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The Next YouTube - The Solution To The YouTube Problem

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The Next YouTube - The Solution to the YouTube Problem - The Future of YouTube is Changing --------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------- Ryan Straight Up Playlist: goo.gl/mLq6oB --------------------------------------------------- With the youtube rule change 2018 the update to youtube monetization 2018 and the youtube partner program 2018 had a lot of small youtubers freaking out! And susan wojcicki youtube ceo has been at the brunt of it! The small youtuber problem is one that has been and will continue. But creators are hungry for a new video platform and the solution to the youtube problem. The problem with youtube is not youtube it self but the problem with patience on the part of the creator! Youtube is changing, and the future of youtube is changing! But where does that leave us the creator? With youtube competitor that could cause youtube to change dramatically in the favor of the creator! There has been talk of "amazontube" being youtube's next competitor but facebook Watch may be the solution! The youtube rules have been put in place to keep bad actors out, hopefully, but at some point there has to be the next youtube! What is the next youtube? Well facebook may be the solution to the youtube problem! Could facebook be the next video platform? The facebook issue and the problem with facebook is that it is losing viewer ship, so facebook watch is a program they are trying to push in order to attract creators, paying them with advertising money. Much like youtube monetization 2018! Youtube adsense 2018 has been the major talk of the town! Is there a reason why you should not do youtube? But if Facebook Watch plans on monetizing, in the same way as youtube how does that change anything? Watch and see! ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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Text Comments (432)
Gaming Gardener (2 months ago)
What's missing is a better outsource for new Subscribers. It's hard to gain new Subs when your videos cannot get ahead of the search. The problem is there is just too many videos all with similar names and tags. If you can't get more then a 100 views in 12 hours say goodbye to that video. 👋
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Gaming Gardener (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios haha jk obviously. Me too. You're awesome Bro. 👊 Your channel is hilarious and educational. Haha get it all one.
Gaming Gardener (2 months ago)
I am a Robot.
CrimsonStudios (2 months ago)
Hey honestly glad we met i think you are a true friend!:)
Gaming Gardener (2 months ago)
CrimsonStudios Thanks Bro. It has gotten abit easier since day 1 haha. At that point I had no idea what to expect or do. Great video. The Satan part and Zucky not human part got me good. 😂
ae No Copyright Music (2 months ago)
BIG LIKE here bro ;D 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Pokgi-World (2 months ago)
yea I feel that I started you tube to late lol
Fear Crawler (3 months ago)
I really don't think Facebook will ever be able to match YouTube's platform without changing their business model completely and step away from being strictly a social media site. This type of move has been the kiss of death for more than one social media platform and the lost revenue is either recouped through more ads popping up everywhere on the pages or service fees. Lucky for me I hate Facebook so it is no love loss for me if they crash and burn. What YouTube needs, if it is going to have competition, is another site that is strictly user created content. Like what YouTube USED to be! Now it might as well be called TheirTube.
SikthYGameS (3 months ago)
I will still pick youtube over most video websites and on the top of the words you can say in your videos i think its ok if you don't say them excessively
Bobby Z (3 months ago)
YouTube's replacement needs to genuinely non-partisan, open-minded, honest, transparent, consistent and develop a revenue system that is real and fair to creators. TV is dead. YouTube has won that media battle but it has developed a serious ailment for which there may be no cure ... resulting in it losing the war ...
1-800-Donut (3 months ago)
HA HA The Intro , Very True.
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Indeed haha
A girl has many filters (3 months ago)
Great video 😂
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Appreciate it friend
OBlackThunderO (3 months ago)
Facebook NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis FailFish 😂
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
Great job Ryan ! Your doing exactly what Robert Kyncl said he wanted more of in his interview with Casey Neistat...Daddy and Daughter giving much respect and love !
Ana Banana (3 months ago)
If Facebook makes a platform I'm gonna go over there!! Cuz YouTube makes me sick!!!! What a platform needs to compete with YouTube..... Hmmm let me think a second...... It needs to find a way to get rid of idiots like Jake Paul!!! It needs to get rid of trolls who make little content bit go all over our channels saying stupid offensive shit!!! Lol just saying!! And definitely not be so hard on small YouTube channels like myself!!
CrimsonStudios (3 months ago)
It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with and if it can compete
I’ve tried using Facebook Creators and I tend to get a lot more views which is good, but I think Youtube has a much better community who ‘get’ what you do and why you do YouTubing. On another note - your format for your videos are incredible
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
yeah the community aspect has always been strong on youtube that is why i like it!
