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PacificWest117 (5 days ago)
Thank you for uploading this tracks, classic 1st season Waitin is my favorite.
mrdanthemanboi9 (8 days ago)
This is what I miss most about South Park
Jake Torrey (1 month ago)
3:51 is what everyone came for
carimusic (2 months ago)
3:15 *menstrual cycle song*
Chris Waltman (3 months ago)
Such a talented singer. RIP Isaac Hayes.
Jeremyj Fielder (4 months ago)
chef has a bad ass bassist
Cody Peterson (4 months ago)
As much as I love Chef, the show is good with AND without him
Cody Peterson (4 months ago)
I wish you put the Kathie Lee Gifford song
BLUE5294 (4 months ago)
SSJ4Supermanarot (4 months ago)
On the real... Love Gravy. It'll get em wet...
The MLG Emoji (4 months ago)
Make love even tho I'm dead and salty balls are my favourite
Black Ryan (6 months ago)
All of them are great but simultaneous is my favourite.
SUPER AIDS (7 months ago)
SUPER AIDS (7 months ago)
I love when chef does the back up himself and covers his mouth lol
MasterWhimp (8 months ago)
Chef was such a pivotal character in the show, acting as a mentor to the kids and a voice of reason at times, It saddens me how his departure and untimely death was so abrupt. It feels like we never had a proper send-off, a little bit of south park died when Chef left.
McSalty Sack (7 months ago)
Well trey and Matt didn't want Isaac to leave, they just killed chef off because they didn't want him to just disappear
Marth Link (8 months ago)
Fuck no substitutes is my favorite...Although these are done for fun fuck there is talent in em.
McSalty Sack (8 months ago)
Marth Link substitutes?
Greenhot Acidballz (8 months ago)
Why did chef have to be taken out of South Park ?!😞
McSalty Sack (8 months ago)
Greenhot Acidballz because not only did his voice actor leave the show he died in 2008
Timothée Boury (9 months ago)
"You and me and her simultaneous And you and you simultaneous Two or three " 🎷🎺🎺🎷🎼🎶🎶🎵
Raven Lightwalker (9 months ago)
anyone have link to full song - no substitute? bloody youtube removed it and google wasnt helpful either
Skwaktopus133 (10 months ago)
I Fuckin Love Chef He's Easily In My Top 10
Larry Evans (10 months ago)
hot lava
tagaug (10 months ago)
1:58 I'm gonna make love to you woman 2:21 Love Gravy
Mr Bear (1 year ago)
2:21 6:34 7:05
Joseph Marrison (1 year ago)
Issac Hayes has become my favourite singer of all time thanks to South Park.
getback4444 (1 year ago)
Thank you, Elton.
jobros17 (1 year ago)
FTM Seth (4 months ago)
Yeah I member!
I SMOKE MEMES (5 months ago)
Ooo I member
McSalty Sack (7 months ago)
*sobs* I member...
ComicGuy444 (10 months ago)
Oooooo I member
Brady Engelhorn (1 year ago)
Yeah I membaaaaaaaa
Dion Peters (1 year ago)
11. Different... That switch tho
youngatwista (1 year ago)
1. No substitue 2. Ooh baby3. Waiting4. Hello there children!!Chef what would a priest wana stick up my butt?Goodbye
Chris Penn (1 year ago)
Someone's playing the hell out the guitar in "love gravy"
Nate Spence (1 year ago)
If Love Gravy was turned into an actual song, would definitely be on my sex playlist. It's actually amazing. Can anyone recommend something similar?
Sean Lynch (5 months ago)
Isaac Hayes music from the 70's
Brady Engelhorn (1 year ago)
Hammer smashed face, by cannibal corpse
MAarshall (1 year ago)
The period song (7. Ooo BABY) is hilarious, from S3 E16 "Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus".
JakeTV (2 years ago)
"I'm gonna make love to you woman" is easily my favourite. Maybe a full song.
Jan N. Petersen (1 year ago)
Mine too! That´s what I came here for :D
Kayanda Eddings (1 year ago)
The only full song of that you're going to get is by Rick James. He has a song with Ike Turner on the Chef aid album called love gravy.
Mr. Japz (1 year ago)
its name is love gravy by isaaac hayes
KINGCUBB (2 years ago)
BRO we need this in a 10hours loop !!
LittleDeez (2 years ago)
I shall perseveeeeere! We shall perseveeeeeeere!
let me get this straight critically acclaimed music sensation Isaac Hayes did the voice of Chef I wouldn't understand
Mustachio Love (2 years ago)
PraiseTheGoat (2 years ago)
Sometimes you kill your teacher and they find your semen in her stomach and...WAIT! WHAT THE?! WHAT?!
