to maintained in the PORN BUSINESS and I apologize for a situation that i had with 2 CHICKS in his HOT TUB!! My twitter: https://twitter.com/ace_pornstar Lex Steele https://twitter.com/LexSteele11 Music by http://www.audiomicro.com
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Lexington Steele - Ahhhhhhh
Lexington Steele, is an American award-winning pornographic actor, director and owner of Mercenary Motion Pictures and Black Viking Pictures Inc. He is the first actor to have won the AVN Male Performer of the Year Award three times. Steele won AVN Male Performer of the Year Awards in 2000, 2002 and 2003, the first actor to win three times. In 2000, Steele was awarded the AVN Award for Best Anal Scene with Anastasia Blue and In 2005 he won the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) Award for Best Couple Sex Scene for a scene he did together with his co-star Katsuni in "Lex Steele XXX 3". He is largely featured in interracial pornography. http://soundcloud.com/steelington-lex/steelington-lex-aaahhhhh
Lex Steele - The Saddest Violin of All.
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Aja Asks......Lex Steele  Part I
Aja. ChokesNgags. Aunty Chokes...gets balls deep with porn star veteran, Lexington Steele. Part 1.
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Vidéos mises en ligne de Official AVN
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Lexington Steele Speaks On Falling Flat During Scenes
http://www.vladtv.com - In this VladTV exclusive, adult entertainers Lexington Steele and Nikki Benz discuss a topic overlooked in the porn industry: entertainers falling flat during scenes. Lexington admitted he has lost steam in scenes with beautiful women. After naming a few of them, including Anikka Albrite, he says women like Lexi Belle are petite and not his immediate preference. Since he’s a veteran in the game, he’s not expected to have problems. Lexington explains he gives himself some time alone and even talks to his co-stars before scenes so pieces of chemistry can be formed. Benz says she never leaves her co-stars out to dry because it can destroy a scene. Instead, she helps males who have problems operating by catering to their needs. Lexington agreed, stating that communication and chemistry in the industry can be achieved in little to no time to create legendary scenes. Check out their interview above.
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Lexington Steele Show
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Lexington Steele comedy
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Lexington Steele Welcomes You To Mercenary Pictures Video
Lexington Steele Welcomes You To MercenaryPicturesVideo.com (NSFW). The brand new site for Mercenary Pictures.
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Lexington Steele Gives Advice to Women Afraid to Try "Big" Men
http://www.vladtv.com - Lube and time is all you need to handle porn veteran Lexington Steele, he tells VladTV. Steele - who has had relations with over 5,000 women - says that though most women are hesitant at first, "the courage factor takes over," resulting in some of his most popular scenes to date. "'Oh wow I've never seen something like that in person, I've only heard about it'," mocks Lexington Steele, who says the "courage factor" then makes women go "Well, I think I can do it." He also gives some advice to the lovers of the world who are afraid of partaking in sexual relations with well-endowed men. "Don't be intimidated by the size, because you gotta be prepared and remember that 'he who is in command of the ship will make its direction'," he adds with a laugh. Watch the full clip as he addresses adult actress Stacie Lane saying she would never date a man of his size, and why women's reservations make his off-screen sex life differ greatly from his on-camera one in this VladTV exclusive.
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Lexington Steele Interviews Tory Lane Part 2
Lexington Steele Interviews Tory Lane after they filmed a scene for Lexington Steeles Heavy Metal 7 more at: http://mercenarypicturesvideo.com
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Nikki Benz and Lex Steele Recall Multiple Fights While Filming
http://www.vladtv.com - It's almost become guaranteed to count on Lexington Steele and Nikki Benz to come to VladTV with an insane story about their experiences in their industry. This time around they didn't let us down as they remembered hilarious - and somewhat serious - encounters with their costars while preparing for their scenes. "There's a lot of behind the scenes stuff that goes on that the fans don't see," Nikki states in this exclusive clip. "I've seen dudes fight butt-a** naked on set," Lex recalled. "That's the funniest s*** in the world because when you 're trying to break them up, you're trying to make sure that nothing's touching your leg or something." Lexington Steele has had his fair share of near-altercations, and tells us in detail about one time in Europe where he almost got into a fight with another man because he wouldn't "compromise" on set. Check out his hysterical story as well as one from Nikki Benz above.
