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Tyler Hill Interview
We shot this interview with Tyler Hill for GayDemon in January of 2015. Tyler was recruited by Evan Parker and began modeling for Helix Studios in July of 2014. Evan was also Tyler's first scene partner (in "Procrasturbation") and they began dating shortly after. Together they won the 2017 Cybersocket award for best sex scene (watch here https://youtu.be/cXA_he4p9mY). Tyler has filmed over 60 scenes as an exclusive Helix model.
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#Helix: Cameron Parks and Tyler Hill (Extended)
We asked our friends from Twitter what they wanted to know about Cameron Parks (left) and Tyler Hill (right). Here are their questions: @FrancisMastroMJ Tyler, a penguin walks in the room wearing a sombrero, what does he say and why is he here? @JulChen1506 How are you guys? My question is: what’s your favorite thing during sex? Blowjobs, fingering etc. love you lots @RRgirl69 To both. Do you prefer kisses with or without tongues? @Jawzod Who is the production assistant when Cam is filming? @CleverStar3 What age were you when you first had sex? @GenghisSwannn How is the reality of working in porn at Helix different from the stereotypes? @RemingtonPrice1 What do you guys like to do in your free time? @EnzoRosso_ For both: what is your favorite romantic activity ? @SerenaAlexndra For Tyler. How old is milo? He's as cute as you. Btw is it okay to leave him alone at home right now? @OopsHornyAgain Cameron, what's your favorite thing about working behind the scenes for Helix? @RedWineTeeth83 Question for Tyler: how did finals go? What are you studying? @MaleNudePics Have your friends watched your scenes? @jnkNswt Cameron, you're in the desert and come upon a tortoise. You flip it on its back. You watch as its legs writhe as it tries to right itself, but it can't, not without your help. But you're not helping. Why is that, Cameron? @AOzalbaro We're you fans of porn before working for Helix? If so who were your favorite pornstars? @JulChen1506 What made you decide to do porn? And are you happy with your choice? @PrivateXLuis Question for both: what‘s your favourite kind of underwear? @OopsHornyAgain Cam, how much fun is it hosting Parks and Mills? @Jawzod Have you ever had sex with a straight guy? @RRgirl69 Question for Tyler. What are you looking forward to most in 2018? @EnzoRosso_ What's the best movie you have seen this year? @xfire209922000y I love you guys! If this scene is released in January can you give me a Birthday shoutout please? @FrancisMastroMJ Cam, would you ever date Joey Mills? @RRgirl69 Question for both. If you could have sex with a celebrity who would you choose? @EnzoRosso_ For both: what would be the best present someone could make you? @JulChen_1506 Can Tyler give a shout out to one of his biggest fans “Rae”? I know that would make her so happy. @RRgirl69 Question to both. How important to you are your fans? @ImSuchaTwink What’s your favorite kink and why? Love you guys! @PrivateXLuis Tyler, tell us what you like about other people watching you on cam? @BKNewEyes How did it feel growing up rich and falling off yachts Cam? @FrancisMastroMJ To both: If you could have one super power, what would you want? @RyanRomanXXX Question for both Cameron and Tyler What has been your favorite experience while working at Helix Studios?? @Nettifer17 Where do you each see your self in 3 years? @RedWineTeeth83 Why does cam always get things thrown at him? @LeaneYoussef Question for Tyler. What is the one thing you hate and you love about yourself and your life??? Love u so much @RRgirl69 Question to both, do you prefer rough sex? @FrancisMastroMJ Cam, does Alex bully you on set off snapchat too or is it just for our entertainment? I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!! @Maxxy_Dorm For both: if you are about to cook someting for someone on a first date what it will be? @JackReagan96 What do they look for in a boyfriend? And a request: A really passionate kiss. @RoddBrick I want to see them tickle each other’s feet really good for 30 seconds without pulling away. Love seeing these hot guys being tickled :) @RicJames32 Can Cam spank Tyler? @RRgirl69 Request. Please can Tyler spank Cam? @RRgirl69 This is going to be my favourite match ever! Request: please can Cam pin down Tyler from behind and lick all up & down his back and then bite that beautiful derriere
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#Helix: Evan Parker, Finn Carson and Tyler Hill
We asked our friends from Twitter what they wanted to know about Evan Parker (left), Finn Carson (center) and Tyler Hill (right). Here are their questions: @COPblog I'd like to know Evan's workout regimen, how Tyler keeps his butt so shiny and Finn's hair secrets? Blake Mitchell What made Finn want to be a model? @FrancisMastroMJ Will we ever see Evan bottom on camera again? @dr2450 What are your day jobs/school etc.? @KylerSyne How many times a week (or day) do you guys jack-off? @Mattrais What's the most beautiful thing that ever happened in your life? @rerunagain What's on repeat on your iPod? @ManSamBam What are the favorite scenes you have done? @KylerSyne Question just for Finn: Have you ever bottomed before? @AdamEthanXXX What's it like to work in the porn industry? Tom Dillon Will we see Finn as a bottom? @KylerSyne Who's the hairiest without any manscaping? @OneGenie What's your favorite movie? @DewayneinSD Would Tyler describe himself as the Ham or the Turkey in today's sandwich? 😂 @GracieScarlett Finn do you like filming threesome scenes when two members are boyfriends? Is it ever awkward? @MissCJWillis For all three guys: If I came to your house for dinner, what would you cook for me? @rerunagain What's your perfect "pantydropper" of a date? @FrancisMastroMJ Who would Finn want to do a scene with next? Hue Anh What's the MOST NAUGHTY thing Evan has done for you Tyler? :3 love you guys @GracieScarlett Are Evan and Tyler going to get married? @KylerSyne Who owns the most sex toys? @RAEEM69 Do you guys have any pre-scene routines or rituals you like to do before shooting?
