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How To Save Net Neutrality

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How to Save Net Neutrality ---------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Controversy Corner Playlist: goo.gl/JLBnOC ---------------------------------------------------------------- Battle For the Net: https://www.battleforthenet.com/ --------------------------------------------------------------- If you've been listening to the news then you've heard how the internet is under distress from the FCC ( Federal communications Commission ) over how to save net neutrality! Net Neutrality Ajit Pai (head of the FCC) says is holding us back form true market potential! The Net Neutrality Debate has been going on for years with internet service providers such as Comcast, Verizon, and At&t trying to remove the regulation rules on ISP's so they can have more power over the internet! Such as speeding up and slowing down service for it's provided! But is Net Neutrality Over? There is still a fight set to take place and a protest on December 7th before a congress vote on the 14th to repeal the FCC Net Neutrality Rules! You can go to battleforthenet.com and write your congressman/woman to help save the internet from a certain end! How to save net? How to save the internet? well the answer is to write and act! don't talk only do! the internet can be saved! it is up to you! ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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Text Comments (277)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Go to https://www.battleforthenet.com/ AND STOP THIS! Take Action!
Djurapucka HARDCORE (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Ha if you watched the vid you’d find out it’s not
MatoLpGames (5 months ago)
Nice Video my Friend ;) Thumbs Up See you on the next new vid my friend ;) { Stay Active }
OK4 Kids TV (5 months ago)
I agree with you on this one :) .
CrimsonStudios (5 months ago)
Sucks that it’s too late
natural sound (6 months ago)
Net neutrality is a scam they already censor people and block freedom of speech already so this video is completely BS
natural sound (6 months ago)
CrimsonStudios you're very open-minded person I like that good luck with your YouTube channel
Lyqe (6 months ago)
we lost the battle
GeekyComputer (6 months ago)
Will texting and calling be affected??
GeekyComputer (6 months ago)
CrimsonStudios okay, thank you for replying
AllenRogue0 (6 months ago)
I've got a backup plan. Financially struggle.
AllenRogue0 (6 months ago)
CrimsonStudios Of course.
EvanAMC (6 months ago)
LouistheHedgehog (6 months ago)
Remember, during the Verison protests, don't take your anger out on the employees there. They are just trying to put food on their table, they are not all Ajit Pai here. These are people who are just doing their jobs, and I know that is the same excuse the Nazis used at the Nuremberg trials, but we are not dealing with mass killers in this case. We are dealing with people who have no choice in how to keep their heads above water. Chances are good that many of the store employees there don't agree with Ajit Pai either, and we could use that to our advantage. So let us not cause any more trouble or alienate any more people than necessary while saving net neutrality.
sailorkwii64 (6 months ago)
I don't know what I'll do if it happens. I hope it doesn't happen. Because... I don't know. I had been signing a few petitions. I hope that our voices work and the FCC would listen to us in a reasonable matter.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
i have been doing the same sadly we can only do so much as individuals! hope many others are doing the same and not sitting on their thumbs!
111xelent (6 months ago)
This is going to affect a lot of people like small business owners, and lets not forget students that are going to school, college, and university...and not in a good way! This is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard. Ajit Pai is the ultimate computer virus, and ransomware!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
yeah it really is i can't believe that they will most likely pass this going to do a part two soon so stay tuned!
StevieJoes (6 months ago)
The overlords are in control, you will do what they tell you to do.
Jay Lutz (6 months ago)
FCC law internet appeal should be illegal
TheTall-ishAlien (6 months ago)
If this actually happens, I might just throw my computer out the window and become a hermit.
Reapsay (6 months ago)
We should definitely keep
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
amen to that hope this doesn't go over seas too!
Dunna Did It (6 months ago)
Seriously the worst.. Feeling a bit helpless up here in Canada since I cant call up Senator Palpatine and we all know that if something big happened like this in the States, its gonna suck for us Canucks too.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
This is something we need to take action on!
Dunna Did It (6 months ago)
I AM PHOENIX (6 months ago)
https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-people-call-resignation-fcc-chairman-ajit-varadaraj-pai Sign this petition to help save the internet by making ajit pai the one who’s trying to take our net neutrality resign. Share and spread this to help in the fight for net neutrality.
