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Premature Ejaculation Cures

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http://bit.ly/LastingLongerInBed overcome Premature Ejaculation made easy! knowing all About Premature Ejaculation Cures and How to Last Longer In Bed Tonight! See More: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fdIjqFDDf4 (Premature Ejaculation) (Stop Premature Ejaculation) (How To Stop Premature Ejaculation) (Last Longer in Bed) (How To Last Longer in Bed)
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Futuristic Abstract (5 days ago)
take breaks inbetwwen and when feel ecjaculation to prevent it control your pace to slow it down
x x (6 days ago)
why youtube recommended this to me...i am a virgin
King Jam3ss (6 days ago)
What “pills” is he talking about ?
some one (9 days ago)
Can I ask ladies: if your man is suffering from PE is it ok for woman to receive oral sex, from her man until she reach organism, in replacement of enough pentration, for all her sex live. I am not saying zero pentration, let us say, maximum time her man able to penetrate is 20 to 30 seconds.
ghost Town (10 days ago)
Jamaica Stone or China Brush are the BEST!!!
THAT PART .CLIMAX. (12 days ago)
dapoxetine.... shit ....
Aaron B (16 days ago)
I am the only one who noticed the doctors last name was dr spitz lol
Dakeem Isaac (16 days ago)
In other words there is no cure
Michael Smith (16 days ago)
is that like 502 Bad Gateway
John Duplex (26 days ago)
Speak English Doc
abuaimen28 (26 days ago)
He got that disease from the Arabs, because Arab men last less than 1 minute
Carney Donelly (26 days ago)
How I Cured My Premature Ejaculation I was weak and couldn't make my wife happy. I heard about Laz’s Herbal medicine and I ordered it from him and it got to me in two days and i used it for one week.. I started seeing results in exactly two weeks after usage and this week makes it exactly 11 months i used it and and I am permanently cured.. I didn't want to talk about it until i saw good results and i am very glad to share it now that i have confirmed it. My wife is pregnant now and she is very happy with my sexual performance since i used Laz’s remedy. Laz’s Whats-app is +1 410–553–5852
Cameron Blanton (30 days ago)
Suboxone or ultram... only when having sex as they are highly addictive
Tywon Solomon (30 days ago)
Lol you quick pumpers
JE DETESTE MATH (1 month ago)
Thy only pushing through product into the market
Mike Bevins (1 month ago)
This does not affect me.That guy is a real champ going on national tv to admit he is a minute man. HAHAHAHA FUNNY shit.
Neeraj Tiwari (1 month ago)
To stay long in bed...your perfect guide:*https:// bit.ly/2IfK2Qu*
09alvaha (1 month ago)
They always resort to medicine. Why not recommend edging. Easily the most successful way to boost your endurance and it has no side effect.
vee2easy (1 month ago)
I think Chapelle said that ‘sex is a race’, no such thing as premature, it happens right when it’s supposed to. Hey, food for though.
SQUEEZIE.S (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video content! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard the talk about - Mackorny Ejaculation Remedy Blueprint (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one of a kind product for Curing Premature Ejaculation minus the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my m8 at very last got cool success with it.
migo bodyguard676 (1 month ago)
shes tired of his dick..
juntjoo nunya (1 month ago)
Pills and sprays? That's no solution
redgear4566 (1 month ago)
He basically said go buy gas station dick pills...... which I do... and it works but the effects decrease over time. I’m trying to treat this with other natural solutions. Also I quit porn and fapping.
Swaroop Nandu (1 month ago)
What is Tropexolone System? Does it work? I hear many people can last longer in bed with this popular premature ejaculation natural treatment.
BluesNBrews (1 month ago)
cocaine and booze...works everytime
Metal God (11 days ago)
Cocaine can have the opposite affect as well.
Cameron Blanton (30 days ago)
BluesNBrews ... nope alcohol doesn't help at all ... makes it hard to keep a woody
Octavian Davis (1 month ago)
Weed is the key!!!
roger (2 months ago)
I use to finish prematurely all the way up to 30 but It was only the first round. After that I was fine and I could go up to 7 times a night. Now I am 32 and I can go longer on the first try and my erections are a lot more powerful but I dont think I can have that much sex anymore.
Art'uro TM (2 months ago)
You REALLY had to go on NATIONAL TELEVISION to find out that there is NOTHING wrong with your dick. It's just your FATASS wife. YOU DON'T WANNA FUCK HER ANYMORE.
