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The Problem With Video Games and Aggression

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The Problem With Video Games and Aggression ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------- Ryan Straight Up Playlist: goo.gl/mLq6oB --------------------------------------------------- Check out These Channels - Footage Credited To Them Mystery Gril: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUukrQ5ckxD027h1_ofDaPQ Simtex21 COD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFzoHQkSxb5iQgppqeD0M3g Carnage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJrKiIx9g-jAMQCey3vtLQQ CPG: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9-ymQSfzezbbyesqqkCsxw GoldRanger88: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyazJBM_d1VcB2bN9Jt0eGQ/featured -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As of late there has been a lot of talk about the problem with video games and video games and aggression being linked! Video games linked to aggression have been the talk of the town after every major event such as the one recently in florida! In other words this is the video game connection to aggression.. There is set to be a white house video game meeting that should spark some conversation on whether or not games and aggression are truly a video game problem 2018 that should be addressed or something that is pivoting from the real issue going on in society! This meeting on video games is one that has a lot of people frustrated that the people in charge of running our country! Lots of people blame video games for the recent events The topic is not new and there several discussions such as: video games and the brain, video games and depression, video games and mental health, video games and children...all of which revolve around evidence that has yet to be put forward! As there is no evidence that video games linked to aggression exist! So now we deep dive into the topic! ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Do you think Video Games Cause Aggression? Or is it an excuse? Leave a Reply
TurtlesToads (2 months ago)
i dont think its a connection beetween aggression and video games. maybe its the opposite. you play alot, you calm alot among others
TaoistDragon (3 months ago)
As a let's player I will 100 percent say, video games only made me punch one person in the face. It was me.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Yeah i agree
Twisted Ginger Gaming (3 months ago)
no i dont think it causes aggression to be honest, i just like how they have to point that blame and not work on the real issue because its easier to point fingers
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Amen to this
PropShopArt (1 month ago)
No I do not. There are people with mental issues who also played video games that somehow get linked to video games.
Pokgi-World (1 month ago)
welcome back buddy
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
your videos always make me smile!
Pokgi-World (1 month ago)
same here
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
So happy to see you again!:)
aria sunford (2 months ago)
great video,many games include violence,but do they cause aggression?i dont think so.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
I totally agree!:)
poison pixie (2 months ago)
I don't blame video games at all. When i was younger films had no ratings so my mum used to let me watch anything. I didn't turn out violent. I even suffered from the tetris effect from playing one game too much I still don't blame games. Some people are just cunts.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
yea i'm with you honestly!!
Dustin Frazier (2 months ago)
Is it weird when I pop in gta I automatically want to Either grab a hooker or run over someone....??? Hmmmmm???
Silverlance 24 (2 months ago)
Suprising topic but very welcome. My opinion is naturally flawed but i don't feel video games breed violence. Some people typically are more prone to violent outbursts, blaming it on media is never the answer as the people who do seem to forget it was done by a person.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
i totally agree with you on this actually dude!
Senja Mahameru (2 months ago)
It goes back to the personality of each
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
very true i think
Dakota and Family (2 months ago)
Hiya ryan video gmes are not responsible for mental health or raising kids parents need to be parents and we need to support more mental health in the states
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Totally am with yah thanks for your thoughts
Amaryx (2 months ago)
Video games are the reason why World War II occured and other historical events.
XionKH352 (2 months ago)
I feel like video games could cause violence but that’s ONLY if ppl that play it already have. Those tendencies plus the parents buy these games for their kids sooo... yea
Pokgi-World (2 months ago)
lol if that is the case than wouldn't everyone try to capture people in pokeballs lol
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Hahah probably good idea
deMien yoUtux (2 months ago)
haha...you are cool:)
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
do you have twitter? we can talk there i'm @Crimson_films
deMien yoUtux (2 months ago)
i wish mee a video about Beats Maker and good Beats,,,,,,Resons,1st..you support another beatmaker and maybe my channel ;) 2.nd much beatmaker look your videos then,,, you can make contests and and and you know what i meen;)), i hope you understund what i meen ,,
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
i can tell you are a cool person hope we can be friends mate!
deMien yoUtux (2 months ago)
Really i meen your channel can comme very big and much subscriber.... i know that,,,
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
EZ Flames (2 months ago)
I think politics cause more aggression than video games js.