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Lex Steele Lex Caliber PleasureSkin Cock
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Vanessa Blue & Lexington Steel Give An Interview
Vanessa Blue and Lexington Steel
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Lexington Steele on Women Who Refuse to Do Interracial Scenes
http://www.vladtv.com - Legend Lexington Steele exclusively told VladTV that "it's never really bothered" him that certain women refuse to shoot a scene with him because he's Black, but he's surely noticed that there's a substantial difference in the numbers he accumulates versus someone who can work with all of the women in the industry. Steele says that women in the entertainment industry who "choose to not include interracial" are really just "shorting" themselves a significant amount of money by not doing the scenes. "For those that choose to not do certain things for their own personal reasons, the flip side is they're not making the same amount of money [as those who do]." says Lex. He also added that "it's impossible for them to achieve the same levels of popularity" as opposed to the White women who will sleep with Black men on film. Catch what else he had to say on the matter above.
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Lex Steele: Vanessa Blue Lied About Me Being Gay
http://www.vladtv.com - Porn star Lexington Steele sat down with VladTV and addressed the rumor of his ex-fiancee, fellow porn star Vanessa Blue, outing him as gay. Steele denies the allegation, saying that Vanessa fabricated the story to explain their break-up. He says while she did not catch him with a man, she did catch him with another woman, yet chose to stay with him. Once they separated in June of 2006, Steele terminated her as a director of films within his company, and knowing he produced gay and transsexual films (of which he claims he never took part), Blue took the opportunity to make up that allegation. Listen to his explanation above.
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Lexington Steele Interviews Tory Lane Part 3
Lexington Steele Interviews Tory Lane after they filmed a scene for Lexington Steeles Heavy Metal 7 more at: http://mercenarypicturesvideo.com
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Lexington Steele
Lexington Steele Black Bastard Lex Steele LexSteele Mr Marcus Rico Strong Wesley
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Lexington Steele Talks Dating Another Porn Star
http://www.vladtv.com - Porn veteran Lexington Steele sat down with VladTV to share how he deals with dating fellow porn star Vanessa Blue, saying their relationship isn't unique because there are several couples in the industry and they are all professional enough to look at what they do as work and nothing more. He also jokingly says that while they kiss on the way to work, they may not get the instant "welcome home" kiss that most couples are used to. Check out the clip above.
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Lexington Steele Interviews Tory Lane Part 1
Lexington Steele Interviews Tory Lane after they filmed a scene for Lexington Steeles Heavy Metal 7 more at: http://mercenarypicturesvideo.com
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Lex Steele Welcomes you to the Mercenary Booth @ EroticaLA
Lexington Steele Welcomes you all to the Mercenary booth at Erotica LA. Interviews with Sincere LeMore and Lady Melody. Visit: http://mercenarypicturesvideo.com
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Lexington Steele and Savana Styles brief interview at XRCO 2017
Lexington Steele and Savana Styles briefly interviewed at XRCO awards show 2017.
Porn star Lexington Steele - full interview
Porn star Lexington Steele on his career, racism in porn, STD's, his 11" dong and much more!
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Lexington Steele Shares Sex Tips With Kiki Rockstar at Exxxotica Expo 2010!
The Queen of Erotica Kiki Rockstar talks with Adult film legendary producer and star Lexington Steele who gives his suggestions to the sexes about spicing up your sex life!
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P.Diddy gets caught by REALITY CHECK T.V walking around the A.V.N porn convention where he meets up with the male pornstar lexington steele.
