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My list of sex songs

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Here's a list of sex songs that I think are the best to make love to with your special someone or to get the mood set. Let me know what yall think and if you got any questions about the artist, feel free to ask!

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shawn thomas (5 years ago)
me and my girl use some of these songs but we have been together for three yrs. we need some new ones
Jonathan Leo (5 years ago)
Great list! Could I get the playlist since you're using spotify? :) Reagrds :)
skeleton334 (5 years ago)
i got to show you how to do it old school though but the today R&B u got most on point
skeleton334 (5 years ago)
im digging this list lol about to go home and get it in tonight hahahahaha
Crashannah Smith (5 years ago)
You forgettin Robin Thicke! He makes them & he's wonderful..
Felicia Jones (5 years ago)
1 person is a virgin
Jake Crocker (5 years ago)
its official...no white man can make a good sex song...
alberelyn feliz (5 years ago)
can i get a list of all those songs and there artist ? please and thanks
6ANTI6MATTER6 (5 years ago)
Imi moare p..a
Paula Flores (5 years ago)
yu should have wrote the song & artist
ReniseJ (5 years ago)
ay you list is sweet af!!!!
Noobian-Qween (6 years ago)
can you give me a list of the songs i can't see the names
cece beauty (6 years ago)
awesome mix!

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