We can make the world better an make people happy if we put up cat videos cute cats lol is that what they want no they want to control us what we eat what we watch were we go an what we do they want us have no freedom.. great video man
Halfblood Pixie (3 months ago)
I definitely don’t think there is a link. But I’m not a scientist. I wouldn’t let my kid play a game that’s 18+ though. There are so many kids and adults who play video games, which involve violence. Why aren’t they ALL violent? Anyways sweet video as usual!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
There is a link for sure i just dont think it is a major cause in shootings
Kiso Gaming (3 months ago)
Games don't install aggression its there parents who install aggression
SushiFairy (3 months ago)
I totally agree that it's the parents' responsibility to handle the type of content their children see. Why don't they blame the parents? Parents have to be the ones to buy these mature rated games. Also, why are they not addressing child abuse or other critical factors that deal with mental health? Some parents are even dismissive about their child's' mental health and refuse to seek help and just allow them free reign sometimes. They bash on video games so they won't lose those votes or support from those adults. Those people need to be educated, not to be taught to find a scapegoat. 😒
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Amen to this
We Suck At Cooking (3 months ago)
Catching up with your recent videos. Thanks for the awesome commentary.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
hey thanks a ton!
Sharkdiver345 (3 months ago)
I don't think video games trigger agression. I think it is the parents job to raise them well. I have played violent video games all my life and i don't feel the need to kill anyone
Bodorrios Team (3 months ago)
Awesome videos mate!
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Really means a lot fam
Mack Mate . Com (3 months ago)
Hi Ryan hope you’re good buddy / trump says videos are violent and need ratings really so is selling guns to teenagers look into that first or is there to much money at stake for that to happen
Flying Buttress (3 months ago)
The way I see it... Either everybody is affected by violence in video games... or none of us are. And since I've been playing video games for about 20 years and I'm yet to have broken any laws... I'm gonna go ahead and say nah.
TaoistDragon (3 months ago)
How do you get such amazing audio quality from your blue yeti? I have a lot of issues with mine.
Naveed Shah (3 months ago)
Stay at home gaming (3 months ago)
People always look for someone to blame!
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
so true
bf gaming (3 months ago)
Video Games Cause Aggression,wait what?ban fricking weapons people!!!!
AvennGed1 (3 months ago)
TaoistDragon (3 months ago)
Thank you.
AvennGed1 (3 months ago)
TaoistDragon oh yeah, excuse me :P <3<3<3<3
TaoistDragon (3 months ago)
You forgot a <3
Veryrandombutterfly (3 months ago)
I must be a dangerous criminal from playing too much Final fantasy, Legend of Zelda and Mario then lol
TaoistDragon (3 months ago)
Let's be real, Mario is a stone cold killer.
