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Self Driving Cars Will Change Life As We Know It

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Self Driving Cars Will Change Life As We Know It ---------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Controversy Corner Playlist: goo.gl/JLBnOC --------------------------------------------------------------- Justin's Self Driving Car Video http://bit.ly/2zdbslK --------------------------------------------------------------- Are self-driving cars the way of the future? Or are we just getting our hopes up! Over the past few years companies like tesla and Google have been making strides at creating autonomous cars! There are some autonomous cars 2018 that should be here but that are not road ready quite yet! The Self driving cars news keeps rolling in and we got an expert who can help tell us what to expect! Self driving cars will change everything 2018! Probably not that soon but we may get there eventually! How will self driving cars effect cities, can they support this massive change? These are questions we try to tackle! Tesla self driving cars want to have features in all it's vehicles by the year 2018! Self driving cars tesla makes could be here sooner than we think! As well as the self driving cars google makes! But what will be the self driving cars ethics, how will we manage self driving vehicles in the future! This is still to be explored! Self driving cars traffic could help reduce accidents but there are many concerns about the safety of self driving cars! we shall have to wait and see! ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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Text Comments (209)
HotCheetoManX (5 months ago)
Speaking about future cars? It’s going to be lit! Except your friend says that his ride moves by itself lol
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
he isn't the brightest light in the room haha
Javed Akhtar (6 months ago)
AI really sucks 😂😂😂 its not the future yet! roads are full of random encounters and no AI is completely programmed road ready! (but still it'll manage to get a licence, Lol) awesome video!!!!!! 😂
Wee Hours Games (6 months ago)
I will welcome the logical conclusion of this trend--self driving Segways. Because I have no dignity.
Wicca Girl (6 months ago)
Making them hack proof will be a thing, right?!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
haha yes!
Jess Kean (7 months ago)
Good ol' Justin.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
StevieJoes (7 months ago)
self driving cars = a hackers dream
ITS CRISPY (7 months ago)
this car is dumb
ITS CRISPY (7 months ago)
but i do have a feeling it is the future. for the first few years crashes will be at a record setting high
ITS CRISPY (7 months ago)
good vid m8
CheetahVedaPita (7 months ago)
Boi 0:58
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha good part!
The Mel and Apollo Show (7 months ago)
I’d be so bored if I had a self driving car. Great vid!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha i feel you there!
Reloaded Reeality (7 months ago)
You sure are! I’m a great driver! Lol
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
i bet you are way better than me honestly!
greenbaywacky (7 months ago)
whats the fun in this I love gto drive ha ha !! Good video!! Is Justin covered ha ha !!!
Grown Children (7 months ago)
Every day I swear we get closer to Skynet becoming self aware
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
i am with you we need to learn!
Mikita (7 months ago)
I just had a huuuge meeting about this at work. We were talking about how parking structures will soon be obsolete. Thanks for sharing this topic!
Taktic Razor (7 months ago)
Dont forget me when you have over 100k subs man
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
i can't forget true friends!
Goomba Games (7 months ago)
The craziest thing I've seen yet is and autonomous semi. A self driving truck!
StarshineJess (7 months ago)
Really enjoyed the comedy! Keep it up!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
hey thanks so much friend i will!
Nienie Miauw (7 months ago)
Hahahaha dead 😂 And you are kinda right tho,, you dont want me on the road xD. So I really need a car like that 😅
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha thanks for coming by friend i miss chatting!
Scottish Dianne (7 months ago)
This was brilliant 😀🤙🤘
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
you rock my friend honestly can't thank you enough!
A girl has many filters (7 months ago)
Haha yes you will probably get in trouble for that joke but I’ll forgive you because you were so close to a melt down in this video 😂😂 made me laugh !
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
oh well it was a joke i know in truth men have some raging tempers behind the wheel! haha
Twisted Ginger Gaming (7 months ago)
great vid #fgn keep up the good work
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
appreciate you my friend #fgn
cris x3 (7 months ago)
Great video! Idk how i feel about self driving cars. I think it would be a bit helpful for new drivers like myself lol but then again idk (i have mixed feelings about it)
Keldaris (7 months ago)
I'm probably a better driver than Justin(? Haha j/k, great video!
