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Steam Accounts Checker 2018 - By X-SLAYER

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Text Comments (142)
X- SLAYER (21 days ago)
USED COMBOS : https://pastebin.com/WSEDV6Cm ↔Subscribe : https://goo.gl/5JdSPC
endy (8 days ago)
can u tell me where did u get these user:pass combo please
xDroperLyx (12 days ago)
Proxy ?
Psn Checker please
ImZurix (1 day ago)
Good Job you are the best developer i seen can you develop Uplay accounts checker ? Thank you so much ~!
AZIZ FTW (2 days ago)
nice video bro and thank you veery much i got an account with csgo <3 i subed to you
vCritters Wilson (5 days ago)
Why do I get a ton of Errors. Anyone know why or could help me out
Anfrax Riddimz (6 days ago)
this still work ?
Beo Wulf (6 days ago)
not working 😕
Dzus Rocks (7 days ago)
give us the proxy and u will get 100+ sub
Dzus Rocks (7 days ago)
HEY Where is the PROXY
Dzus Rocks (8 days ago)
how to find the proxy?
kelvin lorent (1 day ago)
Dzus Rocks dude if u don't know how to find Proxies what are u doin here ?
TOR َ (9 days ago)
plz method for bypass steam gard plzzzzzz
UFC : CHLIPCHA (9 days ago)
link does not work , need direct link plz
Sw0rD (9 days ago)
8.5K Steam checker sourcecode pleaseeeee
rafael ramos (11 days ago)
Parabéns mais 1 inscrito
Mrs.Cheese (11 days ago)
Bro ckecker PSN?
Linkaning (12 days ago)
Link takes me to something called greatzip
x TreBuH x (12 days ago)
How to get proxy?
Desertito eSports (12 days ago)
hello, I'd like to download the file, but the total virus link says it has 12 infections. this is true? https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/c4fb143c793502192f663e4ab8670b7a672b62b8b6babb942af04ad8825e793d/detection
Nock Beanster (5 days ago)
They all say brute force program. That is the case it is a brute force steam cracker. Im just running it in sandboxie and copy and pasting the results to decrease the chances of getting a virus
SpaztasticPanda (13 days ago)
I only get 81 combos and i dont get any accounts.... help?
SpaztasticPanda (1 day ago)
Nah i know was it was, its gucci
kelvin lorent (1 day ago)
SpaztasticPanda maybe no one is working
izabela tanko (13 days ago)
can u do an twitter account checker? it would be awesome, also, nice steam checker :D
Kevin Lee Quicho (13 days ago)
How to get combo and proxy?
ツTravis (15 days ago)
new Combos?.
Darkness (16 days ago)
where is the proxy?
Darkness (16 days ago)
where is the proxy ?
Фуйзи (16 days ago)
Cool program. Correct the design of toko everything will be cool
Raimon Peña (16 days ago)
Proxy? :(
Jamin Kiso (17 days ago)
*Bro please please please can you give me PUBG somehow please bro I beg you. I see it on your desktop*
iFunzio (17 days ago)
Thanks brother
verun (17 days ago)
good keywords to finder?
Фуйзи (18 days ago)
Ауф братан
Mandrake Venom (18 days ago)
plz yahoo,hotmail checker account *-*
RuBicon Team (18 days ago)
love it <3
DerMelih (19 days ago)
+X- SLAYER Hey i have a question, which Visual Basic do you use? ps love your work keep going <3
AYLEAN (19 days ago)
AzstaR (19 days ago)
show us how do u get user:password combo
X- SLAYER (19 days ago)
facebook > Go To A Freind > Ask Hime To Give Me User:Pass Combos
Strike Glitches (19 days ago)
Also, id love to buy an Amazon pass checker (even if it's private for the $$$)
ZeroTen (19 days ago)
Please How To Get Like ur Combo ? and Please next Video We Need How Get Free Accounts Minecraft u can Change All Infos
Strike Glitches (19 days ago)
Likelihood of an alibaba checker? Kinda like the wish checker lol
Strike Glitches (16 days ago)
NtzIs Boss I have wish as well I'm just greedy lol
NtzIs Boss (16 days ago)
i have wish config + capture
YoloFroggy (19 days ago)
Im thinking it still works but im getting like 9k errors..
Future AMV (19 days ago)
Awesome tool bro next tool u should attempt Funimation or Playstation
EMRAN HUSSAIN (20 days ago)
Waiting for socialclub GTA v :)
Xanzyi (20 days ago)
Alex Legend (20 days ago)
sir from where to get proxy and combos ??
SiLeNTo PLaYZ (20 days ago)
Yay a new video and checker! Love you so much bro! Keep up the great work! <3 <3 <3
Michele 铁 (20 days ago)
hey, can you make a working twitch views bot?