Talk Is Jericho   Porn's Power Couple   Lexington Steele and Savana Styles
Talk Is Jericho - Porn's Power Couple - Lexington Steele and Savana Styles Porn's Power Couple, Lexington Steele and Savana Styles, are telling it like it is when it comes to sex for work and sex for pleasure... because they do both - with each other! You'll find out why Savana prefers to have Lex direct her on camera, and why it's important to watch each other's work with other partners. Plus, you'll discover how they got into the porn industry, and what effect the internet has had on porn, and specifically their ability to make a living off of what they do. They also offer a behind-the-scenes look at some of their favorite, most popular, and upcoming films. thank for you listening !
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Lexington Steele and Savana Styles at the 2017 AVN Awards Nomination Party at Avalon Nightclub in Ho
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Working With Lexington Steele
Working with Lex! :)
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Sad Violin (feat. Lexington Steele)
possibly the best song ever. umad pwnsauce?
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Lexington Steele - The Man
Meet the man known as Lexington Steele, in this exclusive sneak peek from the forthcoming Documentary "Steele Real" exploring the adult entertainment industry super star, producer, and entrepreneur.
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Weeds - Andy Botwin Meets Lex Steel
From the show "Weeds" - Uncle Andy gets a catering gig on a porn shoot...
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Lexington Steele and Nikki Benz Address Myth of High Rates of Pregnancy in Industry
http://www.vladtv.com - Back in the '90s Lexington Steele would walk away for a promising career as a stock broker to take up his dream job of becoming an acclaimed industry star, and in a recent VladTV exclusive, he along with Nikki Benz discuss how many actresses are not on birth control and the "mythical" idea of people in the industry having babies. After Lex Steele avows, "I have no kids; I have never gotten a woman pregnant...I've never implanted anything," DJ Vlad brings up an interesting rumor about how many female stars don't use birth control. Nikki then raises her hand and offers, "I'm one of them," while clarifying that despite not using contraception she's never gotten pregnant due to her line of work. "I've never gotten pregnant on set, ever." Press play and treat yourself to an interesting discussion about how Plan B has worked wonders to prevent unplanned pregnancies among many people in the industry, and Lex and Nikki's respective takes on the "money shot."
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Lexington Steele sound compilation 2
Lexington steele is the best screamer of the world. Version 2 Enjoy
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Porn legend Lexington Steele and starlet Skyler Nicole discuss the popularity of All-Black porn.
The legendary Lexington Steele and gorgeous ebony adult film starlet Skyler Nicole discuss the mythology and misinformation concerning the popularity and importance of ethnic/all-Black adult films and how the industry intentionally and/or unintentionally attempts to sabotage the overall success of Black-on-Black/all-ethnic adult film. It's a very interesting exchange! This is a clip from Lexington Steele Live (5-4-15) on LA Talk Radio https://youtu.be/VEhNtTn1vZc
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Phoenix Marie Explains the Lack of Certain Races in The Industry
http://www.vladtv.com - Mia Khalifa caught the attention of thousands when she exposed NFL player Duke Williams' DMs to her. In this exclusive clip, Lexington Steele and Phoenix Marie share their thoughts on the situation, and while Phoenix believes it was all a publicity stunt, Lexington Steele cites other reasons. "In her eyes, perhaps she was not impressed with whom he is as a pro athlete," he believes. "So the entitlement that he thought he was gonna get just because she does p**** - which means a lot of people think that means green light for everything - they're surprised that it's not green light for everything." During this clip Phoenix Marie also explains why there aren't many Middle Eastern male stars, which leads into a conversation about well-endowed men. Lexington Steele then goes on to provide facts about male descendants of Africa and why the female body is the reason behind it all. Watch and listen to the two adult film stars' racy (and slightly comical) discussion with DJ Vlad above.
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LA Talk Radio: Lexington Steele Live 11-10-14
Gianna Michaels, Dazelle Yvette, Jodi Taylor
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Lexington Steele Compilation (with added pictures)
This video will change your life.
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