Official GamingFFC (7 months ago)
id rather drive the car my self lol
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
im with you honestly!
bart tutu (7 months ago)
great video :) awesome channel :) lets be friends and sub :) LIKE 162
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
welcome my friend new videos every tuesday and friday!
Austin W Studios (7 months ago)
Dude this is super awesome I love this way of telling the news, keep up the awesome work!!!!
Shade's Insane Chamber (7 months ago)
Can't we just make the Transformers drive us to places?
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
that's what i'm saying! no one has a sense of vision anymore haha
Eevnos (7 months ago)
I definitely think that everyone should have an anotonomaticus car, do they come with vape holders?
Ross McCann69 (7 months ago)
man im not lieing you one my favorite YouTube's and i cant wait to be as big as you <3 good video
Ross McCann69 (7 months ago)
thanks man :)
The Geek Cupboard (7 months ago)
You're not covered for that!
1FG 2ND (7 months ago)
With self driving cars comes self driving racing cars....oh no Great video once again dude!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
i know right! hey thanks man!
Mr. G (7 months ago)
I love your energy man. I would love a self driving car. Not showing my wife this episode.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
hahah thanks man for taking the time i truly appreciate you!
Eggnacio (7 months ago)
Self driving cars would be good for me! That means I could vape, clip my nails, eat a three course meal and watch the new transformers movie without my hands on the wheel!
CrownThe Eric (7 months ago)
A self driving car would be amazing but the amount of tech it would need in it. I mean essentially it would be like building a super computer that would need to fit in a car. Great job man!
YouKnowWeirdMoments (7 months ago)
I absolutely loved it bud really good.
Dunna Did It (7 months ago)
I want a Tesla so bad. That is all.
xcddcsdc33 (7 months ago)
Maybe I just read too much sci-fi, but I don't ever want my car driving itself.
CreatingBeyondLimits (7 months ago)
This was a brilliant video I had lots of laughs watching thanks man
Obiwayne (7 months ago)
Yep you'll get in trouble about women drivers lol.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
hahah i'm waiting!
Taymation Studios (7 months ago)
Great job as always man! I'm all for self driving cars. There was that time a Tesla predicted an accident 2 seconds before it happened and avoided the collision, plus I could read while driving to work! Of course there are still some kinks to get out, but overall I think it will be super helpful.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey man i appreciate your comment and hearing your feedback on the subject! it will be an interesting project!
PinkWooly Pajamas (7 months ago)
You're gonna blow up bro! Keep up the quality content.
KhemicalDaawg (7 months ago)
Pmsl that womens driver joke is rather brave man >:D Hella good video, keep it up!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
+KhemicalDaawg haha i’m glad you liked the joke though in all honesty there are some pretty horrible male drivers
Jack1775 Gaming (7 months ago)
Dude I forgot my vape at Johnny's house too.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
+Jack1775 Gaming he always forgets his vape haha
Slakey gaming (7 months ago)
When will Justin learn lol. I cant wait for autonomous cars, especially if it stops people driving below the speed limit. Great video :)
Michael Lunatic Videos (7 months ago)
Hahaha Funny, The banter between you both is comedy gold 😂 My Wife drives like a Woman too! 🤣 🤤
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
hey thanks man this really makes my day!
Mack Mate . Com (7 months ago)
Seen one in Tallinn Estonia/ nice one Ryan 👍😂😎
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey thanks a ton friend you are a legend!
TomahawkToad (7 months ago)
Awesome work. I like the idea of self drivng cars
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey thanks so much friend ! it will be interesting for sure!
Julie Blueberry (7 months ago)
Great video! Self driving cars 🚗 can't imagine it!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
you rock friend! we'll have to wait and see!
