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Bitcoin 2018 Prediction

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Bitcoin 2018 Prediction ---------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Controversy Corner Playlist: goo.gl/JLBnOC ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bitcoin may be the future of economics! If bitcoin cryptocurrency 2018 takes off you won't want to be left behind! In this video we explore the future of bitcoin, 2018 predictions for bitcoin! And what is bitcoin? This is bitcoin explained 2018! The bitcoin 2018 price prediction has been coming in from many sources and though it is a risky investment nothing worth having comes without some sort of risk! Litecoin 2018 is another thing that you can look into going forward with crytocurrency investing! Will there be a bitcoin 2018 crash? What is the Bitcoin 2018 forcast? We tell you here! with some humor thrown in! The bitcoin 2018 outlook is both good and bad, we will explore both ends! The future of bitcoin could be prosperous or dangerous! Only time will tell if our bitcoin prediction 2018 will be right! Bitcoin 2018 is promising either way to be a big year for cryptocurrency indeed! ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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Text Comments (200)
OK4 Kids TV (5 months ago)
hahaha, im agree:) but making money is good too :)
MatoLpGames (5 months ago)
Great video my Friend i like it Great Job ;) Thumbs up See you on the next new Vid my Friend ;) { Stay Active }
Happy Shadows (6 months ago)
Lol I got a bitcoin ad before this
greenbaywacky (6 months ago)
Just working my way back Ryan my man!!! #212 like is me!! I actually did the bell!!
greenbaywacky (6 months ago)
Great my live streams are lit I have had close to 100 in chat at once - Come in I will tell everyone about you going live in an hour basically at 7!! They call me the man of the people I grow channels 20 have hit the 1000 subs in the last 3 weeks!!!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Hey man how you been appreciate yah!!
Benjamin Brandon (6 months ago)
Thinking of investing, not sure yet. But damn do I love your videos! A part of that notification squad 🙌🏽
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
i think now is the time!
Esie Kecil (6 months ago)
Put your life safing in bitcoin, it,s a sure investments
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Maddie's Daddie (6 months ago)
Put your life savings in bitcoin - it’s a sure investment!
iCkEdMeL (6 months ago)
Haha this was a funny spin on bit coin. Everyone keeps saying it's a bubble. It's been growing though wish I invested in this a long time ago. Seems like the way to go.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Really appreciate yah
BulletPlayzStuff (6 months ago)
great video man
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you rock my friend!
StevieJoes (6 months ago)
bitcoin?!!? I'll stick with tulips thank you very much ha ha
MrSkidmarxz (6 months ago)
lol, bitcoins digital wallet is going to choke you out. hahaha. my kind of vid right here. Sarcastic humor is the best humor! - Also - 2.5k people watch this video and less than 220 click the like or dislike? Must've forgot how to use a mouse O.o I'll take their bitcoins!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey man thanks for the kind words! you are the best!
_Aether_ c (6 months ago)
I always wondered what bitcoins are haha, awesome video ryan. the prune part slayed me haha.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
they are an interesting idea!
Julie Blueberry (6 months ago)
Great video! 😊 really interesting ✨
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Madly appreciate yah friend
Reyu-ji Seito (6 months ago)
guys can someone donate 0.00010000 or 10k satoshi please :( im badly needed it guys -student 3FDN9mh7JZFn4pxYukZJgjpsLfMq7Sjvjd Thank you very much god blessed you
Eevnos (6 months ago)
Excellent work Mr. McIroncock...  It think I'm going to go with Bytecoin though, because it's 8 times better than Bitcoin. <Geek humor alert>
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
dude thanks a million!
VictorWirus (6 months ago)
Right!!....Time to get some bitcoins heheheh
Shweebe (6 months ago)
I must be incredibly uncultured I haven't' heard of this till now. lol I don't see anything wrong with it atm. Like most new things people freak the hell out before realizing that it could potentially be a very good thing. Just gotta wait and see what happens. :p
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hah well now you know always here to entertain and inform!
East Charmer (6 months ago)
Hhmmm makes sense! Thanks for sharing!!
