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Is Social Media Good

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Is Social Media Good or Bad? SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/CiXOi6 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Controversy Corner Playlist: goo.gl/JLBnOC --------------------------------------------------------------- The 21st century has brought around many things but not many can match the power and influence that "social media" has had on the international community! But is Social Media Good or Bad? Is Social media good or bad for society itself? These are questions that have been asked and will continue to be asked... Social media is good in that it allows us to connect with people around the world, share information in times of need and organize when causes need supporters. However, an argument against socialmedia...is social media bad for kids? The answer may surprise you! Good things with social media also include the ability to keep in touch with people you would not otherwise be able to because of long distance! Parents often wonder "is social media a distraction," or "is social media a fad," that will simply die like "disco music?" The question to these answers is partial and will remain to be seen as we progressively become more and more interconnected as a global community! Another cause of concern is "social media addiction" like with anything in life there is a social media balance! Social media can be connecting for good, but sometimes it's good to sit back take a look at life and live a little! ---------------------------------- Follow our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrimsonStudios-976182532427840/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Crimson_films/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brow_nie1/
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Text Comments (235)
The Canine Nutritionist (5 months ago)
Using social media can harm students' chances for college admission.
Blood Legends (7 months ago)
I definitely need to step away from it at times ;)
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
i think we all do at times!
InfoBros (7 months ago)
Social Media is good for people who have a life and wish to share work and talent but it's awful to those who just want attention. However, it can get people reading more too. Haha I could write on forever from this video, I really enjoyed it.
CrimsonStudios (7 months ago)
definitely true aha
greenbaywacky (8 months ago)
A little more serious laid back this one was not as much off the wall craziness. good though
CS TV (8 months ago)
Awesome video Ryan! So funny man!
SASHTv (8 months ago)
socail media isn't the problem, it's the users :)
CrimsonStudios (8 months ago)
Definitely a true statement!
SASHTv (8 months ago)
Dark Majin Gamer (8 months ago)
Nice video bro and i agree 100%
CrimsonStudios (8 months ago)
Thank you my friend! Much more comedy to come!
OVain9 (8 months ago)
Wow your vids are actually amazing
CrimsonStudios (8 months ago)
Glad i surprised you! Much more comedy to come every tuesday and Friday!
jAM Ab (9 months ago)
nice video
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
you rock friend! much more comedy to come!
King Arcky (9 months ago)
hey man, nice video keep it up, liked and subscribed :D ps. i'm from #YTWP
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
you are a legend! Great group of creators there! Glad to be a part of it!
JumpSlime (9 months ago)
Dunna Did It (9 months ago)
Anyone else addicted? ✋️
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
YES! help me...
Delaphare (9 months ago)
Good points
CrownThe Eric (9 months ago)
This was well done and well said. Social Media is very huge double edged sword. Good job Ryan
Joshiskovski (9 months ago)
Funny and educative video again. Good work Crimson Studios 😆👏🏾
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Thank you my friend, much more comedy is on the way every Tuesday and Friday!
ItsChinyk (9 months ago)
Lol im only on social media for the MEMES keep it up bro just subbed
BulletPlayzStuff (9 months ago)
great video man
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Thank you my friend, love chatting!
A girl has many filters (9 months ago)
Hahaha send nudes loved it also I think you should do a collab with trump 😂 Funny and true tho
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed the video another one is coming today!
Rebekah Willingham IRL (9 months ago)
hi im Ryan i smashed the like button again with a hammer 😂 lol
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
you are a legend!
Acro (9 months ago)
Why would I ever go outside when I can nab memes inside
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
KingVixen (9 months ago)
😂😂this had me
Manchester 360 (9 months ago)
A well put together video and hilarious 😂
fdgs cvdsg (9 months ago)
I'm gay
radorbad (9 months ago)
Love your videos dude! 😂 Make me laugh every time!
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Hey thanks a ton it really means a lot! New videos every Tuesday and Friday!
Samie Lorraine (9 months ago)
I was waiting for Trumps covfefe tweet to come up haha great video my friend!!
Couples Crusade (9 months ago)
Great video man!! Gotta love social media, especially facebook for those weird friend requests XD
LowFatMylk (9 months ago)
The send nudes joke was pretty funny
Slakey gaming (9 months ago)
Hahaha send nudes. Very funny video
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
haha thanks for the support man you are a legend!
Richard's Reality (9 months ago)
Really awesome!
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Thanks a ton my friend, much more comedy to come next Tuesday and Friday!
TerraVisionGaming (9 months ago)
4.4 billion without Internet... Daymmmmmmm
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
I was amazed when i heard that number as well!
DemonzZ (9 months ago)
i agree with u ! well , social media have its pros and cons . thanks for sharing and i hope u have a bless weekend!