Sargent Currypants (7 months ago)
Hahahah 0:38 you’re in trouble mister! Lol ok here’s what I love about your videos they’re super relevant and I understand the satire about people today (lol especially millennials) keep up the awesome work man Plus the editing is smooth and I like how you maintain your personal style Hey it’s now : around the corner I like the smooth and subtle changes like that! Ok I typed an essay Keep it up man!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey that feedback is honestly fantastic thank you so much friend!
KC ZINGX (7 months ago)
I hope not 😕 it'll make me 10 times lazier
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Definitely so!
Zion Reel (7 months ago)
I don't want a self driving car honestly, I enjoy the feeling of driving myself too much :) but hey, one day the government will force it upon us probably :P God DAMN IT Justin!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I think in certain cities they will have their place it will be an interesting process!
T-Killer (7 months ago)
I think it will increase the road to the human apocalypse because humans will become even lazier than they are already!
Ted Howells (7 months ago)
Awesome video as ever man!! Keep it up!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey thanks a ton dude!
Ted Howells (7 months ago)
And yes apple Mac's do suck
Nikita Nagori (7 months ago)
That is so cool...😎😎
BulletPlayzStuff (7 months ago)
Self Driving Cars will change life as we know it......................and eventually kill us all Fast and Furious Style
BulletPlayzStuff (7 months ago)
lol true good point :)
Couples Crusade (7 months ago)
I think that Self Driving cars are awesome, and will take a lot of stress out of people's lives and prevent a lot of accidents!
Far-No (7 months ago)
I went to an expo about emerging technologies. And this will take over.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
oh yeah you know it will!
Pandamonium Games (7 months ago)
I always love the skits because it seems well plotted and practiced and it's fun.
Keyser Reveal (7 months ago)
Lol pretty funny man. Nice video
IndieAndy (7 months ago)
Ooooh this was a good video dude.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey thanks man honestly!
Cobretti Gaming Network (7 months ago)
Self driving Nascar is the future
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha dude that would be interesting!
Welsh Raccoon (7 months ago)
Automated driving is gonna be a big thing for the future imagine the improvements it would make on safety that is defo the future!!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
yeah it definitely will! should be interesting to see how they set it up!
Meg & Amy (7 months ago)
Nice vid😁
The Gaming Fault (7 months ago)
Me just been me I couldn't own one takes the fun outta driving as always dude great work
NathanBlakeGames (7 months ago)
Well done! I'm super excited for self driving cars. The world will be a much smaller place when you can tell your car to drive 200 miles and then take a nap!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I am too should help society a lot, there will be many trials however!
SavageNGaming ! (7 months ago)
Lol I’m gonna get in trouble for that one . Are we covered for that ? Lol stay calm hahaha awesome I love it
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha hey thanks man it means a lot!
Lazy Eye Gaming (7 months ago)
Big like and sub from me 😃
Jellyduck100 (7 months ago)
That car is the new future! ;)
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
that it is!
HannahSyrene (7 months ago)
lol This was awesome, great job! :)
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Honestly appreciate it friend!W
Angry Gamer (7 months ago)
Oh look...self driving cars lol Justin needs to tell Siri to take him a long walk off a short plank...great as always dude :)
Harald Berg (7 months ago)
Nice video
Living to Improve! (7 months ago)
I would love a self driving car, but I’d definitely be a bit nervous the first time or two I was in one 😂 Great video as always 😁👍
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I think it will have its pluses on society for sure!
Geijin T.V. (7 months ago)
Lol justine is going to give you a heart attack. Great video as ever man
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
One of these days for sure! thanks man!
Doodles (7 months ago)
I know self driving cars are the future but I'm not sure I want it. Although it will have its benefits. If every car is self driving then no more idiots on the road I guess
GhostID656 (7 months ago)
Nice video Ryan. To much futuristic this self driving cars
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I'm ready for my tesla now haha
Gaming Community Zeeland (7 months ago)
Welcome to the future :)
MrFish Gaming (7 months ago)
Love the video and the guy you show once in a will is funny
Treety12 (7 months ago)
I would definitely take road trips forever if the car drove itself. I could sleep and still get somewhere, would be awesome
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
would be pretty nice!
