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Future - You Da Baddest ft. Nicki Minaj

941761 ratings | 114946147 views
"You Da Baddest" Available at iTunes http://smarturl.it/YouDaBaddest.iTunes Apple Music http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX.AM Spotify http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX.Sptfy https://www.futurefreebandz.com https://www.facebook.com/futureofficial https://www.twitter.com/1future https://www.instagram.com/future https://www.youtube.com/officialfuturevideos https://www.soundcloud.com/futureisnow (C) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment with A1 / Freebandz
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Text Comments (35275)
Josiah B (23 minutes ago)
According to streams/views this song isn’t far away from being platinum!!!! :)
rayan rayan (2 hours ago)
Best song ever 🙌
Latanya Joseph (2 hours ago)
Olesya Zelethnyak (3 hours ago)
Есть российские?
HyperGyan (11 hours ago)
Here for nicki ?
Alexisc Mouzan (14 hours ago)
Dolly Savage (14 hours ago)
I was here when it all began (2018) ??
Brooklyn NYC (17 hours ago)
DeAjah Harris (22 hours ago)
I Love you Nicki 💝💝💝💝
Rakesh Rock (1 day ago)
Nicki is my Dream Girl😘😘😆
Samoy Demetrius (1 day ago)
I Think future and nicki minaj make a good couple
Nikki queen of ass
Charlise Nagel (1 day ago)
when is nicki's birthday
Jess Meza (1 day ago)
hold up wait one minute
OG DatNiggaa (1 day ago)
HaHaHa at 1:38 he stares at Nicki's ass and the gets slapped in the face by the chick in the elevator😂😂😂
sincere manley (2 days ago)
Mansor Adam (2 days ago)
Perla Argueta (2 days ago)
Hold up wait
Rhythm (2 days ago)
no ones watching in 2018
Deja_ Ming (2 days ago)
7th time Listening today
Nicole Gregory (2 days ago)
I hear the music do you listen to the music
Charles Goodrum (3 days ago)
Good couple
Mudane Chango (3 days ago)
Who is watching till Now 2018?
Black peullé (3 days ago)
Phillip Kalleb (3 days ago)
Ashrifa Fuadini (3 days ago)
Anant singh (3 days ago)
Oooo la la la la
Allia Bastien (3 days ago)
All 2018😝❤️💜
Jamila Saidou (3 days ago)
And the Queen😘😘😘😘💚
Jamila Saidou (3 days ago)
Future sexxxxyyyy asf😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ray Jiminez (3 days ago)
love from the 505 😜🌶
Samson Elas (4 days ago)
Who iz watchin in july 2018
Julio 2018
Kesha Nance (4 days ago)
I need to know where nick get her outfits...we got similar body type. Love her!
winnie ginson (4 days ago)
still favorite😭😭😍*fuck em hoes*
Nouran Khazbek (4 days ago)
2:15 i like the way she looked at the three girls with " weird energy"
Denise Williams (4 days ago)
So do
Poochie Lou (4 days ago)
Future doing some dance move😂
Poochie Lou (4 days ago)
Everyone knows Nicki is the baddest
Poochie Lou (4 days ago)
1:01 the room attendant tho 😂
Poochie Lou (4 days ago)
He said Jamaican up up
Poochie Lou (4 days ago)
Yasss turn up yasss 😊😊😊
sb mt (4 days ago)
See you in February 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
kit Kat (5 days ago)
Wtf is he saying
Laron Phillips (5 days ago)
💘 it bree Warren
KITTYNUUKO (5 days ago)
Fredny Junior (5 days ago)
Nicky❤❤ For ever.
