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YouTube Partner Program Terms - Monetization 2018

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YouTube Partner Program - Monetization 2018 - Why this is "GOOD" For Small Creators! ---------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Truth Playlist: goo.gl/y6rkRp ---------------------------------------------------------------- By now i'm sure you've all heard about the YouTube Partner Program Monetization Change/Update, youtubes new guidelines, and may be a little worried! This was of course in response to the happenings over the 2017 year that brought advertisers to pull out and content being against terms of service! What do you think about the new monetization rules 2018? The backlash form the youtube ad policy 2017 where creators had to have 10000 views to monetize was immense! Now the updated monetization guidelines 2018 requite not only 1000 subscribers but 4000 hours of watchtime! Now before you rant, this is good for small creators! Why you ask? Think of this as an opportunity, these new monetization guidelines 2018 could be exactly what small creators need! Monetization is not everything, there are many ways to make money on youtube 2018! The Youtube partner program is just one of those ways! Think outside of the box as we explain in this video! This is not the end, it's just the beginning! As Brian G Johnson would say now is the time to "stake your claim" ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
What was your first reaction to the "monetization policy" change? Leave a reply down below!
Master Ak Yt Playz (3 months ago)
Yeah your right all your vids are awsome your the best youtuber i ever seen????☺☺
Cartooon THAT (3 months ago)
just want to say. you are like ralph from the flash. lol. i can listen to you talk all day. lol.
OtakuPanda (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios I put my head in my hands and said "yup, I'm screwed"! Hahaha
OutNumbered Family (4 months ago)
doesn't really effect me because I wasn't really making anything but its a significant change with the watch time which I feel is unattainable for a small channel like mine. But I think its a good thing because it makes you more accountable for the content you put out.
Phillip Riggins (2 months ago)
Yeah, it happened to me too. I lost my monetization thanks to the changes that were made. I've been in the YouTube Partner Program since mid 2010. I'm just bummed out to start the new year with bad news like this.
Phillip Riggins (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios. I've made the Four thousand hours of watch time and I'm over the Thousands Sub's a few weeks ago. My channel is awaiting review now, they're taking their time too. They said it's a backlog
Djurapucka HARDCORE (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
I know
Maxi3z (2 months ago)
Аwesome work! Big like!
Winty's World (2 months ago)
Hi thanks for visiting us!! We still have a long way to go. We are close to 1000 subs but nowhere close to 4,000 hours😒😒!! We are going to be trying to make more videos to help us get there!! Thanks for the tips!!
Winty's World (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios thanks for your support 💕💕💕❤️
Kiki Puzzle Fun (3 months ago)
So great! Liked + subbed friend!
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Well thanks
Master Ak Yt Playz (3 months ago)
Your welcome!!! :]
Master Ak Yt Playz (3 months ago)
Woww cool vid do more 😀👍👍
Master Ak Yt Playz (3 months ago)
Do more plss..👍👍😁👍
Master Ak Yt Playz (3 months ago)
No prob?? Dude?? :]
Why are they calling spammers and people reupload videos bad actors just call them spammers an reuploaders we thought they was call us bad actors.. youtube are liars they don't care about us
Adra Dearsly Gaming (3 months ago)
i enjoyed this vid ,, i watched all of it and it was so much fun hehe,,subbed and turned on notifications,,oh ,and,,BIG LIKE
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Seriously appreciate it
Peter Pelliccia (3 months ago)
What I don't understand is that YouTubes reason for the change is to improve YouTube, to get rid of all the crappy creators. The problem is that it doesn't get rid of the crappy creators that have a large following. Truth is Google doesn't want to get rid of them because they're making too much money from them. The problem with small YouTubers is it's so hard to get exposure for their newly uploaded videos. Even if it's better than the multitude that's been posted before them, it's so bloody hard to rise above the rest of them. Truthfully, I reckon you need more like 10,000 subscribers to be able to make a decent living. Reckon we can thank our lucky stars they're only asking for 1,000! Speaking of which, I'm a little short. Quite willing to return and subs.
Namnamnam93 (3 months ago)
very nice!
greenbaywacky told me about you
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
hey thanks a ton for being here
I love the positive outlook Ryan ! There are alot of people gaming the the system with less than quality content...it should motivate us to work harder and longer and make better quality content ! Its not about the money...its about creating !
Alan Joseph Productions (3 months ago)
Great job, your pacing is great.
Social Omelette (3 months ago)
Hey just checking you out in return! Very interested in this content!