Phynoxtv (4 months ago)
Very good video
TaoistDragon (4 months ago)
You say you would rather watch your dad watching porn, but then you see what kind of porn your dad is into. Be careful what you wish for.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
I’m pretty open with porn choice hahaha good one!;)
Rasta JC (4 months ago)
Hmmmmm.... Really dunno what a platform needs to compete with YouTube man good video though. 🙂✌
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
appreciate it fam dog
Rys Sol (4 months ago)
there's a new platform called VIEW.LY that allows creators to make money without advertisement and no silly requirements like a determined number of subscribers
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Definitely sounds nicer!
Kyano (4 months ago)
Mark Zuckerberg is not human! that part got me . Ahaha
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
He is just too easy to poke fun at hha
Couples Crusade (4 months ago)
Guess we'll see who wins haha
Mr. Teebee (4 months ago)
Great video bro. Facebook needs to work more on how a creator can do SEO things like tags etc more. They only have vague predefined keyword tags a person can choose so it is hard to get in front of a certain audience without actually paying to sponsor. But I think yes like you said transparency is key for another rival and give creators revenue then a platform would be a contendor.
Lazy Eye Gaming (4 months ago)
Facebook is even worse than YouTube when it comes to censorshipm
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
definitely are! good point!
Mariam Bocari (4 months ago)
great information about facebook. would really like to see youtube or another platform make it smart tv friendly because everyone's end cards look horrible on my Apple TV. #JustSayin
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
And really good point
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
hey really appreciate that!
bf gaming (4 months ago)
fb. oh noooooo
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
ikr haha
JP CINEMATICS (4 months ago)
Great video
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
thanks fam
Mrignut (4 months ago)
Do your thing dude!
Ross McCann69 (4 months ago)
I think this is good maybe YouTube will be better in a way :)
Hunter WhaleVolgs (4 months ago)
Great video
Hunter WhaleVolgs (4 months ago)
No problem
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Thanks fam
You are forgetting another major contender. Actually Twitch seems that is trying to get into the same market than YT. And this could become interesting in the future. The outsider (FB), the contender (Twitch) and the supreme ruler (YT)... We just ave to wait and see. ;)
The Original Rapper (4 months ago)
Dope 😎
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Well i really appreciate that
Aramakutu (4 months ago)
Nice work mate!
Aramakutu (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios Competition is what YT needs to push them to improve & shift their focus to other creators. But FB has a long way to go to challenge.
cris x3 (4 months ago)
This was great. I think Facebook needs to stay the way it is and stop trying to add all these new features.
iCkEdMeL (4 months ago)
Great video.. Agree transparency is a must for them to compete in my opinion which there still isn't enough to get YouTubers moving over.
Naomi Charles (4 months ago)
Lol great video as always. Yeah what Zuckerberg wants is too similar to youtube. There should just be a standard amount of money you get for views. Not subscribers. Not anything else.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Well subs dont get you income though now you need so many in order to put ads on Subs never are and will be a sure fire way to making money
MAZ Gaming UK (4 months ago)
REALLY love the new intro bit :D I'm totally on board with this. There needs to be a real rival to YouTube to make things tick. WWE needed WCW back in the day to keep it on it's toes and it caused the best wrestling era of all time. Amazon recently registered 'Amazon Tube' as a trademark so my money is on that and honestly, I'd love to see what YouTube is forced to do to keep creators happy. Awesome content as always man! Keep up the good work :)
REMM Family (4 months ago)
I don't think Facebook would be able to take the place of YouTube but YouTube definitely needs competition to keep them honest.
DebzLife (4 months ago)
I really needed you to address this, Firstly 10000 views, then Copyright Monetizeation issues, then Demonitizeation, Now the 4000hrs + 1000 subscribers law... WTF... I really needed some opinions on this Conroversy, thanks as always, Ryan.
The Geek Cupboard (4 months ago)
One key thing a competitor would need is decent communication with the creators! Something which YouTube isn't great at...
Jellyduck100 (4 months ago)
Marky Mark and the Zuckerberg, get it?
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Slakey gaming (4 months ago)
The ceo of Facebook just wants to take over the world 🌍 I’m surprised he hasn’t just decided to buy YouTube instead of creating a competitor platform. I’m actually surprised no one has created rudetube yet either 😂😂 great video Ryan 😊😊
TheCodingTrainer (4 months ago)
I cant imagine fb stepping up to Youtube. But im sure another company will come along. Just look at twitch and how fast that grew. Another company will probably come along and stomp on Youtube. Good vid man keep us informed!
