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How To Create Accounts Checker | VB.NET TUTO

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Text Comments (69)
X- SLAYER (2 months ago)
i know that i look ugly with my voice 😂😂😂 ↔Subscribe : https://goo.gl/5JdSPC
New Deep Web 2018 (1 month ago)
Hi brother its nice to meet you ..i wish to ask you if its possible to make account checker for gmail and if the logins are sucessful also check specific words on gmail search engine and retry identifier inside email recieved?
God Dumps (2 months ago)
have a sexy voice
God Dumps (2 months ago)
nah it doesnt, ur voice is foreign. u sound turkey. i know cause my mother is from turkey.
X- SLAYER (2 months ago)
I do not think so xD
TheWiz (2 months ago)
ur voice is like india tech support XD
omar cymar (10 days ago)
Nice Video bro can you plz continue with the series if possible do a tutorial on how to either use threads or proxies thank you
ςŘØภเĆҜ (10 days ago)
can you pm me and teach me how to make a fortnite account checker
James Myrick (12 days ago)
Do you have a video tutorial for creating an email password checker?
Cracked_ApeXx (22 days ago)
Hello Muslim brother you are a Legend for me! but how to put in proxies ??
Cracking BrothersTM (24 days ago)
how do you change name of application like when i enter the code of"msgBox.show("heelo") it will show the msg heelo but the name of app is Windowapplication1 how do we change that
Cracking BrothersTM (24 days ago)
Pro come fb i will send u ss
X- SLAYER (24 days ago)
msgbox ("message" n buttonstyle , "Title")
ImZurix (1 month ago)
can you make it more ezier Please :3
EaminTech BD (1 month ago)
hi there, can you make a tutorial for create a deface page builder?
RodoZoK (1 month ago)
Please a link with all yur account cheker ;)
معرفة (1 month ago)
hi from tn can you show me haw to add proxy ?
υηηαмє∂ (2 months ago)
Source of netflix checker please
Xrazy456 (2 months ago)
Can we change what website we can use
Can you create a cheker accounte ib vpn ore expresse vpn or eny vpn #x-slyer
Adarsh Prakash (2 months ago)
Miniclip accounts checker please sir
Сергей Ageres (2 months ago)
GO brute checker socialclub.rockstargames.com
CydiaProgrammer (2 months ago)
Very good and nice video, voice is good :) Can you update the spotify account checker?
God Dumps (2 months ago)
hey how to make threads with this?
Taher Tube (2 months ago)
How i get visuel studio
LeakedSpy Spying (2 months ago)
Can you make a PSN checker?
DragonBall Super (2 months ago)
Can you do checker with access token :D
X- SLAYER (2 months ago)
Alvaro Ros (2 months ago)
You are a beast xslayer good tutorial keep it up broo
Hamed nakbi (2 months ago)
Yr7m weldik wlh 3endy brcha nlawej 3ela tuto 3ela hedha
YKCRAFT (2 months ago)
Abdelaziz AMV (2 months ago)
JenzVidz (2 months ago)
What does this check?
yousef nasr (2 months ago)
هل هاد الاتشيكر ينفع ل البايبال اخى ؟
Bro plz freebitcoin checker
Foliate (2 months ago)
Make a clash of clans checker
nono nouredine (2 months ago)
wooow nice broth
RuBicon Team (2 months ago)
Zappy Choc (2 months ago)
RuBicon Team hmmm 🤔 and how the fuck it give the password to another personn ? For What ? :(
RuBicon Team (2 months ago)
its true :| the real owner of rubicon is dead
Zappy Choc (2 months ago)
RuBicon Team are you dead 😖 :( No more videos on your youtube channel
kyle holdabomb (2 months ago)
would be nice if you showed multi threading and proxy support
X- SLAYER (2 months ago)
Next Videos this will be in next video
God Dumps (2 months ago)
MatteoHGT (2 months ago)
how add proxy in the checker brooo ? 😎😎😎😎
Marce (2 months ago)
nice video bro, bro help me please how to decrypt password in Hash?
Android Soundtracks (2 months ago)
Any chance for a habbo.com checker? Doesn't have to detect anything I just want a checker to give me working logins thanks. It does email:pass.
King Of Cracking (2 months ago)
Can you make a uplay Access Checker bro and thx about Good Work
King Of Cracking (2 months ago)
X- SLAYER thx brother
X- SLAYER (2 months ago)
idk i will try
baraba tutan (2 months ago)
this is soo cool thank you :)
Desi player (2 months ago)
Make a social club checker please
King Of Cracking (2 months ago)
Give up bro Gj 💯❤ XxhackerxX_MD Love you ✔
Mystery MM (2 months ago)
looooool "KIng of cracking" LMAOOOOO new gen
King Of Cracking (2 months ago)
Eymen Anis. Yea
Eymen Anis. (2 months ago)
nothing you are mohamed dala ?
King Of Cracking (2 months ago)
Eymen Anis. ????
Eymen Anis. (2 months ago)
lol mhamed dala <3
Xoly (2 months ago)
Thank you for this also sexy voice no homo 😂
Abd Alfattah Hafid (2 months ago)
link to download this checker and thank you so much
Abd Alfattah Hafid (2 months ago)
كاين خطأ post methode has stopped working بعد الضغط على login
Abd Alfattah Hafid (2 months ago)
i find it thank youuuu
Abd Alfattah Hafid (2 months ago)
i want programme download not a source pls
X- SLAYER (2 months ago)
in description
Assassin Anime (2 months ago)
wooooooow nice
Rmx3K (2 months ago)
Lah YebareQ fik First video be MIC ♥
Neksoni (2 months ago)

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