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Well appreciate that friend! Hope to talk more soon
This&That Life (3 months ago)
My first reaction was ohhhhh no. I had just finally made it to be reviewed. I would have until the policy. Now I have to get 30 or so more subscribers and 1,000 more hours. I’m so close. I just gave you a taco if u know what I mean. Excited to see more friend. I hit the bell too.
Mrignut (3 months ago)
YouTube is broken but it’s a fun hobby
Hunter WhaleVolgs (4 months ago)
Great video
Hunter WhaleVolgs (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Hey i appreciate that
Brian McCullen (4 months ago)
Great Vid Ryan ! u speak da truth ! subbed via Brian G :)
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Hey i super happy to meet another Brian! Welcome! Hope to get to know you better! I'm sure i'll see you in the "Tube Ritual" Group!
Djingo Laa (4 months ago)
I think it does motivate us to work harder. Content creators need to put out quality material. They also need to help support others.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Hope so!:)
OtakuPanda (4 months ago)
This is such a hot topic at the moment, nice to hear somebody else run through it!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Amen to that
OtakuPanda (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios It has just motivated me more to improve and spread the love!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Hey thanks friend just want people to stay positive
English Family (4 months ago)
This is pretty bad for some of us with 950 subscribers and meet the watch time
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
That isnt too bad, think of it this way, none of us were making any “real” money on adsense anyways
WILD STAR (4 months ago)
❤New Subbie (subed for sure😆)😍Great Video💗You deserve way more subbies, can't wait to see a new video🎥🎬Sub back? like 328
Dacanty Gaming (4 months ago)
Nice video mate. :) I think it's a good thing to be fair myself, means by the time you do reach the requirements, you'll already have the means and audience to start making a decent profit.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Here to help!:)
Dacanty Gaming (4 months ago)
Thank you, I hope to keep on a great path and sure thing i'll always be around on here and twitter. :)
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Hey that means a lot friend!! You are on a great path yourself Let’s keep in touch?:)
Mikita (4 months ago)
I'm digging this new layout! Yes, it's a lil frustrating....but honestly perhaps it will weed out some of the bad channels? omg net neutrality....I got an email from our governor cuz I signed the petition. She is against it as well. I agree ppl love complaining. Me. I run away from it. not worth my time and energy lol
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
That means a lot friend!:) i know i say that a lot but it does! Thank god there is still a fight for it! Just keep on the grind friend
Dakota and Family (4 months ago)
Its yourubes riggt to do this i am just trying not feel so alone
BarknoorZ (4 months ago)
Poor Susan.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
She cant catch a break
CT69Gaming (4 months ago)
Great video Ryan, I’m obviously no where near the 1,000 subs or 4,000 hrs of watch time but I’m just starting out and trying to get the hang of everything. Your video definitely offered me some tips to think about. I went ahead and subbed as well, keep up the great work!
CT69Gaming (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Mazza666Gaming (4 months ago)
Great video as usual but im not sure I fully agree, I put a lot of time and work into my channel and am still a long way of the targets set, I don't see why us small YouTube's who stick to the rules and don't put out anything offensive should be punished for others that do.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Yeah but with adsense you cant touch the momeu until you have $100 total So virtually we’ve made nothing
Mazza666Gaming (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios i made a little bit, was just a little bonus that's been taken away
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Then there is still something you are not doing, otherwise you could be farther ahead, there is always something to be improving!! None of us were making money anyways so i dont see the reason to be monetized
Ormia Washington (4 months ago)
I was upset at first but it inspired me to become a better creator. 💯💯
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
you've made good points.  I try to see the positive, at some point I'll get both.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Best way to think!!:)
wasn't happy at first now I know to get my butt in gear and work towards it.  Everything counts now.
Dani Lane (4 months ago)
I wasn't even mad about it. It was more like that if you want it earn it.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
That is the perfect attitude!!
HammyH Gaming and Vlogs (4 months ago)
Doesn't affect me as a smallyoutuber atall as I have no chance of achieving these goals that fast
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Lemme know!:)
HammyH Gaming and Vlogs (4 months ago)
No biggy looking at getting it fixed tomorrow so hopefully
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Damn sorry that’s the worst
HammyH Gaming and Vlogs (4 months ago)
Got issues with my editing software just now so unable to get my videos up haha
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Just have to stay in the game!!