I AM PHOENIX (6 months ago)
I agree!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
we must fight!
abanzo Chavez (6 months ago)
super cool video bro love your channel
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey thanks so so much!
Twisted Ginger Gaming (6 months ago)
i rather have my internet free like America thanks o.o
NathanBlakeGames (6 months ago)
Great video! Good news is that Net Neutrality as we know it has only existed for 2 years. The internet wasn't so bad 3 years ago so personally I'm not too afraid. The one good thing about NN being repealed is that it would open the doors for other smaller companies to start selling internet, increasing competition. I'm not saying its a good idea, but I am saying that I don't think its the "Doomsday" that some people want us to think it is. As with most complex issues, there are pros and cons.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
very true friend!
Professor Nez (6 months ago)
Yesssir!! Another hot video guys! Love it, keep it up 👊🏻💯👊🏻🎥📸🎙🔥🔥🔥
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
cant say i appreciate you enough!
Julie Blueberry (6 months ago)
I can't believe they're trying to do this! Needs to be stopped! 🙈
BulletPlayzStuff (6 months ago)
great content
BulletPlayzStuff (6 months ago)
thank you
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
appreciate you!
BulletPlayzStuff (6 months ago)
no problem man
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey thanks so so much friend!
Black Dragon GameZ (6 months ago)
Crash Craze (6 months ago)
When controversy corner gets serious! still cant believe this is an actual thing
Michael Lunatic Videos (6 months ago)
At the moment I'm drunk. Don't understand ymthe world, not sure if it'll effect me un the uk... can I still waych porn?
Takeo Gaming (6 months ago)
Hopefully there's a chance to save it. Sadly I feel like the right people's pockets have been filled with money and it will happen no matter what
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Sadly i think it may be too late!
TheSilentGhostReaper (6 months ago)
Sent them a message about this crap..hahaha!
Excaliber (6 months ago)
This is what will happen if they repeal Net Neutrality! 1. There will be a fee for everything you want to see or access. This means a Fee separate fee for Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, etc.. Just by your ISP. This will above what you pay for the service. (Micro Transactions for everything!) 2. Your privacy will be gone Completely the Government will now spy on you legally. 3. Small business that run on the internet will go out of business since they will not get any traffic to their sites without paying their ISP a fee to get traffic. (They will be Blocked) This will flood the job market with people put out of work. Thousands of companies will go out of business over night. Even GoDaddy and other hosting companies will drastically be affected and might go out of business if thousands of web sites cannot afford the ISP fee to get traffic. (Site Cancelations!) 4. Less IT jobs will be available since large server farms will not be needed as much since many will not be able to afford there service anymore, this means less Shopping, Banking, or the use of any other online services that records need to be kept, like your passwords etc.. 5. Prices on everything will go up! Since many will cancel their services since they cannot afford them. The ones that remain with a service will have to bear the cost. 6. It will affect the whole economy, everything from banking online, to Shopping online and even doing things like trading Stock online there will extra fees. 7. You will only be able to go to sites that the ISP redirects you to. If the Web site has not paid a fee to the ISP you will never even know it’s there they will be blocked. 8. Your internet speed will be throttled to very slow speeds unless you pay a hefty free to speed it up. (Might as well go back to dialup!) Extra cost on top of all other fees. 9. No more surfing the net, it will be too costly, it will eat up your data allowance for the month. 10. Gaming with Xbox, PS4 or PC will be prohibitive due to the speeds needed to pay lag free and most that will not be able to pay the fee involved. This will put businesses that support this industry out of business due to people not buying their gear anymore since they cannot use it without lag or have no internet access, and in effect even potentially put companies like EA out of business at some point since most of their games are internet based people will stop buying them since they cannot play them online anymore. 11. Shopping online will decline drastically, No internet no Shopping! Cost will be passed on! 12. You will have NO say in what you can see online, what websites you visit, games you play, interests you have, it will all be governed by if that website can afford to pay ALL the ISP providers a fee to send traffic to them. If they can’t you don’t see it. 13. Your personal information can be and will be sold and spied upon by the ISP the government and anyone else that wants it or buys it. 14. You will not be allowed to view see any information other than what they want you to see. Any other political viewpoints other than there’s will be blocked. 15. You will not be able to go directly to your favorite website anymore if they have not paid their fee to the ISP. They will be blocked and you will be redirected to a site that has paid their fee. 16. Netflix and other will raise their fees to pay the fees they have to, too the ISPs. And you will pay the ISP a fee to have fast enough speed to view shows lag free. So, you will pay twice. 17. Any Company that uses the internet in anyway will have to pay extra fees to get any traffic at all to their sites even the big companies and the cost will be passed down to the little guy. 18. You will be told and controlled what sites you can see and get too since there will be a limited amount of internet sites they approve of or that have paid their fees to get traffic. 19. Total censorship of what you see and watch Simply put the cost of the internet, for most will be prohibitive, many businesses will go out of business, Cost and fee’s will go up for everyone, It will cost many jobs in the IT and gaming industry, Online Shopping will decline, Banking and trading will decline online, In Effect it will throw us back to the dialup stone age! Unless you pay,pay,pay! And even then, you will not be able to access what you want if they don’t like it!
