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Windscreen cracked from preheating the wrong way

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Don't be stupid like Uncle Bjørn! Don't use full window defroster or your windscreen will crack. An crack is not good for you! If you like my content and would like to see more videos, please support me on my Patreon page: http://www.patreon.com/Teslabjorn
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Text Comments (427)
rob wittenberg (4 days ago)
thats why tesla sucks.
Xiuhcoatl (1 month ago)
*"crack is not good for you."* - Uncle Bjørn
up1nsm0ke420 (1 month ago)
Lol crack is not good for you
socrates112 (1 month ago)
Thats a bummer. Hope it wasnt too expensive to replace.
Justineastrolabio6 (2 months ago)
Try brushing the snow off first because the cold snow fights against the inside heat.
lonerunner (2 months ago)
It's from stone, not from heating. There's a hole of stone chip, at some point when you driving stone picked up on your windscreen, and heating caused a glass to break at that point. It happened to my car also and it happened on summer, not preheating. I got stone chip like that in the middle of the windscreen and when it was really hot, it was 50c in the car one day i got inside and saw that my windscreen cracked at point from bottom to direction through stone chip, next day cracking continued all the way to top of windscreen.
M. C. (2 months ago)
The heater is not the problem. When you have a star in your windscreen and its cool temperature outside and you set the heater on then your windscreen is going broken. If the windscreen have not stars then you can allways set your heater in highest stand.
Aforembs (2 months ago)
You had a stone chip before. That's why it happened. Otherwise it would be another prove of Tesla poor quality.
123jeez (4 months ago)
That gotta be the first time i've ever heard a windscreen crack! :D
Lasdil Elizaga (4 months ago)
Just my own opinion. Remember when you fill a glass with hot water, empty it and immediately put a cold water in it, it breaks. That’s because glass is not a good conductor of heat and my guess is that the windscreen had a lot of tension going on - rapid heat and cold from both sides. Or I might be wrong :)
mac (4 months ago)
all the fancy gadgets on a tesla but they dont have a heated windscreen?
mark krul (4 months ago)
A chip in the window caused this?    So I guess no driving down gravel roads to the cottage, or passing any big trucks on the road with a Tesla.
Brett Domenick (4 months ago)
Shit, my car has a chip like that. Better reapply some clear nailpolish. 😂
Ice banna (5 months ago)
IT CRAACKSSS! SHeeeeeeiiiittt! I love this guy 😂👌🏽
No (5 months ago)
Any crack should be replace the whole thing. Glass is very fragile once a weakness comes to fruistion.
collateral damage (5 months ago)
Windshield wipers lmao
Aaron Andrusko (5 months ago)
They should offer the windscreen from the Semi and frankly a bulletproof option would sell too. It has mondo power to weight...
Byron Argueta (5 months ago)
Pls post a video of the window being replaced. Thanks
Kiu Chi (5 months ago)
2:47 Dont you have the Czech highway vignette on your windshield? That upper one
Rasul' YUnusov (5 months ago)
Do you try it after using windscreen wipers? And screen won't crack
Can TURK (5 months ago)
better tesla fix your car free of charge people buy this car because of you
Can TURK (5 months ago)
ıf there were no pre-damages ıt would not crack. you had to cicrcled them before
Ian Thompson (5 months ago)
I live in Michigan, I’ve pretty much never cleaned the windshield before heating it.... so you must of had a chip. Or maybe got a bad pane of glass
Ride With Patrick (5 months ago)
Det ser ut som det var en steinsprut fra før mhhh
William Stewart (5 months ago)
The chip in the glass is what caused this, I was going to say that Tesla must use the cheapest glass ever but this was caused because of the chip.
Frank White (5 months ago)
Koyz (5 months ago)
Du hadde jo Stein sprut
Sandy Stanley (5 months ago)
You already had a chip in the windshield. Or no?
Paolo A. (5 months ago)
There was already a chip on the windscreen
Sean Wilson (5 months ago)
I need that car
Cristian Pintea (5 months ago)
Don't be so lazy! Just remove the snow from the windshield and rest of the car, then turn on the heating system. It's not that hard.
euroovca25 (5 months ago)
dude stone chips has to be fixed otherwise, this happens... if you heated the window and there were no chips it wouldnt have happend....
Jason (5 months ago)
a noob....deez nuts...ha....got 'em
Steve Gray (5 months ago)
A tip. Move to a warmer country. England is heaven and snow, as well as very low temperatures is rare. It may not be convenient for your work though. 😀
Steve Gray (5 months ago)
Bjørn Nyland England not warm? Sometime in summer we get a day that reaches 25 centigrade. In winter it can reach 10 centigrade. That's blazing hot 😂
Bjørn Nyland (5 months ago)
England is not warm. Thailand is warm.
