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Best Free VPN Services 2017-2018

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Top 5 free VPN services to unblock websites at home, school and work Bypass firewalls, censorship and georestrictions. Links & downloads in description 🔻🔻🔻 LIKE ✔️ COMMENT ✔️ SUB ✔️ Get a VPN & Support The Channel: http://mostly.video/NordVPN17 ↩ *NEW* Best FREE VPN Services 2018: https://youtu.be/Ct0GfaFxk-0 Is your school, work or government blocking some websites? No problem, use these top 5 best free VPN services to circumvent censorship and bypass geo-restrictions, also protect your data and anonymity online. ℹ️ MORE INFO, LINKS, DOWNLOADS https://mostlytech.net/best-free-vpn-services/ ▶️ FEATURED & RELATED VIDEOS Top 5 Best Chrome VPN Proxy Extensions (2017-2018): https://youtu.be/OSglWSrx6xc Basic Guide to Internet Security & Privacy: https://youtu.be/oJnVIZYJnBE Best VPN for Torrenting 2016-2017: https://youtu.be/iHyN9icpuRY ▶️ RESULTS 1. CyberGhost https://mostly.video/CyberGhost2 (UPDATE: No longer free, only free trial!) 2. Windscribe http://mostly.video/Windscribe17 3. VPN Book http://mostly.video/VPNBook17 4. ProXPN http://mostly.video/ProXPN17 5. VPN Gate http://mostly.video/VPNGate17 ❤️ ATTRIBUTION Music: Silent Partner - Monitors Source: YouTube Audio Library Music from Jukedeck - create your own at http://jukedeck.com Music: Silent Partner - Easy Breezy Source: YouTube Audio Library
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Text Comments (181)
Mostly Tech (9 days ago)
📣 *NEW!* Tired of free VPN services? Find the easter eggs in the video below and win a 1 year FULL VPN subscription! **WATCH BEFORE ITS TOO LATE** https://youtu.be/Yp0mn2cc11c
Omfgtech GT (9 days ago)
these website are blocked :( what is the point off having them if i can't even go onto the website to download
Mostly Tech (9 days ago)
Where do you live? All of them work for me.
Dj Mystery (14 days ago)
Get phsiphon, free and extremely fast
Kam Murphy (1 month ago)
I just purchased proxpn for 3yrs (on a deal) I didn't have to give a real email, phone number etc as its only used for password retrieval, they tell you on their site,not to use your real info,plus I'm using a coupon so maybe its different, to purchase from their site,but thks least I know I got a good deal and VPN Oww and now you can download/use it on your Mobile, I got it for my android box for Kodi really, but it was a great deal€24.99 for 3yrs premium
Pisces101 (1 month ago)
just use dot vpn extension i think its for phones and all that stuff
Dj Kid Walter (2 months ago)
HOW QUICK ARE UR Replies sir? i got a question that i need answered asap :( please help
Mostly Tech (2 months ago)
What do you want to know?
Raka Orion (2 months ago)
Is Cyberghost free? I don't see a free option on their website.
Mostly Tech (2 months ago)
Since I made this video they have been bought by another company, which cancelled the free service. Check out my updated video for free VPNs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct0GfaFxk-0
Pomegranate Pro (2 months ago)
Im not paying for a vpn What is the best free vpn I dont care about a list of them i just want the best one.
ARIANA GRANDEE (2 months ago)
thanks m8
Chubby_Content (2 months ago)
Thanks very much, I needed this to hack on minecraft servers lmao... I know, I'm sad but... oh well haha
Mostly Tech (2 months ago)
lol you're welcome.
nattyAF_com (2 months ago)
CyberGhost - 0:50 WindScribe - 2:28 VPNBook - 3:53 ProXPN - 5:40 VPN Gate - 7:02
Archeodoku (2 months ago)
none of them have free accounts.
Dj Mystery (14 days ago)
Archeodoku phsiphon does, get it, it’s also extremely fast
Mostly Tech (2 months ago)
All of them except CyberGhost have free accounts. Since I made this video CyberGhost was bought by another company and stopped their free VPN service.
jordan palos (3 months ago)
why do people want to use these vpn sites for netlix?
Mostly Tech (3 months ago)
Because Netflix has different TV shows and movies depending on the country. US and UK Netflix have the most amount of content, so people use VPN services to make it look like they are browsing Netflix from the US or UK to get access to it. Americans who travel may also use VPN services for this purpose to watch their favorite shows while abroad.
Aman Kumar (3 months ago)
Game YesItsALlama (3 months ago)
i lived in Asia so I have no problems downloading VPNgate
Megamatteo [GD] (3 months ago)
Romania made Cyberghost probably because we are not allowed on many stuff... for example donating through super chat which sucks ;-;
Excel Sesh (3 months ago)
What's good for streaming?
