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The Deodorant Challenge Is The WORST Viral Trend

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The Deodorant Challenge Is The Worst Viral Trend --------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------- Ryan Straight Up Playlist: goo.gl/mLq6oB --------------------------------------------------- What is the deodorant challenge? Well the latest in youth viral trends is when you apply spray deodorant to your body! Yes you heard me! In a day and age when viral trends have been going out of control and this current "deodorant challenge 2018" being only the latest in teen idiocracy! Is this the worst viral trend 2018? Well let's give it time, it may be the worst challenge yet, but the worst viral trend...that is still to be determined! This is the deodorant rant, and not what you may expect! Viral trends have been popping up on the internet for years but this deodorant challenge england originated over seas and is spreading around schools everywhere! Teen trends are popping up and down all the time but the deodorant challenge poses certain problems! The problem with the deodorant challenge is that it is not smart! Each new trend seems to be a one up on the last one, so the question is what will be the next viral trend? ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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Text Comments (583)
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
What Do You Think the "Worst" YouTube Trend Was? Leave a Reply....
Wicca Girl (16 days ago)
I have no words for the stupidity of youth!
Deon The Kid (30 days ago)
CrimsonStudios fidget spinners, that was ridiculous
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Amen bro
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Thank you for being awesome
Rasta JC (2 days ago)
These Trends & Challanges are getting so ridiculous dude makes me laugh! 😂🖓
Rasta JC (2 days ago)
CrimsonStudios Haha Agreed brother makes no sense! 😂🖓
CrimsonStudios (2 days ago)
I dont understand some kids these days
Farm Life Oregon (11 days ago)
all of these are horrible!!! But use together not bad at all LOL you have a nice channel, its well edited! keep up the hard work! it good to inform people of the dangers thanks! Robyn and John here. I like that glitching transition you use!
CrimsonStudios (11 days ago)
Hope to help!:)
IsraelMania (13 days ago)
LOL! Your videos are awesome! 😂 I had no idea this was even a thing. Kids today, LOL.
CrimsonStudios (13 days ago)
You are awesome friend! I shall never understand todays youth haha
Cool video! 😉
CrimsonStudios (13 days ago)
Thanks fam
Stay at home gaming (18 days ago)
Ugh kids are idiot's lol
CrimsonStudios (18 days ago)
Why i wont have children
BRI & LEE (20 days ago)
Your channel has a lot of good information I definitely click the bell to be notified 😉
CrimsonStudios (20 days ago)
You are a legend
LIPSTICK & SOFRITO (20 days ago)
Lol...you're right stupidity does run on YouTube!!..😂
CrimsonStudios (20 days ago)
Amen haha
MrHustler (21 days ago)
If they want to do dumb stuff like that then let them if they are the dumb to do it!
CrimsonStudios (20 days ago)
Amen friend
OBlackThunderO (21 days ago)
Deodorant challenge 😯 NotLikeThis 😁
CrimsonStudios (21 days ago)
So sad haha
cab7 (23 days ago)
I am one of those 50+ year old types that cant remember my teen years, because the cool thing now a days is called >> 1/2 Heimers.😱😮😱
CrimsonStudios (23 days ago)
Pokgi-World (24 days ago)
yea man kids these days........
Pokgi-World (23 days ago)
CrimsonStudios (23 days ago)
Daily Dose Of Dallas (24 days ago)
You said it, stupid & mental. Yeah I think the worse thing I have done is mess with fire ants at a safe distance... oh and I pulled out my own lose teeth now... I rather be lame then in the hospital or dead 👍🏼💖👧🏻
CrimsonStudios (23 days ago)
RealDr.Pepper (24 days ago)
This video had me dying within the first 30 secs. 😂
CrimsonStudios (23 days ago)
Hey good to hear!:)
Marco Savini (24 days ago)
Cool video !!@
CrimsonStudios (23 days ago)
Thanks fam
Mack Mate . Com (25 days ago)
What can I say frankly I'm lost for words/ hope your good Ryan 👍😎
CrimsonStudios (23 days ago)
Sad days haha
cris x3 (26 days ago)
I blame the parents! Children now a days arent taught to be an individual and that they don't need to do everything they see to "fit in" i feel parents should be monitoring their children more closely
CrimsonStudios (26 days ago)
You are totally on point i think friend
Maximiliano Soto (26 days ago)
Youth is truly a divine treasure
CrimsonStudios (26 days ago)
Indeed haha
One Eye (27 days ago)
This sounds like something you would see on the simpsons and not in real life, noting smart by doing this apart from a lot of pain and a nasty scar just to remind them how dumb they been.
