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♂️ 5 Simple & Clinically Proven Tips To Get Harder, Fuller & Bigger Erections

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My favorite, clinically proven formula for increasing your testosterone and improving your erections: 🤜http://drsam.co/yt/FixYourErections You can also watch this video on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbNyVIqZ36s ======================================= ♂️ 5 Simple & Clinically Proven Tips To Get Harder, Fuller & Bigger Erections ======================================= Every woman DOES want a super hard erection because it lets her know that you’re interested and thus, you’re attracted to her. So let’s fix this potential “challenge” right now. Let me reveal 5 simple, very effective and clinically proven solutions for you to quickly achieve harder, fuller and even bigger erections. 1 - Eat Better What you put or don’t put in your body, affects your hormones and blood flow, which directly influences your ability to get and maintain an erection. Eat more healthy fats - such as coconut, avocado, macadamia nut and extra virgin olive oil … and for sure, some whole eggs from pasture raised chicken. All of this will create much higher testosterone levels, which means higher sex drive and better erections. 2 - Exercise Better You’ll noticed I didn’t say exercise “more” because too much exercise, increases your stress hormone cortisol and lowers your testosterone. Lift weights, 3-4x weekly - no more than 45-60 minutes Don’t do any kind of stressful cardio, such as long distance running, jogging, biking, etc. Either do quick sprints for only 10-15 minutes or better yet, go for a brisk 20-30 min walk outside, 3-4x weekly. Preferably on your “off” days when you’re not lifting weights. 3 - Sleep Better Again, you’ll notice I didn’t say sleep “more”, even though most people ARE sleep deprived and should sleep an extra hour or two… as needed. By sleeping better and getting into a deeper REM sleep, you’ll optimize your hormones levels. And 3 simple ways to do this is: Sleep before midnight, preferably around 10 PM Dim the lights and wear blue blocker glasses about an hour before bed Turn OFF any electronic device near your bed. At the very least, put your phone on “airplane” mode to reduce electromagnetic waves Again, it’s all about optimizing your hormones. 4 - Lose Fat Your fat cells produce estrogen. The higher your body fat, the more estrogen your body has, which tells your testicles to produce LESS testosterone. So little by little, your fat cells will produce HIGHER female hormones, leads to LOWER male hormones and you slowly castrate yourself and turn into a “girly man”. 5 - Take Supplements Unfortunately, modern-day foods are completely lacking in so many essential vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. So you need to “manually” replenish these essential nutrients by taking certain ingredients that Increase “positive” male hormones, such as testosterone. Decrease “negative” female hormones, such as estrogens, progesterone and prolactin. Reduce “stress” hormones, such as cortisol Boost Nitric oxide levels, which will improve blood flow and circulation. By taking these specific nutrients, not only will you feel and look better, healthier and younger… But your “performance” in the bedroom will dramatically improve, as will the fullness and size of your penis. And all the important details on how you can quickly Improve your “youth hormones” and optimize your testosterone Quickly boost “sex drive” and libido Gain muscle and lost fat And of course, improve the hardness, fullness and size or your penis. ========================================­ Thank you for watching. Please feel free to comment, like or share with your friends. Subscribe to Dr.Sam Robbins's official Youtube channel http://drsam.co/yt/subscribe Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DrSamRobbins Visit Dr.Sam Robbins's blog for more information on your health! http://www.drsamrobbins.com/ ======================================== Thanks DrSamRobbins
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W. S. (7 months ago)
Dr., because of you i live a better life, I was beginning to have E D problems at 38, i was't going to have it, Thank God i found your channel, i have been following your advise and even bought the aphril viral, sorry if i spelled it wrong, I haven't had a problem since, I feel so much better thanks to you.
Terry Young (2 months ago)
Dr Sam Robbins
8189922903 8189922903 (3 months ago)
+Dr Sam Robbins . contact number sir
labalpiny agustino (3 months ago)
This thing is real!!!!
