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How to Repair a Windshield Chip or Crack

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DIY Windshield Repair. This is a how to fix your chipped windshield. If you do not do this as soon as possible the chip can turn into a crack overnight! It is easy and costs $10... A repair place will charge about $50 to fix the chip and a windshield can cost you over $500 to replace. This short diy video will save you time, money, and frustration! Plus you learn something cool! Here is where I got the window repair kit: http://amzn.to/2twNjjn How to BREAK windshield and door glass and fix a chip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAsUG-jbLlM Here is another chip repair video using a different repair kit: https://youtu.be/YK1kpSZpMPM?list=PLDD611CFB36FC65F2 How to Super Clean a Windshield: https://youtu.be/vJkfrY2owb0?list=PLDD611CFB36FC65F2 **If the video was helpful, remember to give it a "thumbs up" and consider subscribing. New videos every Thursday** -Website: https://www.ChrisFixed.com -Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chrisfix8 -Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisFixed -Instagram: https://instagram.com/chrisfixit -Subscribe Here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=paintballoo7 -YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/ChrisFix Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. ChrisFix assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. ChrisFix recommends safe practices when working on vehicles and or with tools seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not ChrisFix.
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ChrisFix (11 months ago)
Here is my newest video on how to repair a chipped windshield PERFECTLY!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAsUG-jbLlM
Anna Brajczewski (4 days ago)
ChrisFix Rd
Terry James DuBois (6 days ago)
Mohd Rafeeq The brand called Visbella. It's Windshield repair kit. I just got one at Mr DIY. Very useful.
Terry James DuBois (6 days ago)
Mohd Rafeeq Mr DIY
Mohd Rafeeq (7 days ago)
Im look for it that was call windshield kit..but anyone in malaysia know where this kit sale?
Razvan T (6 hours ago)
This is amazing! Awesome video!
Tripp Tastic (12 hours ago)
Dude YESSSS!!!! So doing this tomorrow thanks man!
Aaron Alvarez (1 day ago)
Could you post a link to the product in the description? Great video
Aaron Alvarez (1 day ago)
Nevermind. I saw it
Debbie Haghighat (3 days ago)
Thanks I’ll try it this weekend.
Justin Parkman (3 days ago)
I use to work for a windscreen company here in the UK the sooner you repair it the better as dirt and moisture will stop the resin from flowing into the cracks also be careful with a hot windscreen this can cause it to crack with a little pressure keep it in the shade then put it in the sun to dry
nico serup (3 days ago)
great job, precise and informative vid.
rejmonwilson (4 days ago)
Did my car, today fallowed your instructional video thanks, regarding 3/4 tube of resin the tube should be clear to give the consumer and idea of 3/4 used🤔. Thanks 🙏🏾
redhead sticky (4 days ago)
2400 assholes
Mike CorLeoné (5 days ago)
I wanna know how to fix the thousands of chips in the windshield after a sand storm....
Mariano Clauser (5 days ago)
Were can i buy this?
Terry James DuBois (6 days ago)
Great method. I tried it. My original crack was tiny. The fractures are gone but I can still see and feel a scuff on the original point. Wonder why?
71disque (6 days ago)
Thank you for this video.
Errol Khan (7 days ago)
Wow, what a brilliant video! Many thanks.
Iulian Popescu (8 days ago)
Esti roman?😀
Glenn Aguilar (8 days ago)
What brand is it .
Glenn Aguilar (8 days ago)
Chris what brand of repair was this I need to buy it for my car please.
TAYLOR GAMEZ (9 days ago)
Buy a nice car
D B (9 days ago)
Don't drive behind trucks esp dump trucks.
Chris P (10 days ago)
Thanks for helping myself and 140k other people
ChrisFix (10 days ago)
No problem! Glad the video was helpful!
Lu Cho (12 days ago)
Baahh 10 millions views.. JUST BECAUSE YOU DID A PERFECT JOB (%1 Can do this only)
Meklaudd (13 days ago)
hey ,if anyone else is searching for phone screen repair try Saankramer Electronic Magazine System (just google it ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my neighbor got amazing results with it.
