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15 min. FAT BURNING Workout! (NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED) Home HIIT Workout

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Text Comments (915)
chuckolatte (3 hours ago)
Hey Alpha (or anybody else watching this video), do you happen to know the average calorie loss from doing 15 minutes of this? Thanks!
US THR33 GUY5 (19 hours ago)
Thanks man, I’ll be getting to it first thing tomorrow since it’s kind of late
Zuheb Kassam (21 hours ago)
I do not train often but i would like to get rid of weight, can we take those supplements without training ?
TedJustTed47 (1 day ago)
Thanks for letting us see you breathing hard so many YouTube workouts seem afraid to show that they're difficult
D Carter (1 day ago)
alpha ypoure awesome, i lift weights and dont do cardio but because of you i added cardio. thanks alpha
giorgos atassi (1 day ago)
aplha i have to do all the supersets every day or day by day ??
Ted Martinez (1 day ago)
Is this one long HIIT workout or 5 different workouts?
Jay Darwin (1 day ago)
I am 15 year old can I do this.I mean will it affect my growth or something.
kay illa (1 day ago)
what size of joggers do u wear?
Franklin99 gab (1 day ago)
Thank You for Your work. It is amazing how You help men become soo f*cking amazing gentlemen with a lot of strength, musculars, good behaves and of course confidence. 😀
bigzachful (1 day ago)
Plain and Simple. There are no Excuses. If You Seiously What it. You will did what you have to do. You will do 1 - 2 hours of cardio a day. You will do those burpees and jump ropes. The best exercises you can do. The only other thing better would be to speed walk at a high incline. A regular treadmill at max 15% incline. Or a Max Incline Treadmill that goes up to 30% incline. You can burn 1,000 calories in 40 mins on these treadmills. No excuses.
Tito Real (1 day ago)
Good routine. If you do this every morning, and eat a lot of broccoli, drink water, eat eggs or oatmeal, and stop drinking beer; you’ll get lean.
shubham ingawale (1 day ago)
Man this is really a tough one, but it is worthy . I took one hour today to complete the workout for the first time.
Matthew Brown (1 day ago)
Eww bro your nips are nasty
47Sukhoi (1 day ago)
superb stuff dude 👍 ☺ Regards, Ahmad,
Jacob Rentschler (2 days ago)
This is actually super helpful! I've been trying to come up with some good HIIT routines for a while but I always revert to sprints and walking so this'll give me a nice change
Hammer Cho (2 days ago)
Hi Alpha! Awesome video, just one question, is step 1-11 times 5 til 8 times a workout or is for example the first 3 steps times 5 til 8 times a whole workout? Sorry if I'm comfusing xp
rysddi (2 days ago)
do you need to do all of the supersets at once or is it one superset 5-8 times
minyOni (2 days ago)
What the hell!! This guy is 41?!?! Dude.....this guy looks like he's in his late 20's O.o
Stove Games Games (2 days ago)
Is there an alternative for steps bc I don't have stairs at home :(
ali jan (2 days ago)
Am I supposed to do all these in one go
eric ochoa (2 days ago)
thanks alpha I sure felt the burn on that one. I finished it and I wanna pass out lol. I'm not giving up tho I'm gonna keep doing em
Sushant Sharma (2 days ago)
thanks a lot alpha i m feeling great after doing this
Ari Del Orbe (2 days ago)
So should I do these with the other ab workout from the program and maybe a bit of cardio? If so when is the best time?
TheEndOfAnEra (2 days ago)
I thought he was gonna say pull ups and say without equipment and magically lift himself up
jamziz22 (2 days ago)
Question Aaron. Am i supposed to do 5-8 sets of each of these in one workout? Or is each number a different days workout that I do 5-8 sets?
Brock Lesnar Guy (3 days ago)
Thanks dad!
AcidicStylez (3 days ago)
Great way to piss off my downstairs neighbour
Rohan sagar (3 days ago)
I was looking for this kind of video....thnks alpha m
Michael Munoz (3 days ago)
Is this a everyday workout or every other day?