Dost Dost (4 months ago)
W. S.
Mohit Gupta (4 months ago)
Dr Sam Robbins ....
Royle Hun (3 days ago)
How to make male child?
Dr Sam Robbins (3 days ago)
that's not something you can really plan
hard as a stalactite
Dr Sam Robbins (6 days ago)
that's good
jo ey (10 days ago)
What does smoke weed for testosterone level ?
Dr Sam Robbins (10 days ago)
this video of mine will tell you exactly what it does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSa-6Mm7bvU
The VooDoo SuperHero (11 days ago)
Video starts at 0:40
Syed Ali Sher (16 days ago)
Thank you Doctor. 🙏
unoli cannoli (21 days ago)
Army elite gamer HD (22 days ago)
I do all this big hard junk
The boldyin Glaza (1 month ago)
nearly every video is promoting eggs .funded by the egg industry? in countless studdys eggs have been shown to be harmful and they are not allowed to call eggs nutritious they are only allowed to say that they can help with hunger . there is a reason for this. doctor gregor nutrition facts over a life time people developed illness and died sooner because of egg consumption .
livestrong296 (1 month ago)
Thanks Doc. Subscribed instantly
Supreme King Sora (1 month ago)
I just wanted to know how to break my dick
Dr Sam Robbins (1 month ago)
Kennedy Burke (1 month ago)
Very informitive and interesting
Marvin Elkins Jr. (1 month ago)
"Girly man" lol...:D
Sf Ringku (2 months ago)
Great video
Job-Patrick Okai (2 months ago)
Jamie Lee (2 months ago)
Thank you Dr. Robbins @
teddy ruxxxpin (2 months ago)
Great advice especially exercise and sleep and the boiled eggs. Sure fire hard-on.
Dr Sam Robbins (2 months ago)
glad to hear your results teddy!
niro Niroshana (3 months ago)
Very nice vedio and good tips..tnx.
Jaspreet Singh (3 months ago)
this video still look useful compared to other shit on YouTube
Dr Sam Robbins (3 months ago)
Dr. U.A. Bharati (3 months ago)
Give more videos on ED and male infertility , if possible. Thanks .
Dr Sam Robbins (3 months ago)
I have a ton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT8_UoaqTC4&list=PLkoAH5env5qWC-wHtXcuBSmfucrpioLz1
Jason Ruiz (3 months ago)
Doc how long does it take for a limp dick to heal? or what helps to get it back to normal ?
Dr Sam Robbins (3 months ago)
it's impossible to give a timeframe... do the things I say in my videos, workout, eat right, sleep... and you'll notice improvements
Jason Ruiz (3 months ago)
please answear
Stuart Tooley (3 months ago)
My dick is soooo small how do I enlarge it?
Keena Rollins (3 months ago)
oh yeah
Yogesh Shebau Rai (4 months ago)
Good information
Dr Sam Robbins (4 months ago)
El Papi Zegarra (4 months ago)
Very true!!!
Dr Sam Robbins (4 months ago)
Jon C (4 months ago)
Dr.Robins any chance you would operate on a poor broke white man who wants a super long dick for free.
Dr Sam Robbins (4 months ago)
this is a joke? we all know increasing length or girth is almost impossible... although I will try to expose some information about this in some future videos.
Khalid Hussain (4 months ago)
Hi doc.where can I purchase alpha veril?
Dr Sam Robbins (4 months ago)
you can get it here: http://drsam.co/yt/FixYourErections
Nick Martinez (4 months ago)
Wonderfull video when u making more?
Dr Sam Robbins (4 months ago)
I already have a ton of videos on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT8_UoaqTC4&list=PLkoAH5env5qWC-wHtXcuBSmfucrpioLz1
Nicodemus Maelo (4 months ago)
Strong sound
Poakenfold (5 months ago)
My erections are super hard. Iv'e been eating 4 eggs a day for past 8 years. And yea include zinc.
Dr Sam Robbins (5 months ago)
good for you! and thanks for sharing your experience!
