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North Korea Hits Own City

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North Korea Hits Own City : My Buttons Bigger ---------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Controversy Corner Playlist: goo.gl/JLBnOC ---------------------------------------------------------------- There has been a lot of tension between the United State's President and the North Korean Leader this past year, and that continued into the new year with Kim Jon Un New Year Speech 2017! With rhetoric that caused the President to challenge the "button size" of the North Korea Leader! Saying "my button is bigger!" Such dialogue such as kim jong un rocket man and trump rocket man is very presidential speech indeed (sarcasm) However, new information coming in from the US Intelligence community says that last april North Korea failed in a launch which ended up where Korea hits own city! This brings into question can North Korea surprise us? This was a big North Korea Accident! This is troubling as we are just now finding out about this launch! Today we discuss the implications of what these unpredictable launches may mean for the north korean people and the rest of the world! North Korea hits new level of unpredictability! What can we do to ensure peace! find out today! ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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Text Comments (308)
Hibracy (2 months ago)
Lololol, this video really made me laugh😂😂😂😂😂 Awesome video man👍
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
keep in touch!
Hibracy (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios yeah man np
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
appreciate you my friend!
Retro Pixels (2 months ago)
finding myself looking back at your older videos for something to do while i wait for your new one :-)
TIVPlayz Roblox (2 months ago)
Hah that’s great
Halfblood Pixie (3 months ago)
Ha did they really do this?! Oh no hope they didn’t hurt too many. Damn didn’t even realize. Your Trump voice is hilarious. Things off the north knows that if they attack anyone, they’ll be eliminated pretty quick. The north have always threatened and done this. No one in S.Korea really cares about him.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Yeah they did not sure about casualties.. Hey thanks friend!:)
DJliammack (4 months ago)
North Korea is all talk
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Hope you are right!
Wicca Girl (5 months ago)
I'm skeptical as to wether or not N. Korea is ready or not. But, Trumps lack of diplomacy, scares me most.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Yeah i totally agree
Now next step is to nuke themselves xD
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
BigBear 77 (5 months ago)
LOL stroking his muscles haha... 👍👍
greenbaywacky (5 months ago)
Accidentally yeah right I would buy that for a dollar!!! Another crazy video and man talk about insanity to have you finger on that butoon!! Oh wow you said the D word!!!
piaiscool (5 months ago)
hahaha i enjoy watching your videos
vịt trời yên thế (5 months ago)
Thank you, that’s very nice!
Ruriko Yamazaki (5 months ago)
haha this was so funny, but it's very serious also. xx
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
ABOVE THE GRAVE (5 months ago)
Hahahaha! Loved it
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
So glad to hear it friend
Derrick2shot (5 months ago)
Nice bro. I did not know this. I did one on this matter too, with a Kim Jong Un translator. lol. I have better videos, but since we're on the nuke topic here, You should check that out.
Raggedy Anzy (5 months ago)
Just a reminder things could always be worse XD
Kaile (5 months ago)
Children shouldn't have access to bombs.... this could cause major issues. It already has if he hit his own people....but could be much worse if he did hit Japan or usa
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
haha yes indeed!
Stoned Pony And Friends (5 months ago)
Love your videos dude making news like this fun 😎👍
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
i really appreciate you my friend! thanks for being here!
Grown Children (5 months ago)
North Korea and President Trump are hands down the best physical comedians of this era.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hahahah right
Leathersmith Reviews (5 months ago)
Wow awesome video
1FG 2ND (5 months ago)
1:01 'lot's of dudes' 😂😂 great video as always dude! good work!
Mass Gaming (5 months ago)
I Private Messaged You Something (On YouTube)
Black Dragon GameZ (5 months ago)
great video man as always
Nawan Gunawan (5 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Slakey gaming (5 months ago)
Great video 😀😀 I don’t think we have to worry about North Korea if they are attacking themselves lol. Trump would still end up pressing the wrong button no matter how big and powerful it is
Barhu Gameplay (5 months ago)
Nice vídeo bro like 250tj
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Nienie Miauw (5 months ago)
I seriously learn so much from your videos dude haha. Awesome video as usual ♡
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Friend you are the best!:)
Wee Hours Games (5 months ago)
All comedy aside...we're all gonna die, aren't we.
The Herd Life (5 months ago)
Whoops! I hate when that happens.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Damn shame
Final Shock (5 months ago)
good video i might get in to this stuff more :) because of you
Reloaded Reeality (5 months ago)
Great video Ryan!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Really appreciate you being here friend
Kardo Walker (5 months ago)
It's a missile measuring contest and we are all doomed...