Slakey gaming (3 months ago)
I blame fortnite :) Looks like hes trying to divert the issue from gun control most likely. I think games can cause some violence and aggression but probably a very small percentage. You could probably link a lot of aggression and violence to anything. How many politicians play video games, probably about 1 or 2. How many politicians have started wars? Great video Ryan :)
Treety12 (3 months ago)
Lol at that image reference. CJthegamer27 plays games and he is a Little Sweetie Pie Baby Man. I killed so many Goombas and Bowsers yet 0 Humans.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
He’s a cool guy
Wee Hours Games (3 months ago)
For many years, I've had unexplained urges to stand on scaffolding and throw barrels at plumbers after I've kidnapped a young woman. Finally, I have someone to blame. Damn you Donkey Kong.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Now we know why hahaha
Aramakutu (3 months ago)
Well it starts with our children. It's not the games that is the issue, it's the parenting.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Amen to that friend
Fear Crawler (3 months ago)
Do I think that video games can make you more aggressive? Short answer is "Yes". Do I think that movies can make you more aggressive? Short answer is "Yes". But let me look at this one in context: Is playing a video game or watching a violent film going to make you go shoot up a school. I would say, statistically NO. Considering the volume of violent films and movies made each year contrasted to the amount violent acts that occur each year, it just does not mesh. Same can be said for the amount of violence happening in the US prior to the advent of video games and even film. Now, having said that, there are NUMEROUS cases of violent acts committed each year where the perpetrator did cite some form of entertainment(Video game, movie or such) as the influence. And it's certainly easy enough to find tons of videos of people flipping out over video games. But the same can be said for sporting events where people in a stadium will riot when the home team loses. Plenty of videos of that too. And yet, no one is blaming sports for this. My final thoughts are: Yes, video games are way too violent. Needlessly so. I say the same thing about movies. Politics and religion also lead to heated debates and often aggressive actions. None of that is new. With the term "mass shooting" and it being an "American problem", the statistic models used in other countries do NOT define what exactly constitutes a mass shooting(How many have to be shot for it to be called one) and therefore omit this data, even when gun violence has been reported in the years used in the model. Also, the models used for such gun statistics stateside, when viewed from a liberal stance where stricter gun control is the agenda, also include things like suicides and gang shootings in their mass shooting numbers, thereby completing skewing the data. So games can piss people off, movies can piss people off, there are some sick people in this world that will hurt other no matter what and Candy Crush is the worst game ever(I am completely convinced that it has lead to multiple homicides!!!)
Superboo (3 months ago)
Another great video man (: I think that with violent crimes, a link to video games and other media is by far the exception rather than a rule, and as you said, there's already a rating system Trump! God damnit! XD
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Definitely agree with you my friend
RobertGamesHD (3 months ago)
Your thinking way is true 🤔
C.K. The Comic (3 months ago)
The scapegoating that's going on here with video games is so ridiculous. I loved when Trump was like "maybe we need to put in some sort of rating system" You: "Yeah we already have that" 😂 you're too funny man. Anyway the point you raise about the increasing realism of our games and the fact that sales have skyrocketed in the 2000s is a strong one. If games were truly making people more violent it would be a NATIONAL issue. Video games quell my rage, if anything.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Dude amen to this!! Such a dodge
Judge Me (3 months ago)
I don't really believe that because why blame something that rarely causes violent but violence is already in the world. That make no sense
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Definitely with you on this
Grynch (3 months ago)
I personally feel like video games have gave me an outlet for my rage not increased it. If anything needs to be changed in video games it's microtransactions. I would love to hear your thoughts on that
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
See i am with you on that thought
Namnamnam93 (3 months ago)
Nice video dude I like the explanation :]
Aetallidd Games (3 months ago)
Awesome video! I've played video games all my life and I find that blaming video games for the emerging violence we see in our youth is just blame displacement. The real issue is the actual environment some of the youth are raised around, like bad parenting, abuse, bullying etc.
Dude that was a great video and it's funny how the minute there's violence they equated to video games.
DEG (3 months ago)
video games do not make anyone violent,Trump probably just suck and cant play good
Growing Roots (3 months ago)
Hello! mm I think yes and no cause I think us as parents have to monitor what our kids watch and maybe they just imitate the game and play around, but also us parents if we know they are violent and aggressive why buy them at least for small kids we should go buy the age guidelines.
Derrick2shot (3 months ago)
Incidentally, this issue stems back to the Columbine incident, on april 20, 1999. One of the video games in question during that time, was specifically, Doom. They also talked about the Matrix, and Marilyn Manson. Eminem said in the song, I am, "They blame it on Marilyn, and the Heroin."
Derrick2shot (3 months ago)
Ryan, you already are, a weapon of rage. I even have a feeling, you are possibly a T-1000, although with a much more fun personality than the one played by Robert Patrick in Terminator 2
Derrick2shot (3 months ago)
I rock like Dwayne Johnson!