CheetahVedaPita (6 months ago)
The guy is right xD 1:53
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you rock friend!
Takeo Gaming (6 months ago)
This is really cool! Nicely done. I love it :)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
thanks man...even though you didnt watch...
Fitz- PSG (6 months ago)
What's the outside? Asking for a friend...
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you mean like the green screen?
Tutorial Funny Videos (6 months ago)
Thank 4 info .. Don't frget view n like back
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Rasta JC (6 months ago)
Hahaha epic video brother. 💯💛😉✌
Bepz (6 months ago)
Nice video
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Hey thanks man
SikthYGameS (6 months ago)
ahahaha XD we as humans practically live on the internet so we kinder gave birth to the digital vampires we are today ahhhh the sun it hurts bright light :)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Hahah amen brother your comment made my day
BinkTinks (6 months ago)
Only invest money into bitcoin keeping in mind that money may cease to exist anytime.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
very true!
NzoS (6 months ago)
That Intro though: I'm Ryan and this is Controversy Corner!! I'm not sure what bitcoin rlly is but entertaining video!!
Veronica Wright (6 months ago)
Thank you giving me bitcoin for dummy guide! 😂
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you rock friend!
YouDied.TV (6 months ago)
You've informed me of something I literally had no idea about. This is very interesting.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
glad i could inform!
After Dark Analysis (6 months ago)
The future of Bitcoin is worrying to me. It's been pretty unstable so far.
Reapsay (6 months ago)
Dick Smasher Mc Iron Cock Hilarious!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
glad you dug that name bruh!
KhemicalDaawg (6 months ago)
Everyone laughed at bitcoin when it first come out but now loook at it!! greatvideo man
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
now who's laughing haha
Doodles (6 months ago)
I remember hearing about bitcoin years and years ago I thought it was a scam How wrong was I
THE ROGUE (6 months ago)
I really wish I got into this before it started to become a bigger thing. Bitcoin will rape your wallet to begin with.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
dude i am banging my head against a wall too!
NP44 (6 months ago)
Yay dropped a big thumbs up mate, you are doing a simply amazing work, well done! :) :)
Welsh Raccoon (6 months ago)
This is great insight man I predict a gigantic bust in the far far future I just have that feeling lol
StarshineJess (6 months ago)
There’s a lot of questions to be answered on both sides for this. Great video!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
amen to that sister! thanks for being here!
TheSilentGhostReaper (6 months ago)
Bitcoin will be.....well, I should have had invested my money long time ago. 😭
Vkay (6 months ago)
idk how comfortable i feel with you telling me how i should fund my hooker addiction and telling me you'll see me around the corner Are you a pimp?
Vkay (6 months ago)
let's go for it man i'm ready to go
Couples Crusade (6 months ago)
We have been really interested in cryptocurrency lately, it's an interesting topic! Great video man :D
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
yeah i should have got into it a long time ago!
Charmaine Brown (6 months ago)
Great!!! Very informative :) haha prune!
Michael Lunatic Videos (6 months ago)
I think I know what Bitcoin is now... not sure, is it like monopoly money?!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
glad i could help man #legend
Ice Daemon (6 months ago)
They are the future and they are also a bubble.
MrLonelyDark (6 months ago)
Nice! And i think people are also trying to bash bitcoin because people who've invested in traditional economic markets would benefit from its failure, and possibly suffer from it working out.
Ryan Corbett (6 months ago)
Sweet and concise for those not really understanding the crypto-craze
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
i really appreciate you man! not sure how long this will last but we'll see!
Lubii Lubna (6 months ago)
I feel like it’s a little skeptical idea in having bitcoin because it’s hard to tell it’s value without it being actually tangible but then again, that must be kind of what it feels like when you’re investing through stock shares & trading so it may be something people may soon warm to 🤷🏽‍♀️
letsvlogwith bigjohn (6 months ago)
Great 1 man
HannahSyrene (6 months ago)
It will be interesting to see how this does in our economy. It could be a very good thing, or it could also cause problems. Time will tell 🙂
sarada koduri (6 months ago)
Super like video frd 👍👍👍👍👍
OBlackThunderO (6 months ago)
Short and shweet 👍 I like your editing bro 😀 👌
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you rock friend thank you!
