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Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples (Explicit) ft. Wale, Drake

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Music video by Rick Ross performing Diced Pineapples (Explicit). © 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group ITunes: http://smarturl.it/rrgfidit Amazon: http://smarturl.it/rrgfidam Best of Rick Ross: https://goo.gl/GwcXMm Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/9QjYmP
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Text Comments (16226)
TRIOTRAP Oficial (10 minutes ago)
Nana Yaw (5 hours ago)
2018 anyone..
Saif Rahman (21 hours ago)
Lateia Paige (1 day ago)
My shit zoning and zooted
DIRECTOR FURR (1 day ago)
Drizzy 🦉
Fiona Thomas (1 day ago)
2018 still a medz this song love it💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Arianna Michaela (2 days ago)
Ya, Drake went through puberty
Deanna Foster (2 days ago)
Playing this in 2018 its still a classic must
2D August (2 days ago)
🔊 2018?
Rov Vasquez (2 days ago)
MrHarvi89 (2 days ago)
i'm so fly i shouldn't even walk she so fly she ain't even gotta talk ROZAYYYYYY
James Foster (3 days ago)
I want the one drake got
Ugwu Ugochukwu (3 days ago)
Nice music
ROsskg (3 days ago)
2018 July anyone?
Luis Sarinana (4 days ago)
Diced Pineapples
Dowayne Kenton (4 days ago)
2018? Poetry in it's purest form...
SuperBballer2324 (4 days ago)
Dale Hope (4 days ago)
Anyone in 2018
Dayne Johnson (4 days ago)
Robert Jones (4 days ago)
Real cool song...artist line-up from intro to end---- and the chic in this video is HOTT
Og Boyz (4 days ago)
came here from a porn video
James Mouton (5 days ago)
Wale made the song hot
Shianne Floyd (5 days ago)
2018 and I’m still listening to the 😌
Musa Khamis Musa (5 days ago)
Drake 🤙
lx i (6 days ago)
Whos here from Jocelyn Flores twitter
Allen Sheppard (6 days ago)
booda turner (7 days ago)
This that kind of smooth shit I move to.
Zaraya M (8 days ago)
So nobody listening in 2018 ?? Song still bump
niggaking js (8 days ago)
Meek mill would sound dope on this
TheMrleo18 (9 days ago)
Who's still playing 2018??
ComedyClubE SERIES (9 days ago)
Cornelia Diacon (9 days ago)
2018 still listening 🔥
Martha Wright (9 days ago)
The Pimp C wife discussion was the best!
Brave Heart (10 days ago)
Shawty so fine, p*#$y so fresh. 2018 🤙
Michelle Markle (10 days ago)
Pineapples 🍍🍍🍍💛👄🎶🎧🎼still listening 2018
Kendra Sutton (10 days ago)
I love rick Ross
Kay Cee (10 days ago)
Desmond Quick (11 days ago)
Rozay always picking the perfect track and featured artists to make his song a masterpiece,you gotta luv it
kenny botelho (11 days ago)
who is watching in 2018?
aaaaaaaaa4564564 (11 days ago)
2018 still lovin'
B Jay (11 days ago)
Greg Harper (11 days ago)
2018 listening and still considerably better than half of this new music.
HrtBrKaylz (12 days ago)
I want a man like Wale :(
David Lewis (12 days ago)
Wales best intro ever
Malachi King (12 days ago)
Who peeped Bernice Burgos fine ass
Jazrel Abbi (12 days ago)
Honorable #Rickrose ur the best 🦌
Sub Scribe Tv (12 days ago)
Mizraim Steen (13 days ago)
Baby dela and big dela msflyboys north ATL Steen boy's and beamon boy's stick with easterling boy's cokeboys and dipset and c.m.g and m.m.g roc nation s.o.x March 26 1985 rebirth of eazy e golden State warriors s.o.x
Brit Critta (14 days ago)
July 2018?!!! 🍍🍍🍍
Almighty Keezy (15 days ago)
It’s so crazy how time fly..... I didn’t realize drake could sing until I heard this song I used to think he was just a rapper
Michael McKenna (15 days ago)
This is by far the illest song...period
Dominique Michelle (15 days ago)
2018 ✨
Wale one of the most underrated artist. Love 4 Wale
joe clark (16 days ago)
Burnice is so sexy
Mr Jones (16 days ago)
If wale studied the game he would just get Chris brown, The Weeknd on some hooke and take over the game but he’s too emotional unfortunately
Diamond k (16 days ago)
👌🏼 mine and my hubby song ❤️
Khalil Wodford (16 days ago)
Still my favorite song to this day 💯
Mizraim Steen (17 days ago)
Baby face max beamon msflyboys pjay watts baby loc free dela and baby flags s.o.x msflyboys and thugtertaiment label March 26 1985 rebirth of eazy e
St. Belmont (17 days ago)
OvO MMG 🔥🔥🔥 2018
shasha Aguilar (17 days ago)
Is that Bernice Burgos 😍😍
NEAH Phillip (17 days ago)
Lit Af🔥🔥🔥🔥
Eugene Laleti (18 days ago)
Dope from those days
patrick ngongha (18 days ago)
dammmm i just discovered this song man its dubbb lik..........