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Amen brother! Hope to see you in the comments again soon!
C.K. The Comic (9 months ago)
Great, well thought out video Bro! You are at the height of your powers right now, your anchorman swag officially has me hooked on Controversy Corner
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Thank you my friend, means a lot that you are enjoying the videos! Always here for your entertainment!
Such trump tweets lol
The Writegamers (9 months ago)
and noiw I am forever scarred by remembering..the nipple tweet. LOL WHYYY! I loved it.
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
hahahaaha thanks man, glad you got a good laugh!
Tube Questions (9 months ago)
The introduction was awesome! Good video!
Tube Questions (9 months ago)
Living to Improve! (9 months ago)
Love it! Perfect mix of informational and funny (with the emphasis on funny, of course) 😂 I'm also really impressed at how you manage to fit such great content into under 3 minutes 😱💜 haha
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Hey really appreciate it my friend! means a lot!
GhostID656 (9 months ago)
Sometimes good sometimes bad
ImBllazze (9 months ago)
Facebook is stupid not only mark created facebook he also create cyberbully lol
RevHagen (9 months ago)
Nice work!
EpicSnackTime (9 months ago)
Great argument man! Haha Donald trump!
Cyber Bat (9 months ago)
Great Video had to share!!!
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
too kind my man thanks for the awesome support you are a true legend!
NzoS (9 months ago)
Trump... is everywhere😂
Ted Howells (9 months ago)
Trump for sure has a problem! That bit got me lol.  Awesome video man! keep it up.
Prawn (9 months ago)
Hilarious! Always look forward to these bro! Keep it up!
Zion Reel (9 months ago)
Seeeeeend...nuuuuuuuudes. Loved it dude, especially your dig at Trump, man needs to put his damn phone down! Keep it up buddy :)
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Thanks my man, i thought you would appreciate that beginning! you are magical
HotStoneChannel (9 months ago)
hahaha! great to see this one!
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
always here to make you laugh friend! much more comedy to come!
IndieAndy (9 months ago)
Haha yeah man really great stuff :) I like how it's informative but fun! The whole Mike bit made me giggle on the bus... Think people might have been thinking "what's this crazy kid doing? Is he in those social medias" haha great stuff Ryan! See you Tuesday ;)
Lai Quen (9 months ago)
Lol! Loved this!
Obiwayne (9 months ago)
Awesome let me send a snap lol. brilliant
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
haha i'll be waiting with baited breath!
HermanTheGreat (9 months ago)
Haha that's funny Ryan!! Very funny as always brother!!
Gaming Community Zeeland (9 months ago)
GREAT! Nice promotion about social media! Keep on going
Gaming Community Zeeland (9 months ago)
CrimsonStudios the magical touch
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
hey thanks friend, you are magical!
Smilee (9 months ago)
Tired of being so serious about it 😂 love it. Brilliant motto in your vids! Always a funny video! 💪🏼💪🏼
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
haha thanks man i think we take life too seriously sometimes! let's make fun of it instead!
Rokkergurl0902 (9 months ago)
Great take on a sorta polarizing topic. Keep it up 👌
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Hey thanks friend, just wanted to talk about something i could be passionate about!
802 Garage (9 months ago)
Hahaha, social media is pretty much only for bashing Trump a noticing and then promptly ignoring natural disasters. It's just a place for kids to be little shits silently too. :P
802 Garage (9 months ago)
TerraVisionGaming The dank, dank, sad memes.
TerraVisionGaming (9 months ago)
802 Garage and for memes
Nikita Nagori (9 months ago)
dude you nailed it...great video😊
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for the constant support you are legendary!
Far-No (9 months ago)
Um Trump *Break
Far-No (9 months ago)
That Mike Litoris joke killed me. I need medical attention.
Ryan Oberle (9 months ago)
I love this
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
I love that you love this!
Abbykinz Talks (9 months ago)
Enjoyed this content a lot!
Aramakutu (9 months ago)
Peace and quiet issss amazing! Lol. Key is definitely balance :-)
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
hahaha amen!
BeastyBee (9 months ago)
Awesome video bro! Dropped a like for you
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Glad you are enjoying the content friend, always here every Tuesday and Friday to bring the laughs!
34NachoGaming (9 months ago)
Hey howzz it going errybody!!!
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
hey hey how are you my dude?
T1m3 L0rd (9 months ago)
Social media is the modern day version of a babysitter. Why pay the neighbor down the block when you can just put them in front a tablet for 5 hours. Great video and some very good points!
AbrionTV (9 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
you know i always bring the comedy!
Bryson Bee (9 months ago)
Funny as always
Bryson Bee (9 months ago)
CrimsonStudios I had to subscribe again for some reason
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Thank you my friend your comments make my day!