Syavin Eka (3 days ago)
A question : do 3 workout and repeat it five times and go to the next one or do all of it and repeat?
Velo (3 days ago)
This workout is literally a killer
N English (3 days ago)
You had me until the bs products.
joel artiga (3 days ago)
God daum
Andrew Atha (3 days ago)
Thanks alpha. This should fix my flat rear prob
Bitertrix (3 days ago)
To burn fat just add tiege to your body part where you want to burn fat
Kevbox2008 (3 days ago)
You're cazy!! I LOVE burpees! They're AMAZING!! #TheGreatestCompoundExerciseEver!
August Tabrizi (3 days ago)
What brand/model is the jacket he's wearing in this video?? Help appreciated.
HorrorFun23 (3 days ago)
Hey alpha n you should create a logo and use it on YouTube
THU31 (4 days ago)
10:12 Hidden spin-jump alert.
Doctor X (4 days ago)
waLk to toilet is my hiit.
Rett Sloat (4 days ago)
I remember this guy on Shark Tank. Great pitched but totally understood why they did not invest in his plan. This I feel is a better outlet. I am finally subscribing. What have I been doing :) good stuff
Rishi Kotecha (4 days ago)
one of ur best videos waiting for the muscle one
sai k volts (4 days ago)
Hello alpha can u please tell me the brand of your jacket which u wore
macdaddydragon (4 days ago)
dude i trust your recomendations. dont sell me out.
Kai Ivo (4 days ago)
But you said “deep” squats <3
shubham chauhan (4 days ago)
Hey Alpha, great video but how do i take those supplements you just recommended ?
CertifiedZombieKiller (4 days ago)
Are you supposed to do all 5 of these I’m a circuit or just pic one of the 5 each time you do it? I’m confused @alpha m.
Vicky Dabas (4 days ago)
Feeling 5 pounds lighter already
JosephGallagher (4 days ago)
Holy shit. If I manage to do just one circuit with all three HIITs I'll be fucking proud of me.
Erik Shull (4 days ago)
I always wonder how Alpha wears coats in the heat of summer. I live an hour north of Atlanta and it's so hot that I'd melt if I wore that coat. But man, I love layering.
wilberivs19 (4 days ago)
Did the burpees routine for 5 sets and it killed me lol, I’ll keep doing it. Another great video Aaron!
Lil Autotune (4 days ago)
Thats either a big house or a tiny guy
Dylan Steele (5 days ago)
I just did your workout and i am sweating from my head to my toes! That was one of the best workouts I've had in a very long time! Thanks! Btw I live in the metro area so its very cool to follow someone who doesn't even live very far from me!
Ryan Reynolds (5 days ago)
can all the 12 yr olds in here do this?
NamesDontMatter1992 (5 days ago)
I don’t have a treadmill or expensive equipment. I want to follow this but the thing is that I don’t have a home either. Like if you cri evertiem
Rob Youngquist (5 days ago)
Whew ... after watching this, I was so hypoglycemic I had to hit Baskin Robbins for a triple scoop chocolate chip hot fudge sundae ... you know to bring me out of a glycemic crash. 😂😂😂
LuNix87 (5 days ago)
Right now I`m doing the 30 day push ups challenge.I`m curios if there will be any results..I`m on day 12 right now and I feel great.
Nihad Ambre (5 days ago)
How much calorie do we lose by following this workout...??...
Exactly...I lost 130 lbs in a year, no gym, no trailer, no pills, NO SURGERY!!!!
Affan shaikh (5 days ago)
I started home workout but I wasn't doing HIIT... Thanks for this!
jcbonZ (5 days ago)
Alpha how much should you take quadracarn + cla everyday?
Doug Hewitt (5 days ago)
This video reminded me of my first HIT workout experience. I was part of a mixed group of male/female ages 20 - 63. The 63 year old female kicked my butt. BTW, I was running a daily 5k workout at the time with a double on Saturdays. HIT works.