Legendary Method (4 months ago)
I think we'll see a new competitor video service rise this year and small creators will move to it. I just subbed, if you could do the same, I'd appreciate it. Thanks
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
I do too i hope amazon rises to the challenge maybe youtube will up their game as a result
JustYourAverageGamer (4 months ago)
It seems people like the change tbh idk about it cause I don't care about the money really
JustYourAverageGamer (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios yea like money isn't the motivation for YouTube it's the videos you do that motivates you
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Amen to that
Kevin CrazyDog Smith (4 months ago)
This is a great subject to have a show about! Im so lonely. Im gonna say that about 50% of what is in my news feed is false news & possibly a lot of it is from bots but its up to us to realize it & become fact checkers ourselves. If I see an important news story I normally will take it fairly lightly especially if its from a small internet source & move on thinking that if this really happened it will be reported on by other sources. I also take the time occasionally to dig in & fact check it which can take time. I do know that fox & friends has always been an opinion show & therefore not real news, they reportedly started posting something that states that before there show. Theres others that just take the tiniest amount of intelligence like alex jones, I want some if the drugs that guys on. This is a buyer beware kinds thing. Some people do not the the facts no matter how many reliable sources you give them. Ya can't fix stupid.
Treety12 (4 months ago)
Yeah my content has only went down. If it hadn't snowed 3 times this year and our bridge being broken I would have unboxings. I could unbox my studio equipment, yep still in the box. Today makes one month of a terrible combined years.
Treety12 (4 months ago)
I knew it! I already put my silly answer.
MAZ Gaming UK (4 months ago)
I'm not quite as disgusted as most about the actual changes themselves but I am disgusted by the morals behind the move where Logan Paul's punishment essentially dicks over tens of thousands of smaller channels that are completely unrelated, whilst his channel is unchanged. Crazy move! Awesome vid as always man :)
Simtex21 COD (4 months ago)
Tnx for explainibg bro 😁👍👍
Hijinx'd Productions (4 months ago)
My knee jerk reaction was that this is a bad thing. But the more I actually think about it. I think it's going to make content better. I never thought it was a witch hunt, but I still can't figure out what this has to do with the whole Logan Paul situation. I doubt YouTube will ever have manual reviewers though, that would just make too much sense and cost too much money. I don't think this is a witch hunt though.
xTriangle (4 months ago)
Hello Crimson like #305 here keep up the good work
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
KhemicalDaawg (4 months ago)
You’ve just gotta push more and you’re a fine example of that!
Eevnos (4 months ago)
I freaked out at first, but then decided I just need to work harder to get my 1,000 subs. My original goal, for 1k, was Easter.. now I just have to hustle and move up that timeline a little. :)
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
appreciate yah!
Eevnos (4 months ago)
Thanks buddy! You know I have yours too!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
You got this man i have your back!:)
TheTall-ishAlien (4 months ago)
Holy crap...what an awesome video! Love the new changes! :)
Christyna64 (4 months ago)
It is a good change.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Really is
BA1LEY (4 months ago)
Lol love your humour dude. I was pissed when I first heard of the new rules but you're right.... it DOES force content creators to work harder to make better content. So with that in mind..... Im moving to twitch XD Only kidding bro I'm staying here 👍😎❤
King Cam3ron (4 months ago)
Yeah my heart hurt after receiving the e-mail from them lol but you gotta keep going and keep grinding it
MrFish Gaming (4 months ago)
You know I still don’t like that there are doing this I could even make the 10k views plus I need to start editing what do you use ?
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
I feel yah! And i use final cut pro
VictorWirus (4 months ago)
"What that's a dollar?" haha Your humor is always on point mighty Crimson! :) :) Loving the new mic and green screen setup :)
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Dude seriously means a lot! Appreciate you my friend
OfficerAPC (4 months ago)
What if I told you some folks are helping each other reach the new threshold? That doesn't sound like a bad idea at all; however, some do that by Sub4Sub, which is an ineffective strategy and won't work in the long run.
OK4 Kids TV (4 months ago)
it is the end !! lol
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Oh it’s only the beginning😉
ValentinFamCam (4 months ago)
i do agree though....now i just have to work even harder......but im still pissed
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Totally understand i got your back
ValentinFamCam (4 months ago)
my issue is even when you see your earnings go up a few cents....it motivates you. When YT knocks creators down over and over they start to lose motivation ..........even when it is their passion
ValentinFamCam (4 months ago)
for now Im just going to let the goal itself motivate.......watching the subs and views go up
ValentinFamCam (4 months ago)
my initial reaction is WTF i just got remonetized in october now im getting demonetized again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh stop it YouTube!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Totally can relate hahaha
Slakey gaming (4 months ago)
That is a massive microphone 🎤 you must of saved up a lot of those 77 cents 😀 great video Ryan.