Spruffy (9 months ago)
M8 nice video but i still see that lil jizz stain under your pit!
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
hahah DAMN! i washed too!
Ross McCann69 (9 months ago)
1000% true :)
Ross McCann69 (9 months ago)
Official GamingFFC (9 months ago)
If youtube stopped messing about and twitter support wasn't a coded bot then social media would be better
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
amen to that one brother!
bjet.maria (9 months ago)
Why aren't you on tv 🤔😂 this is gold ! Always enjoy watching your stuff 🙌🏻
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
haha i'm working on it, but thank you so much for the support you make my day!
SkySummitMC- MC (9 months ago)
Hi im sky at twitter XD
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Hello, i'm @crimson_films from twitter!
The Gamer Chronicles (9 months ago)
Good stuff as always. Always good and always fresh. I like the messages at the end
ShadowBandit91 (9 months ago)
lol dude this is gold this needs to be on t.v like cable t.v ahahah send nudes
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
haha i'm working on it! Thanks for the massive support it truly means the world!
Curtis Price (9 months ago)
great video , keep it up !!!!!
RyanTopherr (9 months ago)
I'm loving the new "If you like hearing about the new" intro. It gives Controversy Corner even more signature feel to it!!
Lubii Lubna (9 months ago)
send nudes hahaa
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
haha so happy people are finding that part funny! i was worried! #staymagical
Eggnacio (9 months ago)
Lemme just slide in your dms and send me those nudes🍆
ZoneZ (9 months ago)
That trump bit tho! 😹
Tattooed Mistress (9 months ago)
As with anything in life it can be good in moderation.
Reloaded Reeality (9 months ago)
So true. I'm usually not able to watch the actual news when it airs so social media is how I keep up with things going on in my city and around the world. Although it has its flaws, it can be very useful! To me at least lol
Panic Siren (9 months ago)
oh my gosh I LOVED this video! (also fight me ryan that's exactly how you use snapchat)
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Hey thanks so much friend, always here to make you laugh!
Reloaded Reeality (9 months ago)
Send nudes lollll
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
haha i thought people would hate that part glad everyone is getting a laugh!
RevMatchTV (9 months ago)
First! 🤣🤣🤣
Mitch Brown (9 months ago)
Ya keep hitting them outa the park like this and I'm gonna start asking for rent money!
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
yeah...not making that youtube money yet paw!
Geijin T.V. (9 months ago)
"Seeennnndddd nuuudddeesss" lmao you knocked it out of the park again man. The edits are so damn professional :)
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
haha i had to put that part in couldn't resist!
Taymation Studios (9 months ago)
Nicely done man, good points and delivered with some good humor!
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Really means a lot man thanks for the support! you rock!
The Chatty B Vlogs (9 months ago)
Love it!!!!!! :)
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Thank you so much friend you are magical
Cyber Flash (9 months ago)
Excellent! I loved it.,
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Really glad you are enjoying the videos man it means a lot!
Reapsay (9 months ago)
Great vid man loved the trump part!
Reapsay (9 months ago)
Thanks man!
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Thanks man you are a legend!
YES!!! I agree... social media is really good for making friends... But there was a negative effect... Still I love social media specialy... the send nud meme LOL
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Amen to that! I still love it as well just need to find a good balance so it isn't your all day everyday thing! I'm working on that as well!
Nilla Gamer (9 months ago)
"Sedun dnes"
jordan hart (9 months ago)
sapnu pnas
EvanAMC (9 months ago)
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Glad you got a good laugh man you know i can bring them! #staymagical
Michael Lunatic Videos (9 months ago)
I forgot how the world operated without FB on every Phone or TV or Microwave. Bring Back the days of Dialup Connection where we need to carry a 200 meter cable from the phone line to the huge family computer upstairs XD
WhitenightMD (9 months ago)
I love the kid on the laptop AND the phone LOOL
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
haha hey thanks man, glad you are digging the content lately! #staymagical
saffron leakey (9 months ago)
Little shirts are still around even eith social media
saffron leakey (9 months ago)
CrimsonStudios ha it was suppose to say shits but
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
amen sister
Parodyne (9 months ago)
Now 2 controversy corners a week and the same quality, editing and humor as always
Mack Mate . Com (9 months ago)
Great parody 😂😂
MinxLaura123 ASMR (9 months ago)
I love instagram most
BadKarma 714 (9 months ago)
Once again my friend a good video
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
you rock man i'll let you know when i'm back in LA let's kick it!
Vindictive (9 months ago)
I love you
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
Bitch say what??
CrimsonStudios (9 months ago)
I love that you love me!
Vindictive (9 months ago)

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