Michael and Sienna (4 months ago)
We are also on rumble.com Ryan...while it’s not Youtube yet in terms of competition it pays well for videos that get high views...might be worth checking out.. Our channel there:https://rumble.com/c-117105/
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Will have to check it out
Ice Daemon (4 months ago)
Sounds interesting.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
so true!
Ice Daemon (4 months ago)
Hard work and not 1000 subs / 4000 hours of watched content.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
What do you think it takes to compete with youtube?
Buggy (4 months ago)
I honestly cannot answer your question.. lol
Buggy (4 months ago)
Lol No problem, just dm me when you upload.. I get so many YouTube notifs.. o.o
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Hahahaha thanks for being here
Cornelius Howlit (4 months ago)
This was a really good one. 🔥🔥🔥 Lol loved the zuckerberg
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
The zuck is a special man
MrHustler (4 months ago)
You hell uh right bro!
KalindsLife (4 months ago)
Awesome Video Ryan!  Loving this news style!  You know I subbed!!!!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Really means a ton friend
Shade's Insane Chamber (4 months ago)
And Youtube would not need to worry... if they straighted themselves up! but oh well, i don't see a new platform coming soon, at least they need to wait more time before opening it's gates if it's already out there... waiting.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Dude cannot agree more
Mandy Fuller (4 months ago)
Awesome video. I really don’t think FB would be able to take the place of youtube.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
I honestly dont think so either
Jabroney (4 months ago)
Good video! I think in the end, YouTube won't die no matter how bad they mess up. I do think they'll go the way of Facebook though - become less and less relevant, so washed out with ads that only old people go there. We are already on the way
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Yeah i think you are probably right
StarshineJess (4 months ago)
Great video! I think this is going to be a battle to watch for sure!
Lucasaur Gaming (4 months ago)
Great video. A new platform would need to reward creators with a simple formula. Watch time, clicks, videos per week, comments, likes, subs put into an easy formula to get ad dollars. No more mystery algowhatevertheworlditis. Let us create and get paid if we want. Make it easy to understand and make it rewarding. Right now it is neither.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
You are the bomb
DOUGLAS AND DRAGONS (4 months ago)
The biggest draw to Youtube to me is the community that was built organically over the years. This community though has been neglected and silenced by Google since it took over Youtube SO...I think a new platform would have to welcome a new community like Youtube did in the past, let it grow naturally and THEN listen to it's community rather than sell out to major media outlets for quick large sums of cash allowing themselves to be strong armed into what Youtube is today i.e. fake trending, preferential treatment of a few creators who fit their "mold" while drowning out the small channels that may have a different point of view or have content that pushes the boundaries. People like REALNESS and people like FREEDOM, bring that back and watch the platform grow like crazy.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Yeah i totally agree they would have to find that community aspect
Black Dragon GameZ (4 months ago)
great video full view
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Appreciate it
Treety12 (4 months ago)
I am glad you asked my friend. Check my DM's on Twitter. I have an answer but it is a secret.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Will do
GhostID656 (4 months ago)
I think YouTube will be the one and only platform. Great video Ryan ✌🏻
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
I'm kind of with you on that one! will be interesting to see! thanks man!
MaskedMonki (4 months ago)
If the new platform won't have Logan or Jake Paul....then sign me up
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
That is actually the best point made hahaha
MasterEth (4 months ago)
The mic is pointing to your chest...do you have a mouth on your chest? :P
MasterEth (4 months ago)
Who doesn't? XD
Gaming Grandpa (4 months ago)
big like from me buddy, I just don't think facebook could do this, I would love to share my content on facebook but youtube is the number 1 place to be, even twitch does not come close
Blood Legends (4 months ago)
One thing for sure, YouTube needs some competition. Not sure if ol’ Zucks can pull it off but it’d be great to find out.
Blood Legends (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios 😂😂😂😂
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
I dont trust that lizard man haha
Happy Hunter (4 months ago)
Great video Ryan awesome channel 🤘🏻😇
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Hey friend you make my day
BarknoorZ (4 months ago)
I'll still love YouTube
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
See that’s how i feel!:)
Wee Hours Games (4 months ago)
It's going to be very difficult for even FB to compete with YT. We largely stick with what we're used to, even if we complain about it. So an incumbent platform, like YT, is going to be very hard to shift. Remember when Google Circle or Sphere or Rhomboid or whatever that thing was called was going to completely replace FB? Yeah, how'd that work out for ya?