Phynoxtv (5 months ago)
Good video
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Thanks fam
Esie Kecil (5 months ago)
Nice quality video
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Appreciate that
PinaKoala (5 months ago)
it’s actually so scary that they’re threatening each other with nuclear weapons holy hek
CG Gaming UK (5 months ago)
Twitter need to take trumps account away from him before he causes world war 3!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Amen to that
MAZ Gaming UK (5 months ago)
Man your vids are getting more and more pro! Absolutely love these! Kim Jong Un vs Donald Trump is something that initially sounded quite funny but has now turned into a bit of a nightmare scenario where two egotistical maniac's who can't be shown to be weak in front of their respective cabinets and are essentially playing the world's biggest game of chicken. Keep up the good work with the vids man. You've quickly become one of my favourite channels on YouTube
Jack1775 Gaming (5 months ago)
Things are getting silly
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Too silly
Ross McCann69 (5 months ago)
The next Hitler
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Time will tell haha
OBlackThunderO (5 months ago)
Goddammit 😓 trump has s nuclear button on his desk? *God help us* awesome video bro, well done
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
lord help us indeed!
East Charmer (5 months ago)
Isn't there anything more childish than this? Can't believe world's most powerful leaders and engaging into this just like two kids playing in the playground bragging who's toy gun is bigger. Well great job with the video!! Entertaining also!!
East Charmer (5 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
so sad like a bunch of toddlers!
Dollebob Gaming (5 months ago)
Dude great information, keep them videos coming ! Enjoyed Watching 👊
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Dollebob Gaming (5 months ago)
I will be BACK ! 😄
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
hey really appreciate you friend hope we talk more soon!
Crash Craze (5 months ago)
your trump impression is perfect! hahah good stuff! this years starting out to be a bit crazy already!
Mack Mate . Com (5 months ago)
Nice one Ryan 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
seriously thank you!
RedFoxComms (5 months ago)
Good video
WorldWar3gaming (5 months ago)
North Korea is a serious threat because he's crazy. But don't worry, we can win.
KhemicalDaawg (5 months ago)
Great video as usual. Greatest threat is the lack of sense in leaders and they just wanting to show who is the best
Bofina1 (5 months ago)
yeah trump just does not understand the seriousness of this. Either way its extremely scary.
Aetallidd Games (5 months ago)
I swear when it comes to Trump and NK I feel like its dealing with two kids. Still hilarious video and informative video!
Pixelesque (5 months ago)
Trump doesn't need to bait them and encourage then with his tweets and who. It's only gonna upset them more and make the try harder....they can improve and progress and this can become a serious issue
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
amen to that sister!
BiGz LoKz (5 months ago)
More great round of news bro!👊
DrunkGamer89 (5 months ago)
Always great videos...keep it up
DrunkGamer89 (5 months ago)
CrimsonStudios your very welcome
chellerrrz (5 months ago)
Like #230 Lol in order for the button to work you must use viagra 🤣🤣🤣
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Haha glad you got a good chuckle My friend
HotCheetoManX (5 months ago)
Good video dude!
Western Centrist Rants (5 months ago)
Well we already know that the guy doesn't care about his own people.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
True that
LadyVixy (5 months ago)
World is.... Crazy my god. Your videos are always very good and at the same time informative, keep up the great work ! That is what people tend to forget... "Your voice [absolutely] MATTERS" :)
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hey honestly appreciate you friend! Glad you take away the message
Julie Blueberry (5 months ago)
Nice video, such a scary thing isn't it!
Zion Reel (5 months ago)
I've gotta be honest I feel less concerned about Kim than Donald right now. Dude's clearly been competent enough to control a whole country for the last few years, and he's educated. Trump is...not 100% stable to say the least. Cool video man, good to see both sides at least.
Tattooed Mistress (5 months ago)
Hey he keeps practicing and soon we won’t have to worry.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hahahaha right
Gaming Grandpa (5 months ago)
we don't need to take action, at this rate they will hopefully hit more cities and the people may revolt, we can but hope
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hope so my friend good point
Shade's Insane Chamber (5 months ago)
BATTLE OF THE DICKS! ...What term i mean it in? Pick one.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Dick fight.... haha
HermanTheGreat (5 months ago)
Nice trump impression
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hey thanks man
HermanTheGreat (5 months ago)
Stroking his missels 🤣🤣
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Stroking hard might get a rash
Ormia Washington (5 months ago)
So much power and they don't know how to use it properly. 💯 Great video.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Amen to that sister
Razzor Boom (5 months ago)
Another awesome job, keep on going m8!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Thanks fam!:)
BadKarma 714 (5 months ago)
Tech Stomper (5 months ago)
It's cause Suction Cup Man Defused the bomb
Tech Stomper (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/jUodZ6HqvnY?t=3m38s he got something even better
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hahahaha he should get a medal
HannahSyrene (5 months ago)
Watching these two go back and forth is like watching two 6 year olds fight. Apparently all they can focus on is who has a bigger button lol
Sara Sue (5 months ago)
interesting video
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hopefully in a good way?
