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3 Leaves A Day To Kill Diabetes Forever

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Text Comments (81)
D Bone (19 days ago)
In the title it says 3 leaves. In the video it says 5-7 twice a day... So 10-14... 3-4 times as much. Though I guess I can't blame the click baity title for being more catchy.
Katie Singh (20 days ago)
Hindus used that leaf in religious ceremony it also call pan leaf
Pauline Henry (20 days ago)
we Caribbean call it pepper elder
robyn spilka (1 month ago)
What is the name of this leaves
Zenaida Mendoza (2 months ago)
Puwede ho ba palitan na ang handler ni kisses para maayos ang kniyang career?
Katie Singh (2 months ago)
Yes betel leaf is pan leaf we call it in Trinidad
PAMELA GORDON (2 months ago)
What is red betel leaf.. have seen only green
dato datin (2 months ago)
PAMELA GORDON red only can get frm indonesia
R Campana (2 months ago)
Write cures paper with footnotes, sell me rights-i will make you rich as I am
shotgun la la (25 days ago)
R Campana kid ey
Lawrence Paolino (4 months ago)
We're can you buy it, computer voice said Indonesia
Sabrina Brooks (4 months ago)
Could any bitter leaf work
Free Man (5 months ago)
Hi, From a couple of months l do not tolerate any form of sweet fruit neither suger.. I have checked my suger level everything is ok.. So l am confused and desperate as doctors are not able to help me. Do you have any remedy for that.? Tx for your attention.
vs naidu (5 months ago)
Jody Martinez (5 months ago)
vs naidu sábila
Anirudh Singh (5 months ago)
Stop take cold drink & stop dry ness in your body take दही mix with water two time.
Lily Paras (6 months ago)
Can I get this in Fresno, are they selling this Betel leaves anywhere?
francis kennedy kisembo (6 months ago)
Thank you very for your contributions towards fighting Diabetes, keep it up
Hindi Health Tips (6 months ago)
लिंग को लोहे जैस मजबूत बनाये और रातो में उसकी चीख निकाल दे INCREASE SEX POWER https://youtu.be/E2Svpgf64EY
col.mahabirsingh chahar (5 months ago)
Hindi Health Tips 2
Sufian Ahmed (6 months ago)
we have lot of them
Rakesh Chaudhary (6 months ago)
There is lot in India on every corner send your address I will send it free for you as plan beetle is one of the most relished after dinner and after lunch as mouth freshner
Anne (6 months ago)
I cured my diabetes 2 after only one month. All that I did was to eat 900 calories in one meal per day, I did this September to October this year, I had a reading of 8.1 and a month later the fasting blood test showed at 5.4. Blood pressure reduced to acceptable level after being very high for years. I was not on any medications for diabetes but I was determined to get rid of it for good. Keep off bread,sugars, flours, rice, milk, deserts :(. So I had protein, eggs ,chicken, fish and green salad, apples and oranges. It was very easy even though I dreamt of chocolate ,cakes and ice-cream, it was worth going without them and the craving are gone.
Evelinda Lebrunie (4 months ago)
Anne (4 months ago)
007mrmrbig, well I am certainly proof of it, maybe because I did two 30 minutes on the treadmill every day and burned the sugar up that way was OK for me, but maybe if I had eaten 2000 calories in the same protein diet I may have had problems. I did not eat butter or oils or drank milk, soy or any kinds of milk, just water and grounded powdered organic flax seed in warm water every day and Indian gooseberry. My daughter is a naturopath and trained in nutrition so I am in good hands thank you very much. Also after coming off my diet over Christmas I was a bit scared of asking the doctor to do a blood finger prick test when I had cause to see him on another matter, the reading came out normal, and that was on January 21st, 2018 , so yippee for me it's either under control or gone. Everyone is different what is good for me could be bad for others. My doctors' visit was to inquire about stem cell therapy for my hip, I don't fancy having a hip job done. The Diabetic Association of Australia gave me a collection list of foods to eat to help diabetes, one look at it telling me white rice, pasta, bread, butter was OK in moderation...no thanks, I would never have got the results I achieved. The best way to lose this disease is to eat your recommended calories every day for your age, active lifestyle, weight, and height and if they give you three recommendations in calories, then choose the lowest one. I gain nothing from telling everyone what I did to get it normal again, I did not write any book or anything so I have nothing to gain at all. I was just excited to share my story. I don't give a rats arse what you believe mate!
007mrmrbig (4 months ago)
B.S! Animal protein converts to sugar....so I don't believe your story
Anne (4 months ago)
Zafar Butt, yes moderation is the thing we must keep to. I am pleased to hear about your success story, we are giving hope to other people too.
Zafar Butt (4 months ago)
Anne I also controlled my high blood sugar simply with diet change and weight reduction in two months. Now I eat white bread rice chocolates etc. But in moderation. Actually I took lots of fiber rich foods like lemons, husk apples etc. What really worked for me was Indian gooseberry and Apple cider vinegar. Food is medicine.
Anne (6 months ago)
Indian gooseberry does the same thing and is also bitter. You can buy the gooseberry powder in any good health food shop in Australia. Also known as Amla powder.