Vayne (20 days ago)
Good job man !
meek kodak (21 days ago)
Unverified accounts without email guards are almost useless.... How can we bypass through email verification of accounts with email guards
killer_ KH (21 days ago)
hot get combo steam for this plllzzzzz
Krishna Gadekar (21 days ago)
please make porn portal account checker
FLASH YT (21 days ago)
please bro next video cracker accounts Minecraft . Like :0
SkyXdoZ (21 days ago)
You are fucking best guys.
incredible arman (21 days ago)
Fabulous work ... i became fan now
ZeyKo TurKo (21 days ago)
Slayer next checker is minecraft ? Pls minecraft
KYGZ (21 days ago)
x-slayer the netflix checker is broken.
Dantes123 (21 days ago)
Good Job. You´re the best.
「Zutex.」 (21 days ago)
Awesome <3 next time some exploits for sth? :D
kyle holdabomb (21 days ago)
it should have a thing so you can check there inv for skins and games and such
FiniPlox (21 days ago)
Checker de Up-4ever?
NioXpEr War (21 days ago)
nice khoya l3ziz
David Feder (21 days ago)
Release Source code :D
Harun Esen (21 days ago)
Do you update for Origin?
marouan fouane (21 days ago)
moammadreza kkogh (21 days ago)
nice nice niceeeeeeeeeeee
Code Studio (21 days ago)
Thanks bro. its possible a PSN checker
RodoZoK (21 days ago)
Entertainment up
Emžinjer (21 days ago)
You are fucking beast bro, keep it up ! ♥
I Crack (21 days ago)
What type of proxies do u use
ReachMod (21 days ago)
Where you learned vb.net
zBinnary (21 days ago)
Best coder, please, update netflix checker
EhhVeetwo (21 days ago)
Nice ! Now if u can make Netflix u going to be the best <3
scorpio 1 (20 days ago)
EhhVeetwo there is netflix
a fucking finesser (21 days ago)
you are a god
YoloFroggy (21 days ago)
Saif Sparta (21 days ago)
i looooooooooooooooooooooove you
Cracking TipsTM (21 days ago)
Nice <3 #YahyaHere!
Hamdigta Ayoub (21 days ago)
why man user and pass i nedd email not that
TECHNO GAMER LIVE (21 days ago)
Safwan Mazari (21 days ago)
combo user;pass or email pass
Safwan Mazari (21 days ago)
thx bro
X- SLAYER (21 days ago)
if u use email:pass it will be converted to user:pass
bac algerie 2017 (21 days ago)
نريد صنع لتكريك حسابات موقع vbn expressvpn
Despicable Tuber (21 days ago)
chiheb ghribi (21 days ago)
nice but we need league of legend chacker
Dylan Manion Tutorials (21 days ago)
Nice man, I really like all these checkers, Keep it up!
kouki ramez (21 days ago)
why not u create a coinpot checker its good idea
meek kodak (21 days ago)
kouki ramez and wat about email verification before you can transfer the coins you've seen
meek kodak (21 days ago)
kouki ramez and wat about email verification before you can transfer the coins you've seen
luis pino (21 days ago)
Niceee I love <3
Mannue Lapolice (21 days ago)
nice man
Besstraha (21 days ago)
Golden-DBZ (21 days ago)
Wow good job but can you make a paypal account checker hmm challenge for you
Game Infos (21 days ago)
Nice man keep doing good stuff !
faizan mirza (21 days ago)
damn man just what i wanted keep it up bro ;)
hamza elbiach (21 days ago)
Android Soundtracks (21 days ago)
Why not just make the checkers grab accounts from pastebin and have them checked inside the checker at once? Wouldn't that be a better option? better yet why not just make an all in 1 checker? so that way you can check combos through everything at once.
fatih kartal (21 days ago)
Very good broo
أوكس - ôx (21 days ago)
Nice bro 💙💙💚💚
TheMlgSnejk (21 days ago)
Awesome! Could you make a new tut on how to make a acc checker. Your last method u showed only works on the site you showed for me. I have tried so many sites but it only seems to work on adfocus. Cheers! Love the work
hello guys (21 days ago)
thanks u r great man and req method for bypass pin code steam..😅
G6 TXG (21 days ago)
Good <3
ElKurdi (21 days ago)
Can you describe me what that is i dont know it but it looks awesome :D
RedxDZ (21 days ago)
big like bro Keep It Up
Despicable Gaming (21 days ago)
Awesome Keep It Up!
4D1 (21 days ago)
Favorite notification
Rémi Sur Youtube (21 days ago)
Zappy Choc (21 days ago)
Rémi Sur Youtube cancer.
Kartik Patel (21 days ago)

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