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Hinting That You're Queer Too

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Ok, they’re gay. Now, for a super chill, totally laid-back way to just like CASUALLY hint that you are too or whatever. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST Grant O’Brien Zac Oyama Ele Woods Patrick Woodall Mano Agapion Jason Nguyen CREW Director - Ryan Martin Writers - Grant O’Brien & Ally Beardsley Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator - Rj Velasco DP - Cooper James 1st AC - Sarah Greenwald 2nd AC/DIT - Santiago Bahti Gaffer - Saul Cervantes Key Grip - Walter Rivera Sound Mixer - Chris Bennet Production Designer - Peter Macaluso Hair & Makeup - Denise Valentine Production Assistant - Kennya Rivera Production Assistant - Esmeralda Pelayo Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High Content Management Supervisor - Theodora Hart Programming Assistant - Caroline Langella Editor - Ryan Anthony Martin Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Mark Chernausek Assistant Editor - Brittany Joyner Assistant Editor - A.J. Bedard Assistant Editor - Matt Decker
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Text Comments (3928)
___ ___ (1 day ago)
What is a haunch?
Giang Huynh (2 days ago)
That moment when your wingman dick-jack you.
jerrey n (8 days ago)
lesbians have it harder man us girls smack each other’s asses and it’s straight
Gay guy named Watts...?
bleh (9 days ago)
Beatrix Poley (10 days ago)
Hunter V. (13 days ago)
Why do you need to give a hint? Don't they have a gaydar?
Simply, Meant To Be (15 days ago)
Just "get something out of the hair" it looks really gay they will definitely know
theandrewdinator (15 days ago)
Aleksandra Giovska (18 days ago)
I'm from Serbia😝
Jana Herkle (21 days ago)
this is such a mood
NIKOLABGD SRB (21 days ago)
I didnt know keith was in My home city not realy but
Julianna Kopa (22 days ago)
I love the woman in this
disneydork100 (22 days ago)
Grant is more subtle than me sometimes lol I’m less hinting I’m not straight and I’m more like hitting you with a bat that says BIROMANTIC ASEXUAL (POSSIBLY) GENDERQUEER, SHE/HER PRONOUNS, SUPER PROUD OF IT ALL on it
Feirce Majora (26 days ago)
"sir you have a phone call" "no i dont"
Mac Jameson (27 days ago)
I wish there was a series of videos like this. Hopefully, Grant may appear in steamier scenes.
Saliho Touré (28 days ago)
Hahha this was so funny
Declan Ellis (1 month ago)
did you reference kingsmen?
Krystal Meth (1 month ago)
I’m actually crying at how accurate this is for me I feel like I don’t look “gay enough” so I have to hint around it when I see a cute gay girl. Deadass mid conversation I try to switch the top to favorite tv shows/movies and I would say “god I love Aubrey plaza. I would so date her she’s so gorgeous. She really made me realize how gay I truly am. I was so happy when she came out as bi!! Whose your celebrity crush??” And the seed has been planted. Then we get on the topic about cute girls and a little smile and a little laugh and a little sly hair play and boom you adopt a cat together
Lily Fenster (1 month ago)
it's easier for girls because you can always ask if she's queer and tell her you are, in a way that she won't know if she's straight but will be obvious if she's not, all in one fell swoop:"do you like hayley kiyoko?"
BreBre Go Getta (1 month ago)
LOL not bored anymore
Nerdtrap (1 month ago)
Why are all this guys videos to do with homosexuality..? This guy trying to make a statement?
Genderfluid Kodi (1 month ago)
Queer doesn't mean gay.
SAM MULLER (1 month ago)
queers are retards
Laurens programmiert (1 month ago)
Oh nooooooooohh
StalinSoft TM (1 month ago)
The Chaotic Fox (1 month ago)
Zach - "Excuse me Sir, you have a phone call!" Grant - "No, I don't!" Me - "Ha... Me."
cody baggett (1 month ago)
Cringe asf.
apenguinnamedabraham (1 month ago)
It’s the bartender from Crazy Ex Girlfriend!
Kitty Wizard (1 month ago)
Me 😂
Heaven Brooks (1 month ago)
Whoa whoa whoa is grant gay
Dimakatso Sejosengoe (1 month ago)
"Do you have low standards?" LOL! I died!!!!
RG whatup (1 month ago)
Man that vibration sounds of the van is really annoying.
Lucas_Cosmos (1 month ago)
More of these
kazikimaguro (1 month ago)
MarliRose 88 (1 month ago)
Story of my life. (Except in girl version)😂
lmao i love theseee omggg!! it shard af for me to act straight
River Song (1 month ago)
Emily El (1 month ago)
LMAO “awesome thank yooooo”
Pia (1 month ago)
More series please
Yourfavorite troll (1 month ago)
"recommended for you"
TheRightJelly (1 month ago)
O h
John James (1 month ago)
I thought that woman was Sandra Bernhard.
Baby Slice (2 months ago)
Ha gay
Dan and Am (2 months ago)
More gay shit!
Gabe Maycock (2 months ago)
Is grant gay?
ABorealis Glfry (2 months ago)
"Whats your type?" "My type is any guy." Same.
