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Top 10 Phones That Are SERIOUSLY Dangerous
SUBSCRIBE: MostAmazingTop10- http://bit.ly/2xDwt5l In today's list, we take a look at some of the dangerous phones that have appeared on the market over the years. Some of them catch fire, some of them explode and others have worryingly high levels of radiation - but which one is the worst? NEW MOST AMAZING INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/mostamazingofficial/ Support Us On Patreon- https://www.patreon.com/MostAmazingTop10 Most Amazing Top 10 Merch: https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/most-amazing Check Out Our Recent Videos- http://bit.ly/2hL84XD Most Popular Videos- http://bit.ly/2wv7UqI FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Fan Page- https://www.facebook.com/MostAmazingTop10Videos/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/_burkishdelight_/ CHANNEL PRODUCER: Landon Dowlatsingh- https://www.instagram.com/landonproductions/ VIDEO EDITED BY: Cassie Macinnis: http://twitter.com/c_isforcassie PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens POST PRODUCTION: Theresa Morozovitch
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How Your Phone Affects Your Brain And Body
Did you know that your smartphone harms your body, disrupts its biorhythms, and damage your health? Here are some shocking and terrifying consequences of using phones during the night. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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5 Ways Your Cell Phone Can HURT You
We count down the Top 5 REAL dangers of cell phone use that can actually kill you! It sounds like clickbait, but NO- your cell phone is actually MUCH more dangerous that you might think! A great article that links to 44 different studies that show a relationship between cellphone usage and cancerous brain tumors http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/44-reasons-cell-phones-can-cause-cancer The most recent cell phone / cancer study from the US Department of Health and Human Services https://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/results/areas/cellphones/ Bacteria A London University study found that the average cell phone carries 18x more bacteria than a toilet handle. These bacteria can cause anything from minor problems like colds and flus-to more severe skin infections from staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria. This includes the very dangerous MRSA infection. MRSA has been dubbed the "super bug" because it is resistant to most conventional antibiotic treatments. And yes, you can catch MRSA just from talking on your phone. Punctured Batteries When most people drop their cell phone, they worry about breaking their screen. However, the true hazard in any cell phone drop or impact is damaging the dangerous lithium ion battery inside. If a cell phone battery is punctured, it can cause a chemical reaction so intense that the resulting fire can actually burn through metal. Talking While Driving Now, at first this one seems obvious. Of course no one should talk on a cell phone while driving. However, most of us assume that it's completely safe to drive and talk as long as a hands-free device is used. After all, both hands are on the wheel and our attention is focused on the road. Well, unfortunately it turn out that even talking using a hands free device is still very dangerous. A study by the University of Sussex found that drivers talking on a cell phone using a hands free device could be just as distracted, and just as dangerous, as if they were holding the phone up to their ear. Researchers found that when people talk on the phone, they tend to let their imaginations run wild, sometimes thinking about the topic being discussed or even imagining the expression on the face of the person they're talking to. The University study concluded that there simply IS no way to safely talk on a cell phone while driving, not even hands free. Random Explosions & Fires Now, even if your cell phone is not dropped or damaged in any way, there is still a risk that the battery could just randomly explode or burst into flames. It all comes down to the fact that cell phones contain lithium ion batteries, and these batteries are just dangerous by nature. Lithium ion batteries can short circuit easily and contain dangerous and highly flammable chemicals. Despite what you might have heard, the phenomenon of cell phones exploding or bursting into flames doesn't just occur in cheap cell phones either. Cases have been documented involving some of the most expensive phones on the market. In fact, the Samsung Note 7 actually had to be recalled after a shocking number of spontaneous fires. Brain Tumors To put it simply, when you're using a cell phone to talk, you are holding a high-powered microwave transmitter against your head. Obviously, that doesn't sound like a great idea. But the connection between cell phones and brain tumors is a hotly debated issue. Cell phones produce non-ionizing radiation, which is radiation that does not affect cells on an atomic level. So critics argue that cell radiation therefore cannot possibly cause Cancer. However recent evidence shows otherwise. Recent scientific studies have found a clear connection between long term cell phone use and an increase in dangerous glioma brain tumors. The Interphone study, one of the biggest cell phone studies of all time found that people who had used cell phones for over 10 years were almost twice as likely to have glioma brain tumors. The study also found that tumors were more likely to occur on the side of the head most used for calling. The interesting thing about this is that the Interphone study was actually funded by the mobile phone industry in an attempt to prove that cell phones did NOT cause brain tumors. Numerous recent studies have shown even more conclusive proof that cell phone radiation increases the risk of cancerous tumors. A more recent Swedish study shows that people who used cell phones more than 25 years were 3 times as likely to develop brain tumors. Furthermore, multiple studies have shown an increase in cancerous tumors near where people hold their cell phone. And a study by the US Department of Health and Human Services has conclusively proven that the type of radiation used by cellphones causes cancer in lab rats. The World Health Organization has declared cell phone radiation a type 2B cancer risk.
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Effects of Mobile Phones on Children
Please watch: "The Super Seven Future Plan of Pakistan Air Force" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drzzp2l4MGU --~-- Subscribe My Channel https://goo.gl/9UJ92K Do you let the youngest members of your house use your cell phone? Does your child spend long hours talking on the phone? Do you think it is harmless to give the mobile phone to your child? If yes, then you may have to think twice before doing so! Mobile phones have become a widespread phenomenon in the present time. These pocket-sized tools are no less than a mini computer. They can do anything – from a standard phone call to surf the internet. Not just the adults, this technology is affecting the kids as well. But did you know what are the harmful effects of mobile phones on children? Read on to know more about the impact of mobile phones on students. Bad Effects Of Mobile Phones On Children: Today’s children are growing up in a radio-frequency environment that never existed in human history before. The radiation emitted by mobile phones and mobile phone masts can have adverse effects on children. Some include: 1. Health Hazard: In the recent years, there has been a lot of speculation about the impact of cell phone radiation on our body. A study by The Journal of the American Medical Association stirred the debate when it investigated the repercussion the mobile phones could have on the brain activity. The possible health hazards of mobile phones for children are as follows: Sponsored a. Non-Malignant Tumors: The study has shown that children who use mobile phones have a possibility of developing non-malignant tumor in the brain and ear. b. Cancer: The WHO has classified cell phone radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’. Children absorb more than 60 percent of the radiation into the brain than adults. Their brain’s thinner skin, tissues, and bones allow them to absorb the radiation twice than the grown-ups. Their developing nervous system makes them more vulnerable to this ‘carcinogen’. c. Effects On The Brain: Scientists have discovered that just 2 minutes of the phone call can alter the electoral activity of the kid’s brain for up to an hour. The radio waves from the mobile penetrate deep into the brain, not just around the ear. The disturbed brain activity could impair children’s learning ability and other behavioral problems. It could even affect their mood and ability to learn in the classroom if they have used the phone during the break time. 2. Academics: Children, just like the teens, are addicted to mobile phones. They play games, chat and talk to their friends on their mobile phone all the time. Along with the school supplies, many students make their daily trips to their school with their mobile phones. They talk on the phone during the free time and send messages during the classes. Thus, they miss the lesson taught and fall behind the other students. 3. Inappropriate Behavior: Use of cell phones can lead children to engage in inappropriate behaviors. Texting and sending inappropriate pictures is a growing problem with teens. The images go in the wrong hands, giving others access to the private photos. Children can also access pornographic sites from their multimedia devices.