CrimsonStudios (27 days ago)
Totally on par mate
The FAWK Chronicles (27 days ago)
Give em all Tide Pods & Deodorant m, then let God sort em out, I say!
OtakuPanda (28 days ago)
Woah that's crazy! Why do people even think of these things? 😓
CrimsonStudios (28 days ago)
I weep for humanity
True North Koala (28 days ago)
There has been so many, Tide Pod challenge was terrible though
CrownThe Eric (30 days ago)
Why? What in the hell is wrong wirh the kids of today? And where are the fucking parents. Like remember when you were about to do aomething stupid and your mom or dad instantly appeared to stop you. The hell happened!
CrimsonStudios (29 days ago)
I weep for humanity
Huntington Gaming (30 days ago)
How do they come up with this stuff? When we got bored in my day we just drank a fifth of Southern Comfort and puked.
CrimsonStudios (29 days ago)
Honestly crazy
Should we be worried? Nope. If your kid takes themselves out of the gene pool by doing something catastrophically stupid just for views or the lulz, it's a clear indication that you failed as a parent and shouldn't be passing on your genes. If you have raised your child to be the kind of unthinking jelly-brain who would actually eat a nugget of caustic, household cleanser then we can only say bravo, carry on, and thank you for playing this round of Natural Selection.
all about aleiah (1 month ago)
I have the SAME question 🤦🏽‍♀️ wish we could go back to our old era sometimes!
Ruriko Yamazaki (1 month ago)
wtf???? yes poisoning your body is cool hahha yes its self-inflected hahaha self-harm is not cool yes very mental yes its very stupid and just wrong and yes your going to more than look back and think what the hell but your body won't be looking great with burnt bits of skin mmmm yum lol great video as always babes xx
FEFE ANN STEELE (1 month ago)
I forgot about the cinnamon challenge 😂😂
FEFE ANN STEELE (1 month ago)
CrimsonStudios never did it thought about it
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
actually done that one! that is hard haha
OneShotTv (1 month ago)
I remember planking, geez I'm old
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Those were the days haha
K9Rex and Mads (1 month ago)
Too many stupid viral trends out there too name one lol
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Rocky And Derrick Show (1 month ago)
Wonderful video my friend!!!👍👍👍
CrissANDCasey (1 month ago)
Kids are the future! ...which is what worries me... And btw I love your videos man!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
CrissANDCasey (1 month ago)
If I could make a challenge it would be eating a tide pod while a friend sprays my hands with deodorant while I'm trying to get a Victory Royale
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Weeping for humanity haha
TheSilentGhostReaper (1 month ago)
Kids these days...what is happening??!!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
I wish i knew haha
Noobs n' Bosses (1 month ago)
Moegan: Great video once again Ryan =) Trends will keep coming and going, so this is not the first nor the last we're going to hear about ><
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Sadly you are right friend! Thanks for being here
JustLife (1 month ago)
This is so true man I can't believe how terrible some of these trends are. These kids need to go outside.
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Honestly maddening
Aetallidd Games (1 month ago)
I honestly believe kids and teens are just going to do stupid stuff. I remember in my high school days (before social media) kids on the bus were choking themselves to the point of passing out just to get that Oxygen high...or rubbing erasers on their skin till the skin came off. With Social Media around it amplifies and spreads these trends like a brush fire, which is why we are probably hearing about them more today than in my day. Anyway awesome video!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
I’m baffled myself haha
AleJamBro (1 month ago)
Dude why in God's name would anyone do that's what's the matter with these kids..
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
I am astonished at kids these days
Knightly Nerds (1 month ago)
I love the use of "Interwebs" it's on of my favorite words, have a like.
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Hey it’s a fun word to say hahaha! Thanks for being here friend!:)
Mr. Teebee (1 month ago)
If this is what is hip now a days. I do not want to be hip LOL
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Amen hahah
Running4urLife 365 (1 month ago)
interesting channel. i smashed the red button
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Well appreciate you
Jupiter April (1 month ago)
this medial stupidity is taking root. . .added .)