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Sweethearts - Evan Parker & Tyler Hill - Helix Studios
Each year, February 14th is a special day that touches many different people in many different ways. Some go all out with fat baskets & bursting bouquets. Others focus in tight, probing their partner's deepest & innermost needs & desires. Some go at it hard with epic pledges & thrusts of raw emotion. Others lightly tease and nurture what might grow to be a mighty matchup that's one in a million. The one thing we can all agree on is that what's universally important is that we're together in our chosen intimacy with the one we love. Starring gay porn stars (and real-life boyfriends) - Evan Parker & Tyler Hill. Winner of the Cybersocket Award for Best Sex Scene 2017. Film / video credits go to: Helix Studios Please comment, like and share this video, and subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpkxPQ0psvprETrj4FW0CHA
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Helix studios - tyler hill
Love tyrler hill Idk where helix studio upload again 🙁😢
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Evan Parker and Tyler Hill Win "Power Couple" | JUST LOVE Trailer | Str8UpGayPorn Awards
The first annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards hosted by Sandra Bernhard took place in New York City on June 22, 2017 honoring outstanding achievement in gay adult film! Presented by PornHub in association with Flirt4Free, Orbital Pay, and Fleshjack. Watch Full Video at Str8UpGayPornawards.com make sure to thumbs up and subscribe. ---------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------- • Follow Us on Twitter • Twitter: http://twitter.com/Str8UpGayPorn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Str8UpGay ----------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------- Your #1 source for exclusive news, reviews, and new releases from the world of gay adult entertainment -----------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------- Str8UpGayPorn.com No Filter. No Agenda. No Censors.
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Helix Studios - Tough Casting Call - Kyle Ross & Tyler Hill + Bloopers
Helix Studios - Tough Casting Call - Kyle Ross and Tyler Hill (+Bloopers) It’s apparent 18-year-old model Tyler Hill is in for a tough casting call as soon as Kyle Ross walks through the door to do the Studio's dirty work. Tyler is nervous and appears at risk of failing the interview as he stumbles through Kyle’s inane smart ass questions. But things take a turn for Tyler when he finally takes off his clothes. Starring gay porn stars: Kyle Ross and Tyler Hill Film / video credits go to: Helix Studios Please comment, like and share this video, and subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpkxPQ0psvprETrj4FW0CHA
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Barefoot Boys
Starring Joey Mills and Tyler Hill Directed by Alex Roman Edited by AV Alfarez Released by Helix Studios in August 2016
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Boy's Night Out:  WTF Fridays
Join the Helix boys in the VIP section as they party it up at the club. WTF Fridays is a gay club night, this one was held at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana California. Featuring Tyler Hill, Noah White, Kyle Ross, Evan Parker, Max Carter, Jessie Montgomery and Luke Allen.
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Pool kanoodle
Vlog #2 hot tub shenanigans with Tyler Hill and Corbin Colby
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Lifeguards: Summer Session Ep 3
Join the lifeguards and their friends as they party SoCal style. Calm bay waters are the perfect setting for a bonfire at the beach and as the sun goes down sparks ignite between Sean and Noah. Starring Sean Ford, Tyler Hill, Max Carter, Blake Mitchell, Evan Parker, Joey Mills, Josh Brady, Kyle Ross and Noah White. Directed by Alex Roman and released in August 2016.
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for Evan Parker and Tyler Hill
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Happy 1st Anniversary to Tyler Hill and Evan Parker
Both of the boys are so sweet and cute. Their lovely smiles never fail to make my day. Happy 1st anniversary to you guys! I wish you a life time of happiness and a longlasting love. This video is a collection of my favorite moments and pics of this couple. They are soooooo sweet. Resources are from HelixStudios and Twitter. Background music: Can't Take My Eyes off You, by Joanna Wang. This is exactly what I wanna tell you, "I can't take my eyes off you", because you two are so adorable together. Love you!