Syed Ali (5 months ago)
Hello doctor i am frim india i am unmarried and i am going to marry can you please tell me what food are best for me to increase my stamina on bed
Dr Sam Robbins (4 months ago)
Well, is your goal to ‘last longer” in bed? Is that what you mean by “stamina”? If that’s the case, you need to “practice” holding back. You need to masturbate often and “hold back” when you’re about to have an orgasim. Stop… focus on something else. Then restart again. This will build stamina… so you can last longer and longer.
Agyei Bis (5 months ago)
very good
Carlington Mcdonald (5 months ago)
👎 i want. A bigger penis how. Can i get that
Dr Sam Robbins (5 months ago)
I'll have some videos on this soon...
Shahnawaz Sardar (5 months ago)
Dr Sam Robbins (5 months ago)
Bee zay (5 months ago)
Hello doctor i wanna know how can i last longer in bed ?
Dr Sam Robbins (5 months ago)
I already have a video on that Zay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56JiN54B5lU
Kamran Shafqat (6 months ago)
That video is very helpful.....
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
i'm glad you like it...
ramyoh3 (6 months ago)
Long story short. Be healthier.
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
yes, exactly...
Kami Kami (6 months ago)
Useful information
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
zjbn cj (6 months ago)
Clinically proven facts and yet no Kegel exercise mentioned?
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
that's because I have it in another video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY7hTAcfes8
Som Shaw (6 months ago)
Jeffery Barnett (6 months ago)
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
SANJAY DAS (6 months ago)
Love u for this solution . Plz keep it up.
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
SomeSymphony 1080p (6 months ago)
6 - Don't Fap
Jason Wilson (6 months ago)
Awesome...thanks bro...good looking out
Johnjp2561 (6 months ago)
My erection is hard, but it bend to the left. Does womens likes it better if it bend? Or is it better to have it straight? Otherwise how to straighten it?
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
some might find that curve interesting... some won't. There's no sure way to fix it but it's not such a bad thing
Egidio (6 months ago)
Hi Dr. Robbins, is your product Alpha Veril safe for type 2  diabetes?
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
I agree, all women don't want a huge penis. I'm dismay, when they say your too much for me...I'm depress when I hear this. Now she's telling me the next day, she's very sore...Talk about misunderstanding of mix blessing!
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
yes, that situation can happen too...
bob marks (6 months ago)
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
lol... that's great.
azzo wazza (6 months ago)
A lot of indian commenting,I think they have problem with erection.avoid spicy food.
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
good point!
Nadeem Muhammad (6 months ago)
Really you are a dr ???
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
errol (6 months ago)
it all depends on the women in bed.........no man want a water cow in bed..or a box in bed ....some women are so fat you need to get drunk to fuck them ...
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
PRINCE NATHAN (6 months ago)
Ifty Hussain (6 months ago)
Need to start walking
Tapan Biswas (6 months ago)
dear sir .. well said and excellent .. wonderful .. thanks
Shamim Khan (6 months ago)
hi Doctor, how are you?where do you live?
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
in US
Mariwan Kamal (6 months ago)
Awesome info
Wong Wai-Kit (6 months ago)
Thank you doctor, rock on..
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
let me know what else you'd be interested in seeing
aao kabhi haveli pai.... (6 months ago)
hi . doctor . i m alcoholic...when i drink for 3 to 4 days.. i find difficult for erections ...sometimes i drink heavily
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
of course... watching this video will help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3Ul0izO1kE
Lassana Sanyang (6 months ago)
Thank you so much sir is very interesting.
Lassana Sanyang (6 months ago)
Sir how can I get your email address I really want to ask you some few questions.
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
abhrunil Choudhury (6 months ago)
That was nice
i5betunow (7 months ago)
Mr Robbins , I noticed myself that when im stretching and foamrolling my blood flow increases and it has positive effects on my erections . Can you confirm this please :) ? Greetz
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
It depends on where you’re rolling. But sure, any movement and improved blood flow will help your entire body =)
jhonny boy (7 months ago)
My erection gets super hard and my gf says when i go hard it hurts her, i guess being because my erections is too hard it doesnt bend right to hit the "g spot" .