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
as am i
Jupiter April (1 month ago)
sorry .. I´m atheist :)
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Amen friend
MFN Productions (1 month ago)
Aha you totally right, kids nowadays do such a stupid things honestly... lol. Good video Ryan :)
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Hey thanks a ton my friend!:)
MrGuy2727 (1 month ago)
It's been a while my dude
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
How you been!?
theModfather Gaming (1 month ago)
what ever happened to safe challenges, never heard of this one, great upload as always buddy likkedd
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
right those were the good old days!
Benjamin Chavez (1 month ago)
I agree with you, what is going on with all those kids? hope we change that in the near future. take care man, best wishes.
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
will be interesting to see what the next big trend is
RansB (1 month ago)
Don't worry the running in high speed traffic challenge coming soon. Great video Ryan!
RansB (1 month ago)
CrimsonStudios yes let's do it lol
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Dude let’s try it
Ali 22 (1 month ago)
Actually didn’t know about this trend it’s so dumb 😂
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
It makes me scared for the future haha
Se7en Blessings (1 month ago)
Wow didn’t know this was a trend 🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️ no bueno
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Actually crazy
xR-Hammer Gaming (1 month ago)
These challenges are ridiculous... Great video Bro :D
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Hey thanks fam i agree
C.K. The Comic (1 month ago)
What an idiotic trend... although I think I may have thought of a way to flip this into a GENIUS idea; Why don't we use spray deodorants to freeze dry our meats? This would be perfect for any scenario you can think of where you'd need to freeze dry meats and don't have access to a freezer ;D Great video dude! I was hoping to see some of the damage caused from this viral trend, but I completely understand why you didn't show it ;)
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Seriously wht is wrong with children
TECHVOEZ (1 month ago)
Wt* trends the world is weird ,and great upload buddy you got full watchtime like !!!!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Crazy trends
Lord of Thought (1 month ago)
Wow I didn't know this trend was a thing, hopefully nobody else, especially children, get hurt and scarred from this.
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Shweebe (1 month ago)
Are you f***ing serious!?! OMG ... I don't know why I'm surprised but my god. This is no different than the ice and salt challenge. My god what the hell is wrong with people these days. Worst cry for attention I've seen so far. -_-
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Crazy times we live in
Magnus Tsunami (1 month ago)
Just sounds like another stupid challenge that fizzles out, and is a cry for attention
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
I weep
Pharaoh TV (1 month ago)
Never even heard about the Deodorant challenge. It's amazing how the Darwin Effect is in full effect! You are growing so fast man. I can't wait until you get bigger than Keem and Scarce. And it WILL Happen!!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Hahaha i’ll have you on the show for gaming news!;)
Gamer Mario (1 month ago)
It's crazy the challenges that people do nowadays I will never do the deodorant challenge LOL good video ryan :)
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
I weep for humanity
Mr J0k3r (1 month ago)
lmfao bro im not surprised man lol i saw people pouring alcohol on them selfs and lit them selfs on fire lmfao remember that man lol this shit is not surprising to me man
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Kids today
Nikita Nagori (1 month ago)
That's weirdness around the world ..ha some challenges Great video friend😎
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Strange days
The condom in the nose thing was probably the worst imo lol
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Eli's Adventures (1 month ago)
People are crazy these days! Great video 😀👍
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Nostalgia Plays (1 month ago)
Things have changed at CS. I need to catch the latest videos and see what I think.
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Crazy times man
I Can Do This Talaga (1 month ago)
Cool video love the way you put all your ideas in one. Your awesome
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
You rock
scoobys7acks (1 month ago)
Spectacular i love it you rock keep up the amazing work thumbs up (thanks for sharing it) BIG S. U. P. E. R... Super 👍 👍👍
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Kids today hha
America Ru (1 month ago)
BarknoorZ (1 month ago)
People can be crazy when it comes to trends. They'd just about do anything everyone's doing
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
What is going on in this world
cronocyde (1 month ago)
That's just stupid lol These trends man...
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Dude amen
BaByDisney QUOCLAM (1 month ago)
#4.8N sub== like ========212 View all of the time to support you
Veggie (1 month ago)
What a bunch of idiots! Don't they know you can just use a can of compressed air that you can get for a dollar? Jeez kids, if you're going to be retarded at least be smart about it.
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Honestly what is wrong with people
LP3rdGamer (1 month ago)
This is crazy! How do these things even start! I simply don't understand....