Ross McCann69 (6 months ago)
dude you are going places look them views on every video :)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
time to get serious and take action!
Grown Children (6 months ago)
Awesome video👍👍👍👍👍👍Have a nice day!!! 🌸🌷😀😄
Obiwayne (6 months ago)
Thus is such a bad idea just another way of controlling the people
ScorpionsFatality (6 months ago)
Bud Summers (6 months ago)
Thanks for addressing this!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
and thank you for hopefully taking action! this is very important! you rock!
MrRockerVlogs MrRocker (6 months ago)
let president trump know that this is a bad idea
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
gonna try!
MrRockerVlogs MrRocker (6 months ago)
yeah i agree this isnt a good move for us we pay enough for internet as it is congrees needs to wake up and stop screwing us over great video man
SikthYGameS (6 months ago)
major bad move on there part.. the internet bill is high enough as it is whats next they gonna make everyone pay for parking on there own drives lol
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
amen to that brother!
ValentinFamCam (6 months ago)
hey we just found your channel! Love your thumbnails! Hope you check ours out too!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
hey thanks so so much!
Lux Cat (6 months ago)
I agree
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
scary times friend!
TheCodingTrainer (6 months ago)
Im in the Uk so im pretty sure it wont effect me, but if we are being honest, Large companies are always going to find ways to screw us over. I dont think there is much we can do about it :(
TheCodingTrainer (6 months ago)
We have our bad things over here as well tho : / hopefully the future is bright, but there is no way of tellling.
HermanTheGreat (6 months ago)
LOL Federal Cucks LOL
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
haha i love that meaning for FCC so much!
Phynoxtv (6 months ago)
Awesome video, You win +1 sub.I'm hope we can continue to support each other
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you rock friend here for you!
Eggnacio (6 months ago)
All i care about is my porn
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
then you care about "net neutrality" haha
Jimmy Gentile (6 months ago)
You win corps. Cant afford anymore. Will scrap computer if this happens. Congress is not going to listen. Dollars speak louder than words.Goodbye and Good luck !
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Couples Crusade (6 months ago)
How many times do people have to say "fuck you!" Before they understand that people don't want this! Great video man! :D
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
haha really appreciate you friends!
Birute00 (6 months ago)
Great style! I've got to make a video too about net neutrality
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Hey honestly thanks so much!
Kolorful Kalmele (6 months ago)
Wow, I love your video style! Thanks for sharing.  New subbie here.  Lets support each other!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Hey thanks so so much i’ll be sure to check yah out in the morning
Mr. G (6 months ago)
Not sure how you're doing it, but you're already good production value is looking even more polished lately my good man. Keep it up.
Mr. G (6 months ago)
Really glad to see you touching on this man. As someone who has lived overseas and experienced censored internet in Asia it's not something you want.
Dora Luz (6 months ago)
Best video ever
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you are way to kind thank you friend!
SHINÉ (6 months ago)
Great video <3
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Can't thank you enough friend!
_Aether_ c (6 months ago)
finally catching up. awesome video ryan and I have heard a lot about this net neutrality and oh dear...I have a lot of American friends and its fun gaming with them. I hope this does get repealed, very interesting subject ryan keep it coming my friend! love your videos.
