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Sex Offender Shuffle

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Buy the song here! http://scottgairdner.bandcamp.com/track/sex-offender-shuffle particularly appreciated because YouTube took off the ad revenue :(
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Text Comments (45958)
Scoot Gang (39 minutes ago)
Poké Striker (1 hour ago)
Sam pound was eager to jump in.
Julian Harper (5 hours ago)
Sam Pound I'm Sam Pound, I'm number one Apologizing for what I've done Case you're wondering what that was I snuck into a bath room and I fisted my cuz I held her down and watched her struggle Then played with her melons because I like to juggle I’m not here to eat eats those truffles I'm just here to do the sex offender shuffle
Michael Mejia (12 hours ago)
What the Actual hell did I watch
Neo Summers (14 hours ago)
You guys are shipping yourselves with Laura, neanwhile I'm shipping you with the Lord because YOU NEED HIM
Al J (16 hours ago)
Is this real?
KittyWitty16 (18 hours ago)
It's a joke right?
Popler Ent Co (18 hours ago)
I snuck into a bathroom and i *RAPED A GIRL AND HER HUSBAND CAME IN SCREAMING*
Jazmine Canales (20 hours ago)
Thats nice
elana shaikh (22 hours ago)
What the fuck did I just watch..half these dumb fucks are really having crushes on these people.
Micah MX600 (1 day ago)
Where's Jerrid Fogle
Cube Mind (1 day ago)
u know i had to do it to em.
Misfit 636 (1 day ago)
So fucking stupid. Ripping off the shiva bowl shuffle
Joy Rebecca (1 day ago)
*S E X O F F E N D E R*
DanielTheJediYT (1 day ago)
What did Sam say
DanielTheJediYT (1 day ago)
I needed this. LOL
Tom Banks (1 day ago)
Is this real ?
Mamoon Rafe (1 day ago)
She’s hot tho
Mamoon Rafe (1 day ago)
Are they serious ????
KJ 16 (1 day ago)
This or Rappin' For Jesus?
Robyn Dodge (2 days ago)
This song reminds me of the tourettes guy
Mi Mi (2 days ago)
I'm Charles Dolling dropping rhymes I've been arrested 7 times
*** Magic *** (2 days ago)
Wtf lmaooo
MegaHammer88 (2 days ago)
Memeification and public shaming is a good consequence
NSB (2 days ago)
Jon Kelley (2 days ago)
Top 10 Anime dance scenes
Edward Bruggeman (2 days ago)
Fucking scary on many levels....
MadMark2006 (2 days ago)
Weird part is that this vid, has been viewed by 27 million sex offenders...
Captain doge (2 days ago)
i sneaked in the bathroom and ate pineapples
Captain doge (2 days ago)
oops wrong vid
I really can't today, don't touch me
Gregarino Official (2 days ago)
Mum needs to understand that this is comedy, she heard me laugh and repeat the lyrics and she said "if you honestly think this subject is funny then you're gonna have to get your head checked by a doctor," that's when I told that it's meant to be a comedy and I'm laughing because I got the joke. I also should tell her that this is more clever than modern day Adam Sandler movies.
Prince George Supreme (2 days ago)
I...I can't listen to this it gives me cancer
meelee (2 days ago)
“You won’t find me in your child’s play set cuz I gotta wear this ankle bracelet” that shit got me weak
Didier Bampili (2 days ago)
Check YouTube channel new songs
Christian Dees (2 days ago)
This real?
Hooble Gooble4 (2 days ago)
In case you're wondering what i did I snuck into a bathroom and ....
I thought this was real til I saw the husband getting acused 😂
Faker The Legend (3 days ago)
Better than despacito
Very swag
spicetime Thats Is (3 days ago)
I respect Floridian
Wisdom of Nod! (3 days ago)
Where is the Bush crime family, the Clinton Cartel, Obama and his Tranny, Barney [blowjob] Frank, Ellen Degenerate, Rev. Juanita [I like girls] Bynum and all of other glitterati, paparazzi, litterati, cognoscenti that you dumb-fucks love and admire.
