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The Problem With Political Correctness

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The Problem with Political Correctness...Is Political Correctness Bad or Good? ---------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Controversy Corner Playlist: goo.gl/JLBnOC --------------------------------------------------------------- I today's world the term "politically correct" or "political correctness" has been thrown around a lot, and in the past few years the word "offended" often goes along in suit! But is Political correctness bad? Or is political correctness good? Has political correctness gone too far? Well to be politically correct you must conform with all things being equal which in theory sounds good but i do believe that in some cases this Political correctness has gone too far! This is not a political correctness rant it is a political correctnesss debate! There is nothing wrong with being politically correct except when you take it to the extreme, like with anything in life! The problem with political correctness is that people do tend to take things too far, in this video we give a few examples recently and also in the near past of such action so you can make an informed decision on is political correctness good or bad? There will always be those on both sides that either say political correctness is good or political correctness is bad! But do you know what political correctness means? I think the more informed we are the better! Is political correctness dying? has political correctness gone mad? those are the questions we try to answer! Today we seek the truth about political correctness! ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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Text Comments (185)
Toastrack Man (5 months ago)
PC SUCKS! I remember a day when people were thicker skinned. Now you have to watch your P's and Q's with everything you say, people are frightend to have a laugh incase some one is offended and takes you to court.
Bradley Turner (5 months ago)
Political correctness has gone way to far. All the do-gooder's ( people who believe in political correctness), GET FUCKED. YOU ALL ARE RUINING SOCIETY!!!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
You do have a point!
Javed Akhtar (6 months ago)
I'm offended by people who keep empty icecream boxes back in the fridge! They better run for their lives if i ever see them 😂😂😂😂 nice work ryan! 😉
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
really appreciate you PC has gone too far haha
StevieJoes (7 months ago)
nice love your work!! I cringed a couple times during this one though... best for us to just move on ha ha
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
hey i can see why haha
Wicca Girl (7 months ago)
We should start a movement...💚
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
i'm down!
Thomas Branson (7 months ago)
Amazing incredible astonishing news
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Big McLargeHuge (7 months ago)
PC culture is the downfall of our society. I understand not wanting to be offended, but c'mon, suck it up, people. The world's not all rainbows and puppy dogs.
Dance Is Beauty (7 months ago)
I’m the lone brown corn pop
Dance Is Beauty (7 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
glad you got a laugh friend!
The Mel and Apollo Show (7 months ago)
You are my official go to person
The Mel and Apollo Show (7 months ago)
CrimsonStudios thank you
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
and you are a legend!
Mashooqa (7 months ago)
People, if not mentally challenged, can easily see what gives them good or bad results among other people, and that leads to self regulations. There is no need for any laws that incriminate hate speech and offenses.
WorldWar3gaming (7 months ago)
Be a centrist like me. XD
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha deal
Goomba Games (7 months ago)
Political correctness is a disease
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
in many ways it has become so yes!
Reloaded Reeality (7 months ago)
Great video Ryan! We gotta keep the conversation going in order to help others who may not understand!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey that means a lot friend thanks so much!
CS TV (7 months ago)
Great video, really good!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
thanks friend means a lot!
Angry Gamer (7 months ago)
We seem to have a generation of soft asses that want all the bad things to go away. In life you're allowed to be offended, you won't agree with everything thats going on...its a big bad world out there...and just because something does offend you, doesn't mean anything has to change...you can be offended, its ok. Great video as always dude :)
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I'm with you man! thanks a ton
TheTall-ishAlien (7 months ago)
I dont know why but I thought this video was about PC gaming lol Great videos though, still enjoyed it!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
hahaha yeah i could have gotten that too!
LadyVixy (7 months ago)
Very entertaining and dynamic channel
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
That really means a lot thank you!
AlbertGecaj (7 months ago)
Keep up the good work!
Grown Children (7 months ago)
I don’t believe in being PC for the most part. Fuck being PC
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
amen to that haha
LihatAja Channel (7 months ago)
nice sharing... great work.. 👍😀
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
really appreciate it hope we chat again soon!