Mass Gaming (6 months ago)
this is such a bad idea honestly!!! Cant Believe there are some greedy people still left in this world!
Mass Gaming (6 months ago)
Oh thank You So Much!
Slakey gaming (6 months ago)
Just what we need, more power and control for the large corporate companies. Great video Crimson Studios and also a great topic.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
so sad hope we can make some change happen!
Ice Daemon (6 months ago)
The road they are going will be horrible.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
amen to that one brother!
Reloaded Reeality (6 months ago)
Virtual dickalatage lmaooo
James G (6 months ago)
You didn't really say much about how to save Net Neutrality . . . which was the title of this video.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
there isn't much you can do than what i said at the end and write your congress person to vote against it...did you?
Break Your Boundaries (6 months ago)
Damn, you KILLED this man! I actually just made a video talking about the importance of Net Neutrality and what people can do to help. Love these videos...awesome job with the graphics and overall production. New sub!
Break Your Boundaries (6 months ago)
CrimsonStudios YES! WE all have to take action!
The_ jam_zone (6 months ago)
Come on people let get more like on this
chellerrrz (6 months ago)
I recently heard about this and I can’t believe it. I don’t think anyone will support this except for the companies who do wanna make more money doing so smh
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
it's very sad that our congress is so lobbied that they are not going to listen to the people that elected them!
The H (6 months ago)
This is bad!!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
oh believe me it is most certainly not good!
cris x3 (6 months ago)
Great topic. I dont watch the news (i know sad) so i didnt know this was going on. And all i can say is wtf man 🤦🏻‍♀️
Official GamingFFC (6 months ago)
Money money money
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
MONEY! it's what makes the world go round!
Richard's Reality (6 months ago)
Man this is crazy! Not only do I think it is a bad idea, I also believe the internet should be free. It is one of the greatest resources of human knowledge ever. It should not be manipulated this way. Loved the video man.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
really insane what will happen i hope people are writing to their elected officials!
TheNOOB Official (6 months ago)
You know I don't normaly comment as i'm a very big lurker... wait that sounds creepy! But just wanted to say, been watching you for ages and i honestly don't think there is a video i don't like! Keep it up bud love your work!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
dude i appreciate you so so much #legend
The Gamer Chronicles (6 months ago)
It seems like they want to take more control. But what do I know. I’m just a peon
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
oh believe me they really want that!
King Cam3ron (6 months ago)
The small edits you do make me laugh 😂😂
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
I can't thank you enough friend #legend
Kardo Walker (6 months ago)
They keep trying to take away the good things we love.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
they always do in the name of the all mighty dollar!
CrownThe Eric (6 months ago)
We have to battle this. Otherwise this will be bad for everyone. Please please. Join the fight.
Scottish Dianne (6 months ago)
Its a wake-up call!!! These people, in power don't care about us!! they just make money out of us, the book '1984' is just something you should maybe read one day. Great video and points! Keep up the great work.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
amen to that action needs to happen now sitting back and complaining will do nothing!
Rokkergurl0902 (6 months ago)
So pretty much the internet is going to be treated similar to cable? Yeah that's no good at all! And what's worse, they're trying to dress it up like a win-win, when in reality Internet providers and big businesses are gonna be the winners. I can't even imagine the kind of wasteland Youtube alone is gonna turn into if you have to shovel out more money to your isp for monthly access 😩
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
yes maam you got it! scary!
Davidly Brown (6 months ago)
I am not up to speed on this. I’m gonna do some research now. Thx for bringing it up
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
really scary stuff!
SpenyGC (6 months ago)
I think its good as i think people should pay a subscription to watch my quality content!!! Haha JOKES!! If this happens it will be terrible...can you imagine having to pay for your internet like your sky packages...cant view youtube until you buy our entertainment package!!! Ridiculous..but great video man
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
Hey man you make my day thanks for being here and supporting this is a super serious issue!