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Seriously though
Easy cooking and tips (1 month ago)
You are 100%right
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Jenny&Brett (1 month ago)
As a kid I did TONS of dangerous stuff...it just wasn't broadcasted to the world because there was no internet. I remember we use to make each other pass out and one of us cracked our head off a brick step.
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
I totally agree haha i’ve done many dumb things! Sadly with the internet it allows us to showcase it!
DannyKey (1 month ago)
Great video and channel...supported!!!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Well thank yah
CazGirl Plays (1 month ago)
lol I had no idea that this was happening. On the plush side it is Darwinism at work 👍
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Sad right haha
Richard's Reality (1 month ago)
I saw those images, it is mental. I did some pretty stupid things in my day, but come on... Self harm? They need mental health evaluation. I think the craziest things i did were climb trees or wade through a storm drain with a DIY torch made of deoderant soaked paper set on fire... Heck, i still do weird stuff like that. If they really want to dice with danger without injury they should live in the UK and post mean tweets, that can get you 6 months in jail nowadays.
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Honestly man what is wrong with people haha
mSquared (1 month ago)
I got unsubbed somehow.. but back and ready to cringe at kids these days. >< Kids have always done dumb things, now there is just a way to tell everyone about it.
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Hey welcome back friend missed seeing you
nice one bro ;D I thought something wrong in your channel ;D
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Tesseption (1 month ago)
People truly amaze me
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Honestly though haha
Cjthegamer27 (1 month ago)
can't wait to do this And by do this I mean I would rather die
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
CG Gaming UK (1 month ago)
People come up with the craziest things!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
I am scared for our future
rom sense (1 month ago)
what a strange challenge😳thumbs up my friend😊
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Hey long time no see!:)
Kasumi (1 month ago)
Well great another trend that is happening and basically the worst one. Who comes up with these trends!? I know laundry product companies tried promoting their brand and put their products in the juice aisle. Oh god I think I am predicting the future!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
SparklierChutoy S.〰 (1 month ago)
Great video, bro. Big like!!! Nice job. See you. :)
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Thanks fam
Interesting video. Like and new sub my friend. I will try to practice my english :) Regards
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Thanks for bein here
Gnosh (1 month ago)
Great video dude!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Hey thanks fam dog
Mark One (1 month ago)
Great video bro, 👍👍
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Appreciate yah
LifePlayer-2006 (1 month ago)
Hi! Great channel! Like # 194. New friend # 4816. Good luck!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Just work hard friend
RobertFIN (1 month ago)
Oh yeah you're still here. I got scary 😛 like also my friend 😌
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Def a scary thing
ProjectBeats (1 month ago)
Trees these days are crazy bro😂
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
So true
RAB2784 (1 month ago)
I remember when I was a kid where the challenge we had was to knock on a door and the first one to get caught losses & the thing was ..... back then people thought that was stupid
Jenny&Brett (1 month ago)
lol we did that too!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
What has happened to society
JNJ Comedy (1 month ago)
And I thought eating bleachy tide pods was stupid!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
This reaches new heights
Matty Gaming (1 month ago)
Very cool video!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Well thanks
Benny P (1 month ago)
its just getting worse as the days go on
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
So so true
Onion Knight (1 month ago)
I think all the challenges are really stupid! I like your format mate! Well done
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Oh dude thanks a ton
Hatman (1 month ago)
unfortunately, people keep interfering and preventing natural selection from taking place
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
I hate that
MillerPine (1 month ago)
Sad to see all this stupid and often dangerous challenges popping up all the time...
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Really is sad
GhostID656 (1 month ago)
OMG what a trash. Nice video Ryan
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Kids today
Flippettirob (1 month ago)
thanks for sharing 👍
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
You rock
Vampirschi Gaming (1 month ago)
It is so easy these days to make kids do anything stupid, you just need to say it is a challenge.... The End is Nigh!!!
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Kad Dad (1 month ago)
Kids be crazy these days hah
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
No joke haha
LordBitememan (1 month ago)
40% stupid? You measured? :P Ah, I wish I could say this was a new thing and that the fears of Idiocracy were justified, but it isn't. Way back when, when the movie "The Program" came out there was a story of a bunch of kids who were killed emulating a scene where characters laid down in the middle of the freeway and let trucks drive over top of them. One of the reactions at the time was "at what point do we just call this 'evolution?'" We didn't chalk it up to Darwin, alas, and the film was edited in subsequent showings. So alas, this is nothing new.
CrimsonStudios (1 month ago)
Yeah i was tested! And kids be cray

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