Rony Ahmed (13 days ago)
😱😱😱 I don't blv this.... 😱😱😱
Ricky Nguyen (14 days ago)
Where’s can we get the windshield repair?
Dillinger Sam (14 days ago)
Excellent hob Thank you 😎
JON Gergeceff (14 days ago)
Thx again Chris
Ahmed Ali (15 days ago)
You’re amazing 👍
Phiphi Nguyen (15 days ago)
Thank's for your demo!!!
tigerbalm (17 days ago)
Butt...i still has a huge crack when I sit down after using this
carolern77 (17 days ago)
I'm a female and a visual person. This tutorial made this look so easy. I purchased the same kit from my local O'Reilly auto parts store and repaired the chip in my windshield. There is just a small speck where you can see the chip. My husband was impressed even though he was the one driving my car when the chip occurred.
Felix DuBois (18 days ago)
Yeahh Man!!! That was pretty cool !!!! That's an awesome job! Congratulations Chris !!!
ZizouOmar (19 days ago)
Aaaaaaaaaaaand u got a subscriber ! You're now my Merlin The Wizard of car repairs
Shahnoor Samrat (19 days ago)
not in details discriptions
Stelcom66 (20 days ago)
What about a chip that's on the lower side of the windshield, not allowing the entire disk to be placed on the windshield?
ImmortalHitman (20 days ago)
I just want to let you know this video really helped me alot. Thanks for taking the time to do it!
ChrisFix (20 days ago)
I'm glad the video was helpful!
jesse (21 days ago)
I am about to do this..got chipped 30 min ago...
Darin- USMC B- 85-93 (22 days ago)
I’ll have to give this a try , Had a crack or chip in my trucks windshield for about a year now, not getting bigger or growing but it’s on drivers side & in your sight line, so it’s annoying.
Mighty Machines (22 days ago)
What camera did you use back then Chris?
Veronica Teves (22 days ago)
Very informative thank you!
spikerHC (22 days ago)
Sorry but that is not the same window... i can see it on that part when you are wating on direct sunlight before and after... black tape and yellow foil is not in the samé position...
Morne Reyneke (22 days ago)
This helpt thanx Chris
CutlassBeatz (23 days ago)
Your videos are the best man
Chvstaki (25 days ago)
nông cơ nhật bãi (25 days ago)
rejmonwilson (25 days ago)
Just happened to my 2007 Honda Civic, last week.this will save me money. Thanks Chris 👏🏾😧🤝
Julian Yale (25 days ago)
Nice job looks like new.
Julian Yale (25 days ago)
Where do you buy the kit?
Brian Lee (26 days ago)
Well done 👏🏼
Jim Bob (1 month ago)
TheJayster (1 month ago)
*auto glass repair* *auto glass replace*
Ernesto Calcano (1 month ago)
Angel Lumba (1 month ago)
It's is awesome
Bram de Haan (1 month ago)
Across object lecture qmlnhzs only stock simple experimental debt.
Sean Needham (1 month ago)
Had mine done professionally and it looks terrible still visable
ChrisFix (1 month ago)
Sometimes the chip doesn’t come out good due to the complexities inside the chip.
Lorraine T. Thibodeau (1 month ago)
WOW that was amazing !!!!!
ChrisFix (1 month ago)
Glenhael Carolus (1 month ago)
Chip fixing in the darck.
Glenhael Carolus (1 month ago)
Chip fixing iiijjjjjfjfhfdsf,jggjgf,rtssgjhdrkff in the darck. Ngfdndefgbf and notdfcashone, gfsdhffgdfghkfsshjfszzxxxgghhhhbfx fvvvvvvvvvvvvvhvvvvvvvv Gbbbbbbbbbbvxfgwflrblhescmbbngmlhfdhssjvvvvvgfbsgffbvvv. Bgvcvcxsxxcggdxxc.
ex sakiko (1 month ago)
Went out and bought a kit, worked flawlessly. Thanks for inspiring ke to do the little things that keep my car looking better and more safe.
jponyboyace (1 month ago)
Nice job chris
JackBN (1 month ago)
I had a very similar star. Safelite "fixed" it and turned the 3/4" star into a 3" crack. Should have done it myself.