Lisa Moore (2 months ago)
Male Sex Enhancement Formular Male Sex enhancement formula on the market. The ingredients in this formula offer a safe and effective way of helping men with erectile performance issues, boost stamina, and improve healthy erectile function. http://bit.ly/2q1sNYH
Fernando Salazar (2 months ago)
There is no such thing as premature ejaculation doesnot exist
Life around us (2 months ago)
Believe it or not I once accidentally found out that venison meat can prolong the time really well , I only ate it once and that day I didn’t understand why I lasted so long but next morning I realised it’s most likely because of that as I had nothing other than that meal that day.
Life around us (2 months ago)
No one actually answered anything here.
BLOODYMOON62 (2 months ago)
maybe hes more into her now because hes seen life without her x)
BLOODYMOON62 (2 months ago)
brave guy for coming out and be the way nature intended him to be but because nature doesn't do it for women we bad x]
Chris joseph (2 months ago)
Does Tropexolone System really work? I see many people keep on talking about Tropexolone System. But Im not sure if it's good enough to last longer in bed.
Gabriel Galindo (2 months ago)
The most common cause of premature ejaculation....good 🐈
16borabora (2 months ago)
Premature ejaculation problem genetic problem low dopamine =premature ejaculation
El Kaiser (30 days ago)
Take Tramadol or other strong painkillers,they work great .. BUT use them only for sex because they are addictive .Also , for people who can not achieve an erection or unable to maintain it , you can combine it with Viagra or Cialis . take 1-2 pills Tramadol + 1 pill 1 V/C PS: Tramadol starts to kick in after two hours. Another point to consider is that when taking Tramadol with or without Viagra or Cialis you need to take it 1 hour before eating or 2 hours at least after a meal (sugar and fat slow the digestion of pill) and the same goes to Viagra .
El Kaiser (30 days ago)
I know , Viagra and Cialis are not advised for people with heart and high blood pressure problems.
Cameron Blanton (30 days ago)
That couldn't be good on the heart lol
El Kaiser (30 days ago)
you can combine it with Viagra or Cialis . take 1-2 pills Tramadol + 1 pill 1 V/C
Cameron Blanton (30 days ago)
El Kaiser .. best advice I've seen.. I used to take suboxone or Ultram before having sex... would last too long or have trouble staying erect if i took too much
barsania ali (3 months ago)
What is Tropexolone System? We have heard several amazing things about this popular premature ejaculation natural treatment.
Pradeep Kumar (3 months ago)
Anybody know what is Tropexolone System about? I hear many people can last longer in bed with this popular premature ejaculation treatment.
Intimacy Coach Australia (3 months ago)
As a Sexuality Coach, I believe we are not born with the innate ability to have great sexual experiences and there are many natural ways to help last longer including coaching. Google Sex Coaching Brisbane Australia
Randall Lucas (3 months ago)
Hi I discovered a place where there are great deal of new meditation tips available on the internet. All you need to do is type: "MindYoga4U" in Google. It will be very useful to you personally.
Awesome Eventually worked
Incredible At last worked well
Glen Rowland (3 months ago)
Bless you mate
Vivek Singh (3 months ago)
Is it a doc-talk show or comedy show? Why people are laughing?
Alejandro Andretti (3 months ago)
Real answer “his girl probably didn’t look like a pig b4 his deployment”
soso liban (3 months ago)
There are many components to natural treatments for premature ejaculation. One plan I found that successfully combines these is the Magic remedy method (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the most helpful guide that I've heard of. Check out all the super info .
munni ghaun (3 months ago)
Does Tropexolone System really help to solve your premature ejaculation problem? I have learn many good things about this popular premature ejaculation natural treatment.
tamochap Jarvis (4 months ago)
Watch with caution OK Please
jack weyant (4 months ago)
Nothing like a little down town Lester Brown to do the trick
Mthwakazian Mthwakazian (4 months ago)
I can give a natural herb that you can crush and make tea out of it. You drink 2 cups of that tea, you will cure yourself permanently from premature ejaculations.
Daniel (4 months ago)
Doesn't most of testosterone come from the testis? So how does kidney damage hurt testosterone production? Someone explain???