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How Is Your Phone Changing You?
Should you be worried about your cellphone? 6 Reasons For A Cellphone Vacation: https://youtu.be/RpmIkWfH2ks Subscribe: http://bit.ly/asapsci Written by Annik Carson, Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit GET THE ASAPSCIENCE BOOK: http://asapscience.com/book/ FOLLOW US! Instagram and Twitter: @whalewatchmeplz and @mitchellmoffit Clickable: http://bit.ly/16F1jeC and http://bit.ly/15J7ube AsapINSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/asapscience/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/AsapSCIENCE Twitter: http://twitter.com/AsapSCIENCE Tumblr: http://asapscience.tumblr.com Vine: Search "AsapSCIENCE" on vine! SNAPCHAT 'whalewatchmeplz' and 'pixelmitch' Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). Send us stuff! ASAPSCIENCE INC. P.O. Box 93, Toronto P Toronto, ON, M5S2S6 References/Further Reading: http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/07/exploiting-the-neuroscience-of-internet-addiction/259820/ http://qz.com/626482/neuroscience-says-these-five-rituals-will-help-your-brain-stay-young/ (http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/04/01/chapter-three-a-week-in-the-life-analysis-of-smartphone-users/) http://time.com/3952333/smartphone-addiction/ https://www.ted.com/talks/jan_chipchase_on_our_mobile_phones?language=en http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21645180-smartphone-ubiquitous-addictive-and-transformative-planet-phones http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/the-future-is-here-whats-next-for-mobile-phones-180951479/?no-ist https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mental-mishaps/201401/cell-phones-are-changing-social-interaction http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/dec/31/cell-phones-promote-serious-social-psychological-i/ http://www.medicaldaily.com/out-sight-out-mind-cell-phones-may-diminish-cognitive-ability-even-without-use-313590 http://time.com/3616383/cell-phone-distraction/ http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2014/12/mere-presence-of-your-phone-is-distracting.html https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201312/why-are-public-cell-phone-users-so-annoying (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0747563215001806)
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Microwave, WIFI, Cell Phone Danger and Avoiding It!
Barrie Trower former royal forces microwave expert explains the shocking truth no one is telling us about WIFI, cell phones, computers, and many other things causing massive health problems from physical, to mental, to permanent reproductive harm. It is like, (AND IT IS) there is someone trying kill us slowly with ELF radiation from everything we use, and it is absolutely sick how this goes on and no one can stop it. If I were to have children, I would move out to the countryside where none of this stuff is, never have or use cell phones, unless perhaps heavily wrapped in tinfoil, and hardwire all internet connections. I also would get one of those ELF detectors the guy at the end has, mighty handy, and make sure no places in the house have radiation areas. See more movies with Barrie Trower for more important information about this. See more interesting uploads: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY71q12u4OIUJGOg5MAlttQ/videos?view=0&flow=grid
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Do Cell Phones Really Cause Cancer?
Some people think that the radiation from phones and other electronic devices can give you cancer. Is there any truth to this, or is it just a huge misconception? TunnelBear message: TunnelBear is the easy-to-use VPN app for mobile and desktop. Visit http://tunnelbear.com/linus to try it free and save 10% when you sign up for unlimited TunnelBear data. Techquickie Merch Store: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/LinusTechTips/ Techquickie Movie Poster: https://shop.crowdmade.com/collections/linustechtips/products/tech-quickie-24x36-poster Leave a comment with your requests for future episodes, or tweet them here: http://twitter.com/jmart604 Follow: http://twitter.com/linustech Join the community: http://linustechtips.com
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Smartphones Damaging Our Body - How to be Safe!!!
Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse ek bahut hi interesting subject ke baare mein baat ki hai ki kaise aapne smartphones aur tablets ya laptops hamari body ke natural sleep-wake pattern ko damage karte hai. Blue light emit karne waale displays ki wajeh se hamari body proper sleep nahi le paati aur aise mein aage chal ke bahut si diseases ho sakti hai. Blue Light Filter ko use karna, iOS ka night shift mode, ya fir f.lux ek accha option ho sakta hai. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh video pasand aayega. Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1Wfsvt4 Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TechnicalGuruji Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technicalguruji Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/technicalguruji Facebook Myself: https://goo.gl/zUfbUU Instagram: http://instagram.com/technicalguruji Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TechnicalGuruji About : Technical Guruji is a YouTube Channel, where you will find technological videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyday :)
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Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?