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
the problem might be with her body... not the stiffness of your erection.
Stunner Boss (7 months ago)
Alpha viril work very good love this product
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
thanks... I'm glad to hear you're happy with it!
Axel (7 months ago)
Dr. Nice video, I'm 40 and have been on trt for over a year now due to low T and now taking HCG with it to bring back the testicles to normal size. Is there a way to come off of the Testosterone injections and have normal to high T again. Maybe with your pills or something else? I have heard that once you start trt it's a life long thing. Thanks
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
Yes, for many it’s life-long. You can take HCG to keep your testicles working and producing more testosterone. But, if you take too much or too long, your testicles because desensitized and thus, the opposite happens. My pills will work for sure, but since you’ve been on testosterone for a year or so, it takes a while for your testicles to get back to normal and sadly, I’ve noticed that for a good percentage of men, it never goes back to the “pre-testosterone” size.   Remember, ONE of your goals is to have higher testosterone. The other goals is to have LOWER estrogens, cortisol, DHT, etc. Fix those and your testosterone will automatically go and STAY up. This is how Alphaviril works =) At this point all you can do is try to get back to normal without the shots. It takes time. If it works, great. If not, then go back and continue taking HCG and AlphaViril, then you’ll need LESS shots, which is good =)
amena amir (7 months ago)
Dear Dr.can i use apple cider vinegar during periods?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Robert Huges (7 months ago)
Can't I just do a pill or something!
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
1 pill alone won't fix your entire sexual life... you need to be strategic and do a massive improvement
phalgun rao (7 months ago)
Hi doctor why you don't recommend jogging ?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
because it puts stress on our bodies... for higher testosterone levels you need to do short, high intensity exercises, like sprinting... I also recommend watching thie video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbNyVIqZ36s
Keshav Talish (7 months ago)
Please make a video how to remove stomach bugs
Santanu Sardar (7 months ago)
Any help for gynecomastia..sir???
Santanu Sardar (7 months ago)
I listen to your advices...and suffering from gynecomastia for a very long time...i attend gym and some kind of cheat exercises to reduce it..but chest muscle increase and boobs also increaase with my chest. Help me to reduce my chest fat only..
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
I will make a video soon about it!
D4982s 894 (7 months ago)
Doctor Sam thank you for this video
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
you're welcome
Leon Donald (7 months ago)
Good facts here.
Christopher Cirocco (7 months ago)
Thank you again. So important to understand the natural approach to this problem. As the world reaches for a pill to fix everything, starting here is the first Important step.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
yes, natural should be the only way to treat our health issues
J4Y L1L (7 months ago)
Hey Dr Robbins, What’s your thoughts on caffeine’s effect on erection and sex drive? I’ve heard caffeine stresses the adrenal glands thus causing the sex drive to deplete
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
Yes, this is true. It increases cortisol levels, which decreases testosterone. It’s also a vasoconstrictor, thus REDUCING blood flow. So, I’d stay away from it or limited on a “as needed” bases.
sandeep thakur (7 months ago)
Nice information doc thanks
Abetboy Alipio (7 months ago)
R haresh (7 months ago)
Thanks for the info and tips Sir very much appreciated .
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
thanks for your appreciation
rehana kay (7 months ago)
you always talking about this tppic
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
It's an important part for all men, that's why I'm talking about it
Mitsubishi Hashimoto (7 months ago)
As always great info, although repetitive but great to hear again.
