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The Future of Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact On Society

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact On Society 2018 --------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------- Ryan Straight Up Playlist: goo.gl/mLq6oB --------------------------------------------------- Understanding artificial intelligence and machine learning is something that has been on the minds of scientists for several decades! But the future of ai and it's impart on society, is still in question! particularly how we use artificial intelligence 2018 and the future of artificial intelligence in business and artificial intelligence in movies can be a mad comparison! So how do we use artificial intelligence today? Well we go over some of the most successful businesses and talk about the modern use of machine learning 2018 A lot of people ask "artificial intelligence is this real?" well many companies use artificial intelligence all the time, we just don't see it as we want to see it! As we approach the singularity, that is when things really take off! What is the singularity? Wait and find out in the next video! There are many artificial intelligence companies and the artificial intelligence future is bright! ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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Text Comments (420)
Grew up in the 80's was a great time, cool video, hopefully the future evolves in the right way...
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Amen friend! Appreciate you being here
Ray Hayden (2 months ago)
Coming by for more watch time... if you keep making sense, AI will be watching you... no, wait, it already is!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
really an interesting topic!
London Radcliffe (2 months ago)
I love this video. Your editing is amazing!!! We love all the new tech.. AI is awesome and scary all at the same time... The AI drones are creepy as well.
Rasta JC (2 months ago)
Brilliant Content as always brother. 💯😏✌💛
aria sunford (2 months ago)
great content,very interesting:)
Aryn Got Game (2 months ago)
Idk if we should be scared but I am scared lol
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Yeah i feel yah
The Epix (2 months ago)
Great Video!
Onion Knight (2 months ago)
No scare about AI i wait the game "Detroit Human", because the theme of the game is right on AI and on robots!
Frank Asper (2 months ago)
💥Hawking's death has really brought this debate to light! I honestly believe there is reason in time to be afraid. Would AI be enslaved by humanity? Would AI come to a conclusion that we are inferior? I don't know... but could be scary... or wonderful!!!!
Frank Asper (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios thanks! So if i said ditto would you undetstand lol! I will check it out!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
hey appreciate your friendship! have a youtube related vid dropping in 30 mins!
Frank Asper (2 months ago)
It got me thinking too!!!! I am excited about the possibilities!!!.... Awesome! I will keep an eye out for the video!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
yeah that movie really got me thinking about the possibilities in just the near future! i'm working on the video now should be up in the coming weeks
Frank Asper (2 months ago)
I think its going to be interesting! I just saw Ready Player One, it brought wonderful insights to what Humans and AI are capable of creating! I also believe and totally interested in singularity...string...multiverse theories! What video specifically is that? Is it posted already? I would love to see it!
poison pixie (2 months ago)
I was born I the 80s and at the time it wasn't big deal because you didn't know any better. But I could not imagine going back to that.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
crazy how tech has changed!
BarknoorZ (2 months ago)
I'm always in my pajamas
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
That’s because you’re a BOSS
Ray Hayden (2 months ago)
Yes, yes we should be! Dropping in for a visit!