Andriy Kosenchuk (5 months ago)
one question though, why would you buy an expensive car when cant afford the garage?
Andriy Kosenchuk (5 months ago)
Good for you, didn't mean to offend you. I thought that they giving Teslas for free in Norway. Stay warm this winter
Bjørn Nyland (5 months ago)
One question. Did you see the garage almost completed in the background?
Terrance Van Gemert (5 months ago)
you had a stone chip before hand and when you add heat which changes the expansion and uneven stress.. SO.. Fix the stone chips so you do not fracture future windshield..
Dan Hyde (5 months ago)
1:54 what is the biohazard button ??
George Washington (5 months ago)
i had this happen two times in subaru impreza hatchback 2008MY. first time, and then after replacing windshield - second time. luckily i had insurance and the windshield was replaced for free both times
Martin Novák (5 months ago)
czech highway ticket? :D
221hillsteve (5 months ago)
It cracked due to the stonechip.
Matheus Rotta (5 months ago)
I think i'm starting to understand why people from cold contries call snow "white shit". Having to deal with this stuff every day must be a pain.
Ricky Whyte (5 months ago)
It cracks! Shieeeet! Lol. Aw shiet!
Jeff Kubel (5 months ago)
Resorting to click bait now?
TheHammer (5 months ago)
That’s a feature if every car ever with the crack as pointed out
Thomas Christensen (5 months ago)
Sorry but the heat could not have done it.. it must be a fail in the window
DaLordBoy (5 months ago)
Your sense of humor is great
Mack M (5 months ago)
stone chip already present... so... yeah...
Ramunas Kazlauskas (5 months ago)
I had same on Cayenne. there was small crack by stone and preheating front windscreen resulted into similar large crack all over the window.
Harvey Lemmer (5 months ago)
Nice way to cover a crack coused by a rock.... fooled NOBODY
turblown (5 months ago)
How much to replace?
Alan Cartwright (5 months ago)
Windscreen already had a couple of chips out of it, you just expanded it on purpose. Easily done if you're clueless or you want Youtube views.
Kriss123 Kriss (5 months ago)
San kan det gå haha lol
Marius Duna (5 months ago)
That was cracked before, there is a rock issue
Vadya One (5 months ago)
Дэбил. Хули ты желал
Levine Levine (5 months ago)
OK, Uncle Bjorn, how much money to replace windshield?
savage cabbage (5 months ago)
it cracks shiiiiiiiihhht
savage cabbage (5 months ago)
Ahahah I like this guy
savage cabbage (5 months ago)
don't be a dumbass
Lana Liong (5 months ago)
Bjorn Nyland if the chip had been repaired before shocking the windscreen you would have been fine. In Norway does insurance give you free chip repair ! ? It's best for all, you and the insurance How are the Hakk8 studs holding up when driving them on dry roads ?
Lana Liong (5 months ago)
Btw Bjorn Nyland, windscreen replacement in the USA IS so reasonable we usually do not use insurance to replace one, w ejust buy them if they are cracked like yours being repair, something like 200 US DOLLARS On a side note, if you are serious about staying in the USA for all or part of the winter, for warm weather, myself and our friends have an offer to make that possible if you and Ann -Marie are up to it! Let me know ?
cocoabiscuits (5 months ago)
subscribed! Thanks for keeping it real.
Triple259772 (5 months ago)
I drove around with a way bigger one on my crown Vic
FrostyFingers (5 months ago)
Chip + ice + pre heat = crack!!! Always
KSERGEIBY (5 months ago)
Where is your hat? Do you know what meningitis is, and why risk your health for just nothing...
Bjørn Nyland (5 months ago)
+KSERGEIBY I'm a viking. I need no hat.
Nick Fennell (6 months ago)
What a dude - frags his windscreen.. lols it off!
Andrew V (6 months ago)
And when the windscreen will be replaced, if they use metal knife tool to cut the adheseve betwin glass and metal frame, it's going to scratch that metal frame inside and outside, and in time the steel will rust, in years can rust through and rain inside around the windshield area. Because it's not their car, they have to be quick and do a large no. of "clients". and that rust , in case of an accident weakens in some degree the structural integrity behaiviour in case of an accident ! (beside the aestetics looks)
yağız Pekyigit (6 months ago)
this crack is look like small stone crack not about defrosted window and if you clean the ices with hand can any car do faster than tesla ? I dont think so
FZ Trout (6 months ago)
it could happen without a rock chip depending on how the window is installed but yes way more likely to happen when there are rock chips.