I started at makeup tutorials and at the end got here...
robijuli236 (3 days ago)
big tune. cLassic
Harold Maass (3 days ago)
I snuck into a bathroom and I *(please stand by)*
carplays 7119 (3 days ago)
Noel London (3 days ago)
rajj theman (3 days ago)
I would let laura touch me
Lol it was just that red guy when he explained what he did
pam fraley (4 days ago)
They looked bored XD
junior morales (4 days ago)
Fuck I’m on the weird side of YouTube...smh
dani flores (4 days ago)
I would really liked to get fucked by Laura not kidding
Air Freshener (4 days ago)
Lol wtf is this
Sirmichael Barnes (4 days ago)
Where's Bill Cosby and 6ix9ine
XxskrillexX (4 days ago)
wa tho fack
Salad Lord (4 days ago)
I know that sounds like a lot But 3 of those times were for vandalism
Thomas Dapper (4 days ago)
What. In. The. Hell.
Anthony Castillo (4 days ago)
But why is this fire thoo
idk msp da fuck? 6009 (4 days ago)
If I had too this i would shoot myself
Alexa Congi (4 days ago)
This was a joke right 😂
play time (4 days ago)
Msp Belle (5 days ago)
1:38 sam is really ready
Jahmel Davis (5 days ago)
I'm Bill Cosby And you better watch out Before I slip a pill in your mouth
Jahmel Davis (5 days ago)
Bill Cosby should be in *part 2*
Sheepdog Wrangler (5 days ago)
Needs more lucas werner
MrDfghte101 (5 days ago)
This is a joke right?
Wes8761 (5 days ago)
MrDfghte101 yea
BKC (5 days ago)
We're Cosby at?
DrivingBackward (5 days ago)
1.25x speed is
BlueStar Gaming (5 days ago)
They look dead inside
Nadine DiamandisRey (2 days ago)
they are
Mr. Slav Ьоi (5 days ago)
BlueStar Gaming I see you liking you own comment
HiRawan IsHere (5 days ago)
Anyone came from messyourself?
HazardNess (5 days ago)
Friend: Play the super Bowl shuffle Me:
Sir FancyPants (5 days ago)
This is my new workout tape.
Mikey Galligan (6 days ago)
Karla A.R.M.Y (6 days ago)
Is this...... what jail ACTUALLY is?
james Long (6 days ago)
Dolphin (6 days ago)
this was micspammed in a cs server
Joey Bigelow (6 days ago)
Wow! That's dope (6 days ago)
Sam looks like he has having to much..
Abby Normal (6 days ago)
wtf did I just watch 👀
THE_LOBSIDED _DINO (6 days ago)
so funny
Arthur da Costa Lima (6 days ago)
They look so done with this shit
Ku Klux Knievel (6 days ago)
Where are the jigaboos at? Should be like 8 or 9 of em..
Lump Universe (6 days ago)
I can’t wait to be a parent to rap and shuffle this in front of my kids. I’m gonna be the coolest fucking parent.
-Julian- 16 (6 days ago)
Lmao that guy is neatmike
Harry Fox (6 days ago)
W. T. F.
Kaylon Jace (6 days ago)
Chris Elliott (6 days ago)
was this a real thing or what
Eduardo Oink (6 days ago)
Retarded as sin
PixelproPlays (6 days ago)
The Negan (6 days ago)
Proving girls can do it too? *Show me how*
Moriah Shelton (6 days ago)
...........this is so bad.😭
Dillon Schulz (6 days ago)
What about the no nose guy?
jupiterIsgay (6 days ago)
My crush showed me this, I'm gonna ask her to date me
Smizon (6 days ago)
I looked up keemstar alex and it comes up with this
Eleni Glavovic (6 days ago)
provin that girls can do it too
The Last Meth bender (7 days ago)
just why?.
elana shaikh (22 hours ago)
The Last Meth bender dude am asking the same thing
TVCAG 88 (7 days ago)
Is this real
Paris Ferrill (7 days ago)
Watch out world *SAM POUND HERE*
Jillian Green (7 days ago)
Why is the popular?
Gusta Ant (7 days ago)
I love this comment section

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