Amaan Ahmed (2 months ago)
Cairne Oleander (2 months ago)
This is so fucking true nowadays. Dudes have no game, no balls, and they expect someone else to always instigate. Tops, take a note: it’s your job to make the first move. Get off your lazy entitled asses and come treat one of us right like we deserve; you’ll get it back too
wayneg91 (2 months ago)
I love this guy, can we get more of these characters please
ThePessimistAdam (2 months ago)
Im uncomfortable
alaninnh (2 months ago)
I'd be all over the guy in the van. ❤
Georgia Mae (2 months ago)
more queer ch content pls <3
Astra English (2 months ago)
Ok me with my crush 😆
justaloe (2 months ago)
Zac is really cute.
StauzLikesMonkeys (2 months ago)
Is he really gay?
Isabel C-F (2 months ago)
StauzLikesMonkeys I’m pretty sure grant’s bi
CH1CK3NW1N95 (2 months ago)
We need more of this gay spy dude!
Aidan Hodge-McNutt (2 months ago)
Didn't have to dig too far to find the bigots in the comments section. That's the magic of the Internet, folks.
Lisa (3 months ago)
"let me check if he's gay" "Awesooome, thank youu" GET YOU FRIENDS LIKE THIS LIKE HONESTLY
Ray Mac (3 months ago)
I thought he was bi not gay
Carl Freericks (3 months ago)
Is he actually gay?
Jd Laurence (3 months ago)
Hilarious. !!!!!!!!!!!
Mae ellis (3 months ago)
Leis Rae (3 months ago)
When your too gay to function
Sobea Rey (3 months ago)
college humor has gotten a lot more homosexual than the last time I checked not a complaint, just an observation im living for it actually, YAASS QUEENNN
Em Idc (3 months ago)
This is me every day
A Casual on Survival (3 months ago)
I want Grant the gay secret agent to be a new series :O
m&m (3 months ago)
Daniella Fridaya (3 months ago)
TheElRakone (3 months ago)
hahah how did you find belgrade, serbia :D
Finesse God (3 months ago)
anyone else notice how similar the College Humor intro and the Pornhub intro are?
Luna Ne (3 months ago)
.... I just say “I dated this girl once who [insert something to do with conversation]”
Emma Woering (3 months ago)
Horse Of Truth (3 months ago)
Horse Of Truth (3 months ago)
Sasha Miller (3 months ago)
Oh so that is what queer is :T
JacobLance Tucker (3 months ago)
fucking loved it
RameZ (3 months ago)
Wait is he actually gay in real life, he dosent look gay
Savannah Echeverria (2 months ago)
RameZ - No, it means he likes men and women.
RameZ (2 months ago)
sssSniper Fox excuse my complete ignorance, that means he got a vagia?
sssSniper Fox (2 months ago)
RameZ he is bisexual
nihan ercihan (3 months ago)
why does this look like cecil and carlos from wtnv
Crunchynut Cornflakes (3 months ago)
I need more queer content m8
Bamboo Milkshake (3 months ago)
“”””hinting”””” at the fact that he’s gay
Brenna (3 months ago)
I need a whole series about Grant's queer secret agent, please
oof Oof OOOoofFFF
Tuke2 Nation (3 months ago)
Why am I watching this I’m straight
Dakila Lozano (3 months ago)
how about hinting that I'm not gay it's just that they say i look gay/lesbian/female why? why? why? what's worst is I'm not into flirting too i only interact with people if it matters now i sound like I'm just defensive
Logan A (3 months ago)
A gay mood????
Renxy Baluyot (4 months ago)
More of these! Please 🤣
Babek Hurremi (4 months ago)
Why grand always being gay tho?
Babek Hurremi (2 months ago)
Isabel C-F Being Gay is Gay
Isabel C-F (2 months ago)
Babek Hurremi I don’t see why you would think that, but okay...
Babek Hurremi (2 months ago)
Isabel C-F That gross
Isabel C-F (2 months ago)
Babek Hurremi yes, they’re serious
Babek Hurremi (2 months ago)
sssSniper Fox R u serious?
micha stevanovic (4 months ago)
Batman (4 months ago)
It just summarizes my relationship with my coworker Crush I keep on hitting him but he seems to be interested in everyone except for me
Rhia Coke (4 months ago)
Is much more effective to just make jokes about being gay _constantly_ and hope they reply with more, better jokes about being gay
The Grim Keeper (4 months ago)
Is Grant actually gay? They have like 5 videos about him being gay
leana wells (4 months ago)
finds out your not his type ha
Cecilia Lopes (4 months ago)
Poor Zack
TheStupendousConman (4 months ago)
This is making me cringe so hard i can't even finish it, which is disappointing since its probably funny
Kill Meh (4 months ago)
Im offended...Im from Serbia,no one has a good accent
BFFs are best (4 months ago)
Is grant guy? No? Yh? Idk
Rae Siskey (4 months ago)
I think he is bi, but I heard that from another comment so I’m not sure.
Fallen-Angel 007 (4 months ago)
I want a fucking movie please and thank you
Literally no-one (4 months ago)
Fallen-Angel 007 A g r e e d
The Angel Edgykid (4 months ago)
Yeah but why is this set in Serbia?? Serbia is a pretty homophobic country...

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