Monolith Gaming (4 months ago)
Lmao genuinely curious if you got demonetized from saying pp and boobies.
greenbaywacky (4 months ago)
I am never hardly on Facebook - I spend all the time on youtube I am open to everything that generates money. Super chat is where you get it from which is sad that your followers are supporting you and while you are keeping people on youtube all day long for basically free. No censorship Ryan let us make videos that we want to make !! Have a system in place to make us money right away!! Give us a platform that will get more videos in front of people not the ridiculous trending section of youtube that showcases cash cows all day long!!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
totally on board my dude!
K1NG - DOM (4 months ago)
For us to be competitive we need you bro! Legit! Awesome video bro, absolutely loved the news and the facts! Learn more literally every single day!!!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
We need companies to be transparent Thanks for being here man
Stay at home gaming (4 months ago)
I'd like to see like a small content creator page on YouTube. Like a tap or something you can go and watch video's of people who has less than x amount of subs. The thought of being a creator on Facebook brings me no joy. I'd rather see a new site.
KickaDan (4 months ago)
This is a great idea! if they did do this, it would be great for small channels and it would stop some of the focus on some of the big channels out there.
Take Me There (4 months ago)
I love the video and your style. Great job!
Take Me There (4 months ago)
You will do great!
Tofu Tommy (4 months ago)
I’ve heard whispers of amazon getting in on the act which would be great.A lot of people are also flowing to Steemit D-Tube,but whether it has the financial backing to make it sustainable is open for debate.
KrispyDips (4 months ago)
Great video buddy! Loved the Ring fight edit😂. Well, I really think new platforms must support small creators too. Like others said, It's ok to enable monetization after some conditions, but it'd be awesome if they treat all creators the same way. I'm sure YT is gonna get destroyed soon lol
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
i hope so!
KrispyDips (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios I'm sure Amazon has some trick under their sleeves ;)
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Dude thanks a ton it will be definitely interesting to see what companies pop up in the coming years
Marceive (4 months ago)
It's going to take A LOT for a platform to stand aganist YouTube. We need people that will actually CARE for ALL content creators and not just favor a certain few. Everyone needs to recognized, but YouTubr isn't doing a good job. I don't think Facebook will either🤫
Killing Art (4 months ago)
Needs some moneyyyy am i right??? Good video man!!! always make the news enjoyable
KrispyDips (4 months ago)
Yup! Exactly!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Hey we all need that moneyz hahaha
Magnus Tsunami (4 months ago)
Awesome video, I don’t see that Facebook will be able to one up YouTube, but it would be nice to shake up the monopoly that YouTube has
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Yeah i dont either but it is worth a shot it’d be nice to see youtube have to up their game
ABOVE THE GRAVE (4 months ago)
I'm excited about a new platform.
Melody KΔwaii (4 months ago)
suuper like
WobblyCaptain (4 months ago)
But are not YouTube also planning to do similar as FB ? I am sure I had see a article somewhere that youtube are planning to evolve the menu system / page as so on your page you can upload not only videos but photos and post a status as well.I think if facebook was to place a tier option on there monetizing videos I think new creators would think twice about using it ?
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Yeah exactly this is an up hill battle for them
Brian Vickers (4 months ago)
Awesome job! Very entertaining with good content!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
i actually really appreciate that!
Mass Gaming (4 months ago)
loved that boxing match
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
hey dude that means a ton!
Benjamin Brandon (4 months ago)
Facebook has the potential for sure, but Watch is just sooo far away in my opinion. I think Amazon will be the takeover site. They have the secret sauce, when it comes to making both users and advertisers happy. We shall see. Great video!
JNJ Comedy (4 months ago)
Solid upload 😂 much agreed
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Thanks a ton fam
Prawn (4 months ago)
Well, YouTube hasn’t had a competitor like ya said, it’ll be interesting how they’ll respond to competition, see what the future holds!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Will be an interesting thing to see
Deon The Kid (4 months ago)
I love this 😂. It’s awesome, I might just move to that platform😂😂I think a new platform may need a feature that helps out all creators instead of the big ones, if that can be done. It’ll help everyone out and won’t be as bs as youtube is rn lol
CazGirl Plays (4 months ago)
Personally I hope there is a way of segregating facebook "friends" from my video audience. I hope that's a possibility with the new platform.
Endo Chick (4 months ago)
Interesting video, I'd like to see if it can be possible to grow a community base on there. I used to have a FB group for my channel (before it got hacked) but it was hardly ever used. Keep up the good work hun ☺
Endo Chick (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios I completely agree with you on that one. That's one of YouTube's worst failures.