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Bloopers and Behind The Scenes - 12/2017
A quick compilation of behind the scenes clips and bloopers from Helix Studios. Featuring Joey Mills, Corbin Colby, Cole Claire, Ezra Michaels, Danny Nelson, Garrett Graves, Landon Vega, Wes Campbell, Ashton Summers, Ben Masters, Tyler Hill, Ryan Bailey, Cameron Parks, Jack Donovan, Josh Brady, Max Carter, Blake Mitchell, Jeremy Price, Marcell Tykes, Adrian Kelly and Gabriel Martin.
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Fifty Shades of Parker
A gay remix of Fifty Shades featuring Helix Studios models, Evan Parker & Tyler Hill. Fanmade trailer. For entertainment purposes only.
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Lifeguards: Outtakes and Behind the Scenes
A collection of behind the scenes clips and outtakes from the movie Lifeguards: Summer Session, shot on location in Southern California. Starring Sean Ford, Max Carter, Blake Mitchell, Joey Mills, Tyler HIll, Noah White, Evan Parker, Kyle Ross and Josh Brady. Directed by Alex Roman.
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Lifeguards: Summer Session Trailer
Follow the lives of a group of lifeguards and their friends as they party and play on the beaches of southern California. Starring Max Carter, Sean Ford, Blake Mitchell, Joey Mills, Kyle Ross, Noah White, Evan Parker, Tyler Hill and Josh Brady. Directed by Alex Roman and released in August 2016.
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Boys Night Out: 2017 Str8upGayPorn Awards
Highlights from the 2017 Str8upGayPorn Awards held at Stage 48 in New York City and hosted by Sandra Bernhard. Helix exclusive model Blake Mitchell was awarded for Best Supporting Actor and exclusives Tyler Hill and Evan Parker took home the viewer's choice award for Best Couple. Lifeguards: Summer Session won for Best Movie along with Helix Studios for Best Studio. The party continued at the rooftop nightclub Penthouse 760 where the models mingled with fans and danced the night away.
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Tyler Hill vs Linc Battee
Tyler Hill vs Linc Battee
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Boy's Night Out: 2017 Cybersocket Awards
Highlights from the 2017 Cybersocket viewer's choice awards held at the Penthouse Club in West Hollywood and hosted by Chi Chi Larue. Don't miss Bianca Del Rio's hilarious acceptance speech for Best Personality. Helix exclusive model Kyle Ross took home the award for Best Porn Star while exclusive models Evan Parker and Tyler Hill won Best Sex Scene for "Sweethearts" (watch here https://youtu.be/cXA_he4p9mY). Thank you so much to all the fans that voted for us!
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Boys Night Out: Helix Pride Party
Shirtless boys, kissing, dancing, laughing and partying the night away. To celebrate the kick-off of San Diego Gay Pride weekend we threw a party and invited all the models. Thank you to all our fans and friends who joined us! In attendance were Helix models Joey Mills, Blake Mitchell, Evan Parker, Tyler Hill, Kyle Ross, Max Carter, Wes Campbell, Jeremy Price, Landon Vega, Danny Nelson, Josh Brady, Cole Turner, Corbin Colby, Ben Masters, Cole Claire, Cameron Parks, Kurt Summers, Andy Taylor, Kody Knight, Skyelr Bleu, Luke Allen and 8teenBoy models Jamie Ray, Alan Davis, Jared Scott and Caleb Gray.
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【Helix Studios】Evan Parker - My Time
More than 50 scenes of Evan Parker from Helix Studios.
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Lifeguards: Summer Session Ep 5
These lifeguards play as hard as they work and back at the beach house things get a little crazy. Kyle knows that orgies don't just happen by themselves so he gets to work putting together an after party. Featuring cameos by Kurt Summers, Luke Allen, Kyler Ash, Aiden Summers, Bentley and Jake. Starring Sean Ford, Tyler Hill, Max Carter, Blake Mitchell, Evan Parker, Joey Mills, Josh Brady, Kyle Ross and Noah White. Directed by Alex Roman and released in August 2016.
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Lifeguards: Summer Session Ep 2
Sean Ford and Tyler Hill are patrolling the beach and get distracted by sexy surfer Josh Brady. When Sean leaves for lunch Tyler has the opportunity to live out one of his fantasies. Starring Sean Ford, Tyler Hill, Max Carter, Blake Mitchell, Evan Parker, Joey Mills, Josh Brady, Kyle Ross and Noah White. Directed by Alex Roman and released in August 2016.
