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How to have SEX to The Weeknd's songs

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* XO Shirt - fadedclothing.spreadshirt.com Lmao this is just a little fun video I(Levi) made because my friend Dujon said you can't have Sex to The Weeknds music .. *He obviously doesn't listen to The Weeknd like I do XO , And this is for the ladies so if your a dude take your hate to someone who gives a F#%€ Like ourLIFEent (Fan Page) - http://www.facebook.com/pages/-ourLIFEent/149501415157678
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Text Comments (41)
Yoda Ydyxz (2 years ago)
Some gay shit going on but made me laugh a bit.
jailene (2 years ago)
BallestJenn (4 years ago)
XO baby (;
Ally Vinson (4 years ago)
You guys are so awesome E!!! Oh my god!!
Brittany Rambo (4 years ago)
Shit fuck yeah! Mmmm
Beautiful Tyson (4 years ago)
Take it off
Dayzia Myra (5 years ago)
The Weeknd is the shit
Blair Adams (5 years ago)
What's the name of the song?
Toasty Waffles (5 years ago)
Tell me why im a guy and this my shit tho...
Sarah Lujan (5 years ago)
i could f*** to this song :))
Sarah Lujan (5 years ago)
damn i think im in love with the X<3O
Sol Nulei (5 years ago)
Elayna Kay (5 years ago)
That was funny af. Rofl!!
DJ Ellz (5 years ago)
honest this shit is funny a.f!!!!
Kasey Mullen (5 years ago)
he thinks the weekend is probably Illuminati.....yeaaaa but still if you play his music "i'll be making love to him through you". LOL good vidkilluminati
no (6 years ago)
the laugh tho HAHAHHAHA
YellowBone90 (6 years ago)
lol wow You did good though :)
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
@nenechicka Mine was a small too I think I forgot lol
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
@CrazieeKeke Lol we was madddd highhhh and thank you <3 (Levi)
Yvette Muse (6 years ago)
LMFAO thats deff dujons room and y does solo look dumb bent,,,,,Dujon : ILIKE LOVE MAKING" lmfaoooo OOOLevi got a phattieeee &noo you aint gotta sing to it lmfao
NeNe, M.D. (6 years ago)
I ordered a sweatshirt from fadedclothing last week. It hasnt come in yet, but I'm soooo scared about the size because of sleeve lengths. I ordered a small though (I'm a girl). What size is yours?
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
@mus1ken Thank you <3
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
@Mizzsweetsugah XO !!
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
@FlatbushGunman lmao u should try
FlatbushGunman (6 years ago)
ive fucked bithes to the weeknd..but not like dat lmao
Rexeverything (6 years ago)
lmao this guys laugh makes it 1000x funnier...
mus1ken (6 years ago)
@ourLIFEent omg, i think i love you!
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
@khalidaburumman Thanks lol I put the link where to get it in the description Merry Christmas and Happy New Years !!
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
Ill put it in the description
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
Ill keep my word guys here is the site for the sweatshirts .. I was gonna keep it a secret but yous are showing a lot of love thank you <3 XO
harajukenene305 (6 years ago)
Khalid Abu-Rumman (6 years ago)
@ourLIFEent the sweater is sickkk
manofthelords (6 years ago)
wtf lol
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
@mus1ken Read my comment
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
@obaratta Read my comment
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
If anyone wants to know where I got the sweater just give me a thumbs up on this comment its the holiday season and I feel generous <3
BreanneMichelle1133 (6 years ago)
Olivia Baratta (6 years ago)
where did you get your sweater
mus1ken (6 years ago)
omg where did you get your XO shirt?
ourLIFEent (6 years ago)
@x0dijana0x lmao I think he does too , But like really you can have Sex to any type of song if you know how to move right .. The Weeknd's music is perfect to put emotion into your stroking game or for the Girl to feel loved for that moment.
x0dijana0x (6 years ago)
real men have sex to the weeknd .. guy in the beginning prob f's to chris brown lol :)

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