Remember the last time you used your phone and it left a nice warm spot on your face? - Is that causing cancer? Michael Aranda tells you all about the radiation on your cell phone. Hosted by: Michael Aranda ---------- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters -- we couldn't make SciShow without them! Shout out to Justin Ove, Coda Buchanan, Lucy McGlasson, Accalia Elementia, Mark Terrio-Cameron, Saul, Kathy & Tim Philip, Kevin Bealer, Christopher Collins, Thomas J., charles george, Andreas Heydeck, Patrick D. Ashmore, Justin Lentz, Will and Sonja Marple, Ed Shelley, Chris Peters, Tim Curwick, Philippe von Bergen, Fatima Iqbal. ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records: http://dftba.com/scishow ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/thescishow ---------- Sources: http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/othercarcinogens/athome/cellular-phones http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/cellphones-do-not-give-you-brain-cancer/ http://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/radiation/cell-phones-fact-sheet http://science.howstuffworks.com/radiation2.htm http://www.arpansa.gov.au/radiationprotection/basics/ion_nonion.cfm http://www.fda.gov/Radiation-EmittingProducts/RadiationEmittingProductsandProcedures/HomeBusinessandEntertainment/CellPhones/ucm116338.htm http://tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/content/21/2/87.full http://interphone.iarc.fr/interphone_back.php http://www.knowyourmobile.com/nokia/nokia-3310/19848/history-mobile-phones-1973-2008-handsets-made-it-all-happen https://www.anausa.org/overview/what-is-acoustic-neuroma http://www.webmd.com/cancer/brain-cancer/malignant-gliomas http://www.universetoday.com/45527/how-do-microwaves-work/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_mobile_phones_in_use
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Harmful effects of mobile phones for children
Harmful effects of mobile phones for children. Watch this special segment and get to know more here. Zee News always stay ahead in bringing current affairs from all the valley of National interest, Politics, Entertainment, Sports and International happenings. We take you to the depth of every matter by providing every small detail and makes you familiar with all the happening around you. Zee News is the highly popular Hindi News channel of India’s largest television network ZMCL. The channel, which has a huge following in India and abroad, has won several prestigious national and international awards. Among its popular programs are - Dr. Subhash Chandra Show: https://goo.gl/fCugXC Daily News and Analysis: https://goo.gl/B8eVsD Manthan: https://goo.gl/6q0wUN Fast n Facts: https://goo.gl/kW2MYV Your daily dose of entertainment: https://goo.gl/ZNEfhw Sports roundup: https://goo.gl/KeeYjf Aapke Sitare: https://goo.gl/X56YSa Bharat Bhagya Vidhata: https://goo.gl/QqJiOV Taal Thok Ke : https://goo.gl/yiV6e7 Subscribe to our channel at https://goo.gl/qKzmWg Check out our website: http://www.zeenews.com Connect with us at our social media handles: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZeeNews Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeeNews Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+Zeenews
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Cell Phone Radiation Pops Popcorn****
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Smart phones may affect the way children think
There's growing concern about how the amount of time children spend on smart phones impacts their brains. Subscribe to WPBF on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1qfxvbX Get more West Palm Beach news: http://www.wpbf.com/ Like us: http://www.facebook.com/wpbf25news Follow us: http://twitter.com/WPBF25News Google+: http://plus.google.com/+WPBF
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Juhi Chawla Warns against the usage of Mobile Phones by Children
Bollywood delivered 24*7! Kindly subscribe to our channel TheBollywoodCurry @ http://www.youtube.com/TheBollywoodcurry. Like us on facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/thebollywoodcurry Subscribe to our tweets @ https://twitter.com/tbcchannel for all the latest gossip, news & events related to Bollywood!
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Cell Phones Transmit Radiation That Impact Your Health
Cell Phone Radiation Effects Please SUBSCRIBE : http://bit.ly/2e9Su11 Dr. Devra Daivs has been researching the hazards of radiation emanating from your cell phones. With the toxicological and epidemiological evidence in her hands she has proven that the cell phones are not only dangerous, but they can also be lethal for you. It is due to the erratic nature of the signal and its ability to disrupt resonance and interfere with DNA repair. Her theory is believed to be the most plausible for understanding the wide array of health impacts discovered including cancer. One lady, that had no predisposing risk factors for cancer, had a bad habit to carry her cell phone in her bra. After some time doctors revealed breast cancer. The cancerous cells have been lined up perfectly with the shape of her cell phone. Although they didn’t have proof for that, it may serve as a warning to all people who keep their phones in their pockets or places near their body as radiation exposure within 6 inches is very dangerous. According to a research published in 2009, men who carried their cell phones on their belts (15 hrs/day, 6d days/week) had their bone mineral density lowered on the side of the pelvis where their mobile phones were carried because of the emitted electromagnetic fields. While another research proven that it affects men’s sperm and its quality too. Another study by Dr. Siegal Sadetzki from Israel explained that you have a chance of getting salivary gland tumor (located on the place where you hold your cell phone) and the risk can be increased if you use your phone regularly for 5 years (34% of risk), you had more than 5,500 calls in your lifetime (58%), spoken on your phone for more than 266.3 hours during your lifetime (49%). The World Health Organization/International Agency fir Research on Cancer issued a report back in 2011 that these devices might cause brain cancer, thus people should try to avoid using it as much as possible practicing texting or using hands-free devices. Professor Lennart Handrell from Sweden says that teenagers who use cell phones heavily have 4 to 5 times risk for brain cancer since their thinner skulls allow a greater penetration of the radiation that enters their midbrain where tumors are more deadly. Moreover, pregnant women are advised to avoid the cell phones since it increases the possibility of their children while in the womb to develop hyperactivity and difficulties with conduct, emotions and relationships. Two or three times a day using the phone is enough for this disorder to happen. Not only to cancer, but cell phones contribute to depression, diabetes, heart irregularities and impaired fertility – this was proven by Dr. Martin Blank’s speech in 2010 “The health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields” explaining how electromagnetic fields impact your body cells and damages your DNA. Further evidence that back up this theory is the analysis of the range of known mechanisms of action named “Non-Thermal Effects and Mechanisms of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matterx”. Even though cell phones industry will find “no effect” over human health by cell phones, researches prove the contrary, but the findings are not being widely publicized. You can protect yourself and your children by minimizing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation from your cell phones and other devices which are wireless. Children should not use a cell phone or other devices of this type. Avoid using your phones as well and switch to the land lines at your homes or work. Further, do not consider having any of these devices in your bedroom as they interfere with the quality of your sleep. Use your phones where reception is good since low reception uses a lot of power which emits more radiation. Carry it in a bag or purse, and avoid holding it in your pocket, especially pockets close to the heart (keep it 6 inches away from your body). There is no safe cell phone, every device is a potential biological danger. Also, when you are at a public place with a lot of people, especially children, turn off your phone, because there are a lot of sensitive people who are able to feel the effects of other people’s cell phones. You can as well use safer headset technology, but be careful with them and make sure they are well shielded. Be cautious, it’s your health in question. Please SUBSCRIBE : http://bit.ly/2e9Su11
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"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis
"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation: what we know, what we need to find out, and what you can do now" Presented by Dr Devra Davis, Visiting Professor of Medicine at the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, and Visiting Professor of Medicine at Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey. The Lecture What are the health effects of mobile phones and wireless radiation? While Australia has led the world in safety standards, including compulsory seat-belt legislation, plain packaging on cigarettes, and product and food disclosure legislation, it falls behind in addressing the significant issues associated with mobile phone use. In this Dean’s Lecture, epidemiologist and electromagnetic radiation expert, Dr Devra Davis, will outline the evolution of the mobile phone and smartphone, and provide a background to the current 19 year old radiation safety standards (SAR), policy developments and international legislation. New global studies on the health consequences of mobile/wireless radiation will be presented, including children’s exposure and risks. The Speaker Dr Devra Davis is an internationally recognised expert on electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other wireless transmitting devices. She is currently the Visiting Professor of Medicine at the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, and Visiting Professor of Medicine at Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey. Dr Davis was Founding Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute —­ the first institute of its kind in the world, to examine the environmental factors that contribute to the majority of cases of cancer. In 2007, Dr Devra Davis founded non­profit Environmental Health Trust to provide basic research and education about environmental health hazards. Dr Davis served as the President Clinton appointee to the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board in the U.S.A. from 1994–­1999, an independent executive branch agency that investigates, prevents and mitigates chemical accidents. As the former Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Health in the Department of Health and Human Services, she has counseled leading officials in the United States, United Nations, European Environment Agency, Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organization, and World Bank. Dr Davis holds a B.S. in physiological psychology and an M.A. in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh, 1967. She completed a PhD in science studies at the University of Chicago as a Danforth Foundation Graduate Fellow, 1972 and a M.P.H. in epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University as a Senior National Cancer Institute Post-­Doctoral Fellow, 1982. She has authored more than 200 publications and has been published in Lancet and Journal of the American Medical Association as well as the Scientific American and the New York Times. Dr Devra Davis is an internationally recognised expert on electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other wireless transmitting devices.