SideshowBunit (2 months ago)
can i get an AI that tells me to reign in my spending, when i wont be skint and whens the best time of the year to take a break or arrange a shin dig. basically i want a PA - AI
The Scalicis (2 months ago)
Every morning my Mom comes out to the living room and I hear "Alexa.... what's the weather like today?" "Alexa.... what time is it?" "Alexa.... what's my horoscope?" LOL Technology will take over the wooooorld! :D
Fear Crawler (2 months ago)
Should we be scared of AI? Yes and no. If the intelligence was able to learn as it went, it would be able to make more sound decisions based on probability, but completely lack the ability to empathize. But that is, of course, speaking in larger scale. In smaller scale, our technology advances in the last 25 years have been phenomenal. In less than 10 years, a mobile phone camera went from less than 1 megapixel to now being around 12 megapixel. Digital cameras themselves from a decade ago were around 5 and 6 megapixel. The perception of failure in the technology sector comes from high demand, increased expectations and shorter development times to achieve market launch dates. Remember that there was a time when, if using mobile devices as a model, that people did not change their phones every year. It was not uncommon to keep one for 4 or 5 years. Now every consumer is racing for the next new device and every manufacturer is racing for the next improvement over current models. I am old enough to remember dial up internet, instant messenger, pagers, how amazing Super Nintendo was when it launched, dot matrix displays, palm pilots, Polaroid cameras and Sony Walkmans. Now we have Virtual Reality games, robotic automated assembly lines, phones that do anything, cars that drive themselves and the ability to order anything on the internet and know when it will arrive. When stuff like that fails, it is usually because we want it now and refuse to wait for it to truly be ready.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
I’m actually looking forward to your thoughts on a big video i’m developing where we explore all of the potentials as well as how we’ll get there
Lubii Lubna (2 months ago)
Loving the new additions of the mini Ryan animation 👌🏽
Lubii Lubna (2 months ago)
Thought I'd go through a marathon of your videos as promised since I've missed out on so many of them 🙈
Szablo Mario (2 months ago)
interesting movie
Ross McCann69 (2 months ago)
nothing to be scared of man hahahahah
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Shepard Chris (2 months ago)
nice video bro, you doing great job
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
thanks fam i know
Pusa Studios (2 months ago)
love your vids, you were born to be in front of a camera, great job (love what your doing and would love to have you on our live stream sometime soon to tell your story and your craft. Please look us up on twitter. Cheers and keep creating
Pusa Studios (2 months ago)
truth is the truth my friend, would like to have you on our stream asap
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Hey you honestly made my day!
Sharkdiver345 (2 months ago)
I have to be honest here. I am pretty scared of AI. Also because of the enormous power it can have. It can be hacked anytime, it can get corrupted. It is to dangerous.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
very good point!
GenerationGapGaming (2 months ago)
Yeah baby steps in AI is what's needed. Too broad of a jump and it just doesn't hold up. Loved the Walmart joke!
I Can Do This Talaga (2 months ago)
Have you read or seen Hanson's robotics? Sophia the AI. That's going to be bad if it get so evolved. Great video 👏👏👏
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
I actually have read about it super interesting
WEDZGAMING (2 months ago)
Great info bro!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
It is
Noobs n' Bosses (2 months ago)
Singularity.. wonder how you will cover that =)
Alan Joseph Productions (2 months ago)
Interesting topic and video styling was great. I will beg to differ, I am a tech guy by trade and IBM Watson is doing some amazing things in the health care space, including to help diagnose and recommend treatments protocols for patients.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Oh i know i just wanted it for the joke! There have been many strides as of late! Really appreciate your thoughts
scoobys7acks (2 months ago)
well done (thanks for sharing it)i drop a BIG S. U. P. E. R... Super 👍 👍👍
scoobys7acks (2 months ago)
Your Welcome anytime keep up the good work
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Appreciate yah
Natys GR (2 months ago)
i think it will be used in trains planes taxi ect ect great video :)
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Definitely a good application
ThunderPro-VideoClip (2 months ago)
You have great channel in here! I like your editing style and new sub in here. Great video and keep up good work friend.😎👍
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
hope we can be friends!
OMGitsDsab (2 months ago)
Got a great channel & video! Keep it up, Left a huge like & sub👍 Thanks for stopping by my channel.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
legit means a lot
iCeMaN tHe BeSt (2 months ago)
awsome video buddy
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Appreciate it dude
pc games (2 months ago)
man have a good video my friend
xTriangle (2 months ago)
Almost to 4.5 k! Ryan deserves every second of it! Let's get Ryan to 5 k!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
appreciate you man!