Fear Crawler (7 months ago)
I want to comment...but I can only type in English...that might offend someone..In fact, just by me typing this, I may be offending someone that doesn't know how to use a keyboard or may not even own one. I suppose I ought to be mindful of the punctuation too..So much to consider. Ugh! I just realized that not everyone that watches YouTube has an account and therefore won't even be able to comment. Ugh!! I didn't realize I was showing off. In fact, this may just be the most non PC comment on YouTube. :-O
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
the truth hurts haha
LordBitememan (7 months ago)
My own experience with it is it tends to be more of a cyclic nuisance than anything else. I was of an age to be engaged in current events during the last big politically correct wave in the 90s. People got hot and bothered about subjects and demanded some linguistic gymnastics out of people for a while, but in time it wore on people's nerves and went away. The culture moved on from the embrace of the PC wave to enshrining the backlash against it, and that was about the time that its energy ran out and it went away. And it's lasting impact? Very little. The principle focus of the movement was on forcing people to use the "hyphenated American" terms, and most of those just didn't take in the end. I think a lot of what's going on now is probably doomed to the same fate. It's wrapped up in more of the linguistic gymnastics, this time over gender politics, and I'm already starting to see the backlash creep into popular culture. Just as the unwieldy polysyllabic "African-American" couldn't supplant the term "black" in our vernacular, I suspect "xe and xir" are similarly going to be relegated to the dustbin of history.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
It'll be interesting to see where this movement goes!
The Gamer Chronicles (7 months ago)
Man. A racist corn pop
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
The world has come to this..sad
Realzies Cuts (7 months ago)
Thank you for support! If I could win Mega Millions or get YouTube to pay me, I would love to put up night vision cameras for my Outdoor cat Fuzzilla! Long-term dream of mine to be able to provide a 24 hour live stream of Fuzzilla for both his safety and your entertainment, I should probably do a video talking about it and put it on my Patreon! Stay Blessed, Grateful and Be Humble... this is all for fun.
Couples Crusade (7 months ago)
Are you serious... IT'S CEREAL!!! Oh my god that is so bad XD Loved the video man, political correctness has definitely gone way too far!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
yeah we live in that world now! haha
Michael Lunatic Videos (7 months ago)
That's KKKrazy
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
you know it
Mikita (7 months ago)
I so relate
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
amen sister
Caela Cool Toys (7 months ago)
Wow you really said something there
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
If you watch carefully i say things in every video haha thanks for the comment
HotStoneChannel (7 months ago)
ho ho ho! I will got offended when I do that in Australia
BulletPlayzStuff (7 months ago)
i got suspended from twitter for defending my mom but fuck me twitter got offended at the fact i Sarcastically called my mum a whore and a slut to shut someone up i didnt actually mean what i said
BulletPlayzStuff (7 months ago)
its fine its either that or Twitter didn't tell me what i did to get suspended
bf gaming (7 months ago)
yeah,Trump def a representative!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
amen to that
cris x3 (7 months ago)
Great video my friend! Keep it up
Ross McCann69 (7 months ago)
Never heard of pops the cereal
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
man you havnt lived haha jk
CamoFuji (7 months ago)
Yo, this is the first video I've ever seen from you and let me say it was nice. You've gained a new sub.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey that honestly means so much Welcome! New content every Tuesday and Friday!
Lakesha Washington (7 months ago)
Awesome vid! 🖤
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
you rock friend! #legend
Infinity 8 Gaming (7 months ago)
Just found your channel - great video mate. This is such a great channle and is very professional .... Big Like mate 👍👍👍👍
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey i really appreciate that hope to see you around the comments again soon! New videos every Tuesday and Friday!
Zion Reel (7 months ago)
I'm offended every time I wake up. DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY PERSONALITY? Awesome video dude :D in a nutshell.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
well quit your crying and man up! haha jk
TerraVisionGaming (7 months ago)
A loan brown cornpop being janitor is so wrong lmao. Subliminal messages is a thing. I feel that could play on that. Kids will see it on a daily basis and then subconsciously think brown people are the cleaners lol Political correctness is good to a point. I dont think comedy should be completely restricted for example. Ofc theres a limit you shouldn't cross
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I think there is a happy medium but the extremists don't want that haha
Eevnos (7 months ago)
Dude.. you hit the nail on the head, people are constantly on the lookout for ways to be offended.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I appreciate that man thanks for the support you rock
Mind_Ramble (7 months ago)
Im not much for news and politics channels but this was super fun and you made it interesting to watch :)
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey i'm not either that's why i try to make it sound entertaining!
TheSilentGhostReaper (7 months ago)
your videos are always full of information...nice!! :D
Night Hawk (7 months ago)
lol!!!!! this is awesome bro lol!!!!!!!!!
OutNumbered Family (7 months ago)
Great video 👍🏽
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey thanks a ton friend!
1FG 2ND (7 months ago)
This video was NOT political correct. I'm offended. Jokes dude, great video once again!