5 Most Dangerous iPhone Cases Ever! (Some Illegal)
The Most Dangerous & Illegal iPhone 7 Plus, 7 & SE Cases. iPhone Gun Case, Stun Gun Case, Brass Knuckles Case, Knife Case & More! Shocking Myself With an iPhone: https://youtu.be/5Hq_u2DI5pw Illegal iPhone WiFi Jammer: https://youtu.be/xYeQvMEtyBs
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Is mobile phone radiation harmful?
Is mobile phone radiation harmful to living beings? There are more than 4 billion mobile phone users in the world. Mobile phones have made our lives much easier by enabling us to remain connected to the rest of the world. But are those smartphones really safe to use? To answer this, we need to understand what are ionising and non-ionising radiations. Gamma rays and X-rays are examples of ionising radiations. This type of radiation is harmful to living beings. Sunlight, infrared waves and mobile tower radiation are examples of non-ionising radiation. In 2011, International Agency for Research on Cancer classified mobile phone radiation as possibly carcinogenic. But WHO added that "to date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use". In 2014, an environmental science experts team attributed the disappearance of house sparrows to mobile radiation. According to them, long term exposure to mobile radiation has damaging effects on the nervous and immune system of small animals. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links and sources- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/environment/pollution/Mobile-tower-radiation/articleshow/32348258.cms http://naturalsociety.com/cellphone-tower-emr-damaging-birds-insects-humans/ http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/Radiation-from-mobile-towers-affect-birds-MoEF-study/articleshow/10487141.cms http://www.moef.nic.in/downloads/public-information/final_mobile_towers_report.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-ionizing_radiation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionizing_radiation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone_radiation_and_health
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How Mobile Phones Are Dangerous to Health | Must Watch !!!
Although the dangers of cell phone towers have not been officially confirmed or refuted, there is certainly some evidence that points toward tumors caused by cell phones. Subscribe to News Express ► http://bit.ly/2hil7yn
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Presentation by Dr. Devra Davis. Men, get cell phone out of pocket. Women, get it out of your bras. ALL adults, get this technology away from children. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwyDCHf5iCY
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Can using your cell phone give you brain cancer?
Is using a cell phone harmful to your health? In the first of a two-parter, Risk Bites looks at the chances of your cell phone giving you brain cancer (spoiler alert: not a lot). Next time -- the more worrisome risk of your phone placing you in a life or death situation. Note: The video refers to the World Health Organization review of cell phones and potential to cause cancer that was released in 2011. This study was conducted by the International Association for Research on Cancer (IARC) -- IARC is a WHO specialized agency. This week's Risk Bites team: David Faulkner (Script, post-production) Andrew Maynard (all the other stuff) Useful resources: World Health Organization: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs193/en/ National Cancer Institute information on cell phones and cancer risk: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/cellphones Carcinogenicity of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. Baan et al. The Lancet Oncology (2011) Volume 12, Issue 7, Pages 624-626 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1470-2045(11)70147-4 Cell Phones, Cancer, and Children, Boyce and Tarone. J Natl Cancer Inst (2011) 103 (16): 1211-1213. http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/jnci/djr285 Mobile phone use and glioma risk: comparison of epidemiological study results with incidence trends in the United States. Little et al. BMJ (2012); 344 http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmj.e1147 Challenging cell phone impact on reproduction: A Review. Mehri, Z. O. Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics (2012), Volume 29, Issue 4, pp 293-297 http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10815-012-9722-1 IARC Classifies Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields As Possibly Carcinogenic To Humans (IARC press release): http://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2011/pdfs/pr208_E.pdf Classification of agents in IARC monographs: http://monographs.iarc.fr/ENG/Classification/ClassificationsGroupOrder.pdf ITU Global Technology Development figures, 2012: http://www.itu.int/net/pressoffice/press_releases/2012/70.aspx#.USgB9R3OuuI Xkcd (just for fun!) http://xkcd.com/925/ Risk Bites is supported by the Arizona State University Risk Innovation Lab and School for the Future of Innovation in Society Risk Bites is your guide to making sense of risk. We cover everything from understanding and balancing the risks and benefits of everyday products, to health science more broadly, to the potential impacts of emerging technologies, to making sense of risk perception. If you enjoy our videos, please subscribe, and spread the word!
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Lightning and Cell Phones | Dangerous or Safe?
Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapko ek bahut hi important information di hai, jo hai cell phones ya mobile phones aur lightning mein uhe use karne ki debate ko lete, lightning ya thunderstorm ya thundershower mein aksar aapne yeh myth suni hogi ki aapko cell phones ya mobile phones use nahi karne chahiye. Ab is baat mein kitni sacchai hai, maine aapko is video mein yahi bataya hai. landline phones, ya wired phones, aur cell phones mein kya difference hai yeh sabhi baatein bhi aapko isi video mein milenge. Mujeh umeed hai ki aapko yeh video pasand aayegi, aur aap bhi jaan jaynege ki kya lightning mein cell phones ko use karna dangerous hai ya safe. Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1Wfsvt4 Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TechnicalGuruji Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technicalguruji Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/technicalguruji Instagram: http://instagram.com/technicalguruji Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TechnicalGuruji About : Technical Guruji is a YouTube Channel, where you will find technological videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyday :)
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Many scientific studies have investigated possible health symptoms of mobile phone radiation. These studies are occasionally reviewed by some scientific committees to assess overall risks. A 2007 assessment published by the European Commission Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR)[6] concludes that the three lines of evidence, viz. animal, in vitro, and epidemiological studies, indicate that "exposure to RF fields is unlikely to lead to an increase in cancer in humans 2017 cell phone radiation, cell phone cancer, do cell phones cause cancer?, cell phones, cell phone safety, cell phone dangers, cancer, mobile, radiation, cell phone heat, cell phone battery,
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The Dangers of Cell Phones - Persuasive Speech
Copyright "The Art of Public Speaking" by Stephen Lucas
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Usage of Mobile Phones by kids aged below 2years is highly dangerous: says Research
Usage of Mobile Phones by kids aged below 2years is highly dangerous: says Research Connect with Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Online: SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Tamil news updates: http://bit.ly/1O4soYP Visit Puthiya Thalaimurai TV WEBSITE: http://puthiyathalaimurai.tv/ Like Puthiya Thalaimurai TV on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PutiyaTalaimuraimagazine Follow Puthiya Thalaimurai TV TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PTTVOnlineNews About Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Puthiya Thalaimurai TV (Tamil: புதிய தலைமுறை டிவி) is a 24x7 live news channel in Tamil launched on August 24, 2011.Due to its independent editorial stance it became extremely popular in India and abroad within days of its launch and continues to remain so till date.The channel looks at issues through the eyes of the common man and serves as a platform that airs people's views.The editorial policy is built on strong ethics and fair reporting methods that does not favour or oppose any individual, ideology, group, government, organisation or sponsor.The channel’s primary aim is taking unbiased and accurate information to the socially conscious common man.   Besides giving live and current information the channel broadcasts news on sports,  business and international affairs. It also offers a wide array of week end programmes.   The channel is promoted by Chennai based New Gen Media Corporation. The company also publishes popular Tamil magazines- Puthiya Thalaimurai and Kalvi.   The news center is based in Chennai city, supported by a sprawling network of bureaus all over Tamil Nadu. It has a northern hub in the capital Delhi.The channel is proud of its well trained journalists and employs cutting edge technology for news gathering and processing.
Smartphones or Mobile Ke Side Effect in Hindi
Smartphones or Mobile Ke Side Effect in Hindi Mobile Ke Nuksan Kya Hai, Computer Se kya Nuksan hai Labh Kya hai, Harms of using mobile phones and computer on body and life. How mobile and computer can destroy your life and mantle status. Now days peoples are using mobile phone and computer very frequently and continuously which can harm and damage all you physical and mental strength quickly. Side effects of using more then 3 hours mobile phones and computer daily. How these technology gadgets can harm and leave bad impact on you life and health. Mobile aur computer kis tarike se sharir aur swasth ko nuksan pahuchate hai aur enko estemal karne se kya nuksan hai. Thanks for watching these videos , hit like , subscribe our channel and don't forget to share with you friends. Subscribe Our Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCycW3eavBihJ-eeC3H3o_bA Join Our Google Plus communities : https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/100514632396141669446
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Top 5 Phones That Are SERIOUSLY Dangerous In Hindi ?
IN today's list, we take a look at some of the dangerous phones that have appeared on the market over the years... Some of them catch fire, some of them explode and others have worryingly high levels of radiation - but which one is the worst? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buy Now - http://amzn.to/2D08dAL __________________________________________________ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/amritpal_singh_bwt/?hl=en Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Bakchodiwalatech/ Blog- http://bakchodiwalatech.blogspot.in Twitter- https://twitter.com/BCwalaTech Email- ammymalhi63@gmail.com _____________________________________________________________ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.786
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Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?  Explained in Detail
Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine ek bahut hi important topic ke baare mein baat ki hai, jo shayad aap sabhi ke dimag mein kabhi na kabhi aaya hoga, aap sabhi ne socha hoga ki aapne cell phone, mobile phone, smartphone ya koi bhi phone use karne se kya aapko cancer ya tumor ho sakta hai? Aur maine aapko isi sawaal ka jawab diya hai. Maine is video mein aapse SAR value, cell phone radiation, radio waves, ionization aur bahut si baatein share ki hai, maine aapko antiradiation chips ke baare mein bhi bataya hai. Mujhe umeed haki yeh video aapko pasand aayega. Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1Wfsvt4 Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TechnicalGuruji Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technicalguruji Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/technicalguruji Instagram: http://instagram.com/technicalguruji Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TechnicalGuruji About : Technical Guruji is a YouTube Channel, where you will find technological videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyday :)
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Is It Safe to Use a Mobile Phone During Pregnancy? Should Pregnant Women Avoid Cell Phone Use? Baby
Do you jump when your cell phone rings unexpectedly? New research shows that sound may also startle an unborn baby. Researchers asked 28 pregnant resident physicians who constantly carry cell phones and/or beepers at work to undergo fetal testing known as a biophysical profile while the devices were activated. The women were all between 27 and 41 weeks gestation. During each screening session, the gadgets were set off at intervals of 5 minutes five times. Fetal responses including head turning, mouth opening and were recorded from several angles. All of the fetuses demonstrated an initial startle response. Additional stimulations were associated with varying decreases in response. The researchers say, “Repeated startle responses may be worrisome because they interfere with the known normal cycle of fetal behavior.” They are calling for more research into potential adverse pregnancy outcomes related to cell phones and beepers.
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Is Cell Tower Radiation Dangerous? Potential Health Risk Exposed!