Kayanda Eddings (2 years ago)
Originally, Trey Parker and Matt Stone asked Lou Rawls and Barry White to do chef. But, they didn't want to do it. So, that's how they asked Isaac Hayes. I'm glad that he did voice chef. The best seasons of South Park to me was seasons one through nine.
Joseph Marrison (1 year ago)
Same here. Once he left the show, it was never the same.
TERRELL TURNER (2 years ago)
LittleDeez (2 years ago)
This is a best of
awesomo9 (2 years ago)
Even if Chef magically came back, it wouldn't be the same; Chef may come back from the dead in South Park, but Isaac Hayes can't.
G. Lee (2 years ago)
I don't need Isaac Hayes. I'll do it myself
Jonah Hosein (2 years ago)
Didnt he have a commercial where he sang about his product called fudgems?
JakeTV (2 years ago)
Or a UK Number 1 song in 1998/1999. Chocolate Salty Balls
Br0ken_Barbie (2 years ago)
rip Chef
irrewonderful (2 years ago)
South Park needs Chef. I cannot stand him not being there.
McSalty Sack (8 months ago)
Joseph Marrison they can't his voice actor died
GroenFan (10 months ago)
irrewonderful Ahoyhoy there, fellow youtuberino! I miss Isaac Hayes , as well. I reminisce his teachings in chocolate salty balls , lesbians , love , being African American, saying Hello Children, even when there was but a single child there, or he was speaking to another adult. It was the funniest running gag in South Park.
Joseph Marrison (10 months ago)
Don't worry, they might decide to bring him back. Never give up hope.
irrewonderful (2 years ago)
+Jerome McElroy (Chef) Yep, I really do miss you being in these episodes. You were such a good character in the show, and I have always missed seeing you when I watch the episodes after you left. It just is not the same.
G. Lee (2 years ago)
+irrewonderful you talking about me?
DIO BRANDO (2 years ago)
if i can travel in time id tell matt and trey to not air the Scientology episode
Kuzco L3AN (4 months ago)
wafflesrising just watch the DVD bro
wafflesrising (6 months ago)
shii if i were able to go back in time i’d watch the episodes that were banned and then i’d actually see pip die
Brady Engelhorn (1 year ago)
But that episode was fucking hilarious
Nellson Stout (2 years ago)
As ridiculous as Scientology is I agree just because it's why Isaac Hayes quit
Josue (2 years ago)
+Tawfiq omar If you travel in time, you better avoid that fruity little club scramble chef's brain.
Mark Van der Velden (2 years ago)
RIP Isaac hayes. i miss you as chef so damn much. it was such an awesome character. chef was one of my favorite characters of southpark.
vihockeyguy1 (2 years ago)
Ooo baby always got me. Hilarious and perfect description of the menstrual cycle
Michał Motyka (3 years ago)
Ihatemylife696 (3 years ago)
Shlomo Shekelberg (3 years ago)
Never let poon tang come between you and your friends
Leopold Stotch (2 years ago)
Dr. Diamond (2 years ago)
damn that,garison
jailyn nance (3 years ago)
Why did chef had to die😢😥😥
Ihatemylife696 (3 years ago)
at least he is still making love wen hes dead
destin (3 years ago)
+jailyn nance because bullshit :(
Marlin Rose Jones (3 years ago)
sexy funky u.u
elsrdick (3 years ago)
"why don't I call you NEXT WEEK ??" ....... LAUGHS !!!
elsrdick (3 years ago)
"dude I think he told us to go fuck ourselves!" "wow!"...... haha cartman's so gay "how's THAT gonna help?" .... kyle gay too
Adamguy2003 (3 years ago)
'Just Play it Cool' is easily one of my favorite Chef songs. It's so freaking catchy, I smile and nod along with it every time I hear it! I also like 'Love Gravy' (It sounds like an exaggerated version of something that Isaac Hayes might actually put on one of his albums) and of course 'Chocolate Salty Balls.'
Only Chef could turn a song about racial tolerance (abruptly) into a love jam....
Arthur Marinho (3 years ago)
i´m gonna make looove, even when i´m dead. LOL
Nash Rarig (3 years ago)
Why aren't these on iTunes?
destin (3 years ago)
+Nash Rarig itunes is not good enough
Kelly Blewett (3 years ago)
ike is the best
Dylan Hills (1 year ago)
betweentheliness1 (3 years ago)
Yes ol Ike the man
destin (3 years ago)
+Kelly Blewett no
Amazing Spoderman (3 years ago)
The prostitution one always got me. xD
macboogieland (2 years ago)
+spectacularspiderman15 specially the trey parker line haha
southpark1581 (3 years ago)
I love how the different song kinda just drifts into chocolate salty balls.