Harrisons House (2 months ago)
Deep thoughts, 🌟So great. New friend here.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Appreciate yah
Aetallidd Games (2 months ago)
I dont think we should be scared right now. Advanced AI could have a huge impact in diagnosing diseases like Heart disease more accurately than doctors. Maybe they can even help us find vaccines and cures to, I do know that Elon Musk wants us to be concerned with advancing AI to quickly.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
there are definitely a lot of positive aspects we need to take into consideration!
games KNRTdrinkz (2 months ago)
Nice video Like 263👌👍
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
thanks fam
King Cam3ron (2 months ago)
Nice my friend huge like once again coming with another banger
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
been awhile thanks man
M Outdoors (2 months ago)
Nice channel and good energy, thank you. When I think of AI I think of Terminator 2, liquid nitrogen. lol.  Like the Beatles poster behind you. Thanks!
DEG (2 months ago)
I bet you would like AI that go on meetings for you and you just sit back home in sofa and watch it on camera
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Holy fucking hell yes please!!!!!
HermanTheGreat (2 months ago)
Haha my one eyed friend LOL.
MF acoustic music (2 months ago)
Hey Ryan, cool channel here! Thanks for your visit on my channel again :-)I sub for more :-)Have a great weekend!!!
MF acoustic music (2 months ago)
Yeah, you are welcome 😀👍✌
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Appreciate you my friend! Hope to get to know u better
Ali 22 (2 months ago)
Really liking these kind of videos keep up the good work 👍
Optic Ninja (2 months ago)
Interesting topic dude
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
I think you already commented on this haha
rom sense (2 months ago)
A.I is ok as long as we dont use it to destroy stuff or bad purpose.but its a robot so it can have faults as well.nothing is perfect.anyway,great video!keep it up!👍👍😊
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Definitely with you
Miyamoto45 (2 months ago)
great video 👍
Wiqid (2 months ago)
How you doing bud! I love your channel!! awesome video
MLG ENDERKID (2 months ago)
Like 255
GameFolks (2 months ago)
very cool vid ryan!! lol, seriously AI has no practical use, when we say Ai, the first thing that comes in the mind is JARVIS or smthing like that honestly, its not gonna work, wat we seek is artificial behaviour, like, we dont want the computer to do things on their own, we want them to work according to us. and do repetitive work, instead of inovative work everything around us is artificial behaviour, not intellegence, an intellegent thing have sm IQ and logic well, AI (not artificial behaviour) has only one sole practical use, to save human lives, by sacrificing their own, goin to research places, space exploration, curing plague in a contaminated area, places where human intellegence is required but sending one is dangerous they should not working as a sex toy and they should not be commercial, cuz and bout ai in the digital world, i have no idea, lol, it works so fine as a probability calculator that helps to increase sales and stuff. or smthing like siri that helps to manage daily stuff (kinda) a bot was developed that can be teached like ppl teach a child, it was innovative, but have no practical use cuz we already have so many unemployed ppl and we just wanna increase that number by "teaching" robots instead of "human childs" lol, its a very arguable topic AI DEFFO HAS NO USE AS SMTHIN LIKE JARVIS
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
hey no worries friend, glad to see you!
GameFolks (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios i was kinda messed up with family stuff and school practicals lol, i hope i'll be back soon 😉
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Dude long time no see how have you been?
PickBetter (2 months ago)
Would you appreciate art created by AI?
Trap Beast (2 months ago)
Amazing video! Great work <33
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Thanks fam
DiamondWolf (2 months ago)
I wish A.I. Were real and all the future tech stuff
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
It will one day
All in 5 Minutes (2 months ago)
Nice video :)
Black Dragon GameZ (2 months ago)
yes we should it might turn into something that might be a big mess lol and nice video
Quartz Universe (2 months ago)
Like 251...wow...great topic and discussion bro...:)
Michael and Sienna (2 months ago)
Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s I couldn’t imagine the technology that we have now - can only imagine my kids will say the same thing when they are my age! But unless it actually serves a purpose, there is no point for it e.g the hover board which never has really come to life hahaha - great vid Ryan!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
We have progressed so much
Edward Van Winkle (2 months ago)
AI is everywhere, but unaware. Would it be ethical to create an AI with awareness? That's the real issue.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
So true ever major company uses some type of AI! Yeah i’m going to explore that issue in the near future
deMien yoUtux (2 months ago)
my support is sure:) belive me...you cool
deMien yoUtux (2 months ago)
i meen one day you work in bbc television on the newsletter
Treety12 (2 months ago)
VidCon.com has Easter Eggs hidden on Their site tomorrow. I hope I get a free Industry Ticket or half off since I haven't rebought them for the 3rd time yet. I did get a flight for $122 and a hotel for $250 for the the time in Anaheim. This trip is super cheap booking right now. Need my Egg tomorrow though. 🤞
Treety12 (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios My Egg was 20% discount. I bought my 2nd Creator Ticket for $180.