Nikita Nagori (5 months ago)
Ya sometime changes happens for a reason and we are here to entertain audience...no matter about monitization rules and😃 great video 😎😎
MrLonelyDark (5 months ago)
I already gave you my opinion, so I won't retype it here... Nice work, nice new set. Just turn down the gain on the mic a little bit.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Hey thanks man appreciate you will do
Happy Hunter (5 months ago)
Great video Ryan
Happy Hunter (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
That means a lot
chellerrrz (5 months ago)
Great message my friend!!!
chellerrrz (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios for sure 😊👍🏽
EZ Flames (5 months ago)
Love the positive, motivational perspective you have with it :) Also, "tee-tahs." Love it haha.
Far-No (5 months ago)
I think it will make people work harder on their channels :)
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Amen we got this
Elize Alexis (5 months ago)
Actually, as a smaller YouTuber with 179 subs, my problem isn't that YouTube changed their monetization policy. It's actually just the attitudes of the larger channels. These same people were complaining last year about the 'adpocalypse' and how it effected their check, but now that this policy only effects small channels, you have people like Rob Dyke and Boogie talking about how small channels must not be working hard enough or need to change their attitudes. It's the hypocrisy of other YouTubers that are irritating me and nothing else.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
I can totally see that point thanks for that friend
SASHTv (5 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Amen! Your video on this was really engaging friend
Wicca Girl (5 months ago)
I'm not a YTuber so I'm not sure how it is for them. But, I love the people I watch because they are entertaining and make the experience so much fun. I'm 👀 at you Ryan!!💚
Devin Seviyn (5 months ago)
I'm indifferent. My channel isn't monetized anyway. I don't want advertisers to dictate whether or not my content is suitable enough for them. I'd actually like to set up a patreon when I get bigger and see where that takes me.
StevieJoes (5 months ago)
Dissin' your mom & menopause in general = violation of community guidelines??!?!! you so baaadd!
OBlackThunderO (5 months ago)
I've never thought about making money on yt tbh lol i just enjoy making my stupid videos haha well who knows 😉 maybe in the future 🔮 😂😂😂 wth I'm talking I don't even have 150 subs wtf FailFish 😂 hahaha great video bro, thumbs up!!! 👍
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Let’s keep on the grind man you are a good friend
Becca's Relatable Life (5 months ago)
You made a lot of great points in your video. Your content is awesome, engaging, and thoroughly researched, so I know you will continue to grow your fan base.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
That means the world to have a friend like you!:)
CrownThe Eric (5 months ago)
Love the new background and mic setup! But people no need to fret. You can still make money from youtube. wheteher you start up merch or hit that threshhold. Also this change is going to make us smaller creators work harder and stronger.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Dude seriously means a lot we got this man just need to stay in this together!:)
Tostemac (5 months ago)
Nice video man! I think that there would be more to it than just making good videos. It's also about promotion, how you use social media to get your videos out there. So far my Autism vlogs have been getting better and better, but now I need to expand to other social media sites to get more traction. This change to the YouTube partner program is going to set me back for sure, but I believe this means that the monetization money will go to the right people, the people who actually make good content and care about their work. But I digress, great work again!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Definitely good points hit my friend
IndieAndy (5 months ago)
Literally I was like "omg can YouTube get any worse" for the first few days. However I'm now really starting to think "Ok, how can I get my video recognised" so I've started to put more work into my videos which is helping me in a way. So yes I may not have been happy initially but I think that it could help in the long term...Well I hope anyway :D Thanks man, this was a really good video and it was nice to see some positivity about it for a change :D
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hey man we got this stick together
Jourdan Shattuck (5 months ago)
I have to admit, yea it sucks the requirements are more steeper for upcoming channels and extremely small channels like myself with less than 100 subscribers. But making money off YouTube shouldn't even be a thought for us small channels, only an achievement we wish to accomplish in the future. I started YouTube because I'm passionate about the creative process and sought other outlets to express my creativity, and dabble in things I've never done before. I hope others are like-minded and aren't just in it to make money, but we all know that isn't the case. Maybe this will weed out those that aren't as passionate. But those I truly feel sorry for are the channels that met the previous requirements, and now are forced to take a step back. Good luck our true creators!
Ted Howells (5 months ago)
Love this man! I can relate to this situation as I’m one of the creators taking the brunt of it 😕
Ted Howells (5 months ago)
You are completely right man!  Although this is good in the fact that it will push us smaller YouTubers to create better content, it will also make things harder as a lot of small YouTubers like me work full time and in some cases only get 1 day in every 14 to film.  Therefore unless that one day we get ends up with us creating a complete masterpiece, it is going to make it a lot more difficult for us to reach these new targets.  Does this make sense??
Bryson Bee (5 months ago)
I know I'm going to be trying harder. Hit topic bro
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Just gotta keep on the grind friend
Jellyduck100 (5 months ago)
YouTube seems getting really weird but dumb.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Just keep working hard man
Barhu Gameplay (5 months ago)
Nice vídeo bro like 262th
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Thanks fam What do you think about my position?