God Father (6 months ago)
In India you will find all herbs. Allopathy English medicine provides only temporary cure and hurts kidney and liver. Indian tradition was ridiculed by these stupid fools. Just because our literature are not in English it doesn't mean we are illiterates you fools.
John Gauci (5 months ago)
Find Lorelei and hardy
God Father (6 months ago)
This below link has been published with English people accent.
This leaves naturally growing in Sri Lanka. Who needs? If you have methord I can send more and more.
Dr. Avinash Dixit (6 months ago)
Yes, Betel leaf with the Lime applied on it. then chew it by keeping it in mouth. The first two saliva must not be taken in. As Ayurveda The Indian ancient text says- Take it with thin watery lime (Calcium) layer applied on it's lighter green side. Add a Clove, a Cardamom and of course few peaces of betel nut. So that it can last for half an hour in the mouth. The third saliva and onwards is like nectar to the human body. In India this is used daily after meals. This Called PAAN in India. It cures 16 ailments. The top part (triangular ) is harmful so it should be cut first. As said in the video that boil the leaves and take-- is very harmful. Google the Betel leaf and it's benefit in AYURVEDA.
Louis Hampton (3 months ago)
I was diagnosed with diabetic issues several months ago. I am presently 64 years of age. I can`t imagine that I`ve got diabetes and it worries me that I will also experience the same hardships like my father did. Thankfully, I`ve found this brilliant guide 4BestDiabetesCure.blogspot.com . Based on my initial test results, I`ve got 7.3 A1C and 183 for my glucose level. After a week of reading the plan, I`ve managed to minimize my A1C to 5.9.?
SANJAY LAHIRI (3 months ago)
George Charles (4 months ago)
Dr. Avinash Dixit
Raj Dutta (4 months ago)
Dr. Avinash Dixit
Victoria Duque (5 months ago)
Cr by m no mo CF o sorrft
Prakash Gaddam (6 months ago)
Chellamal Krishnamurthy (6 months ago)
So many is having doubt, this is betel leaf, vetela in malayalam. It is called Pan leaf in some places. Calcium rich leaf
Nimal Ponweera (6 months ago)
Chellamal Krishnamurthy I
Rowan Wello (6 months ago)
It is BUYO in Philippines,the natives use it shewing gum
Ismaiel Waheed (6 months ago)
Gud vid. Thanks
Rajamma Parayil (2 months ago)
Ismaiel Waheed you Jýaaķsmoi
zak vorajee (6 months ago)
indian store..or indian pan shop...
zak vorajee (6 months ago)
indian store..or indian pan shop...
zak vorajee (6 months ago)
indian store..or indian pan shop...
zak vorajee (6 months ago)
indian store..or indian pan shop...
Treesa Michael (6 months ago)
Please stop repeating sentences
Shantha Vasu (5 months ago)
Treesa Michael Sexpictures
Health Miracles (6 months ago)
sorry for that..
Carlos Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Can you put a real human voice on these (to make more human)
Lucy Davidson (3 months ago)
In terms of reversing diabetes and enhancing general health, there`s nothing better than the 4BestDiabetesCure.blogspot.com This diet/lifestyle change is so much easier to follow, no carb or calorie counting! I am very happy that I’ve lost 60 pounds through this plant-based living. It`s true you really can reverse diabetes.?
Xerxes Wallace (4 months ago)
If you want to learn how to cure your diabetes fast then go here now: HootCure.xyz
Jayanthi Kedlaya (4 months ago)
Carlos Rodriguez was
Jagadev Mathapati (6 months ago)
Hari Krishna Rao (6 months ago)
Jagadev going on a Sunday 🌃 I Mathapati
rose muzalier (6 months ago)
Tell me her name
T R Diwakaram Diwakar (6 months ago)
Jo nuskhe I tube per sale jate hai bag rahi nah I hai
T R Diwakaram Diwakar wooal
XPandMind (6 months ago)
Hi, andrien, this leaf in grown in India!
Rath Wije (5 months ago)
Sri Lanka,Indonesia,Vietnam, Cambodia, Etc.
Anita Chaturvedi (6 months ago)
Is these leaves helpful for typ 1 diabetes also
John Cena (6 months ago)
Now i found all leaves are ayurvedic medicine
Lisa Mohd (6 months ago)
dinesh vaid (6 months ago)
John Cena...
alexcie montesa (6 months ago)
is this okey for a pregnant woman?
Jeyanthi sakthi (6 months ago)
alexcie montesa yup.. indians usually takes this leave..
Adrian Orsborn (7 months ago)
Where can i fine this leaf in adelaide
lalit jagasia (2 months ago)
You can find in any indian grocery shop
Suresh Naik (5 months ago)
Adrian CV Orsborn
Keshar Khadka Punwar (5 months ago)
Adrian Orsborn, Dear Sir, You can find in India, Pakistan, Bangaladesh. All the best! Hail! Nepal!!!!
Noor Kareem (6 months ago)
Adrian Orsborn This is very common in the Philippines.
frank nuzzo (6 months ago)
Health Miracles were do fine it
sonny daniel (7 months ago)
Please how do I get the live
Shivalangappa Bankar (6 months ago)
sonny daniel
Health Miracles (7 months ago)
you can find these leaves online ..search in google.. and also follow the link in description.

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