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
It’s an ingredient that I don’t care much for and I’ve tested it a lot. In some people it increases testosterone levels and in others it doesn’t and then in some, it actually LOWERS testosterone. =( … The effects are temporary, so it’s best to cycle the products IF it even works for you to begin with. Something like one week on, one week off. You’ll need about 3 grams. However, for some people taking higher dosages causes a DECLINE in testosterone. It’s too hit or miss. That’s why I didn’t even bother putting it in AlphaViril. Well, there’s more I can write and maybe it’s best I do a video for this because increasing testosterone is only PART of the solution, KEEPING higher and balancing out your OTHER “testosterone-killing” hormones is even more important and something I speak about in my video at http://drsam.co/yt/FixYourErections ... All you can do is try it for yourself and see how you respond. But IF you do, cycle it. Otherwise, use something more proven. As to who should use it?... anyone who wants higher testosterone and all of its benefits. Granted, aspartic acid does NOT boost testosterone in guys who already have normal levels – so keep that in mind..
Mitsubishi Hashimoto (7 months ago)
Dr Sam Robbins Please make a video on d aspartic acid and it’s impact on t levels. Who should take it? etc etc
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
if you're a loyal watcher, yes, it's repetitive, but for some people don't watch all my videos and new ones are interested in this subject, so that's why I'm repeating myself sometimes.
j. s. (7 months ago)
Sir nice & true facts thanks a lot
zeliz (7 months ago)
Great video doc
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
IF WE FALL (7 months ago)
My dick dosent work but thanks to you im like a raging caging cowboy
Phillip Higgins (7 months ago)
Every thing you have stated in this video is 100% true fact. In the past 6 months I have lost about 25 kgs - changed my diet (no cheat meals), done everything you have suggested and ...... Just amazed at this result (so is my wife). I’m 54 years old and had no idea that this was even possible until I personally experienced this physical, emotional and totally incredible transformation. Thanks for this resource cause fat men need to hear this and many don’t believe when I try to explain this. You forgot to mention the difference in length when not erect, seriously like 2 or 3 inches - amazing facts that I have experienced. Bless you, love your posts. Thanks so much.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
great comment Phillip - keep up the great work!
phonic0photon (7 months ago)
How important are abdominal muscles for maintaining an erection and it's size? After Myeloradicloneuropathy my abdominals are slack and slightly bloated. I've noticed when I get an erection it is a couple of centimeters shorter than normal and much less firmness.
Dr Sam Robbins (6 months ago)
Hi, I don’t know what “Myeloradicloneuropathy” or “eloradicloneuropathy” is, sorry. I did a search and couldn’t find these words or anything similar. Either way, stomach muscles should have not nothing to do you being able to get an erection or not or losing size. It’s a hormonal issue or in worst case scenarios, also a blood flow/circulation problem.
Van Allen (7 months ago)
Instructions unclear: Penis stuck inside avocado Please advise wait.... wait.............. never mind
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Grim Reaper (7 months ago)
Nice tittle
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
joed596 (7 months ago)
Thanks and thumbs up for your informative videos, Dr. Robbins :-) Not sure exactly what you meant about blue blocker glasses, though. Are they supposed to filter out blue light while you're watching TV, or using the computer? ( I think I read somewhere that lots of TV or computer right before bed keeps you awake?) All best regards, Joe
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
you're perfectly right Joe... just search blue blocker glasses online and you'll find glasses that will help you sleep better if you wear them before going to bed
Lennox Reid (7 months ago)
Hi.doc which supplement should take I am having erection problem
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
I'd suggest alphaviril: http://drsam.co/yt/FixYourErections
Dominic Pamintuan (7 months ago)
My erection is just straight.is it a problem ?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
no...no problem if it's straight but hard as a rock
Ladyjladyslj J. (7 months ago)
Thanks Doctor Sam will pass this along God knows we need it😆
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
ok... thanks for sharing!