Treety12 (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios Only 600 and everything is paid for. I just have to be a big girl and ride on a plane for the first time. I'm not bringing anything but a carry on bag. I'm buying clothes in California. It worked for out Beach trip.....
Treety12 (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios I'm too impatient. I bought a Creator Ticket for the 5th time. They take money when you refund them. I hope I keep this one! I have accepted being alone plus last year my buddy stayed outside smoking and I was in the Meet and Greet room all that Saturday. So same!?! Still would love an Egg to see what I get. I will be glued to that site.
Nougat Games (2 months ago)
I love this topic and I am not too worried about AI, but of course we never know who would abuse such technology. Love your animations!!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Hey seriously appreciate you my friend!!
Joy Unity (2 months ago)
I welcome change but only change that promotes more positive then negative results. A.I.'s expansion depends upon the Intelligence of the ones creating it, If the ones creating it are more focused upon greed then the expansion of the human race as a whole then we are all F'd in the A per-say.
Joy Unity (2 months ago)
Don't push yourself to hard
Joy Unity (2 months ago)
Not a problem, I love checking out your videos! :3
Donut Toys and Games (2 months ago)
Great video and your channel, hello back to you! Let's keep connected. :)
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Always down for staying connected
Papacrimson (2 months ago)
The only thing I'd like to see for vr id like a virtual online shopping store. Being able to walk around (virtually) and look at items better than a web page pic. Really thats all i cam think of
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Papacrimson (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios right? Cause who likes busy stores with long queues ... and online can be quite vague
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Oh that would totally be dope
Phynoxtv (2 months ago)
Good video
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Ryan Corbett (2 months ago)
Pros and cons to everything, some of the more advanced AI robotics out there have said some freaky things. However I am not one to hinder change.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Dude amen
PitchDarkGaming (2 months ago)
Great video my friend. I hope we make more advance in AI . I don't think we need to be scared of AI but I do talk nicely to my Alexa..... just in case. 😃
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Madly appreciate yah
Lakupia (2 months ago)
nice vid man! and yeah u are right man about the generations of their own advances
Treety12 (2 months ago)
My Daddy has had a flip phone forever and if it breaks, he buys a new one. Which is every month. He has bought a Samsung and some other name LG and the next day decided he couldn't work them and they live in Their brand new boxes.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
no he isn't going but Dead on Dave will be there
Treety12 (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios Is Tommy C going to be at our VidCon? I know he lives in another country.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Treety12 (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios Except the one in your video. It broke into pieces.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
I remember old phones were indestructable haha
Benjamin Brandon (2 months ago)
Well said my friend, well said!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Appreciate you my friend
MAX LEONRIHR (2 months ago)
nice big like 241 full view my friend
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Appreciate it
Pokgi-World (2 months ago)
hey since I know realize you do indie films and all that, I have an idea for a movie I want to see what you think if u have the time to listen to it
Pokgi-World (2 months ago)
oh wow really , i will thank you so much for hearing me out
Another great video dude I also tweeted it hopefully you get a lot of views
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Dude you are a good friend
theModfather Gaming (2 months ago)
Great upload man, love listening to your views on topics, your videos are amazing! smacked that thumbs up forever!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Madly appreciate you
John Power (2 months ago)
Nice vid like, happy easter;)
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Happy easter to you friend
Kekope Gamers (2 months ago)
The advance of technology becomes faster as we approach new generations, it is so fast that it is impossible to think fast 20 years ago O.O nothing to do with the concept of current speed It is scary! Like, compa! \^0^/ and sorry for my english >.<
Johny ; Five (2 months ago)
what's the singularity? where our minds are connected? =)
Nova the blackstar (2 months ago)
Awesome video bro
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Madly appreciate that
Toys With Minnie and Boo (2 months ago)
💖 Hi friend thanks for visiting my channe💖 new subscriber from toys with Minnie and boo 💖😁🐇 and this sort of stuff is perfect for me to watch 😁👍
Mullan Media (2 months ago)
I do not particularly want AI to progress to sci-fi movie levels any time soon haha
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
It can happen after we are dead right? Grand kids problem then haha
Huntress Warrior -Micka- (2 months ago)
Hummm interesting 🤔 definitely something to think about..