Cell Phone Tower Exposure Overview You are exposed to 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than your grandparents were, and part of the reason is radiation from cell phone towers and microwave antennas. Human population centers are flooded with massive amounts of powerful wireless microwave radiation. Cell phone towers emit high-frequency radio waves, or microwaves, that can travel as far as 45 miles over level terrain. The closer you are, the greater the danger. Read More: https://www.safespaceprotection.com/emf-health-risks/emf-health-effects/cell-towers/ Original Video Source: https://youtu.be/ii82I1IzFRY Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/ShakingMyHeadProductions /////// Get Affordable Emergency Survival Food, Water Filtration, Heirloom Seeds, Food Storage Here: http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/?Click=388116 Cell Towers - 5G - The Truth Will Shock You! - https://youtu.be/Ua1QzJi6Cwc Saturnalia Nimrod Tammuz Saturn Worship - https://youtu.be/AlynY3KC-hQ RFID, Blockchain, AI, Bitcoin - The Truth Will Shock You! - https://youtu.be/W7nt5FynDw8 The First Church of Artificial Intelligence - https://youtu.be/Ll1ww996_I0 5G Technology - What You Need To Know! - https://youtu.be/7xd1_gCJNwA
PhoneDefense.net - PROTECT YOURSELF and your family! Cell phone radiation has been linked to cancer. Go to PhoneDefense.com and get the protection you need
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FAQ: Phone Ke Sath Sote Hai ? | Sleeping With Phone Is Dangerous ? | Harmful Effects and Reality
Start Your Hacking Career with my video courses Buy with your Debit/Credit/Netbanking (For Beginners - 14 Days Video Course) Quick Hack Hacking Course: http://imojo.in/681ivb (Best Hacking Course After Quick Hack) Tech Master Hacking Course: http://imojo.in/9srl0c Quick Hack: 299 Rs Tech Master: 299 Rs Or (Ya fir) Buy Hacking Courses With Paytm: http://technicalsagar.in/paytm/ ================================================================ Hello Friends In this video, i will talk about harmful effects of mobile phones if you use them before sleeping or you sleep with them. This video is a must watch for all teenagers who use their smartphones on their beds. I hope you like the video. Follow Me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/iamasagar Follow Abhishek Sagar on Instagram: theabhisheksagar My Setup Camera: http://amzn.to/2xi1POu Collar Mic: http://amzn.to/2gb0J36 Mic: http://amzn.to/2xxBknx Graphics Card: http://amzn.to/2xxLHrH My Second Monitor (Very Affordable): http://amzn.to/2f4swil My Phone: http://amzn.to/2wIqlZD My Lights: http://amzn.to/2eGiG5B ========================================================== Thanks and Love #TechnicalSagar LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE ============================================================================================================ No Copyright Music - Cyber Attack - EDTi Beats ON & ON Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://youtu.be/TW9d8vYrVFQ Download Link: https://NCS.lnk.to/SkyHigh ▽ Follow Cartoon SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/cartoonbaboon Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cartoondband ▽ Follow Daniel Levi (vocalist) Facebook http://facebook.com/daniellevimusic Website http://daniellevi.e
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How dangerous are mobile phones
Are our phones killing us? Are headphones as safe as we are lead to believe? Are Mobile phones and Electromagnetic Radiation caused by them dangerous? How safe are mobile phones? Should we use our phones on speaker?
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Dangers of Cellular Phones Cell Phone Radiation Time to Wake Up!
PLEASE SUPPORT my EMF Safety Zone Channel! Join me on Twitter for educational updates! https://twitter.com/EMFSafetyZone @EMFSafetyZone - For EMF meters, Consulting and Additional Resources: http://www.emfsafetyzone.com - Purchase EMF Meters from Amazon.com. My business name is Naljor Creations: https://www.amazon.com/sp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B00BLP751K&isAmazonFulfilled=0&isCBA=&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&orderID=&seller=A31BQ9XQMBZZJB&tab=&vasStoreID= - My eBay store for a wide range of EMF meters and related products at the lowest prices: http://stores.ebay.com/Healthy-Joyful-Sustainable-Living/EMF-RF-Meters-/_i.html?_fsub=3728844016&_sid=118236096&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 The scientists who compiled the BioInitiative Report 2012 (www.bioinitiative.org) summarized in their findings that biological effects from exposure to wireless (microwave radiation) start at about 3.4 to 6 microwatts per square meter average power density (as can be seen on the right side of the meter in the video). Building Biologists suggest that peak signal strength (as seen on the left side of the meter) is 30 to 40 times more detrimental to one’s health than the average power density measurements. Keep this in mind while watching this video. The wireless radiation poisoning of human beings is now a global epidemic. The truth is simple...holding a cell phone or smart phone to your head is not 'smart.' It is proving to be a slow form of suicide. According to the Bioinitiative 2012 Report (www.bioinitiative.org), biological effects from radio frequency radiation (also known as microwave radiation) start at about 3.4 microwatts per square meter (average power density). Watch the Acoustimeter RF Meter move to the top of its measuring capacity the moment the cell phone connects the call! This RF radiation measurement coming from the cell phone is over 29,000 times higher than where biological effects are known to start according to clinical data from independent researchers. And smartphones are even worse than these old flip phones. If you are interested in owning the Acoustimeter RF meter, a modern day "survival tool" - here is the link: http://stores.ebay.com/Healthy-Joyful-Sustainable-Living/EMF-Meters-/_i.html?_fsub=3728844016&_sid=118236096&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322
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Android Phone Dangerous Secret Settings || इस सेटिंग को बंद करो !! IN Hindi
Android phone ki 4 dengar setting band karlo es setting ko nhi to bahut noksan hoga video ko dekho click here https://youtu.be/vesLhJq9B_s https://youtu.be/qdvzX9cR3nY https://youtu.be/hUVfkKfnezE MORE video useful video hai dekho https://youtu.be/hSup80Sg4pI Recommended More video watch https://youtu.be/xz1mmpwvbpU Hello friends.. Dosto es video me Maine aapko android phone ke dangerous secret settings ke baare me bataaya hai jisase Aapke uper nazar Rakhi ja rahi thi so aapko ye settings ko abhi band Kar dena hai aur Aap ye Pura Video dekhiye aapko samjh aajayega Agar Aap ko ya video achi lage to like share subscribe kar lijiya thanks Plz Like & Share : Video pasnd aya to like or Share jarur kijiye, MY NEW CHANNEL - https://goo.gl/TXoYoA recommended App Download link 100 Cash Back Phone Pe Download (100% CashBack offer): https://phon.pe/ru_mohd3a45v Don't forget to Subscribe: aur dosto agar apne Abhi tak hamare channel ko SUBSCRIBE nhi kiya hai to Subscribe kr lijiye or hmko support kijiye.. 😁😁Good day & Take care👍👍 Contact business enquiry : email address mohammadsitare27@gmail.com Share,Support,Subscriber!!!!!! Subscriber: https://goo.gl/qnA2MG ►Youtube:- https://goo.gl/Jx5Nmz ►facebook:-https://goo.gl/A3TfeO ►twitter:- https://goo.gl/EoGS4m ►google+:- https://goo.gl/znKC8m
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my mobile phone cooked my egg
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The DANGERS of buying a Chinese Smartphone!
