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Lady Gaga "I've been having good sex so I write songs about sex" // SiriusXM // Hits 1

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Text Comments (19)
*Luis* *C* (6 months ago)
She looks like Joanne here
madison ottoson (1 year ago)
oml i love her so much!
Sand Shadow (3 years ago)
Hey I can see her normal face 
Richard Rico (4 years ago)
wow..she's soooo sexual. [/sarcasm]
sashaqueenie (4 years ago)
This album, Artpop, is a treasure chest of jewels and diamonds and rare treasures. Legendary.
alexis pino (4 years ago)
Sexxx Dreams has to be single!!1
L. Hill (4 years ago)
That's different from the iTunes Festival version (live) AND the version that made it to ARTPOP. Cool.
shafizall (4 years ago)
I love the way she goes "dummm dummm" before "tomorrow when i run into you" xD
0818tim (4 years ago)
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Gregory Pabst (4 years ago)
That little girl in the end xD
corinne54 (4 years ago)
Can we have the entire interview? That would be so wonderful for us to see
Kevin Boyles (4 years ago)
Love Lady Gaga
electricxinfinitiy (4 years ago)
she's so cute and relatable. She looks so fresh in all white.
Juan Delgado (4 years ago)
Gaga looks like Zola Jesus
Juan Delgado (4 years ago)
Gaga looks like Zola Jesus
violet qween (4 years ago)
Thank you gaga for the song!! It has a moment in life sex dream .trust me.it a fact song lol..love the somg.love violet qween
Fabián Cabrera (4 years ago)
Perfect, like ever <3
SiriusXM (4 years ago)
Sexy songs & sex dreams for +Lady Gaga 
Jack HPod (1 year ago)
SiriusXM 3etu

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