The H (6 months ago)
Yeah it has really blown up in the last several months but i won't buy or dive into it until I do my research or meet an expert who gives me some deep brief regarding it.Great episode man you are really keeping up with the news :)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
it really has will be interesting to see how it goes!
Sez Francis (6 months ago)
Another great video. Bitcoin sounds interesting - I wonder if it maybe bring something alight into the future. 🙂✨💫
TenGo MusIc (6 months ago)
Grown Children (6 months ago)
I don’t understand bitcoin and never will. However here in CA there are a lot of places that accept bitcoin
ItsDJ (6 months ago)
I don't know much about Bitcoin but I've never trusted any system where transfers had no middle man.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
well now you do man!
Ross McCann69 (6 months ago)
i didn't know bitcoin was a thing
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
well now you do!
DAILY LIFE (6 months ago)
Very nice video , I like it , keep up the good work , be successful! I subbed yours if you don't mind sub mine back?
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey honestly that means a ton!
Kimmie Cat (6 months ago)
This was awesome! Lol, I put my knife under my pillow ....bitcoin ain't gonna get me 😼💀🙈🔪 LOL
Mikita (6 months ago)
dicksmasher haha wtf?! i like how you're using animation to describe. still idk how i feel about bit coin...
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey you are the best!
Eggnacio (6 months ago)
Finally, I can buy that new Barbie play set anonymously with bitcoins!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Rokkergurl0902 (6 months ago)
Bitcoin has been going in and out of the news it seems. Kind of hard to determine where it's value will ultimately end up but I still think it is something worth looking into for the future. Great vid as always man ☺
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
i think you are right interesting to see where it could lead
no nothing of bitcoin...you know you are talented when you can make it entertaining to watch lol
Brothers & Best Friends (6 months ago)
Lasagna Boy Real gs move in silence like lasagna
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey thanks so much honestly!
BLP3 TV (6 months ago)
I would totally use bitcoin! Those banks don’t want us to not need them
GhostID656 (6 months ago)
Nice video Ryan
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
really appreciate that friend
Sleepii (6 months ago)
Idk much about bitboin, but I love this video c:
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey thanks so much friend!
Skarpantre (6 months ago)
Oh nice! You did quite some research for this video :D I'm curious to see where cryptocurrencies will end up going!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey thanks man always here to entertain and inform!
I Can Do This Talaga (6 months ago)
Huh? so I will ask YouTube to pay with B coin lol. the sun makes vampires glo like diamond haha. great video as always keep up the great 👍👍👍👍👍
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Realzies Cuts (6 months ago)
Great video Man! Have a good weekend! TYFS! This is all for Fun, Show love not Hate!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you too man you rock!
Miles Travel Channel (6 months ago)
hahahha nice username for bitcoin. I love all your videos Ry! :)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
thought it was funny! thanks for being awesome!
Hollieghwood (6 months ago)
I could have been rich!!!!!!!!! Dang it! lol 😂 great video!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
me too ughh shoulda coulda woulda!
Amenshi (6 months ago)
I'm still confused about the whole thing lol.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
well i hope i made it slightly more clear haha
Slakey gaming (6 months ago)
Loved this video :) don't know who that prune is but Bitcoin seems to be taking over the world at the moment.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey thanks a ton man you make my day!
Angry Gamer (6 months ago)
We already do all our banking online so why should the fat cats get fatter?? Bitcoin seems like a good idea, eyes and ears open people...a revolution is coming! Great video as always dude :)
Ted Howells (6 months ago)
Love this man! What even is bitcoin? I really don’t get it 😂
Zion Reel (6 months ago)
I wish I had a bitcoin. Just the one. And at this point I'd just sell it and take the 10k. I hope I live long enough to be a prune. Shrivel me up, let's roll!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
i'm with you man! mistakes!