Sure, they're cheap and the quality is great, but there are a few things you need to know when buying a Chinese smart phone. Quest for the best Chinese in the USA! Episode 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFAejbtB5W0 Episode 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSYOW-2eg2k Episode 3: https://youtu.be/PUjQSPgkwLA Episode 4: https://youtu.be/qu2ItMRYuIM Conquering Northern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringnorthernchina DISCOUNT CODE: STAYAWESOME Conquering Southern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina Support Sasha and I on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/serpentza Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/winstoninchina Twitter: @serpentza Instagram: serpen t_za My other channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/advchina Music used: https://virtual-vice.bandcamp.com/album/chinatown-ep
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CNN Explains: Cell phones and radiation
You love your cell phone, but is it emitting radiation that could be harmful? CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/cnn Or visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Is use of computers or smartphones safe during pregnancy? - Dr. Teena S Thomas
We are in a generation where smart phones are a part of the life of every young person. So to tell them to get away from all this for 9 months without this, it is not possible. There have been various studies and it has been shown that smart phones have no effect on the health of the baby or the mother as such. But these are all short term studies. To get into more evidence based studies, we need more time and researches have been going on in that . As we know that smart phones or mobilephine emit low levels of radio waves called as non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations. These non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations are also given out by fridges, microwaves, other electric items and these non-ionizing electromagnetic radiations are not harmful to the person as such and mobile phones also emit the same and they are not harmful to the person as such. The ionizing radiation that come out from the x-ray, CT scan etc. And they are harmful. So ionizing are harmful and non-ionizing are not harmful. So smartphones are not harmful but we know that these are radiations and in pregnancy, we overcorrect ourselves to avoid any problems caused by these things. So when it comes to diet, we avoid eating outside food, we correct the oil we eat. We may not exercise lifelong but in pregnancy, we tend to start to walking. So there are many things that we do to avoid any problems to the pregnancy as such. So for that reason it is better to avoid keeping the smart phone near to your body. They should be kept away. Keep it on some place on the table. When the phone rings, answer it. It should not be part of your lifestyle. Maximum, try to use landline phones or message it and keep it away. These are the small things that you can do to prevent radiations. While sleeping do not keep in on the bed. Keep it away has ear, the precautions that you can take. There are some small studies that show hyperactivity in children. They are all short term things they have seen a slight developmental delay in children, but may not be attributed to smart phone, maybe other reasons. But better to prevent and keep these things away from our routine life, 24 hours using mobile phone for talking, chatting. So that will bring down the amount of nutritional food that you are eating, the exercise, so all that it affects. So these are the effects of smart phones in pregnancy. As for now there is no long term data available that clearly says about this.
Are cellphone towers near your home dangerous for you?
After the Delhi High Court tells the government to look into the effects of cellphone tower radiation on citizens, we ask whether radiation from cell towers cause serious health issues. Watch full show: http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/india-decides-9/are-cellphone-towers-near-your-home-dangerous-for-you/240921
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Can cell phones trigger an explosion at gas station | Facts
WhatsApp @ +919744615655 for more tutorials on Cars Email: techtrixinfo@gmail.com Hi, This is a video tutorial explaining about the possible reasons why the usage of a mobile phone can be dangerous in a fuel station. Theoretically the mobile phone is capable of making a fire in gas station, but practically ? What about the electric field put out by the phone a possible reason for fire ? Or is it the static electricity the reason behind the danger. Please watch the full video and learn the technical facts and drop your feedback.
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Mobile Phone Radiations Effect on Human Body, Specially on Blood Cells and Oxygen Levels
Living in a Harmful Frequency Jungle Today, most of us can hardly imagine a normal day without a mobile phone, a computer or television. According to a study released by the Council for Research Excellence, the average adults usually spend at least 8.5 hours a day in front of screens, including computers and televisions, which both produce a number of static electric fields and alternating electric and magnetic fields at various frequencies. In many countries, over half the population use mobile phones and the market is growing rapidly. CCS Insight, a major market research and analysis body focussing on mobile and wireless sectors reports, that more than ten billion mobile phones have been sold globally since 1994, including five billion mobile subscriptions since the start of 2011. The unavoidable transmission masts and towers can already be found everywhere and the concern whether mobile phone radiation is dangerous to humans is no longer a myth. These convenient and useful devices have become fully integrated into our lives, where they definitely have their rightful place. Yet they also cause problems involved with their usage. It's Impossible to take these devices out of our life due to their usefulness in life, but we must think of protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the harmful effect of their usage. Infants and Young Children are more vulnerable to radiations from these unavoidable, deeply integrated with life products as they have not yet developed their natural immune system to fight with these dangerous harmful radiations they are surrounded by all the times. Know What Experts are Saying - https://www.facebook.com/ESMOG.HealthRisks Know More About E-Guard - EKANSH.qnetlife.net/amezcua
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உங்கள்  Cellphone radiation ஆபத்தானதா ? Mobile Radiation Dangers How to Avoid it?
How can you protect yourself from cellphone radiation? Is your mobile radiation dangerous? Are mobile harmful for health? explained in Tamil SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT: TechTamizha: https://www.youtube.com/techtamizha Giri Sonna Seri: https://www.youtube.com/girisonnaseri Follow us: Tech Tamizha: https://twitter.com/TechTamizha Giri Sonna Seri: https://twitter.com/GiriSonnaSeri
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How Dangerous Is Your Phone? Headaches, Ears Ringing, Sleepless Nights?
We are with our phones 24 hours a day. Over a long period of time this can cause major health problems like nausea, fatigue, ringing in ears, sleep disorders, depression, blurred vision, and much more. As the WiFi and Cell technology advances and they roll out stronger networks like 5G, 6G, and 7G this will speed up the health risk dramatically. Try to go at least 8 hours a day away from WiFi and cell data transmission. Make your bed room a safe space. Turn your phone on airplane mode or turn the power save mode to at least medium. Limit background app activity. Let your body repair itself without interference from technology. 5G: a revolution in evolution, even in 2018 2010 - 100 Mbps, 20 MHz 2015 - 600 Mbps, 60 MHz 2017 - 1 Gbps, 100 MHz 2020 - +3 Gbps, +300 MHz https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/xe/Documents/technology-media-telecommunications/predicitons2017/ME-Predictions-2017-5G.pdf 5G Technology - What You Need To Know! https://youtu.be/7xd1_gCJNwA 5G Technology - Smart Cities, Smart Dust, Internet of Things & Our Future https://youtu.be/rGLKpmo_nEc ### Content in video thanks to: EMF Safety Zone - http://www.emfsafetyzone.com Check out his channel for more on cell phone and WiFi testing. ### God bless everyone. Jesus loves you. New videos are posted daily. Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/ShakingMyHeadProductions Cell Towers - 5G - The Truth Will Shock You! - https://youtu.be/Ua1QzJi6Cwc Saturnalia Nimrod Tammuz Saturn Worship - https://youtu.be/AlynY3KC-hQ RFID, Blockchain, AI, Bitcoin - The Truth Will Shock You! - https://youtu.be/W7nt5FynDw8 The First Church of Artificial Intelligence - https://youtu.be/Ll1ww996_I0 5G Technology - What You Need To Know! - https://youtu.be/7xd1_gCJNwA