Mostly Tech (3 months ago)
Streaming games or movies?
Neptune (3 months ago)
Someone tell me which vpn is completely free
Amaan Ullah (3 months ago)
Thank you very much. you helped me a lot SUBSCRIBED+LIKE!!
mohit garg (3 months ago)
plz help me sir,,, I downloaded cyberghost 7 day ago now it asks me to upgrade to paid service you told "These VPNs offer frre account not just free trial" how can i usr CyberGhost for free
Mostly Tech (3 months ago)
Since I posted this video, CyberGhost was bought by another company called Crossrider. They stopped the free VPN service and offer only trial accounts. I recommend trying some other VPNs in the list.
SlayerX (4 months ago)
I don't see anything but free trial on cyberghost and its not cheap
Mostly Tech (3 months ago)
Yeah since I made this video CyberGhost was bought by a company called Crossrider. They got rid of the free VPN option. I do mention that in the video description. It's unfortunate, CyberGhost was a decent free VPN!
urgent message (4 months ago)
yerah hear one for you psiphone u might wanna check it out im like dam on torrents speeds my friend uses as long u stick with usa it has ok speed test but dam the download speeds especially if u like doing the piratebay to least that still around i like youtube because u can get free working cd kjeys to anything so yeah
xXMichelGamerXx (4 months ago)
WindScribe is Great,its fast
Chickenor Khan (4 months ago)
time to evade on badlion
Scrub4Life Bro (4 months ago)
it says this site cannot be reached
xXMichelGamerXx (4 months ago)
Why you do good vidoes
krystal jade sententa (5 months ago)
how about for popcorn time??
Yasuo (1 month ago)
Was gonna ask that too
Mostly Tech is betternet for p2p in the us safe
Fredi (5 months ago)
I want turkey, what the best vpn
OhhAspire (5 months ago)
Im here because my wifi provider has blocked porn sites...
78l we4 (5 months ago)
cyberghosts doesn't even work. youtube's comments are so useless trashes. Dumb people united talking random crap.
Mostly Tech (5 months ago)
Yep CyberGhost was bought out by some other company and got rid of their free account option. Such a shame!
Nightmare (5 months ago)
hotspot shield is cancer
Dj Mystery (14 days ago)
Legendary Unboxing get phsiphon
N7R (5 months ago)
Waait. Are you Finnish?..
loster man (5 months ago)
Cyberghost is pay only.
is there any vpn services that can stop dns leaks?
Mostly Tech (5 months ago)
Most VPN services that develop their own VPN client have this feature.
that are free...
Lance Mccarthy (6 months ago)
VPN Book is free for real and no crap or anything stupid like that fuck net neutrality
Velvetta (6 months ago)
doesn't work for me :(
Zepp Sultana (7 months ago)
Like most of the VPN. Thank you.
Belle Singer (7 months ago)
Thanks your videos are helpful!
ANTONIOS (7 months ago)
well done u know your staff. from uk
BlqzingPvP (8 months ago)
just download the Tor browser xD
jyushimatsu nii-san (2 months ago)
You still would need a VPN.
Angel (2 months ago)
Wolf tour was made by the government, it's not ran by it.
Wolf (5 months ago)
Tor is mostly ran by the government so I would not use it for anything illegal and u still need a VPN because when you data leaves the Tor network it is not protected
Grape Friedrice (6 months ago)
BlqzingPvP haha MINECRAFT sado
renzo (7 months ago)
You still need VPN for double security tho
Hassan Alrujbany (8 months ago)
All of them useless. , I am searching for vpn for long period of time, but I could not find anything
Dj Mystery (14 days ago)
Hassan Alrujbany get phsiphon
Ann Fitzgerald (29 days ago)
go for nordvpn, they have free trial
Kam Murphy (1 month ago)
LoIoL or get it for 3yrs only 35$
Ypsilon (2 months ago)
lmao scam 100%
baby (3 months ago)
if u want unlimited vpn reply me price only 7 dollors..after payment i will send u link or direct file through email......accepted coin dogecoin...civic and ripple
Andre Racicot (8 months ago)
Andre Racicot il y a 1 seconde Hello jai several command in cmd adm like 1- type cmd 2-type ipconfig / release 3-itaper ipconfig / renew 4- type ipconfig / flushdns 5- a very good seater typing 8888-8844 those of google servers
Crysis (8 months ago)
Aah, thank you so much, this really helped me out. I'm a college student, and despite me being 19 turning 20 my mothers boyfriend is a control freak. He's blocked everything except for Facebook! Even YouTube is blocked and I have to rely on outside wifi, such as a friends or in a public area to look up some stuff! My most recent search was looking up pictures of horses and the website that I'd previously gone on when I was away at my previous college was blocked! Other websites like DeviantART, Tumblr, and even some e-mail websites are blocked too, so being able to get passed them makes things a lot easier on me. I'm currently using Tunnelbear, but they only give you 500 MB to use which hasn't even lasted me half an hour yet and it's already down to 279 MB, so I was searching for some to download other VPN services for when this runs out. You're a real life saver!!!