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Hahaha you rock man
GenerationGapGaming (3 months ago)
I don't think attacking video games is the answer. I really don't think they make you a violent person because there are millions of people playing these games and one of them happens to commit some terrible act and it's the video games fault. It's like saying every mass shooter in the past breathed oxygen so now we need to remove all oxygen from our air
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Seriously appreciate these thoughts
Kardo Walker (3 months ago)
If video games were the problem then we would have alot more mass shootings then how we do now.
themoviesalone (3 months ago)
I think most acts of violence are the result of some combination of mental illness and childhood trauma.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Good point there
Edlend A (3 months ago)
I’m not a gamer haha
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Mean either really
Pro Exclusive1989 (3 months ago)
Great video homie, im very aggresive sometimes when im playing COD 🤣👍 big like xD
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Hahaha i’m with you
CoryJT (3 months ago)
Great video
NathanBlakeGames (3 months ago)
When it comes down to it, you got the nail on the head here. Videogame ownership and gun ownership have gone up since the 90s and violent crime has gone down. Clearly that shows that neither of those things are the cause of our problems.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Hey man appreciate you sharing your thoughts!
SMN TV (3 months ago)
212like Sorry for the late happy going.. keep suporting my other 5channels...
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Hey no worries
patrick troup (3 months ago)
Great video. I like the new mic, makes you look more like a news reporter. First they say that kids are too soft. That everyone gets a participation trophy. We need to toughen kids up. Now they are saying we need to coddle kids and protect them from the terror that is out there??? Make up your minds! Lol Obviously this just means that the NRA spends more than the video games lobbyists.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Dude amen to this thanks for sharing your thoughts
Gamer Mario (3 months ago)
Video games are definitely not the problem I think that's ridiculous how they blame video games great video bro :)
Zion Reel (3 months ago)
The Problem with Parenting, Lifestyle, Mental Health and Aggression. LEAVE MY GAMES ALONE :( There's way bigger factors in violence than video games, we've got to stop looking for other excuses. Nice work bro!
ROPname (3 months ago)
yaay, scapegoats are the best goats to "scape" with... instead of facing a more difficult and REAL problem. Keep it up, mate!
Play Game Of (3 months ago)
Looks good 👍🏻
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Magnus Tsunami (3 months ago)
Yeah, video games do not cause violence, maybe make you rage quit, or destroy a keyboard / controller, but then you feel like a fool because now you have to replace electronic equipment that probably wasn't cheap to begin with....
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Exactly!! Glad you are on the same page
Ice Daemon (3 months ago)
So videogames makes people violent, its lucky in WW2 and WW1 we didnt have any games...
Ice Daemon (3 months ago)
yeah, but who listens to truth anyways...
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
If you watch the whole video i disprove that video games are linked to violence
Far-No (3 months ago)
People blamed comics, then pop music and now it’s video games. America is so afraid of losing it’s guns it will invent any number of been boogeymen.
Nova the blackstar (3 months ago)
I don't think so. Violence in media has been around for ages and I haven't seen any aggression in kids like what I've been seeing now than in compared to the 90s
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Life with Miss Liz (3 months ago)
You've come so far on YouTube! I definitely think there's a strong link between video games and real violence. I think some of these people that play games think "I wonder what this is like in real life". I'm not a video game player myself so I don't know how right I am but, yeah, I definitely think there's a link.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
hey honestly appreciate you so much!
Scott Skinner- Drake (3 months ago)
Got ya subbed. It all depends on the person and how it affects them
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
amen to that!
Allie Walley (3 months ago)
I don't think it's the video games fault it's the person who has a bad idea and I have been playing games for a long time
Devin Seviyn (3 months ago)
They blame the video games so their hilljack voters can keep their guns. Combover and forehead don't really buy what they're selling.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Amen amen
Lubii Lubna (3 months ago)
*_4:01_**_ Man attached to a forehead_* 🤣 I always love it when you drop one liners in your videos hahahaha
4PLAY (3 months ago)
Great video bud! Love the way it’s put together. Keep doing what you do! We’ve subscribed! From us at 4Play!
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
oh hey you guys rock! back at you!