Relanes Ihab (4 months ago)
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Strangely Familiar (1 month ago)
holy shit, whats wrong with u buddy, u push this crap as though u actually believe it. complete nonsense! you're saying, that after just 4 weeks, you are "9 inches longer" (9in longer, in addition to your prior 4in, for a total of 13 Inches) and that your ex girlfriend is "satisfied" and you were "surprised" when she said you have a large penis. Where to start .... 13in to satisfy your ex!? 13in and you're "surprised" to hear someone suggest your large!? 9in of additional size in 4 weeks (and the majority of it in the 4th week alone)!? Your miracle doctor also does breast, bum and umm "hip" enlargements!? Your miracle doctor is ok with you giving out his contact info in a youtube comment!? 13inches!? Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!
richard cranium (4 months ago)
premature ejaculation and the guests name is dr spitz lol
Julian Okeke (4 months ago)
He said no. Lol
explosive diarrhea (5 months ago)
Promesicent is good spray
Steven Taylor (5 months ago)
Pre-mature ejaculations and low testosterone level nearly cost me my married life but after trying this here http://nutritionhealth.science/testosterone, my testosterone level is shooting through the roof.
Anime freak (5 months ago)
she just got some bomb ass pussy
マークがんば (5 months ago)
Roaming Grizzly (5 months ago)
put peanut butter on your balls before you stick the pudding and you'll be alright
John Sizemore (5 months ago)
or get a woman with a high mileage worn out puss and you'll be cured
John Sizemore (5 months ago)
I know the only natural cure it's 100% effective , just think about paying HUGE CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS for years and drama, drama, drama you'll last all night might even give up
Mike Martinez (5 months ago)
Brendan Alimony (6 months ago)
Stupid humans, fast ejaculation is an evolutionary advantage.
Serger Goedhart (6 months ago)
with the blonde 1:53 I'd cum Quik indeed
Serger Goedhart (6 months ago)
wear a thick condom
Herbal Treatment (6 months ago)
fire James (6 months ago)
The doctors dicks is dead them selves they work 12 hrs shift and i kno there wifes not getting the full pounding.
tascabron teclados (6 months ago)
She needs a new husband
tonebeatz24 (6 months ago)
Sex is psychological. It's all in the brain. Count 100 backwards or think of something like baseball or a park you are in or something you hate. The mind is the most powerful thing to our body. Know how to use it.
Ed MacKenzie (6 months ago)
If you want to fix PE skip months of therapy and de-stressing. Just use some dapoxetine. Why? It simple, cheap, and works every time. See: https://freemarketforce.space/last-longer-in-bed-pills/
freedom speech (6 months ago)
eat the poopy hole to.that help.
Sapo Tonto (7 months ago)
All fucking doctor said the same schit, my fucking pennis is very sensitive that's why i want to get rid of sensetion no bullshit stress.
Kyle Ray (7 months ago)
Get drunk as shit and pour the smoke to it till the sun comes up.
A Wolff (7 months ago)
I hope anyone that is watching this knows that none of these people have medical degrees furthermore the products that they push are there true employers it has nothing to do with any medical evidence as you heard the FDA has not approved any of this BS the nutraceutical market is simply snake oil sold by want to be doctors please don't take their advice contact your primary care physician and ask what an actual doctor thinks
Raphael Ziemer (7 months ago)
This premature ejaculation treatment solution “jono shocking one” (G00GLE it) did so well! I desired to last longer than 10 seconds upon entrance. This was the first time it`s lasted Ten Minutes!! I thought I was hopeless before. With this, you can go longer anytime.
xMinteee (2 months ago)
Bighead Brian (5 months ago)
Raphael Ziemer,this works for real?
he chit (7 months ago)
just pop a pill, Viagra!!!!
Eedam Andru (7 months ago)
i last 20 to 25 is that okay? or is it baad?
David Parent (1 month ago)
:O it's terrible you should kill yourself
Free Mind (7 months ago)
doctor was beating around the bush lol
Raphael Ziemer (7 months ago)
There`s this “jono shocking one” premature ejaculation treatment solution I discovered on G00GLE that I began to try a couple of weeks after I started out regular s3x with my partner. Then a week or so later she asked me how I was lasting so much longer haha! It was awesome hearing that question. Make an effort to search and learn it by yourself!
Raphael Ziemer (7 months ago)
I just read all the material during the first night in this premature ejaculation treatment “jono shocking one” (G00GLE it) and began putting the concepts to action. I was able to go longer for approximately 5 minutes throughout the first couple of times, but I can last almost 20 minutes now without my performance wearing out and it has only been a month.
Reagan Mora (13 days ago)
”jono shocking one” (G00GLE it) is an effective way of curing premature ejaculation. I desired to last longer than 10 seconds upon entrance. After trying, I had been amazed I lasted 10 Mins! I thought I was condemned before. You can opt for however long you want, whenever you want.