Aziz Ali (7 months ago)
Hi l have only one question. Is it normal to have sex only one time a night????? But every night.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
it's normal..
snappytoetapper6 (7 months ago)
So far I've started a daily regime of a mixture of Purred fresh garlic, fresh Ginger,lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and a blast of tumeric. I drink a gulp every morning and at night. I take super beet powder in the morning separate from that. One 360 mg Omega-3 fish oil tablet twice a day. I make a smoothie with a mixed greens, Aloe Vera, juice,yogurt,nuts, berries, fresh fruit yogurt....And two Choleslo Pills... I was put on Statin drugs and after two weeks I felt so horrible it wasn't funny. I have a check up in a month to have my cholesterol checked and all my other labs done again. I also quit smoking a few months back. I'm checking my BP regularly and as soon as it's down to ( it already dropped ) I'm taking myself of the Hydrochlorotiazid and Metoprolol...My doctor said I would have to take Statin drugs my whole life..Hmmmm. He did neglect to tell me about the side affects and what they do in the long run..As far as the other departments not working as well...It would seem taking my concoction and the beet juice have already helped..I just have to get out and walk and lose my gut..I don't want to be on any meds at all,anymore..None.. Love your advice..Oh, and most of all.... Trying to rid our lives of all the sugar thats pumped into us!! ..
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Yes, most doctors just love handing out statin drugs. They think it’s Halloween and those drugs are candy =) … You can do it all naturally, trust me!!! Yes, lose the unwanted fat. Yes, get out and walk every day. Take your CholesLo. Eat better and more natural foods. Don’t eat heated oils. And improve your testosterone levels – it’ll make a big difference in your overall health. … http://drsam.co/yt/FixYourErections has a video about this… and keep up the great job!!!
Cleopatra Sileni (7 months ago)
Hi doctor I am from Algeria👋 i'have a son has deformity in the penis and worked 9 operations but without the ruthlessness did not succeed and no one..he is12 years old..became jokes from himself😢helped me please...i hope you understand me...
Dr Sam Robbins (1 month ago)
excessive masturbation causes erectile dysfunction yes. I've made a video about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_5xl0w_mXE
ghulam murtaza (1 month ago)
hi dr does excessive mastribution cause imptence
Paul Pinkard (5 months ago)
Celia Sila
Raymond Nelson (5 months ago)
Celia Sila:
Celia Sila do yoga sirsasan
Norr R (7 months ago)
Just found out today I have a veanous leakage . I almost cried. I’m going to have surgery done and hopefully that will fix it..
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
I hope the surgery will fix your issue!
Abhishek Tewari (7 months ago)
@Dr Sam .. which supplements ?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
mine: http://drsam.co/yt/FixYourErections
2 Cents (7 months ago)
Great video but why is my package half the size or smaller than the 🍌photo displayed? 😭😭 Doc can you make a video how to make it bigger?! I've tried to tie a small fishing weight to a rope & let it swing but no luck 😖 They say "big things come in small packages" but it's a lie!
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
there are only a few things you can do to TRY to increase your length... but length isn't everything! you'd better spend your time improving your bed skills and time!
Stay fit together (7 months ago)
Very nice...
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Maurice Levie (7 months ago)
Dr Robbins, tried Staxyn and Viagra while on TRT. Staxyn gave me that hugeness from say around my 18th birthday, but the side effects were awful. Your thoughts?
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
Maurice, if you've watched more than one of my videos, you know I belive nature has every solution for us and I don't like drugs at all!
RancisGamer (7 months ago)
Don't turn into a Girly man 😂😂😂
Guru Prabakaran (7 months ago)
I am from india, Tribulus and ashwagandha is good for such problems?
V K (7 months ago)
Dr Sam Robbins Trust me Sam. Tribulus is just a hyped up herb. No positive effect on the T levels. Its a weed basically. On the contrary it may harm the body if used long term.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
tribulus terrestris is very powerful if you use it in a mix of other similar ingredients... as a standalone supplement it provides little to no results short term.
V K (7 months ago)
Guru Prabakaran Tribulus Terrestris is bullshit. Has no effect on T levels.
Dr Sam Robbins (7 months ago)
yes, I've talked about them in different videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeF5iQ_kMR8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyJVKZdiQw4

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