Farhan Khalifa (6 days ago)
future is my ploood
Miny Starz (6 days ago)
Those diamonds shine brighter then my bae's face
Mia Recinos (6 days ago)
My girl looking beautiful as always
Star Johnson (6 days ago)
happy birthday Nicky wish you many many more
Marjorie Quiroa (6 days ago)
Hold up wait one min ouuu dis my shitttt😈😈😈
Pardo (6 days ago)
Summer vibes
Anamaria Ivić (7 days ago)
still da best
Kevin Eastburn (7 days ago)
I love this song an Nicki outfit is popping
Walter Fredie (7 days ago)
0:57-1:01 my best part 😁😁😁😁
Walter Fredie (7 days ago)
0:57-1:01 my best part 😁😁😁😁
puspanjali Jayauria (7 days ago)
1000 times i listened it
Maryam Khatib (7 days ago)
nate Portis (7 days ago)
I like this
Luiz Fernando (7 days ago)
Love you 💖💖💖
WAJAH JAKARTA (7 days ago)
really good MUSIC so hopefully give long life & meet again in 2019 ??? miss u all 2 0 1 9 !
queen bey (8 days ago)
When this song turns 1 year i'm officially in summer break!! Ik Nobody cares. I just wrote this to motivate myself lol
Febbe Real (8 days ago)
2018 who still love this song😘
P Sl (8 days ago)
If they were together they would definitely have the ability of surpassing Beyonce and Jay-Z as power couple.❤️❤️❤️ I love J and B but these two who be next to the best if they were together. Jay and B number one ☝🏾
David Moreland (8 days ago)
They look cute toggether
TEAM B. (8 days ago)
Latricia Wortham (8 days ago)
Shawn Simon (8 days ago)
Minaj Queen (8 days ago)
Cant wait to see u both on tour 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nick Nack (8 days ago)
That lady in the back was mad because that man was looking at Nikki but and that lady the back crhid to be like Nikki
Cletus Ntih (8 days ago)
Johnnie Simmons (9 days ago)
Xoxo Doredjamal (9 days ago)
We here still now 2018/ 7-7
Aymane Ghanbaja (9 days ago)
Queen 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
Thierno Oumar Sow (9 days ago)
Im ready is fow you
BOSS KEY YACHTS (9 days ago)
What t shirt is future wearing?
Zhia Henderson (9 days ago)
❣️❣️❣️❣️💗💗💗💖💖💓 Niki 4 ever
Olivia Griffin (9 days ago)
“YOU DA BADDEST” ... it’s you the baddest
Jay Salazar (9 days ago)
Ready for the tour NICKITHENINJA🔥💨
Tinygirl. Taytay (9 days ago)
Future my cause his last name wiburn my great grandad side is wilburn
DJ Mingo BlessVEVO (9 days ago)
Up Top 🎭 2018 , Mingo 😎
Colby Carwyle (9 days ago)
One of my favorite videos by future he’s honestly my favorite rapper
Syawal Fitri MR (10 days ago)
my queen Nicki Minaj u save this song
Larry Mitchell (10 days ago)
Lol good Job
Daniel Chang (10 days ago)
Whats the maid name? SHES HOT
Ники Минаж)))))))
tevin weir (10 days ago)
love my artist nicki
Sanjaya Nock (10 days ago)
In your biggest fan nickk
Patrick Batemans Waifu (10 days ago)
Lookin like a thanksgivin dinner mmmf
Chief Head (10 days ago)
2018 ? 🔥🦄
Laurindo Bento (10 days ago)
Martha Kasuba (10 days ago)
This song is awesome #nicki and future they make a cute couple...love you!
EPBloxs Gaming101 (11 days ago)
Whyyyy am I just seeing this??????????
Alexisc Mouzan (11 days ago)
Fashion is the best in my opinion . 2000 took off
stick SantosMC (11 days ago)
best youb (11 days ago)
i never see nicki minaj she walking in a street witch no guard
Ryan G (11 days ago)
omfg almost a year that was fast
Ryan G (11 days ago)
this needed more attention!! more promo more views more radio play IT SHOULDVE BEEN THE SONG OF THE SUMMER

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