Veryrandombutterfly (7 months ago)
I think like all things it just needs a fair balance you don't have to be a total pansy *YET* you don't want to come off as an insensitive or ignorant jerk
StarshineJess (7 months ago)
Sad but true. Political Correctness does go overboard at times. Great video!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Amen sister!
ShadowBandit91 (7 months ago)
Great video sir I can see how this would be thing but it's all on how u take it too very good break down on this
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Honestly appreciate that comment man thanks a ton!
The H (7 months ago)
Everyone gets offended really fast and easy these days :/
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Amen to that!
Aramakutu (7 months ago)
Ho Ho Ho lol
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Is it christmas?? haha jk
Tokey G (7 months ago)
The PC culture has gotten way out of hand man, but great video bro ya done good.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I agree where there is good there are always those trying to mess with it!
Julie Blueberry (7 months ago)
Very good video as always! 😊
GhostID656 (7 months ago)
Awesome video Ryan :)
Davidly Brown (7 months ago)
This was a really good video. You hit the nail on the head. We have to be able to talk openly about certain subjects to make a change. But as Silphet pointed out, challenging some people's beliefs may trigger a negative response. Some peoples beliefs need to change but that change won't happen easily or without a fight in a lot of cases.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey that honestly means a lot! I never want to offend just get the conversation started about a topic!
Doodles (7 months ago)
Great video as always man
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey man thanks a million times! #legend
sarahs channel (7 months ago)
Love your vids dude. I need to meet u one day
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
and one day i think we shall!
Hatman (7 months ago)
I agree... Ho-Ho-Ho is potentially derogatory to women... if they do in fact consider themselves Hoes... in which case maybe some self-reflection is a tad more important than words. :)
Smilee (7 months ago)
Waiting on dat colab
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hit me up in november currently working on a film so my time is limited
Prawn (7 months ago)
Wow, very interesting! Can go too far a lot of the time too... Pretty polarising!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I go to far with some things! i think we all do, but we need to find a balance
BarknoorZ (7 months ago)
You pointed with your right hand this time at controversy corner...
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
have to mix it up haha
09Archmage (7 months ago)
People are just too sensitive nowadays and it's certainly gone too far! Sadly, the next generation is being groomed for more of the same, all through the education system. So it won't be too long before we get more SJW'S and sensitive snowflakes on our morning TV shows while we're eating our cereal and looking for what next to be offended by on the packaging!! 😂😂😂👍💯
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I agree! Where is your back bone people!
KickaDan (7 months ago)
I'm Afraid to leave a comment in case I OFFEND someone. :P
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha you can never offend me, i'll have your back!
hazysimmer (7 months ago)
I think it all goes down to ignorance and lack of awareness of why these things are offensive. And then there are those who shout offensive whenever they can, when it's not even close to that in the first place. I wish people would educate themselves first before criticizing others.
A girl has many filters (7 months ago)
I soooo agree!! I have so many opinions about political correctness 😂 people get way to offended to easy, the one I find a little too much is people getting offended at the “green man” at traffic lights and wanted it changed ... first of all , it could be a woman with no curves ..basically it upsets me that people can’t just chill and laugh about things . But I still agree people Should stand for what’s right , just don’t be silly about it 😅Great video!
Major Dingus (7 months ago)
im offended feel sorry for me - everyone that screams democracy yet shits on anyone who disagrees
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I'm sorry your offended haha jk
IndieAndy (7 months ago)
Personally I think PC has gone too far and everyone should get chill out and have 🍕 together :) great video dude!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I do too there is good there just some people can't help but take things too far!
Hollieghwood (7 months ago)
Welp that's enough internet for today....... 😂
Tofu Tommy (7 months ago)
Yeah I think it’s all got out of hand,as long as it’s not hate speech then just take it with a pinch of salt.Great work bro
HermanTheGreat (7 months ago)
LOL ignorant douche haha!!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
hahaha thanks man you rock!
ITS CRISPY (7 months ago)
When ur video hits 99 likes and you need that last guy but he's nowere to be found
Taymation Studios (7 months ago)
Great job Ryan, well done. This is an interesting topic, while I do agree that Political Correctness can go to far, their are instances where the person who is "offended" has a point--and to just shrug it off as they was being to PC or a SJW invalidates their experiences. And even if the initial behavior may not have been intended to offend, the fact that it did shouldn't seen as a problem, but a way to correct your behavior. Though, Like I said, there are plenty of times where it is taken too far, like when someone gets upset because you wished them a "Merry Christmas" or a "Happy Holidays". In most instances it wasn't meant as a spiteful act and just take the damn well meaning greeting.
Eggnacio (7 months ago)
Are you telling me how to PC????? TRIGGERED!!!!