Michael Lunatic Videos (5 months ago)
LOVE the new Set-up, Graphics and Style. You know how I felt about this. But I love your opinion here! I'm working Harder and Stronger now and goshdarn it we can all be winners! :-)
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hey really means a lot man you are a great friend
Jarissa Explains (5 months ago)
Great video! I don't think this will affect us much, as we make videos for fun and are a really small channel. We do think this will give us more incentive to work harder and work to grow our channel though!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
I think you got this friend!
Growing Roots (5 months ago)
I think the change is for the Good! haha this video was awsome!! I agree we have to work harder and we will succeed!!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hey seriously means a lot friend let’s keep in the game!!
Pungki Ahimsa (5 months ago)
The new numbers are great to motivate yourself to actually put the work needed to grow faster! :D I have 500 something & about 1800 hr watch time in the last 6 months now. I hope I can get my monetizatian back in.. 2 or 3 months :D
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
BOOM i love your attitude!!
KrispyDips (5 months ago)
I loved this video man! Really well made as usual!! You are amazing! Well tbh, I was really shocked and pissed about this rule, but after understanding the situation, I believe that this was a good decision! Sure it's gonna be hard but....I think YouTube was hard anyways :)
KrispyDips (5 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Would be happy to friend!:)
KrispyDips (5 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Haha we’ll see. No plans yet
KrispyDips (5 months ago)
CrimsonStudios I hope so too mate! But I'm sure you are gonna make it this year! Lol
hazysimmer (5 months ago)
I agree with you we just got to keep on grinding!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Amen sister!:) thanks for being a great friend
Gaming Grandpa (5 months ago)
great to hear your thoughts, as a fairly new creator this change will affect me, but I am going to continue and develop my channel, youtube is a fantastic place to be and we have a great community here to support one another.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Just need to keep working hard! Giving up is not an option!
Mass Gaming (5 months ago)
I Hate YouTube Now!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
So why do you still hate youtube? Haha
Mass Gaming (5 months ago)
It Was Awesome!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Well what did you think about my argument?
Brothers & Best Friends (5 months ago)
You completely hit the mark on all aspects of this. We completely agree: it makes sense and is an opportunity/motivation. We are not motivated in any way by monetization though so it's much easier for us to have a non-emotional response. How the "community is rallying in support" of eachother is actually fascinating.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hey seriously means a lot!! We just need to stay in the game
TerraVisionGaming (5 months ago)
I feel ill have to clickbait to get attention lmao. It feels like it doesn't matter how good my videos are lol
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
If you feel that way maybe you should re evaluate your content haha
Ice Daemon (5 months ago)
No more monetization for me :(
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
But were you making money anyways? Think on the bright side focus on making the content better you got this
Andy Wah (5 months ago)
Well seem like the trolls are not burning at the stake. That good thing. Lol
GameFolks (5 months ago)
💖💗💖💗💖💗💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖 omg its awesome!!! incredible vid man!!! bout the yt, well it was a very rude decission and literally me and a lot of people threw digital shit at yt, but now it makes a little sense, though it was very quick and the new policy is very tough now! i love the vid man 😃😃
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hey seriously means a lot friend keep on the grind
Babyjane Esmiro (5 months ago)
hello new subscriber here... if you dont mind subscribe on my channel too...thanks
Babyjane Esmiro (5 months ago)
CrimsonStudios thanks
RAMRAIN4 Gaming (5 months ago)
Thank you for the great information. Great video. I left a like
Flatlander Gaming (5 months ago)
You really put thought into this video! I loved it and the point you made were great! Keep it up!!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Dude that means the world let’s keep working hard
Derrick2shot (5 months ago)
I like your content cause it's like some tv show. I hope people like my content cause if they dont I send them angry facebook messages that are borderline criminal. I think I'm gonna be 'huuuge! Huuuge!' These little Youtubers, 'bye bye!' Although, 'some, I assume are good people.'
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
RHTubez (5 months ago)
Small channels will have to work much harder now, but it's a challenge for everyone to try to do better now! Crazy stuff but I'm sure the ones who care about YouTube will find them in a better spot staying consistent with vids
Aramakutu (5 months ago)
Love love this, great thoughts. Long term, this is a good thing. Keep working hard team 😊
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Always think long term
Benjamin Brandon (5 months ago)
#facts all the way
Alexander Merlos (5 months ago)
Very good point of view
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Seriously means a lot
Mathew Marz (5 months ago)
I touch myself to your videos
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Well i’m flattered!

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