Carlos Martinez (1 month ago)
We're you can buy the kit repair?.
Janiken Skylarker (1 month ago)
Wow!!Thanks brutha!!I have a couple these to fix!!AWSOME..
michael vamvoukakis (1 month ago)
Can this work for my samsung note 8 cracked screen glass ? Or do you know something similar kit to do this? Need to fill the crack. You know its really hard to change the whole screen glass because its glued with the digitizer and lcd...so i wonder if a drop of resin like this can fix it at last to be less visible.
michael vamvoukakis (25 days ago)
Rj Paul Thank you
Rj Paul (25 days ago)
michael vamvoukakis the process of this fix would leave your screen to hard and not touch sensitive a new screen on eBay is the best way to go. YouTube it first a must
Billy O'Neill (1 month ago)
Where did you buy the window repair kit and what is the name thanks
Nigel Banks (1 month ago)
Your videos are always brilliant!
blondy2061h (1 month ago)
Do you need to concern yourself with very tiny chips? Chipped mine yesterday. You can hardly see it but it's definitely there...
ImGeoX (1 month ago)
You said this happened a couple hours ago, how did you order it fro amazon? is it available in local stores? Also looks like a different brand than what you actually used..
Johny Yang (1 month ago)
"This kit does an excellent job" No, you did an excellent job:)
Lovely K (1 month ago)
Amazing product and video. Thanks for sharing.
Kylie Mills (1 month ago)
My mum got a big rock haha
Ben Wicker (1 month ago)
Good deal . Thanks
JPDG13 (1 month ago)
Love all your videos, Chris. Keep up the good work!
Charlie Trivian (1 month ago)
Clear Nail polish dollar store 1 dollar that's it done.
UA Representative (1 month ago)
Damn.. Love it
Susan Thogmartin (1 month ago)
Thanks for the helpful video. very easy to follow.
mike Thompson (1 month ago)
That was amazing🤗
SUNNY Hong Kong (1 month ago)
Wow.its amazing
Jahmal H (1 month ago)
Could this work on phones too ?
Wj Moretz (1 month ago)
Don't do this in direct sunlight, it did not turn out like this
Lee Brooks (1 month ago)
Love these videos. You’re saving me money Chris
LM Reds (1 month ago)
Well done buddy, great tutorial, thanks!
Nathan Matevia (1 month ago)
That’s amazing. It’s so satisfying watching your videos
Pisces R'us (1 month ago)
You did that 👌🏾
jimmyfly (1 month ago)
Pretty cool. Thanks.
AUOMAK (1 month ago)
This looks too good to be true. So, it's not another April fools?
Tabitha Horton (1 month ago)
Love it thanks for sharing
Mr. Scott Ursiny (1 month ago)
Awesomeness! I'm not sure why I didn't know that one could repair a windshield crack, but I didn't. I just got a big whack on the windshield yesterday and will be fixing it in short order. Thanks!
G YamBal (1 month ago)
fredy melendez (1 month ago)
Nice video
IRA NAZIRA (1 month ago)
carnivaljunkie (1 month ago)
Thanks for this video! I was cringing at a potential $150 charge to fix a chip in my windshield, but this is a life saver. Good and thorough explanation.
Ben Curaza (1 month ago)
Must be Karma or something like that. Two different times my vehicle required attention and both times I accidentally stumbled across your DIY self fix it videos. GREAT JOB !!! :))
Aman A (1 month ago)
You did a good job
Adnan lexus (1 month ago)
Not to shabby
Jason L (1 month ago)
Will the crack appear again after many days? Will rain/wiper or anything cause the repair to lose effect and crack reappear? Thanks.
santosh wadekar (1 month ago)
Where can i get this kit in india
Lukeson Gaming (1 month ago)
Lets get this video to 10,000,000 guys!
Hmongkie Yang (1 month ago)
Hey I just tried this today and it was a miracle how much it worked. Fantastic results. Now I have to buy 2 more kits to fix the other small cracks on my windshield.
Ikutunyi Makachia (1 month ago)
how can i get the kit to fix cracks, i am in kenya.

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