Realzies Cuts (7 months ago)
Like 104, good video. Your Support is Awesome! There are real friends out here, Life is good with great supporters.
BadKarma 714 (7 months ago)
Nice videos lol my girlfriend is the worst driver
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha shhh don't tell her that!
The H (7 months ago)
Finding the perfect one for me and she CAN drive!! WOW!! This is the dream!!
After Dark Analysis (7 months ago)
If the office taught me anything it's that technology is just another way to die in a river.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Treety12 (7 months ago)
Great video. I think it would be a lot better if everybody had one. They have anticipated a wreck and stopped the car. And computers are smarter than people they may as well drive us.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I think it would generally help a lot of things we'll have to wait and see!
BarknoorZ (7 months ago)
Women are... what... drivers...? WOMEN ARE WHAT?! *throws plate at you*
ItsDJ (7 months ago)
Self driving cars, Artificial Intelligence and robots. Yup technology is taking over the world. Good video. Keep up the good work.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
We are doomed haha
Hollieghwood (7 months ago)
Justin needs to get it together lol 😂
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
you know it! ugghh haha
Prawn (7 months ago)
Auto-tono-mous killed me! 😂😂😂
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha glad you got a good laugh friend!
HermanTheGreat (7 months ago)
Women being horrible drivers LOL
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Typical hahaha jk
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
BLUR THE BRAINIAC? (7 months ago)
all I want to know is they have the foam filler system, car accident, car fills with foam, but I love to drive.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha me too i don't think they can take our driving away i wont let them
EpicSnackTime (7 months ago)
I'll always be waiting around the corner!! Amazing video and very funny like usual my friend.
Goodnight Walkers (7 months ago)
LOL..."you don't need your vape." Seriously, Good to see the collaboration...
BLACK AANG (7 months ago)
Self driving cars will be the end of us lol. Nice vid bro
Cornelius Howlit (7 months ago)
i need a self driving car. i want a tesla
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Dude i do too! i'm so lazy haha
CB Gaming (7 months ago)
Awesome video bro! Women will always be awful drivers ;)
TerraVisionGaming (7 months ago)
Time to switch to alexa lmao
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Best idea ever!
TheSilentGhostReaper (7 months ago)
this will happen anytime soon...I still hope I am still alive...hahaha!
THE ROGUE (7 months ago)
I think it's a great idea and could really catch on within the next 30 years or so. But I can see the speed laws having to heavily change for this to become legal. I can't imagine the government would let a self driving car go over 35 - 40 miles per hour. I also imagine they will have to have their own dedicated self driving lanes on the roads.
Mashooqa (7 months ago)
I can imagine allowing this in limited areas, small communities that are easy to control, and that will probably happen over the next 10-20 years as an experiment. More than that is unlikely. There are too many laws that have to be regulated and changed and we need some basic principles. - because with the current situation, people make their own decisions, and take responsibility for their own choices, we will loose that with an AI driven system. Lets imagine a scenario where on a wet snowy day a car glitches and drifts on to the opposite lane - the car coming toward it will have to decide whether to sacrifice its own passenger -or the passenger in the car that drifted on to their lane. -Now the designers will have to decide whether the car should calculate what the best/least bad outcome will be, or whether to focus and prioritize on its own passengers well being. - this can result on lesser or more sales based on what the car is programmed to protect. Will the different governments interfere with laws on these decisions? ....how secure is the security on automatically driven cars? How easily can they be influenced, hacked, reprogrammed? Will ambulances and police cars be automated too?
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Dedicated #vape lane too!
ImBllazze (7 months ago)
i love this channel is pg family friendly pg clean :)
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Awww shucks!
Sez Francis (7 months ago)
That was very funny, Ryan. Best one yet. 🙂✨Self driving cars will be great for everybody. I always think (with safety) will be especially great for people with disabilities who want to drive and to build their confidence. I guess we have to wait and see what the future holds. Until then, there’ll always be excitement to hold on to. 🙂✨💫

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