Perry Keller (14 days ago)
This premature ejaculation treatment method “jono shocking one” (G00GLE it) did so well! It took only a short period of time for my wife to notice the advancement with my overall performance and I also last longer now. My wife has been satisfied the last 3 times, which is more than I even wished for.
Paris Leone (14 days ago)
My self-confidence has been a lot better after learning and exercising this premature ejaculation treatment “jono shocking one” (G00GLE it). In all honesty I hooked up with a woman since reading your book and it was a great time since I was in total control of my arousal and ejaculation for the very first time ever.
Orion Robertson (14 days ago)
Thirty seconds used to be the longest I can reach because of my PE problems. The first night I used this premature ejaculation treatment solution “jono shocking one” (G00GLE it), I survived about 10 mins more than any time before. Being just a simple book, it works a lot better than I ever thought it could.
Noel David (14 days ago)
This premature ejaculation treatment method “jono shocking one” (G00GLE it) has worked very well! I have been experiencing ejaculating like, Ten seconds after penetration. Right after trying, I was shocked I survived 10 Mins! I thought I was doomed before. You can go for however long you want, whenever you want.
Kelo gii (7 months ago)
That boner doctor looks like he's high as fuck
Lim Nafi (7 months ago)
This must be troubling alot of people from the view count
16borabora (7 months ago)
Low dopamine : low testosterone= :premature ejaculation ........
16borabora (7 months ago)
I believe premature ejaculation genetic problem !
Alex Grand (7 months ago)
Holy crap screw the audience. I found a couple free things online that I'd share with you all... one is a free newsletter that I've been following for the past 6 months that have helped me last playlists I'm serious. I bought some stuff through it though. Has been bomb. I broke a headboard last week http://liftedlimitations.com/begin so check this out And this is an awesome product https://goo.gl/UV6v1X called the Natural Endurance Express. Here's to no more emberassing vids am i right?
Steelyfan77 (7 months ago)
Let me save you all a lot of time and money...if you feel like you are about to cum and you don't want to yet, stop what you are doing (sex)  and take a huge inhale...breath in deep. This will stop you from cuming and you can do this over and over and over again!!! I don't know why this works, but it does
BlueBerry (8 months ago)
Work out, don't masterbate much, less stress, eat healthy boom 💥
williams derek (29 days ago)
Blueberry SUPER ANSWER and it's work perfectly... Drinking more water too..
Saios (8 months ago)
Wow! It's fucking nothing!
Dr.Romel Dental Surgeon (8 months ago)
Hi I would like to know whether I am suffering from PME. I am a 32 years unmarried man. I often do masturbation and I ejaculate within 1 to 2 minutes. Is it indicates I have PME doc?
Raphael Ziemer (8 months ago)
Humorous thing, I used this premature ejaculation treatment method “jono shocking one” (G00GLE it) a month ago right after the time I started performing with my girlfriend. Then a week or so later she asked about how I was lasting so much longer haha! That thought felt great! Try to search and learn it yourself!
Perry Keller (14 days ago)
My self-confidence has been a lot better right after understanding and exercising this premature ejaculation treatment “jono shocking one” (G00GLE it). After figuring out how to control my arousal, I was able to enjoy longer s3xual intercourse for the very first time with the next woman I hooked up with.
Noel David (14 days ago)
This premature ejaculation treatment method “jono shocking one” (G00GLE it) is totally genius, I can`t thank you good enough. My previous relationship broken because of my problem. The longest I really could last was 3-4 minutes. I followed this program just lately and was surprised to have the ideal results within an hour with my current girlfriend.
Nevada Matlock (14 days ago)
Funny thing, I followed this premature ejaculation treatment solution “jono shocking one” (G00GLE it) a month ago right after the time I began performing with my sweetheart. Right after a week, my girlfriend told me there was much difference about how long I survived and asked how I was performing it. That question felt great! Search it up and find out the difference for yourself!
fishery nepal (8 months ago)
I have spent months investigating treating premature ejaculation quickly and discovered a great resource at Magic Remedy Method (look it up on google)
Online zarada (8 months ago)
I'm studying treating premature ejaculation quickly and discovered an awesome website at Magic Remedy Method (google it if you are interested)
Rohitas (9 months ago)
I last 5 seconds max. It cost my marriage. No way that I'm taking pills, because of A woman. I will get A good sexmassage. The hell with pills!!!

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