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Evan Parker Interview
We shot this interview with Evan Parker for GayDemon in October of 2014. Evan won the 2016 Grabby award for Best Twink Performer and a 2017 Cybersocket award for Best Sex Scene. He began his career at Helix Studios in December of 2012 and has been a Helix Exclusive ever since with almost 100 scenes under his belt.
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Evan&Tyler - beautiful thing
It's my first fanvid and Evan&Tyler's 3th Anniversary gift! they meet each other is the most beautiful thing!
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Evan Parker | Sex on Fire
The sexy Evan Parker
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Helix studios - kiss in night
So sweet this couple but i just like even parker and tyler hill Cr : helixstudios Mm.... I hope helix always upload new video I want watch helix academy Can share again helix academy..... Helixstudios 💜
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Evan & Andy - All of me
The beautiful love between Evan Parker & Andy Taylor. All of me - John Legend I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended. All clips property of Helix Studios. Pics courtesy of Helix and Models' own.
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Bruce Beckham and mr. Pam with Helix Studios
The Str8UpGayPorn Awards red carpet in New York City, hosted by Bruce Beckham and mr. Pam, with the cast of Helix Studios' Lifeguards: Kyle Ross, Max Carter, Evan Parker, Tyler Hill, Blake Mitchell, and more!
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Lifeguards: Summer Session Ep 1
Hang 10 with the sexiest group of naughty lifeguards on the beach. Some lifeguards are looking for trouble. They bait the waters and troll for fresh meat in their favorite hot spot. Blake finds his opportunity when he sees Joey smoking illegally on the beach. Starring Max Carter, Blake Mitchell, Evan Parker, Joey Mills, Josh Brady, Kyle Ross, Noah White, Sean Ford and Tyler Hill. Directed by Alex Roman and released in August 2016.
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The Traditional Way
Corbin and Angel have different ideas on how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Starring Angel Rivera and Corbin Colby Directed and edited by Alex Roman Written by Taylor Saracen Released by Helix Studios in May 2018
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Friendly Competition
Evan and Kody are both naturally competitive so any day at the park turns into the summer brolympics. Starring Evan Parker and Kody Knight Directed by Alex Roman Released in July 2014
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January 9, 2018
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Mike Perry - The Ocean ft. Shy Martin
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Evan Parker & Kody Knight 【Helixstudios】
©2014 Helixstudios. All Rights Reserved.
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Josh Brady and Cameron Parks/ A Helix Studios Gay LOve Story
Instagram - @menlovegay
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#Helix: Blake Mitchell, Brad Chase and Troy Ryan
We asked our friends from Twitter what they wanted to know about Blake Mitchell (left), Brad Chase (center) and Troy Ryan (right). Here are their questions: (@heart_unfumble) What do you guys do when you're at home? (@psychoticxkriss) What's your weirdest fetish? (@kcptdc) Tell us about your first time with a guy? (@Kenn01) What was the biggest cock you've each taken? (@SHS_2015_1997) If you could do a scene with anyone from @cockyboys who would it be? (@LadyFlamez86) Whats you guys fave video games if you play a video game? (@RoddBrick) Who is the most ticklish of you 3? I want to see him get tied and tickled really good. (@tyler_lov_alex) Are you worried your family will see your movies? (Gracie Scarlett) Brad, do you friends treat you differently because of your job? (Nikki Downing) Blake, who would you love to do a scene with that you haven't worked with yet? (@a1gecc) Troy, who is your celebrity crush? (Elena Seigal) Blake, what's your biggest pet peeve? (@MacFalconer) Brad, how did you get into porn and what made you decide to do it? (@bff_seiler) What's your favorite movie? (Nikki Taylor) Do you prefer to film threesomes or paired scenes? Do threesomes take longer to film? (@Saint_Mateo) Do you have threesomes in real life? (@_Helix_fangirl) Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? Is it weird to you that you have female fans? (@OliDes74) Who's got it best, Blake with a porn boyfriend? Troy with a non-porn boyfriend? Or Brad being single. (@NaughtyHuskyAD) A three-way kiss would be nice. (Marcus XE) Would you three have a three-way?
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It Was Real - Andy Taylor & Evan Parker
This is the bookend to my original vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzxZCa8jhOU Closure for Andy Taylor & Evan Parker set to a quote from "The Notebook". It was real, wasn't it? You and Me Such a long time ago Just a couple of kids We really loved each other, didn't we?
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Sean Ford and Evan Parker
For his "Introduction" scene Sean was interviewed by Evan at Ocean Beach Pier. Starring Evan Parker and Sean Ford Directed by Alex Roman Edited by AV Alfarez Released by Helix Studios in May 2016
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