Flippettirob (3 months ago)
👍👍👍 I think no new sub
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Hey appreciate yah
Nostalgia Plays (3 months ago)
Interesting stuff. Perhaps we should look at Japan as an example XD
Deon The Kid (3 months ago)
I don’t think it causes violence, if that’s the argument you could say the same about movies and shows people/kids watch.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
That is what trump is saying and unfortunately for him science isnt with his analysis haha
DAwaffleG0 (3 months ago)
my mom didn’t let me play video games with guns in it until this year while my friends have been allowed years before me. It’s hard when all your friends get to do stuff and your told to wait... I wonder if water guns cause violence too since I play with my nerf water gun a lot in the summer lol
StarshineJess (3 months ago)
I totally agree. Studies showed that the only people who were violent after playing violent games were people who had a history of aggressive behavior beforehand. Also they did a study that showed that people who listen to heavy metal are some of the most mentally well balanced people on the planet. The study showed that heavy metal allowed you to feel emotions of aggression and sadness therefore keeping listeners from being angry and depressed.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
So so true friend
MatoLpGames (3 months ago)
No Aggression Here ;)) Nice New video my Friend ;)) Thumbs Up See you on the next new vid my friend ;) { Stay Active }
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Appreciate you fam dog
QCobra (3 months ago)
I hate that video games are still being blamed for this nonsense. And no matter how much evidence comes out that proves them other wise they still go for that excuse.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Dude me too so annoying
Tofu Tommy (3 months ago)
I think it’s ludicrous that they would blame video games for psychopathic behaviours,as we all know reality from make believe,and if you can’t step away from a video game and see it as entertainment then that’s something needing looked at,as 90% of kids play video games as we have too,and don’t go out with shotgun on a massacre spree.Great work bro
Richard's Reality (3 months ago)
No, video games do not cause people to be more aggressive In real life. If anything it reduces it. It's like sex, if you're stressed, a good sexual session can reduce stress. The same as a good session chainsawing your online rivals into a paste can reduce anger and stress in real life. I have played horrific, violent games since I was 12, and I have moshed to some of the brutalist metal band around... I accidentally rode my bike over a squirrel last week and fucking cried for 5 minutes. TL;DR - I play games, still a decent human being.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Dude you are so spot on! This bugs me so much that they dodge the actual issues
After Dark Analysis (3 months ago)
Everything is easier than personal responsibility. I don't game but horror movies and certain types of music have the same issue. It's moronic and all the evidence says that there isn't a link.
IndieAndy (3 months ago)
Great video dude, I love the editing and the theme. Personally I just don't get why people say that video games cause aggression or are the reason why people gun others down. I think it's just the way that people are born, the way they grow up and parental influence. Video games aren't the blame here!
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Dude madly appreciate your thoughts
Legendary Method (3 months ago)
I feel like majority of the people who blame video games, are not actual gamers. They don't understand the culture of gaming and what they don't understand, they fear. No one wants to blame actual parenting and people not telling their kids the difference between fantasy and reality. Its always easier to blame things far away, then the people in the same home. I think a comedian once responded to this question by saying, "What video game was Hitler playing?"
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Amen to this
TurianShepard (3 months ago)
Good video man, there’s next to no evidence for video games making people violent. I’ve been playing games most of my life and so have lots of people I know and we’ve never had ideas to do anything like that! I suppose if you’re the type of person who would shoot someone then you’ll do it anyway, not because you’ve seen it in a game or movie.
Mazza666Gaming (3 months ago)
Great video again mate, I totally disagree I think there trying to make video games the fall guy it's just an excuse to cover up the bigger problems, and to turn the focus away from them!! Left another big like keep up the great videos 👍
Tom Lenas (3 months ago)
Awesome video
Michael and Sienna (3 months ago)
I think it’s definitely an excuse mate! A lot of it comes down to parenting too - my kids play a lot of video games but understand it’s NOT REAL and just fun and make believe
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
seriously appreciate you sharing your thoughts!