EpicSnackTime (7 months ago)
Totally offended by all the offended people who got offended by the offensive materials. Haha Killed it bro!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Amen man i'm with you
Welsh Raccoon (7 months ago)
I honestly think its gone too far I agree!!
JoeyDeSario (7 months ago)
Wow I can't believe this! This video is so offensive and politically incorrect! How dare u call a corner "controversial"! Corners have feelings too! That is just so offensive and insensitive its ridiculous. People these days....
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Dude i know i'm even offended just looking at my own thumbnail!
PinaKoala (7 months ago)
great vid man
greenbaywacky (7 months ago)
I liked this actually. A little more serious then funny video. It has gone way to far. I mean the checkout people at Walmart can't say merry Christmas as an example!!
greenbaywacky (7 months ago)
well you still do it in a soft hearted not totally argumentative way. I liked it so didn't mean it was bad was just more talking like hey, that was a little more serious cool!!
Samonic (7 months ago)
Great video! :D
Mandy Fuller (7 months ago)
Lol Santa is so damaging to women’s self esteems everywhere! Ho Ho Ho 🎅🏼
CB Gaming (7 months ago)
You just keep producing top quality content!
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Dude always working hard! thanks for being here!
Nostalgia Plays (7 months ago)
Haven't heard of some of these. Good stuff.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
You rock man always here to inform and entertain
King Cam3ron (7 months ago)
Love your channel dude very nice my friend 👍
BLP3 TV (7 months ago)
Love it bro!!! Yea PC has gotten way outta hand! Hell im offended by my own comment
The Mel and Apollo Show (7 months ago)
BLP3 TV You just made me lol.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
you rock friend! i'm offended by everyones comment so far haha
vault 69 (7 months ago)
Great video man keep up the great work
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I really do appreciate that man!
SuperKirby22 (7 months ago)
👏👏 now that you went into more detail about political correctness I now see how bad it is and how much things or people are affected
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I think it can be good but people take it too far sometimes!
DONN (7 months ago)
I still don't like political correctness
CaptnKyrsh (7 months ago)
Heeey Ryan! Screw political correctness. Ho ho ho
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Alice Smith (7 months ago)
Haha funny! The ho ho ho is particularly stupid 😫🤣 it really says more about people from Sydney more than anything else though 🤣😂😜
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Thanks so much so many crazy things in the world today haha
Jack1775 Gaming (7 months ago)
I'm Offended by this Video.. >:O (No really great job Ryan!)
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
haha i'm offended that you're offended (sarcasm)
TheCodingTrainer (7 months ago)
Good stuff. Loving the more serious topic. The way i view it is people should just be respectful regardless of race or sexuality. I dont see it is an issue as i dont see the difference between black or white or male or female.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Dude thanks a ton i think some people just take good things to a bad extreme!
Taktic Razor (7 months ago)
Your subscribe thing in the beginning still says 2,193 😂. Good video man. And congrats on 3k. When did you hit?
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
i hit maybe a week or so ago
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
I do need to change that thanks for pointing that out friend!
BadKarma 714 (7 months ago)
There are lot of people getting butt hurt
Paranormal HQ (7 months ago)
Keep up the good content loving the controversy corner
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Hey i will thanks so much!
Devin Seviyn (7 months ago)
I believe in political correctness to an extent. If one goes out of their way to hurt someone, that's wrong. However, people have a tendency to be too nitpicky. I feel like this topic has too many shades of gray to just look at it as a black and white issue.
The Boy John (7 months ago)
This video offended me
The Boy John (7 months ago)
RevMatchTV I always make snarky posts
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
very clever indeed
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
RevMatchTV (7 months ago)
LOL. I think you should make a snaky facebook post now.
The Boy John (7 months ago)
Goddamn my comment was clever
Ted Howells (7 months ago)
Really awesome video man! Never fail to keep me engaged in the video
Mack Mate . Com (7 months ago)
Yea people worry about political correctness while a lack of empathy prevails about the suffering of civilians and children being bombed in well known war zones around the world 🌎 it's a mad mad world ryan 👍😎
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
yeah i think people do take things to a bit of an extreme!
CreatingBeyondLimits (7 months ago)
Great video very entertaining love the high energy you have in your videos ☺️
_Aether_ c (7 months ago)
this is what perfection looks like, awesome video ryan and I agree with you.
_Aether_ c (7 months ago)
kindness is more powerful than hate :) anytime bro, anytime
zephaniaya alvarado (7 months ago)
awessome vid bro let get this video to 2k
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
Thanks man you are a legend!

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