Huntress Warrior -Micka- (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios To why is it failing but then again I'm not a know it all I'm alil lost when it comes to it (technology) ..
Freak-GamerZ (2 months ago)
I love your videos, keep up the good work my friend :)
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Back at yah
Dirty Tyler (2 months ago)
Good stuff!
Tree (2 months ago)
hard time in tube! nice video.229 LIke..I like your channel .. come and support my 5channel s
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Zion Reel (2 months ago)
The problem with AI is we can't seem to construct it without it either stealing our data, or having the possibility to eventually learn too much. And uh...I'm good without the Terminator 3 scenario. It would be cool but there's too many unknowns at this point. Plus companies just end up using it for their own ends rather than the benefit of consumers. Put simply, humans are rubbish and we're not good at stuff.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Haha you make a good point there friend
Nikita Nagori (2 months ago)
You nailed it my friend 😎... Your cartoon character is really cute😀
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
You make my day!:)
Reloaded Reeality (2 months ago)
I’m actually shocked AI isn’t out here taking over the world by now lol I, robot style
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
TheSilentGhostReaper (2 months ago)
People are only scared of what they don't understand...better start accepting the truth that one day this will happen or maybe I should say its already here.
ANDRIO20 (2 months ago)
Great job my friend!LIke!!!👍👍👍
Marta Laura Zayas (2 months ago)
Hi Ryan, firstly, thanks for visiting and subscribing to my channel. I loved Startrek when I was a kid and still do. A practical application would be assistant teacher robots in classrooms. I love my Alexa. hahaha, yup, you can go to Walmart in pjs and no one would notice. Of course I subscribed. YOu did your research my friend. I could watch your video 5 times and learn something new each time. See you in the next one!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Honestly appreciate this hope to get to know you better
King Tv24 (2 months ago)
keep it up bro.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Thanks fam
Vespoidea Production (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Yeah what?
Naomi Charles (2 months ago)
Lol iRobot was telling. I think we should be a little scared tbh
Jon Layman (2 months ago)
Great video man!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Appreciate it fam
Stay at home gaming (2 months ago)
As someone who has family out of state i want self driving cars! Not sure if that counts as AI.
Kasumi (2 months ago)
AI will take over and I will just stay in my room trying to survive. XD don't think about the word "big" too much
Games Comics and Culture (2 months ago)
it's interesting to see what's advanced beyond our expectations vs. what's not there yet. if you had told me 20 years ago that i'd be complaining about the lag on a device that sits in my pocket that allows me to connect to millions of people/send texts/play scrabble, i'd have scoffed. - D
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Really really love hearing your thoughts friend
LordBitememan (2 months ago)
lol I was one of those kids growing up in the 80s. Where's my flying cars?
Kasumi (2 months ago)
LordBitememan I'm still waiting for that as well lol. Getting away from traffic will be amazing!
Sara Sue (2 months ago)
yeah i agree where is it?
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Where is what?
Lobster Fight Gaming (2 months ago)
Great video man, very informative as always! AI isn't anywhere near developed enough to function well without human input or interaction. Just look at the continued failure of self-driving cars, among many other forms of technology that are less than helpful in our everyday lives. The potential is there, but not even close to practical. Yet.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Honestly love hearing your thoughts friend
EpicHanz (2 months ago)
this was great!!! happy early Easter!!!

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