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Making Love | Hot Love Music and Romantic Songs to Make Love to

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► Get your copy on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1264544269 ► Join my website http://meditationrelaxclub.com 1 hour of sensual and sexy smooth lounge music to make yourself comfortable on a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner. These making love songs are a relaxing music mix to help you relax and to create a loving atmosphere with hot and sex background music. Perfect as restaurant music, lounge bar music or waiting room music ► Visit our social medias: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeditationRelaxClub, Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeditationRClub, Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/meditationrelax/, Google+: http://plus.google.com/+meditationrelaxclub/
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Anne-Gaelle Burns (1 month ago)
That was a wonderful video! I was wanting to say, my husband has a page on Youtube, (Andrew Burns Music) and was having a hard time to reach out to new subscribers. I know that he has been working very hard on his songs, and I think that there are a few of his tunes that are very similar to the music that you have on this channel, so I thought I could be extra nice and help him a little. If you enjoy all the outstanding music on this page, I am positive that you will like his music as well! 💘💚
DINESH GADA (2 months ago)
Calina Udrescu (3 months ago)
Rayan A Lee (10 months ago)
I learned in life sometimes you win sometimes you lose but I heard something from my secondary love say very smart person or a crazy person you will never lose you'll always win because God Will Never Let You Down that's what she told me and I really believe in that too so I went at 8 in the morning to get her roses and shooting lights pink ones not red and you should have seen her eyes in her face to cry for 2 hours and she said I didn't know if you were going to bring them or not I said you better have faith in me when I say something I will do it
Rayan A Lee (10 months ago)
I have been with other girls but never like this the touch I real love cuz I only love this one person was my background do you know what I mean and now that she had did all this to me my love fell down like if you were going to get crackers and just put them in your hand and crush him down and soak them water he can put them back together that's the way it was it's a heavy drug that she has and God bless her my background
Rayan A Lee (10 months ago)
when I sucked on her nipples never so hot and she says you suck them the best I know how to suck like that and look through her eyes and I turn the light on inside of her truck and I said are you sure and she never blinked her eyes and I say she is telling the truth and I get through it through my heart and her heart she tells me I love to f*** every single moment every second them any so f****** horny and say this girls
Rayan A Lee (10 months ago)
the first time she went down on me was inside the car her brother's car she took me for a ride she likes to drive fast it's kind of scared me a little bit and she said we're going to the park and I want to suck your dick when she said that my dick was already up very lovely suck a slow motion suck kind of like God you want it or you don't want it very good feeling one of the feelings that I had if somebody that I know and that's no lie but not no more I lost it with her love sex Karen everything I didn't want this to happen when I sucked on her nipples she said this is the best suck that I ever had and I look straight or eyes and I turn the light on in the truck sick are you sure and she never blinked and I know she was telling the truth she's 32
Rayan A Lee (10 months ago)
my final all my love is in Houston Texas and San Antonio Texas to have a house in Houston and they said I'm one of them family and send it crazy at least I haven't my lawn file off that cares to me when I was with her they call me and talk to me on her phone and said you okay we want you to marry my daughter
Rayan A Lee (10 months ago)
I never forget those words when she put a Love Song on she says f*** it and be quiet and just hang on to me hello sexy I wish think about that every day when she said that and she said don't kill the lights and in shift lights off in the song reminds me of her when I was having loving sex the best sex I ever had with was inside in the back of her brother's Miller sisters your sister's bedroom and outside of her sister's house this goes to my special love secondary love one of the best whatever get in the best sex the best feeling at her ass torch my dick and f*** her all night long unbelievable interested up with me and never slept for two days and two nights and her sister's bedroom your sister is Laura Adams her father said I'll be one of the Adam family and see you crazy New Living Houston Texas actually San Antonio if they have a house in you some texting also
Charlie Borg (1 year ago)
Really The Best Nice Romantic Songs Hot Love ))) * 0 * (((
how mouch I like this sexey music
Valentina Tina (1 year ago)
So Beautiful so relaxing 😙❤❤❤
Rxonmymind (1 year ago)
Song at 48:10 mark is pretty cool. From 101 Chill music classic (Pink Martini)
Abdul Nasser Muhammad (1 year ago)
good HSN
shadow bawls (1 year ago)
made it to 33m =D good stuff
Aminals (1 year ago)
We play this 3 or 4 times on a day we just lay here and make love, cuddle, etc! Thank you for this playlist!
Maria Forever (1 year ago)
so sensual.....love it.....