Shawn Weaver (6 months ago)
Yeah you can see that rock chip. I would have had that fixed. That is what cracked the window.
Michel Ocampo (6 months ago)
do you seriously ask for people to donate you money so you can break your Tesla? what if I ask you to donate for me to buy a Tesla Model X? not so fun now huh?
Lezzy Bum (6 months ago)
hahahahah your very funny:)
Royce Ardery (6 months ago)
Window cracked because it already had a rock chip any car will do this if it has a rock chip,
Martin Bronsdon (6 months ago)
Martin in Gothenburg, Sweden. Swedish caravan centres sell motor vehicle fuses with telltale LED's that light through leakage across them when the fuse blows. Saves hunting for the broken fuse... It's a one time expense to replace all the fuses on your vehicle and buy a few in reserve. Only the smallest fuse, 2.5A, is not available with LED telltale...
CarProductsTested (6 months ago)
Yeah... that shouldn’t happen.
Inel V (6 months ago)
This guy is hilarious 😂
Super Newf (6 months ago)
Ahhh shittttt.....lol
The Tuareg (6 months ago)
don't worry. just leave it like this. you didn't see my wind screen of my kia ceed. it has 4 loooong cracks. greetings from mother Russia
bullittqc (6 months ago)
Is not supposed to crack I live in Québec Canada, and I do the same thing and my windshield never crack
Jonathan Perez (6 months ago)
I get how scientifically it was expected however I feel for the cost of that car it shouldn’t do that my 2016 Ford Focus and 2009 Honda Element never have Done something like this during winter morning defrosting.
nerdelac13 (6 months ago)
My windshield is spiderwebbed with about 20 rock chips in less than a year
GIFT 4000 (6 months ago)
Why do you sound excited about a cracked windshield? But... hopefully we can all learn from it.
Alsin Alsin (6 months ago)
Okay, Im telling you what happend. He has a crack from any little stone on the highway before heating the windscreen, so difference in temperatures rise the crack. Thats it. If you have a clear front screen, heat it, why not.
Lord Vader (6 months ago)
Lmao, “aren’t you an engineer? “. “Yea yeaaaa” 😂
Colin Vos (6 months ago)
The heating just made the stone chip worse... when I go to work I turn the heating on 10 min before I leave (if I am in a hurry) and I never had a crack develope
Sèna Gangbè (6 months ago)
I've preheated with 10cm of snow on top at -25 with no issues. It was the prior chip that caused this
Andrew Wolfenstein (6 months ago)
2:09 it cracks.....shiiiiiieeeeeeeeeetttt!!😂😂😂😂😂
Dash Cam Das (6 months ago)
That is why you should always get stone chips sorted before winter.
Pacmancereal (6 months ago)
You can literally see the rock chip, surprised no one noticed it
FlumenSanctiViti (6 months ago)
Was going to write how temp difference could not break the glass alone and how the glass was probably damaged before with a stone or pebble, but it seems most of comments are about this already.
Wenik Ox (6 months ago)
You was in chech republic this year 😊
Ken pira (6 months ago)
Haha that looks like a stone chip.. no way I can crack it... I have to see it...
tedyboy (6 months ago)
well like others say this is because the stonechip
tobias pain (6 months ago)
You have a pick from a Little Stone thats The Problem
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz (6 months ago)
It hurts me to think how expensive it is to replace that huge windscreen. Also I hope this doesn't happen normally and the chip was the cause because I've never had this happen to me on any car.
Bjørn Nyland (6 months ago)
+Mateusz Wojtkiewicz It's actually cheaper than a BMW 5 series windscreen.
megapet777 (6 months ago)
he says o-ouu just like finn :D
Sherlock (6 months ago)
i have two stone chips on my bmw and i always blast a lot of heat in the winter, maximum to move faster, and this never happened to me. copied from Russia, made in the USA, old China style.
jesse grat (6 months ago)
My car never has cracked like that before and I live in -35 or colder temperatures.
Steve (6 months ago)
ahhhhh sheiiiiieet bawahahaha love the video!
Andrew anderson (6 months ago)
Soon as I got my Model X I put ClearPlex on it for peace of mind. Now I can drive without worry of rocks hitting my windscreen. You should check to see if it is sold were you live. When you get your windscreen replace put it on.
IK - UA (6 months ago)
as ive seen in the comments, i don't think its cracked just like that our of no where, it looks like a rock chip, but then again could be completely wrong.
Dxwhy (6 months ago)
I like how a good sport about it you are. Laughing and cheering. That's cool. ;P

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