MatoLpGames (4 months ago)
Fantasticccccccccccc is your new Commentary Video Bro ;)))))) i really like your Work / Video Edited ;))) Thumbs Up See you on the next new vid my friend ;) { Stay Active }
HermanTheGreat (4 months ago)
Hahaha that's funny man bagging on your dad 🤣🤣
Nikita Nagori (4 months ago)
Seems like something cooking for YouTube 😅 and loved the segment Ryan straight up😄😄
King Sunny (4 months ago)
loved that boxing match and that name marky mark zukerberg 😂😂 I think other platforms can't compete with youtube because youtube has uncountable numbers of users who uploads videos daily ..... btw nice video dude!!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
I’m totally with you it would be a massive feat
Simple Kenny (4 months ago)
yupppp insta and snap are getting more popular :P
Fantasy5 (4 months ago)
A new company needs a better eay for small channels to grow and share their content. Love the video bro keep it up!
Infinity 8 Gaming (4 months ago)
Great video Ryan - If Facebook make it the same as YouTube then it can work, but if its just a add on the current facebook it will be just a irritation in my opinion - But even if Facebook brings it out, we will probably also run into similar problems as with YouTube
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
They would have to offer some sweet communication with creators
Briar LaCroix (4 months ago)
I don't think Facebook could compete. Even if they are big, YouTube is so big in what it does and it's so old that it just seems like the only choice. To me any other website for uploading videos just seem off. Maybe having enough people on Facebook would prove me wrong though.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
I honestly dont either this seems like a last ditch effort to not lose an audience
SpookieLu (4 months ago)
Welp time to move to Facebook
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
I dont think so they dont seem to offer anything better
Ruriko Yamazaki (4 months ago)
I am not sure sweetie maybe be how YouTube was before all the rules that’s the only way to keep people interested and really be free with the content they make but as you can see it didn’t work for YouTube in the long run and companies like fb have been watching and won’t make the same mistakes so whatever they come up with will be super restricted at best and won’t work at all.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
If youtube could just be more transparent that would help
THE GAMERS HOTSPOT (4 months ago)
Competition is always good, because it keeps you sharp, but if Facebook is good enough to compete with YouTube ? I do not think so, at the moment Facebook lose a lot of subscribers and mostly young people (the future) but I hope, that Someone comes, who can squeeze Youtube a little. However, I'm mostly a YouTube guy. But someone, who can compete with YouTube have to be well aware and taking care of new subs and old ones in many difference levels, that is not an easy task, if you get my point.. again thanks for at super video :)
GameFolks (4 months ago)
Nothing, there is no competition to youtube 1st- it already have tons of user uploaded video, another platform cant get that in a day. week or even a decade, and in that time, yt will get more and more vids 2nd- noobs dunno anything, the first site they open when they need a video, they open youtube. 3rd- "real viewers" dont give a shit bout from where they get the vid, so they'll just google search 4th- google owns youtube and i dont need to say anything bout that 5th - marketing, it has contacts 6th- fan base, there are several fans of several youtubers it has a complete monopoly i can come up with a lot of points lol there is no competition which is disturbing facebook can give a competition but nah, i wont stay much longer! Nd bout transparency, fb is very bad at that that fighting scene was funny af lol nice vid ryan and on a very crucial topic
GameFolks (4 months ago)
CrimsonStudios EXACTLY!
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Totally agree this is a massive undertaking especially when the other platform offers nothing better
I just want more transparency, less favouritism and perhaps an age rating system, so I can confidently let my kids watch stuff within certain age parameters, as YouTube Kids really sucks.
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Transparency really is the key
Kimmie Cat (4 months ago)
You really made some good points Ryan. Honestly, we don't know what they plan on doing that's different
CrimsonStudios (4 months ago)
Appreciate you my friend
RabbidTheNabbit (4 months ago)
i like this format m8 xd
Rolluxus (4 months ago)
I don't know if Facebook comes up with some good shit then I will have no problem switching platforms honestly
OneShotTv (4 months ago)
Isn't Facebook dead? If that's the case, Facebook trying to become another YouTube seems like a last-ditch effort by the company to stay afloat
OneShotTv (4 months ago)
Isn’t it just a bunch of older people on Facebook? I understand that a lot of them joined so they could monitor their kids. So I could understand younger people leaving the site due to demeaning criticism from the older people. Not saying that criticism itself is bad, but often when older people criticize, it comes off as demeaning. I’m also not trying to say that younger people are devoid of problems, because we do have our own set of problems
Mazza666Gaming (4 months ago)
Great video,I can't say I'm not annoyed at what YouTube has done but I will stick with it and aim for that 1000 subscriber mark, I think the other companies will struggle to take over. Great way to put the news across again a big like from me 👍

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