The Music Box (18 days ago)
I always have your compositions on repeat! Such great ideas, makes me want to get back in the studio asap. Excellent! 🎹
Pineapple Pina (19 days ago)
Patty Selma (19 days ago)
May your love come down so my mind might have u
potlovingchef14 (19 days ago)
now its diced pears
Mike Unt (20 days ago)
Zinga N.O. (17 days ago)
Who you?
The Real Hustler (20 days ago)
This was and still is my favorite Rozzay song
house BML (21 days ago)
Still fire in 2018
leunomme guerrier (21 days ago)
Wale intro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Louise Jose (21 days ago)
Fucking sweet song yr
Donyelle West (22 days ago)
It's some sexy ass women in this video.☉tribe
They used the sexiest models for this vid
Billonario (22 days ago)
Buy 20 dogs and put them in youre mansion with pedigree food. Save the animals.
Troll Life (22 days ago)
Lovely Lovebug (22 days ago)
Wale said He trying to eat and he don’t need a Spoon....yes yes yes wale!
Lovely Lovebug (22 days ago)
Wale is a Beast and So Underrated
Veelicious Dinners (23 days ago)
I swear this song never gets played out for every summer 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Bryan Gillie (23 days ago)
Man... Suck my Pineapples!
Karyn Dixon (23 days ago)
Diced Pineapple. Who still jammin' dis in 2k18. Drake just got that voice🎶 .... all night ta thangs get right 🎶 This was the 1st joint you text me years ago. Said it reminded you of me when we were in High School. LOL!! "I see you. We see each otha." Tall, dark & handsome. Athlete. @£R 👀 🙏 💋 🌹🍍 💎
Shannon Jones (24 days ago)
ani village ticketmaster dea come get her: b
Shannon Jones (24 days ago)
pineapples can under siege sir: b
Shannon Jones (24 days ago)
who is she
Rich Solo (24 days ago)
No better sight than seeing beautiful women of Melanin strutting around.. Love it. #9/11
Rich Solo (24 days ago)
The better my efforts the wetter her treasure.. #9/11
Domini Forelli (24 days ago)
This shit will forever I mean forever be my shit!!!
Alan Ndobo (25 days ago)
antoine carty (26 days ago)
I'm from that country Anguilla I remember this time when he was here big up to da west side one time💯✔
Bel Massango (26 days ago)
Sam T (26 days ago)
Like to get too deep but I hate to get too deeply involved
Kim Football (27 days ago)
This my shit 😛😜😝
Lanarchy (28 days ago)
49m views.....riiight this song deserved a Grammy an a half
omolola udoh (28 days ago)
"I paid it off so I never wrote a cheque.! So dope June 2018"
DjscArecrows (28 days ago)
Diced 🍐
Camren Palmer (28 days ago)
Carenm Palmer Lee
Murat Tekin (29 days ago)
Great songs. I miss those times. In new age rap the only good rapper is Rick Ross I think. New rappers sing like in tears. Rap needs people like Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Big Pun , Ludacris...
Alvin Means (1 month ago)
Here for Bernice Burgos😛😛
Rick R (1 month ago)
2018 and still on this shit classic
Angel Oquendo (1 month ago)
Rick ross went in on this one go out all y'all in joy life and have fun with yall girls and keep it real wend you listen to this tack

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