jimbojive (5 months ago)
that's easy, we are
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Probably right
patrick troup (5 months ago)
Another solid video. Did you do the cartoon part?
patrick troup (5 months ago)
CrimsonStudios Nice! Very cool!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hey thanks man! Yeah i did
CheetahVedaPita (5 months ago)
xD I remember that! North Koreans are total idiots for letting that happen.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
So true
YouKnowWeirdMoments (5 months ago)
GOSH I so hope this never gets used!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
I’m praying as well my friend
CaptnKyrsh (5 months ago)
serious threat overestimation power
Becca's Relatable Life (5 months ago)
In other Trump news, he is supposedly attending the Georgia Alabama football game Monday night. Also, there are supposedly people who don't want this, so the outcome of that will be interesting to see.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
That will definitely be interesting! Will have to keep my eyes peeled
Grynch (5 months ago)
Erratic and unstable both are abusing their power throwing temper tantrums.
Maez (5 months ago)
great content man! keep doing you! funny as shit!
Far-No (5 months ago)
Two fools fighting eachother is the most frightening thing on earth right now.
Naomi Charles (5 months ago)
Super shocked more ppl weren’t talking about this!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Glad i could bring you the news
Richard's Reality (5 months ago)
My god that's crazy. That muppet is going to take out his own country before he hits anyone else.😂
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Seriously insane we didnt know about this until now
Tek Whirl (5 months ago)
I'm loving this one!
TheSilentGhostReaper (5 months ago)
Whoever has the biggest button will win... XD
TheCodingTrainer (5 months ago)
Thanks for reporting on this! Lets all hope this don't end badly, but unfortunately war never ends well, and this time its with nuclear weapons. If you got friends with a bunker, now is the time to suck up to them to not leave you behind when nuclear fallout happends.
TheCodingTrainer (5 months ago)
CrimsonStudios lol, thanks bro.
ItsAaliyahHolt (5 months ago)
I saw a post on tumblr back in April saying NK didn't have the nukes to wipe out the US, maybe a few cities. There needs to be a petition on change.org to suspend Trump's Twitter!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
I totally agree with you
SlyceOfBryce (5 months ago)
This is great stuff dude more awesome stuff youre killing it
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Appreciate yah my dude
Shweebe (5 months ago)
I remember seeing this at one point and just thought "Omg ... there's kids ruling the world now". I know it's a serious matter but I'm also serious in that statement. It's like watching toddlers fight over who has the coolest nerf gun and starts firing at things randomly with it. -_-' At least that's my opinion on it.
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
I definitely agree we should be taking this seriously, but at the same time you have to admit that it's kind of entertaining to watch how petty this stuff is! Good point friend!
Doodles (5 months ago)
i think NK is a threat, maybe their arsenal isn't as great as the West's, but..... Kim is stupid enough to use it. If he sets off a nuke, the West will fight back and there's the potential that large areas of Earth will be uninhabitable for maybe 100 years, possibly even longer
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
I definitely agree with you man it should be interesting to see, especially with North Korea Speaking to their southern neighbor soon!
GenerationGapGaming (5 months ago)
Nice video! It's scary the power that this guy has and how little he regards his own people. Lives in his own world my friend
CrownThe Eric (5 months ago)
These two just need to get in a boxing ring.
Harald Berg (5 months ago)
Great video. Almost thought you were going to state that small hands = small dicks
Ridic Acidic (5 months ago)
If we wait long enough north Korea just might blow itself up
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
slow and steady wins the race!
King Cam3ron (5 months ago)
Nice my friend and big like
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
thanks my man!
I AM SAVAGE (5 months ago)
Your videos and editing skills are awesome bud! Good job 😊
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Hey i really do appreciate that man! It means a lot
KG Productions (5 months ago)
Nicely done dude. Logan Paul vlog was just to distract us from how fucked the world is about to be xD
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Apparently so!!
Ajaxx G (5 months ago)
Great content! I don't think they are a huge threat but then again you never know. Our government always scares us into war so man! I'm hoping we don't go into WW3 during our life time
High & Mighty Hikes (5 months ago)
Great video!
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Seriously appreciate that
Marceive (5 months ago)
Donald Trump hands are extra small with a side of buttons.
Mikita (5 months ago)
omfg that tweet by trump....makes my blood boil. Did a 12 yr old grab ahold of his phone?! damn...
Rasta JC (5 months ago)
Great Video Ryan brother keep up the awesome work, This whole subject is madness mate literally to big kids with enough fire power to start a nuclear war its mental! See you around the corner probably in the comments on my next Video later tonight. Told you i dont miss a video! 💯❤💚💛😉👉🔥🔥
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
It is scary as hell haha
abanzo Chavez (5 months ago)
you man great trump impersonation lol
abanzo Chavez (5 months ago)
yea i read about this lol
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)

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