Gibson mccullum (5 days ago)
http://za.gl/qTlg4Y Wanna build muscle or burn the body fat just click the link☝️It's all free programmes you don't need to pay single penny,It's not a spam its real .👍
SERDAROTmkd (5 days ago)
Alpha, i started the Tailored program and it feels great...keep up the great work :)
adi.a Pathak (5 days ago)
Just try black tea... It really works 😎
subsoil007 (5 days ago)
Alpha I have a shoulder injury which hurts when I do a push up , is it ok to do burpee without the push up ?
Ansh Rajput (5 days ago)
That thumbnail is killer
Michael Nunnery (5 days ago)
I'm no longer alone. Someone else has turned a flight of stairs into a peace of gym equipment. Fucking Finally
zigghiggs (5 days ago)
me: fuck yeah I’m ready for this *sees burpees* me: fuck that nvm
Andrew du Preez (5 days ago)
I don't have stairs ;)
TheShade250 (5 days ago)
This is not 15 min boy 😅
Kk 2.0 (5 days ago)
no squats already have a fat ass
MotoStache (5 days ago)
Do the house tour already!!!!
J R (5 days ago)
The thumbnail is very misleading, I assumed we were going to see you shirtless
chacongarcia (5 days ago)
The key is ....... calorie deficit combined with hi protein normal amount of good fat and low carbs with moderate exercise ( no gym needed) and your all set.
228anonymous (5 days ago)
How many times a day do I need to watch this vid to get a six pack
Nidhish Shetty (5 days ago)
Awesome alpha......
Shotgrenade (5 days ago)
I would really enjoy a video like this but as low intensity, any exercises other than running 😂
01nwalker (5 days ago)
Alpha! I like to do fasted cardio in the form of running before work. Could I substitute it with one of these workouts with the same expectations?
Ogm_ 2016 (5 days ago)
The vid is very inspirational I intend to do this workout for a 6 week period and I have a feeling I will loose most of my body fat in that period thanks for the vid👍🏼
Dogukan Ozdemir (5 days ago)
This guy is 100% bullshit.
Nicholas Rye (5 days ago)
Hey alpha! Where did you get that ring? I want one.
David Corey (5 days ago)
i think I am okay with being chunky soup but as always teigh hanley will save me
Cars And Zombies (5 days ago)
I was about to start doing this a day earlier before a video! Thats awesome, wasnt expecting one!
Enrique Martinez (5 days ago)
Do more home workouts Alpha !!💪
Money Mogul (5 days ago)
love it
jose soto (5 days ago)
Can you lose weight just jump roping? and could you make a video with different jump rope exercises.
Philip Martin (5 days ago)
When i fist clicked on this video i thought he wrote “hit” wrong
Tombro (5 days ago)
A tip on doing step ups, don't get sucked into the rhythm of left right, left right over and over again because you'll only be working your left leg! You should go left right, left right, right left, right left, it feels unnatural but you work both legs evenly that way
Ivča (5 days ago)
How many calories will I burn by doing this?
Lubosi Maboshe (5 days ago)
I tried it.Its sweet!! Am seeing results.Even my walk is more confident.
NikoloZzZoid (6 days ago)
awesome videos. keep it going
Marty Sam (6 days ago)
Love the staircase
Tom langan (6 days ago)
Do you do these one after the other or are they separate workouts? Thanks for all the hiit ideas btw 😊
Kris Torisky (6 days ago)
Alpha thank you! I've been working out for a while now seeing progress but I've been really struggling to loose some extra fat around the mid section. This is perfect for me as I can't get to the gym more than 3 times a week and I hardly ever do cardio. This however is perfect for me to do after work at home!
Marvin Joosten (6 days ago)
This amazing, *you* are amazing
alpha f. (6 days ago)
Watching from Philippines. Arab happily married to Filipina. 😀
Stuart Senften (6 days ago)
I like using the real STep, with the risers, it really gets my HR up! I used to teach Step back in the 90's..and just started to do it again..and I'm Sweatin!! Thanks Aaron!
Conner Reed (6 days ago)
alpha...i have no strps in my house

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