Ninja Games (5 months ago)
Kick his ass. you deserve better than dealing with his control freak personality. tell your mom to split
Nick Katana (8 months ago)
ok, first of all man, you need to show that boyfriend exactly who the man of the house is. He is not related to you except for the fact that he's dating your mother, and in these circumstances, the boyfriend is supposed to be the one trying to "win" you over. Man up, kick his ass or something, I'd be pissed if some stranger came into my like thinking he can control shit. Anyway, im also 19. turning 20 soon, I'd plan on using webscribe if i were you, tunnel bear kinda sucks
Oshane Stewart (8 months ago)
I want a VPN that can work in Jamaica...fuck help mi
Adnan Isbeih (8 months ago)
CyberGhost is really good, but it doesn't let you talk on discord.
Dj Mystery (14 days ago)
Adnan Isbeih get phsiphon
Vemnaz (9 months ago)
1:30 suomi mainittu
Graham Moore (9 months ago)
You people are such cheap skates......if you want a free vpn, go online, expose yourself to the world when you think your doing the opposite.....if you want USA Netflix you HAVE to pay, cause only a handful of Premium VPNs that work.........i can not say this enough FREE VPNS ARE DANGEROUS, SLOW (forget about streaming movies) and essentially your giving a unreputable source access to your connection, every site you visit.....YOUR ORIGINAL IP ADDRESS........if they tell you "No Logs" how the heck do you know?? im all for free stuff HOWEVER this is one of the things thats worth paying for Whats a few $$ a month when you know, your information is safe not exposed to the people you are trying to prevent from accessing your system. The potential risk you expose yourself to is catasrophic not just for your you but if your married with spouse same surname and address, PAY FOR IT OR PAY FOR IT IN OTHER WAYS http://vpnforcharity.com i post best deals around at the time
Syed Ali (8 months ago)
I mean its good to save money.
Mike Esid (9 months ago)
Thank you
__mrgrownfaun556__ (9 months ago)
Dont use tunnle bear it suks
Dj Mystery (14 days ago)
__mrgrownfaun556__ get phsiphon
Spoopy Poopys (1 month ago)
tunnel bear with www.temp-mail.org/en is free tunnelbear 4ever
iLinked (2 months ago)
no shit sherlock
Nautical Narwhal (6 months ago)
Internet speed is fast for me, but the free version only give you 500mb. 1.5 gb if you tweet out an ad for them. Anyway, even 1.5 gb is nothing, especially if you are looking to download stuff.
Denzel Cadiz (9 months ago)
Hey! Please help me what vpn would work on unblocking the Steam. Our University wifi blocked it
Denzel Cadiz Use a proxy lmao
BABY GROOT (9 months ago)
Thank you bro thumps up
yuvraj khanna (9 months ago)
most of these vpns r not working for me :/ i want to play online games but they r banned in my college so i need a vpn pls help
Germerican Barnwell (9 months ago)
Is there a free VPN to unlock Netflix USA?
Germerican Barnwell (6 months ago)
What is that? And what do i do next when installed?
Jake Morrison (6 months ago)
Thomas Glenn Barnwell Install betternet on chrome
Esi Randomas (9 months ago)
CyberGhost is paid.
Dekanos HCF (9 months ago)
I want to play a Spanish game but I don't live in Spain what vpn should I use?
Gksawlal Gaming I am a jock wanna hook up?
Cocimarciano (9 months ago)
I use vpngate on japan , but 1 day later it says connection fail cuz timed out why?
Clorox Bleach (10 months ago)
Which of these can be used for torrents?
HOMO Rate (8 days ago)
Clorox Bleach vpn is uesed by chinese,coz they cant visit website. and they government blocks the website in china
DangerousToaster (2 months ago)
the ones with usernames and passwords
NoEscape (3 months ago)
bVPN works great.
Ostrich (7 months ago)
Clorox Bleach Also want to know.
Lokison (10 months ago)
i like how you point out cyberghost should not be used for torrenting but then failed to say which one(s) could be used for torrenting?
Mostly Tech (10 months ago)
Windscribe has P2P enabled, but generally free VPN services block P2P traffic.
Filip K (10 months ago)
does windscribe vpn work for torrents?
David Ysasi (19 days ago)
any update on if windscribe works for torrents?
Mostly Tech (10 months ago)
I think so.