SOme Guy (3 years ago)
"Love Gravy" is my favorite
SOme Guy (3 years ago)
chef is the best
EgoFlipp (4 years ago)
Simultaneous lovin baby! I love chef :D
DUFC321 (4 years ago)
If you like chef you're gonna love Mr Derp!!!
holidajva (4 years ago)
Im gonna make love to you woman should be higher :)
Bryan Hill (4 years ago)
No substitute!
matt bardon (4 years ago)
TERRELL TURNER (2 years ago)
Chaka (4 years ago)
The "WAITIN" is kinda Tenacious D like
sexypiratedoesgames (4 years ago)
PROSTITUTES they are just like all other woman they trade something for sex  
gamingassassin6 (4 years ago)
"I'M GONNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU, WOMAN" is my favourite
sonicfast88 (4 years ago)
chef...best south park character ever.
Adamguy2003 (3 years ago)
Oh yeah, without question! He'd have made a good spinoff series!
Marcus Temple (4 years ago)
prostitutes Ooo Baby No substitutes simultaneous are the funniest ones miss chef rip Isaac Hayes
Matthew Rotherham (4 years ago)
XDarksoulX1129 (4 years ago)
Wait chef died!
XDarksoulX1129 (4 years ago)
Simataneous is my shit
Ultrabrut1 (4 years ago)
"I'm Gonna Make Love To You Woman" is THE SHIT!!!
YEET TI TI (4 years ago)
"No Substitute" is my shit!! Shoulda made it a real song
Kevin McCray (4 years ago)
Oh. yeah, i agree, man.
YEET TI TI (4 years ago)
Naw, i meant on the radio as a single
Kevin McCray (4 years ago)
they did.  check out chef aid.
Frank Red (4 years ago)
Does anyone know if the "different" song is based on anything?
Trent Terry (4 years ago)
The Chef, Best Character From South Park! 
Brianna Crosby (4 years ago)
lmao! no substitute (no substitute!)
getback4444 (1 year ago)
Pick you up in my caaaaar
Castlebobjoe (4 years ago)
But no one even remembers MRS.crabtrees death D:
Kuzco L3AN (1 year ago)
I do. she died by one of the most prolific serial killers of all time "The Left Head Killer"
Cayman Beard (4 years ago)
Yeah.... Issac Hayes died.. He was a legit singer back in the day. Look him up.
Andrew Flood (4 years ago)
MAKE LOVE LOL !!!!!!!!!!
retroflashbackdude (4 years ago)
james taylor what the hell u doin here singin bout prostitutes 2 the children
St. Franku The Papa (4 years ago)
Issac Hayes who did the voice for Chef had some issues with Trey Parker and Matt Stone's treatment of Scientology and left the show on bad terms with them, because he was a Scientologist. In response to his departure, Trey and Matt made an episode both killing Chef and having him completely change and exit from the show. Isaac Hayes passed almost two years later of a stroke, and was still supposedly not on speaking terms with Matt and Trey. They later dedicated an episode to his memory.
Fallen-Nutty (4 years ago)
Robert Gaudreau (4 years ago)
Chef died D: ?
nicholaskingmequeen (4 years ago)
love you Chef, you shall forever be alive in our hearts...
Smidd Ness (4 years ago)
what happened to the one in 'The Simpsons already did it' - sometimes you kill your teacher and they find your seamen in your stomach... wait, WHAT! hahahaha
Gerehouse (4 years ago)
i miss him so much :(
drummer5784 (5 years ago)
1:55 James taylor what the hell you doin, singin about PROSTITUTES to the children, get outta here!
Fidel huerta (5 years ago)
He also passed away a year later sadly
Paul Leonard (5 years ago)
Anyone else still have their Chefs Love Shack game? (had mine for dreamcast)
sedlacek50 (5 years ago)
I really wish Chef was back.
Auctor Pretiosa Facit (5 years ago)
That is when he is young in "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000". I was hoping to hear the song to Kathie Lee Gifford from "Weight Gain 4000" also. Good list though :)
Stavie100 (5 years ago)
cartmans mom is a dirty slut, i think
BJMcB92 (5 years ago)
"an elephant makes love to a pig", it's a season 1 episode
Overindulged Fella (5 years ago)
MysticDragons (5 years ago)
what episode is love gravy :p?
mae2759 (5 years ago)
You need to find the one where young chef turns down drugs and sings a song. that one was hilarious!

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