Wee Hours Games (6 months ago)
If it weren't for the "Dicksmasher McIronCock" line, this would actually be a legit news story. Careful man, you might become a real journalist without realizing it haha.😂
The Gaming Fault (6 months ago)
I won't trust it lol
Kardo Walker (6 months ago)
Bitcoin is big in the black market. I'm surprised its legal to use now.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
honestly i am too a bit!
IndieAndy (6 months ago)
Skin cancer is never funny... Unless it's a CrimsonStudios video 😁 yeah bitcoin is a really interesting thing and I think it will become the currency of the future. It's probably not viable right now but I'm hopeful. Great video as always.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hahah thanks a ton man you are the best!
Siggi B Gaming (6 months ago)
why..oh..why didn't I buy at least some bitcoin when it came on to the market .. ohh well ..story of my life
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
dude i wish i did too!
1FG 2ND (6 months ago)
yes bitcoin ftw!!! 1:15 😂
Infinity 8 Gaming (6 months ago)
Hooker chargers heheheheh👍👍👍
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
haha glad you got a good laugh!
HermanTheGreat (6 months ago)
Dicksmasher micironcock LOL
MillerPine (6 months ago)
good video :) I personally don't think that bitcoin will ruin anything exept itself. Isn't it like 10000 dollars a coin these days? I mean, normal people can't afford that, right?
Mr. G (6 months ago)
I knew I should have bought that bitcoin miner 7 years back. Damnit!!!
Mr. G (6 months ago)
Thanks man.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
me too man i was talking to a friend about that yesterday! shoulda coulda woulda!
Alice Smith (6 months ago)
This was awesome, not just a pretty face (as we say in nz)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey thanks so much haha!
Pixelesque (6 months ago)
How can they prevent hackers from bitcoin? I honestly thought this died years ago didn't know it was still relevant
Ana Banana (6 months ago)
I'd rather keep my money in a safe because I don't trust anyone especially any one from the government!! Great video as always!!! Xoxo
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
yeah i think i'm with you!
AbrionTV (6 months ago)
Another great one friend!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
thank you a million times!
hazysimmer (6 months ago)
Very interesting video! I heard of Bitcoin but I'm not entirely familiar with it. 😅
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey thanks so much friend!
Goodnight Walkers (6 months ago)
Hahaha - the living prune!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you know it's true hhaa
TellyTabby (6 months ago)
I seem to get a lot of spam emails about bitcoin so I thought it was some kind of scam haha! Good to know what it's about - great video :)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
yeah that is annoying we shall see though!
Becca's Relatable Life (6 months ago)
Is it bad that the main thing I remember is ... no one goes outside anymore?!! LMBO 😂😂
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hahaha that is kind of the point!
PinaKoala (6 months ago)
very interesting video as always ryan :)
MrFish Gaming (6 months ago)
I now have I knife 🍴 under my Pillow thanks 19 out 19 vid 😀
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hahaha good!
TheCodingTrainer (6 months ago)
I think bitcoin and other crypto currencys are great and will be the future for online transactions. I mine bitcoin every day, im just saving / investing my bitcoin and hope for the best. Over the years bit coin has risen in price, and looks like it will keep rising. I would never buy bitcoin just incase it goes bad but i will happily mine all day. Great video man, love the new topics :)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
yeah i think you are right man!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
there are a lot of guides online Tech!
TheCodingTrainer (6 months ago)
Tech Stomper first make sure you have a powerfull pc. If you want an easy waydownload nice hash, or minergate. Make sure to get a digital wallet, i use exodus. If you know what your doing then get bfg miner its a console application and you need to input code.
Tech Stomper (6 months ago)
TheCodingTrainer how does one mine?
Paul Bisca (6 months ago)
Another great upload, bitcoin is not for me i think lmao I know a few people that have been doing things with bitcoin and lost everything
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey thanks a ton man there is a lot of risk involved for sure!
Andy Wah (6 months ago)
I don't trust bitcoin at all. Though it died already. Lol
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
yeah it is very risky !
King Cam3ron (6 months ago)
Nice my friend and big like
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you rock friend thank you!
Bryson Bee (6 months ago)
excellent topic its a mine field with cryptocurrency at the moment

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