Ray Roc (6 months ago)
Ya know.. ok so 1st, Props for always putting a relevant video out and 2nd.. WTF I mean seriously WHAT THE FUCK are goin thru their minds oh wait .. wait Money always comes down to fkin money.. they already took our privacy, we're simply left with the allusion of it.. How much is enough? Answer-it's never enough. How far is to far? Answer-it's never to far. ..and who gets fked the hardest? Answer- TAKE A WILD FKIN GUESS! I could literally write a book on my opinions here but I know you actually take the time to read all comments and we both got shht to do lol But seriously I think Ice Cube needs to update "Fk the Police" and do a follow-up for these Ignorant AssFkinHoles and that's me being kind about all this! #MicDrop
Ray Roc (6 months ago)
I really hope.. we, the middle class etc.. really all need to, by the millions, need to all unite n honesty figure on what needs to happen! Again, there's so much more to that but I'm sure you understand my point! Ryan.. Ty brother!
StarshineJess (6 months ago)
They really don’t need any more money. Where I live my AT&T internet is one step above dial-up so if they slow it down I might as well not even have any. I like that you kept some humor all while explaining the seriousness of the situation. 👍 good job
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
so action is the only answer against this!
D&T SQUAD (6 months ago)
Great video
SGplays (6 months ago)
This is a CLEAR attempt at grabbing money and controlling what you do on the Internet. Even if you pay for fast service how many times has it slowed down? They can't guarantee it will be fast 24/7 so it's a blatant lie. This affects everything going to and from America but the rest of the world is powerless to help. Please fight this evil 😈
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
we can stop this! now is the time to take action and stop the talk of such!
Ted Howells (6 months ago)
Awesome video man!! I'm liking some of the more serious topics! Keep it up
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
really appreciate you man!
Gold Hunter (6 months ago)
After Dark Analysis (6 months ago)
I don't see how anyone could support this. The only benefits are for the companies that already have monopolies. This is in no way shape of form better for the consumer.
Nikita Nagori (6 months ago)
Hey another great upload...well done 😊
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
thanks a ton friend!
MrSkidmarxz (6 months ago)
great vid as always, if they repeal Net Neutrality...RIP all streamers and content creators. Oh your kid wants to do homework online? okay thats an extra 4.99 an hour. WTF COME ON GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
honestly appreciate you! amen!
Mikita (6 months ago)
I'm still not sure how I feel about this...lol
Mikita (6 months ago)
CrimsonStudios awww....so many changes. the world is shook af
MillerPine (6 months ago)
Hey, great video, mate! Really hope you Americans manage to keep your net neutrality! Cheering for you all :D
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
thanks so much i hope so too this could eventually go beyond us!
Jellyduck100 (6 months ago)
Ajit Pai? Sounds like A S**t Pile lol.
Prawn (6 months ago)
This is a terrible idea, really hope it doesn’t get thru...Great vid too!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
we can stop this!
A girl has many filters (6 months ago)
That’s so annoying 😫but great video 😂
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
i appreciate you friend now time to take action!
Amenshi (6 months ago)
They just wanna get into our pockets. Fucking money grabbing assholes.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
so true!
DGNRTV (6 months ago)
Great video!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
can't thank you enough man!
hazysimmer (6 months ago)
I was waiting for your video about this! So glad you talked about this!!
GameChangerX (6 months ago)
Awesome to see you talk about this. It is going to affect everyone, even the guys who are going to vote for it. GREED. GREED. GREED.
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
have to! we need to take action!
TheSilentGhostReaper (6 months ago)
Keep up the good work Ryan! :D
Welsh Raccoon (6 months ago)
They are freaking power hungry they are u freaking greedy rich is not enough for them and they don't care about the little people all they think about is taking more money from us and not giving a damn about our own interests
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
so true and they control the government! lord help us!
Internet Unwind (6 months ago)
Senator palpatine was probably plamning this all along! Good vid man, needs to be said. #fthefcc
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
damn him!
Paul Bisca (6 months ago)
Hello Ryan!! Great upload, glad I got to watching the uploads :)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
you rock dude keep it up!
Tiffanyyy814 (6 months ago)
Another amazing video. :)
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
love yah friend!
Esie Kecil (6 months ago)
Very good video bro Thanks for doing this bro
PinaKoala (6 months ago)
I just hate the idea that companies are actually trying to go through with this. it’s absolutely ridiculous. great video ryan!!
CrimsonStudios (6 months ago)
me too shows how much power they have!

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