Michael kent (2 years ago)
wanna know the picture is from?
lolRIFF tube s (2 years ago)
teboho mahlakuana (2 years ago)
nice staff surely can produce three or more lil-ones outta this. nice work
Spencer Beard (2 years ago)
Beautiful list. Got to about 25:00
jose ricardo salazar (2 years ago)
that intro irs like depessive dead metak LMAO
Pharaoh Misa (2 years ago)
Damn. It does sound sexy...(*´∀`*)
Candida Moreno (2 years ago)
C.yau (2 years ago)
Stephen Obrien (2 years ago)
The best album to listen to and make love is tantric sexuality
Robert Turcescu (2 years ago)
TheGman4691 (2 years ago)
available on CD?
Ah Peng (2 years ago)
Axios Panaxios (2 years ago)
Sexy, beautiful and great. Thank you for sharing. Giorgos
Patricia Okpoyo (2 years ago)
Starting to like it and kinda makes me want to write something very sexy Grrrrrrrr🌹😍😍😍💋
Edwin Martinez del Rio (2 years ago)
Musica que retora el amor y el alma..............gracias.........Edwin
Amazing Chilling (2 years ago)
Li Yanping (2 years ago)
So greate,so nice.
Simon Behling (2 years ago)
wats the song called wen it starts
Payman Masoudi (2 years ago)
Jackie Andresen (2 years ago)
id fall asleep before the big boom
wayne beal (2 years ago)
shwing again
Rego Xavier Romao Rego (2 years ago)
Very nice...!!
dfjr1990 (2 years ago)
Nikolay Lachev (2 years ago)
Great !
AntiBot420 (2 years ago)
OK.. my night is ruined. Terrible music to make love to.
Kevin jones (1 year ago)
BruhhItsAurora Mo a
BruhhItsAurora (1 year ago)
true man 😂
Chris Jolie (2 years ago)
+AntiBot420 Lmao
wayne beal (3 years ago)
Davis Djubovs (3 years ago)
What a sh*t actually is this?
Gregory Torrico (3 years ago)
Aziz Rahim (3 years ago)
good . very nice.Love.Aziz
lonewolf12052 (3 years ago)
Who is doing it right now?
Franz Estrada (2 years ago)
About to.
Paige N (3 years ago)
very hot music :)
Mangeshnaia (3 years ago)
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Golden Beach (3 years ago)
nice! gracias!
Mrbonds (3 years ago)
This is awesome, just erotic ambient sounds with a sexy beat; one of the best collections to f#ck to!
Leo13 (3 years ago)
i`m listening to this song while i'm masturbating
Ava xx (8 months ago)
Leo13 mmmmm me to ^^
don't hurt your self lol
Spartan Gamer (2 years ago)
Lmfao 😂😂😂😂 same thing
Dean V. (2 years ago)
dmp1955 (2 years ago)
+Leo13 ...tmi, dude.
Laluna (3 years ago)
Jovan Mitrić (3 years ago)
A baby making music.
aryavindrdrottingu13 (3 years ago)
what is it called? I wanna look it up on a downloader and download it into my computer
Nitish Das (1 year ago)
Jan Nýdrle (3 years ago)
why does it have an hour? 10 minutes would have been quite enough 
TM TILLMAN (3 years ago)
Artur Santos (3 years ago)
Lol. I will note answer u. Grow up
TM TILLMAN (3 years ago)
Good for YOU
wayne beal (3 years ago)
yup slept 12h fucking bomb night
TM TILLMAN (3 years ago)
Wow 3 times guess I would crash too ?LMAO?
Relaxing Music (3 years ago)
Hello, All Friends !  Subscribe back Please !!!
Putri Satu (3 years ago)
Vido model telanjg
David Janssens (3 years ago)
Emma Potter (3 years ago)
I love it but it should be a bit longer......... : )
Bigrooster (3 years ago)
Do they really think that an hour is long enough of a playlist?
Noble Nihilist (3 years ago)
Started out good... but then it was the worst jazz music i ever heard. Sex was great. 
losthorizon21 (3 years ago)
best music .. when u wana share long intimate night with ur partner.. nice slow with rythem
geudersan (3 years ago)
I fell asleep :( never again
Cleftlipkid (3 years ago)
your partner must be doing some thing wrong xD 
Mason Stalter (3 years ago)
very romantic. Made me very sexually aroused!!
Sera Staley (3 years ago)
Not long enough!!!
irene changachirere (2 months ago)
Mohamed Seleem (3 years ago)
You must be need to complete your sex
Budak Sener (3 years ago)
replay again :-)
Sami Pure Heart (3 years ago)
hahahahah :)  you should be happy>
Amber Valdez (3 years ago)
Thats what she said lol
Han Zhang (4 years ago)
Great music and thanks for uploading
Noor Virliantarto (4 years ago)
very nice

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