Dr. Oz on Cell Phones and Your Health
In 'Good Morning America'. 16th November 2009. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/OnCall/cell-phones-brain-cancer-dr-oz-safety-tips/story?id=9090936
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Cell Phone Radiation May Be Dangerous To Your Health, California Health Officials Warn | TIME
The science is still out on whether the long-term use of cell phones—which emit electromagnetic radiation when they send and receive signals from towers or WiFi devices—can affect human health. Subscribe to TIME ►► http://po.st/SubscribeTIME Get closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME gives you access and insight on the people who make what you watch, read and share. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2EFFA5DB900C633F Money helps you learn how to spend and invest your money. Find advice and guidance you can count on from how to negotiate, how to save and everything in between. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYOGLpQQfhNKdqS_Wccs94rMHiajrRr4W Find out more about the latest developments in science and technology as TIME’s access brings you to the ideas and people changing our world. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYOGLpQQfhNIzsgcwqhT6ctKOfHfyuaL3 Let TIME show you everything you need to know about drones, autonomous cars, smart devices and the latest inventions which are shaping industries and our way of living https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2862F811BE8F5623 Stay up to date on breaking news from around the world through TIME’s trusted reporting, insight and access https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYOGLpQQfhNJeIsW3A2d5Bs22Wc3PHma6 CONNECT WITH TIME Web: http://time.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TIME Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/time Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TIME/videos Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/time/?hl=en Magazine: http://time.com/magazine/ Newsletter: time.com/newsletter ABOUT TIME TIME brings unparalleled insight, access and authority to the news. A 24/7 news publication with nearly a century of experience, TIME’s coverage shapes how we understand our world. Subscribe for daily news, interviews, science, technology, politics, health, entertainment, and business updates, as well as exclusive videos from TIME’s Person of the Year, TIME 100 and more created by TIME’s acclaimed writers, producers and editors. Cell Phone Radiation May Be Dangerous To Your Health, California Health Officials Warn | TIME https://www.youtube.com/user/TimeMagazine
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Mobile phones - a danger to health?  Part 3
Concern about the potential health risks of mobile phone, and now WIFI, technology is growing all the time. For more information go to http://www.magnets4life.co.uk
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Mobile Radiation & Safe Usage - Neha Kumar - News Nation Hindi - Part 1
Next Part - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuKXfpQtbSc To reduce radiation of cell phone towers TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has issued new guidelines. Due to increase in cell phone the harmful effects of radiation are also on the rise. According to international standards SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) should be less than 1.6 Watts/kg.Higher the SAR value higher will be the risk of health problems. Mobile companies should be aware of the side effects of radiation and design their mobiles accordingly. Radiation expert Ms. Neha Kumar explains how harmful cell phone radiation can be to human body with the help of a small demonstration.These radiations are very dangerous to the heart and the brain. Also it causes brain tumor, heating effect on ears and salivary glands, sleep disorders and other health hazards. Radiations levels are high mainly when the internet is switched 'ON' or when a call is in progress. The preventive measures are we must use cell phones for lesser amount of time i.e. only during emergency calls, use landlines and handsfree whenever possible, checking SAR value and safety sections on manuals before buying a phone, keeping it away from our body especially from pregnant women and from small children.
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Why You Should Never Put Your Mobile Phone In Your Pocket,Carrying cell phone in pocket danger
Why You Should Never Put Your Mobile Phone In Your Pocket,Carrying cell phone in pocket danger Thanks For Watching This Video: Why You Should Never Put Your Mobile Phone In Your Pocket,Carrying cell phone in pocket danger :https://youtu.be/BX_bUm4xp-s Don't forget to Subscribe for updates: https://goo.gl/WqO5fo MOST people these days are practically glued to their smartphone — and would find it very difficult to give it up. But there’s one reason why you should place some distance between yourself and your phone. Researchers who have been studying the effects of mobile phone radiation for many years, has warned your mobile phone could be doing you more harm than good.” Aside from being breakable, smartphones are also constantly emitting radiation and heat, so keeping your smartphone super close to you can even be a safety hazard. Moreover, carrying cell phones every time is believed to be caused some long health diseases, such as: 1. Kill Sperm – As we all know that the cell phones emit electromagnetic radiations which are damaging the body. Keeping it inside pocket and using it regularly can cause the brain tumors, cancer and sperm damage. 2. Destroys Sense – The regular use of cell phone is not safe for the human body, as it might cause serious brain damage. Thus, it is good to use a hand free set like- Bluetooth etc. for communication. Otherwise the radiations emitted by it enter into the brain directly that might cause serious mind disorder. 3. Risk to Children – People, who expose their children to cellphone emission at an early age, are 50 percent more likely to have a child with behavioral problems. Always maintain some distance between electronic and children. The best thing to do is try to limit the time you spend on your gadget as much as possible. Learn to keep your mobile device away from your pocket or anywhere near your body because it can damage your reproductive and endocrine system. Better put it in your bag or anywhere where it will not be close to your body. Source: https://www.beautyandhealthremedies.com/why-you-should-never-put-your-mobile/ ⇒⇒Find Us on Social Media⇒⇒ ☛ Blog: https://goo.gl/KSoh4r ☛ Facebook: https://goo.gl/o5rRal ☛ Twitter: https://goo.gl/AJrrWw ☛ Pinterest: https://goo.gl/8FMHVd ☛ Vk: https://goo.gl/RMWwcI ☛ Google Plus: https://goo.gl/rxXvqP ►► Our Next Video: carrying cell phone in pocket danger, keeping phone in back pocket, cell phone radiation health risks, is it bad to put your phone in your back pocket, cell phone in bra cancer hoax, where to put your phone, ⇒⇒ Our Top Videos:⇒⇒ ✓ Get your nipple pierced: https://goo.gl/Wa4P6m ✓ Breast Rash Care Tips: https://goo.gl/bn7Z7u ✓ It Made The Doctors Speechless : https://goo.gl/7PGPRD ✓ How to wash your vagina safely: https://goo.gl/fgyzpD ✓ How to make a headache go away fast without medicine : https://goo.gl/atfouX ⇒⇒ Favorite Videos:⇒⇒ ☞ 5 Reasons You Should Never Put Your Phone In Your Back Pocket: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJGKyeVYJ0Y ☞ ❀ Be CAREFUL! After This, Never Return To Save THE PHONE IN YOUR POCKET!!: https://www.youtube.co/watch?v=nqUqJKW9-vk ☞ Carry your phone in your back pocket? Your life is at risk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsP2voeEQDM ☞ Cell Phones Transmit Radiation That Impact Your Health: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIdeoJCb7tQ ☞ This is why you shouldn't use a mobile phone at a petrol station - caught on camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDaj15G6ADE Thanks For Watching This Video: Why You Should Never Put Your Mobile Phone In Your Pocket,Carrying cell phone in pocket danger :https://youtu.be/BX_bUm4xp-s Don't forget to Subscribe for updates: https://goo.gl/WqO5fo
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