LeaN SenSe (10 months ago)
i keep getting booted when i stream, what is the best program that changes your ip?
BAD Ben (10 months ago)
No betternet?
BAD Ben (9 months ago)
Senen Really? I've been using it on the desktop since launch because it's the only free service that allows p2p, has no logs, and has no data limits. Plus, it doesn't limit my connection speed in any way, shape, or form.
BAD Ben (9 months ago)
Senen It's been working fine for me since in launched.
編集airs (10 months ago)
Sinitakki (11 months ago)
Suojaako Windscribe ipn
Mostly Tech (11 months ago)
pheonixtrust (11 months ago)
i live on mars what would be the best vpn to hide my planet?
Martian Jupiterasen (28 days ago)
did I hear my name? I'm from Jupiter originally but in case of interstellar attacks have to fake my residence with a VPN (using NordVPN). Admittedly, download speed while connected to asteroids drops a bit but apart that the service is verily universal. LMAO
Julius Lloyd Talde (8 months ago)
go ask marvin the martian
Pedro González (9 months ago)
made my day
ninuxy (10 months ago)
+pheonixtrust Move to Earth.
Patrick Gilligan (11 months ago)
probably uranus
Blue Potato (11 months ago)
What are the basic websites?
Mostly Tech (11 months ago)
Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.
AjaxFB FN (11 months ago)
Thank you
Angel (11 months ago)
What is the website for cyberghost? I downloaded an installer and it says this type of file can harm my computer :O
Steve Pants (10 months ago)
Those are safe. It says it may harm your device because it wasnt downloaded from a trusted site, but most of them are completely safe.
Suzy Creamcheese (11 months ago)
don't worry it's just your anti virus worrying because its an .exe file which means giving permissions to the program to alter your computer, it's fine very well respected
Angel (11 months ago)
Charlie Saleh (11 months ago)
Give it a try my sweet angel 😍😘
Angel (11 months ago)
oh, that's the one I used .-. the only difference is the https at the beginning but im pretty sure it's still the same website right?
شوف vevo (11 months ago)
Bash Gt (11 months ago)
Amazing video!.By the way i wanna get a game that is onlt available at canada.which is the best vpn for it?
marwan ghantous (11 months ago)
James Deal (1 year ago)
good video, keep up the good work!
KJ (1 year ago)
If i wanted to play a korean game but needed a korean vpn to do so, what would be the best place to get a free korean vpn?
KJ (11 months ago)
Mostly Tech thanks!
Mostly Tech (1 year ago)
You could try VPN Gate. There's a lot of free VPN servers in Asia on that one.
betternet is the best
Christian Apologetics (1 year ago)
Mostly Tech is from Finland confirmed.
Christian Apologetics (8 months ago)
+Hikutaatti äijä puhuu niikuin Fingelskaa.
Hikutaatti (8 months ago)
Miten arvasit tämän???
Plantium_ Damage (1 year ago)
Mostly Tech Miksi sanomme paholaisen
Mostly Tech (1 year ago)
Bytexic (1 year ago)
How about Betternet? Yes it has a few ads on the mobile version, but it has a very good privacy policy, no data or bandwidth cap, no sign up required, and decent speeds.
Mostly Tech (1 year ago)
They are no longer free for all platforms.
Lazy Panda (1 year ago)
Wow its a vpn!!!! wait what the fuck does vpn mean :D
Kall izze (10 months ago)
Mostly Tech lol.
Mostly Tech (1 year ago)
Virtual private network. It's basically like a condom for your internet connection. Always wear protection!
Xxxfun64 ass (1 year ago)
Can you do top pay vpns?
Rebel Warrior (1 year ago)
I was using Cyberghost until they downgraded their features on the Free version. I've tried VPN Gate & was using that service. Now I just use Hoxx & Setup VPN though, they work much better for my pc & have free versions with fast connection speeds. They require to signup but they are worth it.
Suzy Creamcheese (11 months ago)
opera vpn , just the vpn not the browser is great for mobile
Suzy Creamcheese (11 months ago)
i use set up vpn its great i get pretty much the same speeds as without it if i use a nearby countries servers
Mostly Tech (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips I will check them out!
Floris Vink (1 year ago)
Wait, you're Dutch?
Jordan Yeo (1 year ago)
Any thoughts on Tunnel Bear and Turbo VPN ?
Mostly Tech (1 year ago)
TunnelBear has very low bandwidth limits, its not a great free VPN, but the paid version is good. I have not tried out Turbo VPN.
AudzAlpha (1 year ago)
First!. You like your own vid too? Me too! 😂
AudzAlpha (1 year ago)
Mostly Tech don't worry, so am I 😂
Mostly Tech (1 year ago)
Of course, I'm such a narcissist!

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