Eevnos (3 months ago)
I do think they desensitize people to a certain extent but video games don't make people killers or more aggressive. There are ratings on games, I make sure my kid plays appropriate games simply because he doesn't need to see that violent sh*t yet, not because I think it'll make him a psycho killer. ;)
Marceive (3 months ago)
I don't understand why people are thinking that video games causes violence. Millions of kids grew up playing violent video games and watching violent movies and grew up just fine. I played nothing but violent games growing up, GTA, MK, Shooting games, etc. And I'm just fine today. Maybe I'm an exception, but I don't think it causes violence.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
seriously appreciate your thoughts my friend!
shauna ramsay (3 months ago)
(“man attached to a forehead” lmfaooo im dyin) great video yet again! 😄 new set up? looks awesome! but yes !! the excuse of “video games cause violence” is so 1999 it hurts! exactly as you said in your video video games are played world wide so why isn’t there mass shootings in other places? and also maybe mass shootings have to do with the individual person who commits them and people should focus on getting help for them before hand and not bash people who play video games as a whole? because i’ve never seen a minecraft kid shoot up a school ffs
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
amen to this sister!
Ross McCann69 (3 months ago)
i think its an excuse
OtakuPanda (3 months ago)
Great video bud, good to know video games aren't going to make me a violent maniac any time soon!
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Seriously appreciate your thoughts
MALOBLIVE (3 months ago)
Loved this video, there's always a blame somewhere lol!
LordBitememan (3 months ago)
I was a 90s kid, when we had Mortal Kombat and the crimerate was literally twice what it is today. I never committed a violent crime. I knew kids who did. They usually didn't have video games because they came from broken, impoverished homes, usually without a father present. Call me skeptical, but I never bought the link between violent video games and violent crime.
thedudecalledpj (3 months ago)
Its a touchy subject, if you can't separate reality of the game and real life then you shouldn't play those type of games. HOWEVER video games causing violence is a load of rubbish. Games already have certifications anyways, in the USA you have T Rated (17+) and in the UK we have 12, 15 and 18 ratings. Like you said there is no evidence that it would make people more violent. I Like how Trump doesn't actually mention TV and movies. Some of those show far worse then any game ever does. Those same games are available in the rest of the world such as the UK. The UK made GTA V and its one of this countries biggest selling games ever. And guess what. We haven't had any mass school shootings for 22 Years! Reason - Stricter gun controls. If we can do it then so can the US. This is a great video mate, and raises a great point.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
i think you make some valid points appreciate that!
Pharaoh TV (3 months ago)
This was really well done man. I think Gaming can cause some rage but some aggression??? I don’t know. I think parents need to monitor their kids that’s for sure,
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
really appreciate you man!
Electro Point (3 months ago)
Completely agreed with you,Ryan. Video games are made for relaxation.. how come it becomes promoting violence, aggressiveness !!! This makes no sense at all... And I liked the way of your presentation. 👍👍
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Seriously appreciate yah
Ryan Corbett (3 months ago)
Dead on, gotta love how gaming gets the scapegoat position everytime...it's like we don't want to address the real issue or something *wink wink
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Taymation Studios (3 months ago)
Great video Ryan!
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Thanks a ton fam
lastoneleft804 (3 months ago)
Good vid my dude! Keep it up!!! Dunno why but you remind me of James Spader..
lastoneleft804 (3 months ago)
Anytime man, I got you!!
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Madly appreciate yah
biggsy141 Gaming (3 months ago)
Donald trump is an asshole 😒 video games are no more violent than movies. Every country has their own censorship and age restrictions, and video games have a GLOBAL body deciding their rating. If you want my honest opinion, if a game is rated 18 or Mature by PEGI then it shouldn’t be played by minors. it is illegal of here and in USA to sell these games to minors and the parents should then be held responsible. The big issue I have with this... if video games were to blame... why does the UK not have a problem with mass shootings? The problems are caused because the US gun laws are not strict enough. We have immensely strict gun laws here and that’s what prevents a lot of this... unless specially trained, police officers aren’t even allowed to carry a firearm. Anyways... rant over 😂 great video dude and I 100% agree with you
Phynoxtv (3 months ago)
Good video

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